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The AEW Dynamite Score

A weekly recap and review of professional wrestling’s hottest new international promotion.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose”-Lyndon Baines Johnson

So, Tuesday night was filled with new faces (and a few returning ones). Will AEW follow suit and debut a few people that have crossed over after the massive firings? Cody is set for another defense of the TNT title, against a top indy star. Who will it be? My hopeis that it will be Nick Aldis.

Roll the opening montage!

Cody (w/Arn Anderson) vs Eddie Kingston
TNT Title Match

Eddie came out, talking serious trash. Eddie talked about his rough upgringing. Eddie told Cody and Arn that they couldn’t live a day in his shoes. Eddie said he would put Cody in the ground and smile while doing it. Eddie threatened to gouge out Arn’s eye if he didn’t shut up. Wait, wasn’t that a Sunday thing? Eddie hoped for a no-DQ match but Cody would hae to accept.

The match was turned into No Disqualification. Eddie rushed Cody and they quickly went to the floor. Huge Slaps and Knife Edge Chops, back and forth. Cody ran Eddie intot he apron and then pitched him intot he ring. Leg Swing by Eddie. Eddie punched away. Rapid Fire Knife Edges by the challenger. Goldustin Uppercut by Cody. Disaster Kick by the champ. Eddie bailed out of the ring. Tope Suicida by Cody that sent Eddie crashing intothe barricade.

Cody climbed the ropes and nailed a Missile Dropkick. Cody pulled off his weight belt. Eddie rolled out to avoid the strap. Eddie kicked away and then go the belt. He strapped Cody, who looked ready to explode. Eddie seemed to have injured his left knee. Eddie rolled back the mat. Back Body Drop and Eddie landed hard. Eddie had to sell his boots because of lack of work. I hate to hear that.

Short punches by Cody. Eddie tore itot he eye. Vicious Clothesline by Eddie. Back Drop Suplex accordianed Cody. Boxing body shots by Kingston.

Eddie kicked awy witht he right foot. Rear Chin Lock by Eddie. Eddie worked over the neck and shoulders of Cody with clubbing blows. Cody was having trouble breathing. Eddie kept punching. Cody kicked the bad wheel but Eddie nailed a Inside Out Clothesline. Stretch Club by Kingston. Arn was worried. Forearms by Cody. Yakuza Kick by Eddie. Dragon Sleeper by Kingston. Cody powered out and exploded with punches. Eddie went to the eyes, yet again. Chop Block by Cody. Cody slammed Eddie intot he corner. Kingston stumbled on the Irish Whip. Low Blow by Eddie. Snap DDT by Kingston. Eddie headed out to check the Toy Box. He came out with a canvas bag. Eddie poured dozens of thunbtacks out into the ring. Eddie tore at Cody’s face. Cody Dropkicked the bad knee. Eddie escaped the Vertebreaker and Powerbombed Cody onto the tacks. Damn! The ladies outside were in tears.

Saito SUplex by Eddie but Cody exploded with a Clothesline. Eddie tried to avoid the FIgure Four. Cody just lapped the taste out of Eddie’s mouth. Figure Four! Tap Out!

Your Winner (by Submission): Cody
Dynamite Score: 94 out of a possible 100

The announcers ran down the night’s card.

Jon Moxley cut a promo about keeping it real. Mox seemed almost giddy that he came close to ripping apart Brian Cage’s arm. Jon said, next time, he would NOT let go.

Maxwell J. Friedman (w/Wardlow) vs Griff Garrison

MJF cut a rant against his rookie opponent. The kid reminded me of Chick Donovan. Griff stood up to the cocky MJF. MJF sounded like Cartman from South Park. MJF kept insulting the kid. Griff brought up that Maxwell lsot at Fyter Fest. That sent Friedman off.

Stomps and an Arn Biel. Boot Choke by MJF. Belly to Belly Suplex by MJF. Knee Drop onto Griff’s lower back. MJF raked Griff’s back to insult more than injure. MJF stomped on the ankle of Garrison. The ref asked if Griff could keep going. Griff answered by punching away at his foe. MJF with measured punches to the head. He then posed for the crowd. Modified Camel Clutch by MJF. He turned it into an Arm Bar. He had to release when he gnawed on the fingers of his opponent. Griff was thrown out of the ring. MJF followed him out and ran him into the barricade. Waedlow just looked on, impressed. Hard kick by MJF. MJF rolled in and out to reset the count. Griff punched away but it had little effect. Griff was sent into the barricade.

