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The AEW Dynamite Score

A weekly recap and review of professional wrestling’s hottest new promotion.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“To be is to be perceived”-Bishop George Berkley

Roll the opening montage!

The Sky Flowers were sailing up as the show kicked off. Jim Ross said there would be a loaded show, tonight.

Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, Santana, Ortiz and Sammy Guevara (Inner Circle) vs Trent, Chuck Taylor, Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy Jack Perry and Orange Cassidy
10-Man Tag Team Match

Jericho wanted Orange as his opening opponent. Jericho tagged out to Jake before a single move. Hands in pockets and baby kicks. Hush, Tyson, I hear you. Jake lifted up Orange and got his bell rang by Orange. Cassidy slid his hands back in. All Hell broke loose after Jericho clocked Cassidy. The ref just stood back and watched. The Inner Circle was sent tot he outside. Chuck and Trent with flying moves to take down the Circle members. Jungle Boy with a wicked Rana, off the apron. Marko was used as a Lawn Dart by hisMarko danced and whooped as the only one on his feet. I like the comment that Marko is like a little chihuahua. Orange put his shades back on. Mega Hug. Sammy jumped in the ring and got surrounded. Huge beatdown on the returning star. Jake stopped the mugging. Jericho got in and went to town on Trent. Tag to Jake. Vicious striked by Jake. Tag out. Trent threw his opponent out of the ring but Santana and Ortiz took down Trent, on the floor. Suplex to Trent. Tag back to Chris. Five-on-one beat down.

Jericho worked over Trent, in the corner. Trent with a Missile Dropkick. Tag to Santana. Ortiz took the tag and hit a Double Vertical Suplex. 2 count. Jake made himself legal, again, and continued the assault on Trent. Tag to Sammy.

Trent refused to be put down. Sammy did squats before a Samoan Drop. Trent with a Roll Up for two. Sammy with a Clothesline. Jake bame back in. The Inner Circle just kept tagging in and out. Jake with a modified Rear Chin Lock. Trent fought out of the enemy corner but Jake still prevented the tag.

Trent with an Accordian Suplex. Tag to Luchasaurus and one to Sammy. Huge Clothesline and Lucha went to work on the former LAX. Goozle to Sammy but Jake came in. Hockey Fight! Lucha stood his ground and worked on Jake. A Clothesline took down Lucha. Santana and Ortiz worked over the Best Friends. Code Breaker by Jericho. Jack with a Back Stabber. Spinning Lizard by Lucha to Sammy. Jericho had the bat but Orange stopped him. Sammy attacked Lucha’s knee. As Sammy went up top, some odd music hit. It was Matt Hardy. He pushed Sammy off top. The Inhuman Kick by Luchasaurus to end the match.

Your Winners: Luchasaurus, Orange Cassidy, Trent, Jungle Boy and Chuck Taylor
Dynamite Score: 93 out of a possible 100

Taz was sitting in for Excalibur, this week. Jim Ross mentioned all the precautions they were taking to be healthy. Tony menionted the tag team main event.

Jon Moxley cut a promo about not getting into people’s business. Jon was ticked that Brian Cage and his buddy beat down his friend, Darby Allin. Jon wanted to teach Ricky Starks a lesson. He urged Ricky to try and bully him. I don’t start fights but I definitely end them.

Taz said it was obvious that Mox was scared of Cage. The announcers ran down the night’s card.

Warhorse vs Cody
TNT Title Match

Arn came out with his charhge. Cody was all smiles as he soaked in the love from “the fans”. Warhorse looks like the love child of Van Hammer and Ultimate Warrior.

Cody slowly walked from the corner. Collar and Elbow into a Go Behind. Standing Switch. They went to the ropes. Cody worked on the wrist and arm of his foe. Kick Up by Warhorse. Cody insulted Warhorse with baby slaps tothe chest. War with aKnife Edge Chops nad Whip. War came close to pinning Cody. Arm Drag to send Cody over. War held on through a Slam attempt. War worked over the arm, bringing it downover the shoulder. Leap Frog by Cody. He slid out of the ring to avoid contact. Arn coached Cody and sent him back into the ring.

Go Behind intoa Side Headlock Takeover by Cody. War with a Push Off into the Criss Corss. Clothesline by Warhorse. Cody bailed out of the ring. We went to split screen.

Knee Strike by Warhorse. Huge Hedbutt by the challenger. Cody escaped a Back Drop Suplex and used a Drop Toe HOld to send War intothe corner. Solid punch and Cody set his opponent up top. War crumpled around the turnbuckles. Superplex by Cody. 2 count. This kid is tougher than he looks. Cody with Push Ups. Why? Cody focused on Warhorse’s leg and knee. He stomped on the knee as it was put on the bottom rope. Scoop Slam by Cody for another two count. Cody stomped away, again and then went into a Single Leg Crab.

