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The Raw Score

A weekly recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by your writing team: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon, Candy and LeeAnne Moore

“Don’t Dream It…Be It!”-Richard O’Brien

Roll the opening montage!

Sasha Banks and Asuka will battle, tonight, for the held up Raw Women’s title. We also get a Triple Threat to find out who gets the shot at the tag champs at SummerSlam. In addition, Dolph Ziggler will fight Drew McIntyre.

Randy Orton slithered out to the ring. Ric Flair was not with him. We send our absolute strongest well wishes to Mr. Flair. According to the New York Post, Flair has “The Virus”. At his advanced age and with other pre-existing health issues, this is very serious.

We saw Randy Orton’s destruction of Big Show, last week. SHow did look amazing in the match but a botched Vader Bomb put Show through a table. Randy then hit an RKO and wore out Show with a steel chair. Drraping DDT led to a second RKO. Randy Iced the Cake with a brutal Punt to the skull.

Back to live action, Randy was ready to talk. He mentioned being in the WWE for 20 years. He ran down his resume and various nicknames. Randy mentioned all his alliances, over the years. Randy said he was better than The Rock or Steve Austin. Randy said he would never change who he is. Something was missing in his life and he finally figured it out. He wants the WWE Championship, one more time. Randy insulted Drew for not being an equal to his resume. He brought up getting fired. Orton said Drew has a problem, him. Randy demanded a title shot, at SummerSlam. He said he had an RKO set aside for the champ. Randy then headed tothe back.

Nia Jax then walked from the back. She got a bad reception from the crowd. Jax heard what Randy said and she knew just how he feels. She wants to be Raw Women’s title. She said the ref and Charlotte Flair screwed her, last time.

Shayna Baszler then came out to interrupt Jax.
Jax clocked Shayna and the fight was on, big time. THe refs rushed down to stop this but Raw chose to head to break. Guess we can figure out the first match of the night…

Well, I guess not.

The Street Profits were there to watch the Triple Threat Tag Match. They decided to ring announce this contest.

Andrade and Angel Garza vs Erik and Ivar vs Ricochet and Cedric Alexander
Triple Team Triple Threat

The Profits aren’t bad as ring announcers. I think I’m better. Grin. I would always be open for an audition. Smile. I dig them calling Cedric…Cedric the (Sports) Entertainer Alexander.

Andrade and Angel jumpted both teams and Garza ripped off his pants. Angel pitched his darwers at the Profits as we took a break.

Ivar was taking it to Cedric on the return. Dropkick by Cedric but Ivar answered with a Shoulder Tackle. Tag to Ricochet. Double Dropkick on Ivar. He scooted to his corner to bring in Erik. Angel and Andrade cheered from the floor. The Vikings went out to get them. Los Latinos were getting destroyed by the other two teams. Andrade got Slammed on the floor. Erik then slammed Ivar on top of Andrade. Cedric and Ricochet with a nasty doublet eam on Angel. Modifited Doomsday Device by the Vikings on Angel. Garza rolled out to the floor. Andrade jumped both men. Ricochet and Andrade actually worked together on Erik. Double Knees by Andrade. Ricochet with a Snap Mare but Andrade prevented the pin. Andrade pushed Ricochet into Erik. Ivar tore into Andrade with vicious sterikes. Side Slam by Ivar into a Low Crossbody.Ivar crashed intothe corner but ivar turned it intot he Senton. Erik tore through Angel. Shotgun Knees by Erik to take us to another break.

The chaos was going strong as we came back. Erik got knees to the face by Andrade. A hard shot sent Andrade into Angel, who tagged. Ricochet also got the tag. Springboard CLothesline after an Enziguri, in the ropes. 2 count, again. Cedric tagged in and then wanted a double team. Ivar came in and Clotheslined Cedric. Erik with the Knee Strike Flip on Andrade. Erik got caught by Garza in the ropes. ivar went up top and did a Swanton onto the mass of humanity on the floor. Awesome!