Maxwell tossed the kid in the ring nad grabbed the house mic. He said he lost his temper with Griff. MJF kept rambling on and mocked Griff. MJF stomped on Griff’s hand. MJF screamed that Griff would tell the world that Friedman was undefeated. Griff finally did it. Griff popped MJF in the face and almost pinned him. CLothesline and punches by MJF. Heat Seeker Piledriver by MJF.

Your Winner: MJF
Dynamite Score: 84

Tony Schiavone chatted with Rebel about Dr. Britt Baker’s facial surgery. She was being a whiny baby. Baker said she will be coming back in the biggest comeback in the history of history. Baker was being all grumpy at Rebel and Tony. She will be back at All Out.

Taz and Brian Cage came from the back. Neither looked happy. We saw how Darby Allin tore into Brian Cage, last week. Darby was attacked on Dark, last night.

Taz said he and Cage had a very rough week. Taz almost got fired by Cage. Taz said throwing in the towel was a business move. He knew Brian was about to become seriously injured by Mox. Taz promised that Cage will never be in that position again. Taz then pushed the FTW championship.

They were cut off by the arrival of Darby Allin, complete with skateboard. Ricky Starr came out of nowhere to attack Allin. Cage Powerbombed Darby on the ramp and then into the ring. Running Dominator by Starr. Starks grabbed Darby and Cage had the skateboard. Moxley came in with a barbed wire baseball bat. Starks and Cage headed for the hills. Taz kept them back.

We got a look at the upcoming Women’s tag team tournament. 16 women will compete, during the summer.

Chris Jericho was interviewed. Jericho was still ticked that his fancy white jacket was now stained orange. Jericho was going to embarrass Orange Cassidy and the Jurassic Express. Chris talked trash about the members of the Express. Jericho was still ticked that his jacket smelled like oranges.

Butcher and Blade vs The Young Bucks
Falls Count Anywhere Match

Nick and Matt Jackson found their opponents in the kitchen. The bell rang and the fight was on. Nick juped over a table and then flew off it. He was caught. Flying Bugbuster into a Gut Wrench Bomb onto the table. Food started to fly. Matt ran the wall but still got nailed. Double Suplex onto the metal kitchen table. 2 count. B & B brought the Bucks out into the concourse. Lots of double teaming by the Bucks. Blade pounded away and Butcher joined in to launch Matt up into a tuck. Burcher lifted up Nick and ran him into the truck’s door. Matt flipped out of the truck onto B & B. Matt seemed to injure his arm. Blade was sent into a plexiglass wall near a food outlet. Double team on Butcher. Cookie sheet to Butcher’s skull. Senton while riding a pizza pan onto Butcher. Blade ran away from the brothers. Double Superkick and Blade rode up the escalator.

The fight made it to ringside, finally. Butcher was getting his bulky butt handed to him. Assisted Sliced Bread by the brothers. Butcher blocked the Indietaker. Butcher began to fight back as Blade showed up with a chair. Butcher found a table as Blade went to town on Nick. Double Whip and Nick jumped over the barricade. Matt with a Blockbuster, off the apron. Nick took out Butcher. Nick found his own table. The fans were so digging this.

The Bucks set the table on the apron. Butcher reversed a Double Suplex and sent the Bucks sailing. Blade went for a Flip Dive and crashed and burned. Matt was sent through a table. Matt with a Drop Toe Hold. Nick swung a wicked chair. Rising Knee Strike by Nick. Wild double teaming by the Bucks. Matt had a busted nose. Sharpshoot by Matt. Blade came in and attacked both brothers. Nick was dropped over the ropes. La Bandera to Matt.

B & B set up Matt for a Power Neckbreaker Bomb. Butcher and Blade went looking for more toyrs. Nick jumped Blade as he dragged another table. Jawbreaekr by Matt. Matt set up a table and he and Butcher traded punches. B & B were sent into each other. Superkick Party! Back and Front Knee Strike combo. Blade was placed on the table, as was Butcher. The Bucks climbed up the stage structure. Incredible Swantons by Nick and Matt!

