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AEW Dynamite: Fight for the Fallen

AEW continues with its special editions of professional wrestling’s hottest new international organization.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“That was quicker than a toilet stop in rattlesnake country”-Doug Naylor

It is “Champion” vs Champion, tonight. Brian Cage is the current “F.T.W.” champion (which is not officially recognized, yet). Jon Moxley holds the AEW World title. Cage wants both straps. Moxley could care less about the Orange (FTW) strap. They are set as our main event, this week.

Roll the special opening montage!

The Skyflowers ignited in the Florida sky to open the show. Tony Schiavone is out, pending a COV-19 test result. Taz was on the desk.

Cody and Arn Andreson walked to the ring, amidst fire and fireworks.

Sonny Kiss vs Cody
TNT Title Match

Kiss came out with his own cheerleaders. Weird. I have to be honest. I wasn’t sure of Kiss’ gender when I first saw him. Arn talked strategy with his mentee. Justin Roberts did the introductions. Aubrey Edwards was our zebra-in-charge.

Bicycle Kick by Cody at the bell. Cody stomped away and hit a modified Slingshot Suplex. Push Ups by Cody. Arn went off Cody for showboating. Skin the Cat into a Disaster Kick by Cody. 2 count. Kiss rolled out to the floor. Tully Blanchard was watching from ringside. Kiss with a vicious Forearm and he tossed Cody out of hte ring. Kiss pushed the camera away and continued to punish the champion.

Back in the ring, Sonny with several kicks. Backspring but Cody caught him in a Full Nelson. He rag dolled Kiss and took him down to his knees. Tully was quite interested in Cody, or so it seemed. Kiss flipped out nad then hit a Dropkick. Snap Suplex by Kiss. Big Kick into a Rana from the ropes by Sonny. Matrix into a Rana. Kiss tied Cody up in the ropes and blasted him. 2 count for Sonny.

Kiss went up to the middle rope and went for the Splitz Leg Drop. Sonny surprised Cody with a CrossRhodes. Sonny went back up top for a 450. 1-2-no.

Cody flipped SOnny over the ropes. Head Scissore but Cody dumped Kiss to the ramp. Aubrey told them to get back in the ring. Alabama Slam, on the ramp, by Cody. Cody was in the ropes on the pin. When he moved, Kiss put a leg on the ropes. Kicks by Cody. Vertebreaker by Cody for another set of near falls. That move is so dangerous.

Cody kept going for pins but couldn’t pull the trigger. Cody pulled off his belt but tossed it away. Cody put Kiss up top and popped him. Superplex! 2 count. Cody argued with Aubrey about the count. Roll Up by Kiss. Crippler Crossface by Cody as a counter. Kiss twisted around to reach the ropes. Excellent.

Hard stomp by Cody and then Full Mount Punches to the challenger. Cody ripped off the top turnbuckle. This is a whole new Cody. Wheelbarrow to send Cody intothe corner. Near Fall for Kiss. Solid Forearms by both men. Spin Kick by Kiss. CrossRhodes! 1-2-3!

Your Winner: Cody
Dynamite Score: 93 out of a possible 100

Codty hugged his foe to show respect. It looked like Sonny was bleeding from the nose but it may have just been a lighting thing.

Excalibur talked about the Fight for the Fallen and how it will help the state of Florida. They have special shirts on the website to support the great charity.

Pentagon Jr. y Rey Fenix (the Lucha Brothers) vs FTR (Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood)

This one is going to be awesome, no doubt. I’m honored to have my two little great-nephews, Cooper and Casey, watching with me. I’m passing along the tradition that started with me, 52 years ago, when my grandfather introduced me to pro wrestling.

Dax and Pentagon kicked off the match. The masked man punched and stomped away. Dax stomped the hand and exploded with Knife Edge Chops. They traded the advantage with various strikes. Superkick by Pentagon. Double Team on Dax as people watched on. Wheelbarrow kind of failed so they had to make adjustments, mid-move. Rey blocked a Suplex. Blind Tag to Cash. Double team on Rey. 1 count, only. Wild European Uppercut on Reey. More double teaming when Dax tagged back in. Cash and Dax kept tagging in and out. Rey was in bad shape. Rey escaped a Suplex and tagged his brother. Sunset Bomb by Pentagon. Double Superkick by the Lucha Brothers. Running Dropkick off the apron. Butcher and Blade watched the match, from the side. Took me a minute to figure out who they were.