Full Screen Mode. War got to the ropes. Figure Four but it was immediately reversed by Warhorse. Dropkick sent Cody tothe corner. Corner Clotheslines on Cody. dy reversed a WHip but War nailed the Clothesline. Arm Hold Stomp by Warhorse. War shook out his leg and headed up top. Cody went tothe arena floor. Warhorse ran the apron and hit a Double Stomp to the back. Ouch1 Savage Elbow to give Warhorse succh an almost win. Cody with a Jackknife Pin for a two. Cody grabbed the leg and went for hte Figure Four. Warhorse converted it into a Roll Up. Cody escaped. Warhorse was doing so well. Double Boots and War went up top. He missed and tweaked the knee. Cody Dropkicked hte knee. Figure Four blocked. Cody finally cinched it in. Tap Out!

Your WInner: Cody
Dynamite Score: 90

The Dark Order rushed out and attacked both Warhorse and Cody. Arn stood his ground and was rady to fight. Zack Ryder, under a new name, rushed down to protect Arn. I’ll get his new name in a moment. Ok, he is going by his given name of Matt Cardona. Cool.

Tony Schiavone was ready to talk about the next big PPV, All Out. Chris Jericho came out to interrupt Tony. Jericho was ticked off, big time. Jericho ordered everyone to stay silent. Sammy yelled at Matt Hardy for costing him the match. Actually, Sammy, “El Hijo de una Perra” is the proper Spaish for Son of a B*tch. Jericho whined that Cassidy through Demon Orange Juice on his jacket. Jericho wants to debate Orange Cassidy, next week. Jericho lost it when he was told his jacket smelled like Cat Pee. LOL.

Ross sent it to the official signing of Dax and Cash, FTR, to contracts. Arn Anderson came in to support FTR. Arn looked over the new, fresh contract. They wanted Tag Team Appreciation Night, hosted by FTR. They signed the contract and then “Hangman” Adam Page came in with alcohol. He toasted the new signees. It was cheap hooch and FTR menitoned it.

Jim Ross brought up the strange things going down with the Dark Order and “Hangman” Page. Kenny was late tot he party to help his party.

Stu Grayson and Evil Uno vs Kenny Omega and “Hangman” Adam Page
AEW WOrld Tag Team Title Match

The other members of the Dark Order, including Colt Cabana, cmae out. Colt adn Brodie Lee joined the announce team. Break time.

The potato chip commercial sent me to the kitchen for some Mesquite BBQ Kettle Cooked chips. The Champs then came out individually. Dark Order were still trying to recruit Hamgman. I love Kenny Omega’s music. Kenny rushed down and started to go after the challengers.

Kenny grumbled at Page as the bell rang. Kenny was attacked by Evil Uno. Stu choked Kenny and then tagged in. Springboard Double Team by Omega kicked out. Kenny with strikes and Knife Edge Chops. Evil blocked Stu’s flying intothe ropes. Stu with a kick. Til-a-Whirl by Omega. Double team by the champs. The Young Bucks came out to watch this contest. Springboard Ax Bomber by Page. Knife Marathon by the champs.

Kenny rolled out of the corner nad tagged in Page. Evil Uno also got he tag. Kick by Uno. Fallaway SLam by Page into a Kip Up. Page also clocked Stu. La Bandera onto Uno. Flyuing Crossbody by Page onto Stu. Uno attacked Kenny, on the floor. Brodie Lee wtched his men, stone faced. 2 count for the contenders. Page went after the mask of Uno. Double Team on Page. Snap Mare by Stu. Running Knee Strike into Adam’s face. Flying Ax Handle by Stu and tag to Uno. Uno smacked Adam and lifted Page for a Suplex. Page blocked it. Tag to Stu. Double team Brainbuster on Page. Page was taken to the corner as we went back to Split Screen.

The Dark Order took turned working over Page. Uno and Stu both choked Page, one with a Boot and the other by just grabbing the neck. Page fought out of enemy territory but couldn’t quite make it to his side of the ring. Stu rolled Page onto the apron. Evil Uno bowed to the crowd. Page came back with several moves, incluuding a Rik Steiner Slam. Omega finally got hte tag and lifted Stu and hit a Comcs Away and Moonsault for two.

Evil Uno took the tag. Double Team by the Dark Order failed. The champs did their own Double Team on Stu. Double teaming after a tag. V Trigger avoided by Stu. Kenny threw Stu intothe middle of next week. Big Boot by Evil Uno into a Swanton. 1-2-no. Tag to Stu. Double Team Powerbomb. Uno–Dos—Page mkes the save. Omega fought off both opponents. High Knee and Belly to Belly to send Kenny into Page. 450 by Stu and Cannonball by Uno. Evil Uno with a huge Neckbreaker on Omega. Snap Dragon by Kenny but Stu attacked. Evil Uno with a huge shot. V Trigger tothe back of Evil Uno’s skull . Could be…might be…Denited! Buckshot V-Trigger to take this one home.

Your WInners: Kenny Omega and “Hangman” Adam Page
Dynamite Score: 95

Brodie Lee was irate and his screamed at his men. He actually blasted Evil Uno and choked Stu. Lee turned to talk to Hangman. Brodie noticed that The Elite were in the house. Brodie said there were more members of the Dark Order. Several guys jumped the railing to surround the ring. FTR came out to somewhat evern the numbers. Superkick Party! Brodie kept insulting Omega for “Finally” showing up.