Your WInners: The Young Bucks
Dynamite Score: 97

Alex interviewed Lance Archer and Jake Roberts. Lance dragged ALex intothe locker room so he could witness Lance destroying several guys. Jake said they were tired of how they were being treated. Lance dumped one guy into a trash can. Jeez.

Diamonte vs Ivelisse

These two used to feud in Lucha Underground. The two had a heated discussion and Ivelisse exploded with punches. Diamonte threw hard punches. Arm Whip onto Ivelisse. Springboard ARm Drag by Ivelisse. Shida watched her future potential challengers. We got a video insert from Big Swole. She is coming for Britt Baker, soon.

In the ring, the two women went back and forth with vicious strikes. Massive Back Elbows by Ivelisse. She bailed out of the ring as Diamonte went to rush the corenr. The two went tot he floor and exchanged hard strikes. Diamonted counted Ivelisse’s faced off the apron. Knife Edge by Ivelisse. Diamonte reset the count and went right back to pounding on Ivelisse. They fought on the apron and then went back into the ring. Ivelisse got a near fall. Brutal kick to Diamonte’s spine. Sleeper byIvelisse. Diamonte got free and cinched in a Caravat. Ivelisse punched her way free. Ivelisse yelled at her foe and they broke into a major Cat Fight! Slaps and kicks. German by Diamonte. 2 count.

The fans were more supportive of Diamonte. Ivelisse blocked a move and hit a strange Powerbomb. 1-2-not yet. Roll Up by Diamonte to take the win.

Your WInner: Diamonte
Dynamite Score: 85

Simon Miller will give them fits for using that stale finisher. Smile.

Five (w/ Brodie Lee) vs “Hangman” Adam Page

Five iused to be Allen Angels. The crowd loved Page. The two men circled each other. Spin Kick missed as Page ducked. Page with a vicious Forearm Strike and Knife Edge. Five ducked and hit one of his own. Page came backa nd put Five on his behind with a Knife Edge. Universal into a Big Boot by Page. Page dusted off his boot. Snap Suplex into a Float Over by Page for a near fall. Five rushed the corner. Whip by Five but Page flipped Five over the ropes. Kick to Page’s face. Adam answered with a Big Boot of his own.

Page went out to get his opponent. He ran Five intot he barricade and then dropped him onto it. The rest of the Dark Order strolled from the back. Page was ready to fight htem all. Split Screen Time. Sigh.

Five attacked Page as he got back in the ring. Dropkick as Page was tied up in the ropes. Five with a variation of a Savage Elbow to a trapped Page. Adam was stunned as Five kept the pressure on the tag champ. Hangman tried to fight back but a Rolling Neckbreaker slowed Page down, big time. Five went up top and went for a Double Stomp. He missed. Lift Drop by Page. Dead Lift Fallaway Pin attempt. 2 count. Five was sent tot he apron. Shoulder by Five. Ring Bounce Dropkick by Five.

Five mounted Page and punched away. Senton and Moonsault but Page got hte knees up. Kinfe Edges by Page. Five barely dodged the Lariat. Series of kicks by Five. Explosive Lariat by PagCorner Clothesline by Page. WHip intoa Fallaway Slam. Roaring Elbow by Page. Adam urged the Dark Order to come in the ring. Pip Up Powerbomb by Page to gain the win.

Your WInner: “Hangman” Adam Page
Dynamite Score: 88

The Dark Order was upset that Five dared to lose. The stage filled up with embers of the rogue group. Brodie Lee came down and said how impressed he is with Adam Page. Lee said Page was in immediate danger and there was no partners to help him. Lee said the Dark Order could protect him. Adam didn’t want to join a “Cult”. Lee said the Cowboy just made his bed and he hoped he enjoyed sleeping in it. Lee and Colt Cabana went tot he back. The others stormed the ring to face Page. Page attacked all the Dark Order forces. This was a mugging. FTR rushed out with a cooler and attacked the Order. Kenny Omega also joined the party. Page had a beer with Dax adn Cash. Kenny seemed left out of the little party.

The announcers ran down next week’s card. It should be darn good.