Garza nailed the Wing Clipper on Cedric to get the title shot, at SummerSlam!

Your Winners: Andrade and Angel Garza
Raw Score: 94 out of a possible 100

Angel and Andrade attacked the Street Profits, after the match. It was a defintie Hit and Run strategy.

Nia Jax was having a heated discussion with a ref. She WILL get Shayna Baszler, next.

Nia Jax vs Shayna Baszler

Shayna with brutal striked but Jax dumped Shayna over the top rope. Jax came after her and No Sould a kick to the side of hte head. The ref started his count. Jax kept sending Shayna into the plexiglass. The ref reached 10.

Your Winner: Doulbe Count Out
Raw Score: N/A

Shayna and Jax kept going after each other. Jax shoved one of the officials into Shayna. She ripped the poor guy’s clothes and dumped him to the floor, right beside Shayna. Baszler wanted back in the ring but Jax laid her out. The two refs had a Hell of a time containing Shayna. The announcers, as well as us, want another match between these two.

They are going to follow up with the stupid Eye for an Eye mess. Everyone in my own little circle of wrestling fans agree this was above and beyond the limits of good taste and very inappropriate. Dominick Mysterio is in the house to confront the Monday Night Messiah.

Seth came on screen, looking very much like Mr. Brodie Lee. Rollins wanted to know if Murphy was “with him”. Murphy questioned if Dominick was really going to show up. Seth was cer tain he would and then calmed down Murphy. “The Greater Good will go forward”. Huh?

Mark Henry chatted with Bianca Belair and Ruby Riott. Cool.

Seth Rollins came out for another talk segment. Murphy was at his mentor’s side. Aleister Black is out with an arm injury, thanks to these two. Seth took the microphone as the crowd jeered him. Steh crowed about beating Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black. He was on a roll but he was not in a good mood. Seth knew Dominick Mysterio was there to confront him. Seth said people keep pushing him backwards on his crusade for the Greater Good. People are getting hurt on the way to his goal. Seth mentioned the various performers that he has had to hurt. This is not what Seth wants. Seth did not want things to get violent with Dominick. Seth wanted to do this “the right way”. Seth asked Dominick to join him in the ring. He told Dominick not to be afraid.

Dominick strolled from the back but stayed on the stage. Seth asked him to come to the ring. Seth promised he would not hurt Dominick. The crowd shouted that Murphy would. Seth called off Murphy. Murphy held the ropes for Dominick. Seth wanted to hear what Dominick had to say.

Seth wanted to give Dominick the chance to speak his mind. Seth said he was there for Dominick. He offered help and guidance. Seth asked for a hug. Takedown by Dominick. He also bear the stuffing out of Murphy, for a moment. The duo used their numbers against the rookie. Dom was thrown intot he barricade. Seth and Murphy stomped away on the kid. They threw Dom into another section of barricade. Seth kept asking what was wrong with the Mysterio family. Dom was thrown into the announce desk. Seth and Murphy stood over Dom and said this was not his fault. Aleister Black came out of nowhere to attack Seth and Murphy. Black did his best to hold his ground but the bad arm was such a target. Black was thrown into the barricade with mega force. Bicycle Kick by Murphy. Stomp by Seth, on the floor. Seth then looked at the ring steps and said Murphy knew what he had to do. Seth asked Murphy if he was in this for real. Seth ordered Murphy to destroy Black, once and for all. Murphy tried to push Black’s face intothe ring steps. Seth pulled Murphy back, just as he ran the eye into the steel steps. Enough of this baloney. They then went looking for Dominick. Dom had a kendo stick and he beat on Seth, big time. Murphy ranf or the hills, as well.

In the back, Mustafa Ali talked with R-Truth. Truth wondered if Ali was focused on the 24/7 title. Ali was set to throw down with Bobby Lashley.

We got a profile video of Mustafa Ali.Ali just recently returned to action.He has a bright future, as long an injuries don’t stop him.

Bobby Lashley, Shelton Benjamin and MVP were all in the VIP Lounge.