Dr. Britt Baker sent Tony a note. She wanted to talk about Big Swole. She knew Swole would be back soon. Baker knew Swole was obsessed with her. Baker said if Swole could beat her hand-picked opponent, she would et a shot at Baker.

The AEW figures will be available at Wal-Mart, starting next week. I so want a few of them. I have a spot in my display case just big enough for the collection. Smile.

Diamonte vs Hikaru Shida
Non-Title Match

Diamonte did a promo saying she had nothing to lose but everything to prove in this contest.

Shida offered a handshake but Diamonte wouldn’t have it. knife Edge Chop by the newcomer. The two women rolled around and fell out of the ring. Shida put Diamonte on the railing and hit a Mr. Wrestling II Kneelift. Shida pitched Diamonte back into the ring. Missile Dropkick by the champion to garner a two count. Shida worked over the arm and shoulder of Diamonte. Diamonte and Shida traded hard shots. Hockey “Cat” Fight! uplex. Jumping Knee by Shida. Diamonte went tot he apron. Dead Lift Superplex blocked by Diamonte. Diamonte laid out Shida and then came back with Strikes, Slaps and Knife Edges. Shida crumpled intothe corner. Wheelbarrow Stunner by Diamonte. Near fall, once more. Low Kick by Diamonte. Shida partially blocked the Canadian Destroyer. That was a little sloppy. Stall Suplex by Shida intothe Falcon Arrow. Almost but not enough. Running Knee Strike by Shida to end this one.

Your WInner: Hikaru Shida
Dynamite Score:83

Tony ran down the rules of the upcoming Blind Draw Women’s Tag Tourney. It is going to be fun.

We got an interview with Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero. Vickie said Nyla was getting the tourney. Nyla found out who her partenr will be and she was not happy.

We went to see MJF come out for h is little speech. Yawn. MJF made a long drawn-out trek tot he ring. Thankfully, we were in Split Screen and didn’t have to hear him for two and two (nod to Chuck Woolery).

Once we got back to business, MJF was ready to share his special announcerment. He was going to do a State of Wrestling speech. MJF insulted the fans as he said he had tons of time to share. MJF talked down to his female writer, being such a serious chauvanistic jerk. MJF whined about being held down. MJF wants change. He was obsessed with “Titans” that get things handed to them. MJF said he refused to acknowledge Jon Moxley as his champion. MJF said werestlers were having to risk their helath with the flippy dippy stuff just to get noticed. MJF got massive shots in on various people in the business, especially Mox. He called Jon a dictator. MJF said it was time for a New Guard, with him as their leader. MJF was ready to carry AEW on his back. Maxwell swore to lead the company for the next 25 years. MJF wanted to make AEW the top dog in the wrestling yard. MJF challened Jon Moxley for the World title at All Out!

Next week’s card is going to be top notch.

Taz headed off to lead his men to the ring. We took another break before our main event.

Ricky Starks and Brian Cage vs Jon Moxley and Darby Allin
Tornado Tag Team Match

Taz got on the stick and mocked Darby Allin for not being out there. Taz showed off Brian’s physique and also pushed Starks. Ricky got on the mic and killed it. Ricky said Taz recruited him because he was so much better. Ricky was ready to dig two graves. Darby Allin cmae out of nowhere with a Coffin Drop. It was a trap. Rickty worked over Jon as Cage went after Darby.

Darby switched his focus to Ricky. Cage caught Darby as he flew over hte ropes. Mox with a Tope Suicida onto Cage. Split Screen time as Mox found the toys.

Ricky SPered Darby from the apron. Cage cracked a trash can into Mox. They fought all around ringside. Double Team on Mox to send him into the corner. Mox tried to fight back but failed. Darby hit a Missile Dropkick to even up things. Shotgun Dropkick to Starks. Ricky ran Darby intothe post. Double team by Taz’s forces. Cage dropped both foes in an extreme show of strength.

Ricky stomped on Darby, who was close to being out. Mox came in with a chair and attacked. Running Back Elbow by Cage. Pump Kick by Cage. Starks with a wicked Spear. Cutter by Mox on Ricky. Discus Clothesline to Mox by Brian. Mox escaped a Suplex nad hit a German. Piledriver by Mox. 2 countl. Cross ARmbreaker by Mox. Ricky tried for a pin but only got a two. Trash Can intothe ring. Mox blocked the Double Suplex. Double Alabama Slam to send Mox onto the can. Darby made the save.

Mox saved Darby from a Suplex. Coffin Drop onto Cage. 1-2-not yet. Darby attacked with the can, hurting Cage’s arm.Craby found a tack-covered skateboard. He clocked Starks and then drove it into Starks’s back with a Double Stomp. Mox had Cage trapped in an Arm Bar. 1-2-3!

Your Winners: Jon Moxley and Darby Allin
Dynamite Score: 92

Darby pointed at Moxley. Next week, Darby will challenge Mox for the World title! Awesome!

Match of the Night: Omega and Page vs Dark Order


–Jay Shannon

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