Luchasaurus and “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry (w/Marko Stunt) Chris JEricho and Jake Hager

The entire current Inner Cirlce came out with Jericho and Jake. We saw the Juice Drop, again. It was such a flashback to the Attitude Days. Just saying… Look for Spirit Squad and D-X Greem sline drop video on YouTube and other places.

Jericho threw the damaged jacket tothe floor and exploded on Jack. Deep Arm Drags by Jungle Boy. Tag to Jake. Luchasaurus also became legal. THe two men went fillar to post with wild strikes. European Uppercut decked Jake. Kicks by both men. Goozle but Jake turned the Chokeslam into an attempt at an Ankle Lock. Jake pulled Lucha to the enemy corner. Chris reluctantly took the tag. He stomped on Lucha’s ankle. Chris dropped his weight on the leg. Dropkick to Lcuha’s lower leg. Jake came back in to throw hard strikes. Rear Chin Lock by Jake. J.R. talked about people with tattooes being tought. I’d like to think I have a tought streak, considering all that I’ve dealt with (health wise). The Superman tat on my right forearm is my symbol of overscoming the odds.

Lucha reversed a Whip but took a Back Elbow by Jake. Double Clotheslines. Lucha had to fight out of hte enemy corner. Jungle Boy and Jericho both tagged in. Jack tore through Jericho. Suicide Dive to take out Santana and Ortiz. Springboard Faceplant by Perry. Broken up by Hager. Marko also got involved. Lift Drop by Jericho. Marko was knocked off the apron by Chris.

As we went to Split Screen, Jericho smiled intothe camera. He started punching on Jack and threw him intot he corner. Jake took the tag and Santana and Ortiz attack Perry. Jake ran Jack intot he barricade and then pitched him back into the ring. He taunted Luchasaurus before dragging Jungle Boy to the enemy corner. Huge Slam by Jake. Chris walked over Jack’s chest. Perry kicked at JerichoChris dropped Jack and began to choke him with the boot. Santana and Ortiz kept getting involved. Clubbing blows by Jericho. Stall SUplex by Le Champion.

Jack kicked out of a pin attempt at two. Chris put Perry up top and climbed the ropes. They fought up top as Lucha watched on. Jake urged his leader to do something painful. Jack pushed Jericho off the top and hit a Crossbody for a two. Lariat by Jericho. Tag to Jake. Elbow Drop by Hager. Double Underhook in a Seated Position by Jake. Jake punched the shoulder of Jack. Perry kicked at Jake’s ribs. SUnset Flip failed. Jake crashed intothe corner. Jake blasted Luchasaurus and dragged Jungle Boy to the Inner Circle area of the ring. Jericho had his black bat. Aubrey tookt he bat away and Chris grabbed it back. Aubrey threatened to call the match if Jericho didn’t put away the bat.

Jericho dropped Jungle Boy and smiled at Luchasaurus. Roll Up by Jungle Boy. Vicious Strike that put both men down. Enziguri on Jericho. Jake got the tag and prevented Jack from reaching the corner. Knee Strikes and a Rear Chin Lock by Hager. Tag back to Jericho.

Double Knife Edge Chops to Jungle Boy. Double Irish Whip led to Jack hitting a DDT on both enemies. Hot Tag to Luchasaurus. Lucha took out both opponents with Chps and punches and Clotheslines. Goozle on both men. They broke it. He flipped and hilt Crescent Kicks on both Chris and Jake. Everyone went sailing. Jake was knocked out of the ring. Marko with a Missile Dropkick to Jericho. Superkick to Jericho. -2-no.

Jericho slipped out of a Scoop Slam. Discus Kick to Jericho’s jaw. 2 count. Dang. Jungle Boy took out Santana and Ortiz. A masked man attacked Luchasaurus with the bat and Jericho hit the Code Breaker. The nasked man, called Serpentico, turned out to be…Sammy Guevara. Guess his suspension is over.

Your WInners: Chris Jericho and Jake Hager
Dynamite Score: 92

The Inner Circle is reunited. Orange Cassidy and the Best Friends rushed down to even the sides. Next week, The Inner Circle will battle The Best Friends and Jurassic Express.

Match of the Night: Tough Call, this time around, but I think I will go with…”Hangman” Adam Page vs Five


–Jay Shannon

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