The VIP Lounge

MVP did his typical intro of the Hurt Business. MVP is still calling himself the Real U.S. Champion. MVP was happy to meet Ali, last week. MVP wants to help Ali to “see the light”. MVP alled out the young superstar.

Ali acted like he was impressed. MVP wanted Ali to experience the “Good Life”. MVP wanted Ali to join forces with them. Ali mentioned how he, Cedric and Ricochet put the Hurt Business, out of business, last week. Ali was happy he was back and on Raw. Ali was ready to climb the ladder and become a real champion. MVP knew Ali was talented and has a great future, if he makes the right decision. Ali wasn’t buying what M VP was selling. MVP reminded Ali that he was about to battle Lashley. He mentioned how they took out Apollo Crews and could do the same to him. MVP told Ali to make a choice. Ali said “No” and he meant it. R-Truth jumped Shelton Benjamin and almost pinned him. When Truth didn’t get the pin, he ran to the back.

Bobby Lashley vs Mustafa Ali

MVP tried to distract Ali with chants. Ali jumped Bobby, only to get dropped like a bad habit. Huge Biel by Lashley. Bobby set for his Spear. He hit it, in the corner. Back Elbows by Bobby. Ali collapsed in the corner. Pop Up Drop by Bobby, off an Irish Whip. Solid strike by Bobby. Lashley Back Rushed Ali into the corner and punched and choked his foe.

Bobby went for the Stall Suplex and held Ali up for a long time. Tozawa attacked Shelton in an attempt at the 24/7 title. Shelton and MVP had to also destroy the ninjas. Lashley even took out one of the guys. He ran the poor dude’s head into the ring post. Ali with a Tope Suicida to take us to break.

Bobby with explosive Crossfaces. Shelton and MVP taunted Ali. Bobby chokedAli in the ropes. Kick byAli but Bobby shrugged it off. Ali was sent over the top and he landed badly. Bobby wnt to get his opponent. Ali was sent into the ring post.

Bobby threw Ali into the barricade. Lashley rolled in to wait out the count. Bobby went out to get Ali. 1-2-no. Elbow Drops to the neck. Cravat on Ali’s neck that morphed into a Kabuki Klaw to the neck. Ali tried to punch his way free. Flatliner by Lashley but it only brought a two.

Lashley signed for his finisher. ALi crawled up Bobby’s body. Gorilla Press failed but Lashley came back with the Dominator. Ali landed on his feet. Big Boot to Bobby’s skull. Satelite DDT by Ali! Ali went up top and waited. He missed the 450. Full Nelson/Hurt Business/Lashley ock.

Your WInner (By Submission): Bobby Lashley
Raw Score: 88

Dolph was asked if he knew what the stipulation would be in the title match, tonight. DOlph didn’t care, he just wanted the title and then he would deal with Randy Orton.

I want to thank my best friends, Sunny and Rey, for a fantastic night out of Saturday. We went to a new place called Oscar’s and listened to a Journey tribute band called Escape. Even though we got dranched by the rain, it was agreat night of “Music Therapy”. Love you both.

The announcers focused on the situation with the Raw Women’s title. Sasha appeared to win the belt, once Bayley made the count. Stephanie McMahon stepped in and held up the belt. Tonight, a true winner will be determined. Whoever wins, no matter how, will be the new Women’s champion. I’m putting my money on Asuka.

Asuka vs Sasha Banks
Raw Women’s Title Match

Bayley and Banks came out frist. I’m hearing this match could set up something between the two, at SummerSlam. We’ll see. Sasha got on the stick and talked trash about Stephanie McMahon making her defend her title against Asuka. Sasha said Stephanie was jealous of her and Bayley. Bayley said they are teh Show. Bayley sounded all superheroic with her rant. Bayley said the pin thing was just her being a role model. Bayley adn Banks talked about holding all the gold and making changes. Asuka and Kairi Sane came from the back. I guess Sane decided to wait another week before going home to Japan.

Sane whispered in Asuka’s ear. Sane ran Bayley to the back. Cut to commercial.

Sasha was cradling the crimson and white belt like a child as the introductions were made. Any loss, no matter what, will bring us the champion. Sasha with a hard strike off he Collar and Elbow. Dropkicks on both sides. Hip Attack by Asuka. Kicks nad Stomps by Asuka. Yakuza Kick by Asuka, followed by more regular kicks. Shining Wizard by Asuka for a two count. Whip by Asuka but Sasha held the ropes. Arm Bar Submission by Asuka but Sasha would not submit. Sasha rolled into the ropes and got the break. Dragon Screw, in the ropes, by Banks. Lung Blower/Back Stabber by Banks. Single Leg Crab by Sasha. Banks stomped the knee intothe canvas. STO by Sasha but Asuka kicked free. Banks went tothe floor. Banks yelled about lack of respect. She demande the title belt and started to head tothe back. The ref warned her about a count out. Sasha tried the old Eddie fake thing with the belt but the ref saw it all. Huge kick by Asuka.

Both women were down as re came back. Whip by Asuka was blocked. Sasha kicked the bad leg and hit a Leg DDT. STO, again, by Sasha. Asuka kicked withthe good leg to get free. Boot Choke by Sasha. Banks tied up the leg, in the ropes. Sasha stay centered in her attack on Asuka’s legs. SHot to Sasha’s throat. Knee Strike by Asuka that rocked Banks. Hip Attack missed. Under Slide Plant by Sasha. Banks slammed the knee intothe apron.

Back in the ring, Sasha got a near fall. Kick by Banks, followed by a strut. SIngle Leg Crab, again, by Banks. Asuka rolled under to get free. Sasha twisted the leg in the ropes and pounded away. Asuka nailed a Back Elbow.

Wheelbarrow into a Knee Bar by Asuka. Ankle Lock by Asuka. Asuka was slung into the corner. Sasha shook out her leg and charged the corner with Shotgun Knees. Sasha hopped up on the ropes and went to fly. Asuka got the knees up. Ouch! Such a cool counter.

The ref started to count them down. Asuka exploded with shots. She missed the Spinning Back Fist. Sasha rolled up Asuka but couldn’t get a three. Ankle Lock into a Trapped Leg German. Hip Attack. 1-2-no. Asuka put Sasha on the top turnbuckle. Asuka then climbed the ropes. Theyu fought on the ropes. Asuka was sent down by way of a Headbutt. Frog Splash to give Banks a two count. BankStatement! Asuka would not give up. Sasha blocked the Asuka Lock and sent Asuka tothe floor. Baeball Slide, by Banks, failed. Sasha bashed Asuka’s left leg and sent it intot he announce desk. Asuka was down and it was questionable if she would beat the count. She did, just barely. Sasha said the ref counted too slowly. Sasha yelled at Asuka and said she was the real champ. Roll Up by Sasha for a near fall. BankStatement! Asuka crawled towards the ropes but Sasha twisted around to keep her from the ropes. Ankle Lock by Asuka. Missile Dropkick by Asuka. Bayley and Kairi came on the Tron. They were fighting in the back. German by Asuka. Standing Crippler Crossface by Asuka. Asuka ran to help Kairi. The ref was counting Asuka. Oh, this is such bull!

Your WInner (by Count Out) and the NEW Raw Women’s Champion: Sasha Banks
Raw Score: 80 (point drop for the lousy ending)

Bayley came out to hug her bestie and show off all the gold (at least on the two brands).

Charly checked on Asuka and Kairi Sane. Bayley and Banks rushed in to gloat. They are just so darn annoying. Asuka came out and she looked heart broken. She exploded in Japanese.

Raw paid major respect to Regis Philbin. That was so classy. Regis helped seriously promote the WWE, over the years. He should definitely go intothe celebrity wing of teh Hall of Fame.

Murphy vs Humberto Carrillo

The lady zebra tried to keep them apart. Murphy attacked, at the bell. Humberto was run into the corner and Knife Edged like mad. Knife Edges by Humbero. Universal into a Back Elbow Drop. Corner Stomps by Humberrto. Murphy blocked a Whip and put Carrillo on the apron. Back Flip Roll into a modified Disaster Kick. Humberto dove throughthe ropes to attack Murphy. Humberto send Murphy back in the ring. Murphy attackeed as Humberto started up the ropes. Murphy sent Carrillo into the barricade. back in the ring, Murphy got a near fall. Shot to the back and a Rear Chin Lock by Murphy. Carrillo went tothe corner to make the break. Big Boot to Humerto’s chest. Carrillo came back with a hard shot. Humberto went up top but got tripped up. Back Superkick by Humberto as Murphy chaged.

The two traded explosive punches and kicks. Enziguri by Humberto. Carrillo was flipped onto the aporn. Enziguri and Missile Dropkick by Humberto. Uno…Dos…Nada Mas.

Murphy rolled out to the apron as Humberto went up top. Pump Kick. Humberto dumped Murphy back into the ring. Kidney shot by Murphy. Murphy’s Law!

Your Winner: Murphy
Raw Score: 84

We looked back at Dolph vs Drew at Horror Show. Dolph stacked the deck in his favor but still lost.

Mark Henry chatted with Drew McIntyre, backstage. The WWE title match is on deck.

Drew McIntyre vs Dolph Ziggler
WWE Title Match (stipulations to be named, in a moment)

Drew asked for the stick. Drew talked abuot Randy Orton. Randy will get a shot at the WWE title, at SummerSlam. Drew knew most people think of him as the Underdog. He reminded us how he kicked Brock Lesnar’s backside in like five minutes to win the title. Drew was ready to unveil the stipulation. That brought out Dolph Ziggler.

Dolph demanded to know what the stipulation was going to be. Drew decided to implore an Extreme Rules match. Unlike Horror Show, Drew could also get Extreme. He popped Dolph to send us to break.

Dolph went to get a steel chair but did’t get to use it. Drew was sent tinto the ring post, multiple times. Drew with a nasty Back Elbow. Knife Edge by Drew. Drew Lawn Darted Dolph into the plexiglass, destroying a section.

Kendo Stick by Drew. White Russian Leg Sweep by Drew (nod to the legendary Sandman). Drew pulled the stick into Dolph’s mouth. He may have lost a few teeth when Drew slammed Dolph. Drew went looking for toys. He found some steel chairs and tossed them intothe ring. The ref had to dodge the flying metal. “Now, it’s a party”. Drew also got a table. Drew popped Dolph and set up the table. Dolph went for a chair but Drew stood on his hand. Chair shot by Drew. Dolph tried to beg off the punishment. Low Blow by the challenger. Drew went to the floor. Kendo Stick attack by Dolph. He also hit a White Russian Leg Sweep. Drew caught hte knedo stick and took it from Dolph. He then bashed Dolph with it. Dolph went after hte knee. Drew threw Dolph onto the apron. Drew caught Dolph and ran him through the barricade! Break time!

Both men were laid out after that rush through the barricade. Drew got up first and dragged Dolph to the ring. He was hurting, big time. Dolph kicked the rope up into Drew’s crotch. Drew with a brutal CLothesline and Belly to Belly Throw. Drew went up top and waited for his foe. Ax Bomber! Kip Up by Drew. Dolph reversed the Future Shock into a Famouser. Neither man could take advantage of the situation. Dolph headed up top and then got popped by te champ. Huge Knife Edge that rocked Dolph to his core. Superplex by Drew. They almost landed on a chair. Zig Zag as Drew charged. 2 count. Claymore sent Dolph through the table to end this one.

Your WInner: Drew McIntyre
Raw Score: 95

As Drew celebrated his win, Randy Orton came out of nowhere to hit an RKO. Orton picked up the title belt and admired it. He actually put it around his waist as an ultimate insult.

Delbert–Feel better, my friend
Sunny/Rey-Thanks for being “family”
Niecy–143, as always


–Jay, Candy and LeeAnne

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