The two traded wild shots. Hard Slap by Rey. Rey kept choking Dash on the ropes. The ref almost dq’d them. Pentagon took the tag and kept the pressure on. Rear Chin Lock by Pentagon. Steiner SLam on the Push Off. Rey rushed to neutralize Cash. Dax fkew off the top and both men went down.

Dax with a wild Snap Suplex to Rey. He then used the same move to put Pentagon onto his brother. Clothesline to Pentagon. Wheelbarrow blocked and Dax flipped Rey into the corner. Back Drop SUplex and Running Uppercut. Dax’s chest was bleeding. Those chops DO hurt. Low Bridge and Dax hit the floor. Double team by the Brothers onto Cash. 1-2-no. Tag back to Rey. Cash avoided the Spike Piledriver and bocked a Rana. Tag to Dax into an Inverted Doomsday Device. 2 count.

Pentagon pulled his brother to a friendly corner and tagged in. Dax and Pentagon fought up top. Superplex into a Frog Splash double team. Pentagon got hte knees up. Rey tried for a Fogr Splash and took knees to the chest, as well. All four men were stunned.They tore into each other in total chaotic fighting. Dax was dumped to the floor. Sling Blade by Pentagon. Cash fought out of the Ciro Miedo Mackage Piledriver. Cash sent Pentagon intothe ring. Springboard DDT to the floor by Cash. Rey flew off the top to the floor with an Escalera. (Thanks Excalibur).

Dax with a kick and it was answered by Rey. Dax with a quick Roll Up.

Your Winners: FTR
Dynamite Score: 96

Butcher and Blade taunted FTR with the key to the stolen truck. The Young Bucks came up and Superkicked the thieving duo. The Bucks got the truck keys back. Kenny Omega strolled out with a cooler. The Jackson Brothers brought the suds to his Elite brethern and to FTR. FTR poured the beer over Kenny’s head. Matt and Nick had to hold Kenny back from kicking Dax and Cash
the face. FTR went back to their truck. My grandfather had one a lot like that one, only it was in red. If he were still with us, my grandfather would be celebrating his 100th bithday in August. Sadly, he left us in 1987.

Chris Jericho came out to cut a promo. He had a great match with Orange Cassidy, last week. Jericho will be on the announce desk, shortly. Jake Hager was at his side, as were Santana and Ortiz.

Jericho told everyone that Le Champion was here. Jericho said his match agaisnt Orange was one of the best. He said AEW also won the Ratings War. He brought up the 18-49 demographic. Darn, I’m not in that one, anymore and haven’t been for six years.

Jericho had a bottle of orange juice in his hand. Jericho took credit for making Cassidy a much bigger star. Chris said Orange wants a rematch, as does everyone. Jericho refused to face Orange, a second time. “You Scared!” rang out and that set Chris off. Chris toasted Orange and then poured out the juice.

That brought out Orange Cassicdy. Hands in pockets, of course. Will he speak? Jericho told the crowd to shut their mouths. Jericho insulted Orange and said what a disappointment he was. Chris mentioned again that they would never fight again. Jericho told Oragne to get the Hell out of his arena. Chris, of course, had to push with the profanity. Thumbs Down by Orange. Cassidy pulled a D-X like move with the dropping of oranges and a ton of juice onto the Inner Circle. Chris exploded in anger over his clothes being messed up. They went to give Jericho a towel and it had Orange Cassidy’s face on it. It was hilarious. Cut to commercial.

Jurassic Express were laughing hysterically at what just happened to the Inner Circle. Luchasaurus got all serious and said it was time to face The Elite.

Luchasaurus, Marko Stunt and Jungle Boy vs Kenny Omega, Matt and Nick Jackson
Six-Man Tag Team Match

Jericho went off on the Jurassic Express for daring to laugh at him. The Elite came out with some seriously cool music.

Jungle Boy started with Nick Jackson. Cartwheel by Nick. Knuckle Lock and Nick sent J.B. sailing with an Arm Drag. Jungle Boy did the same to Nick. Springboard X-Factor had minimal results. Adam Page was drinking, backstage, as he watched the contest. Kenny and Marko tagged in. Omega pushed the much smaller Marko down. Stunt shoved Omega and Kenny offered a handshake. Psych! Omega reversed a Whip. Knife Edge and Kenny wanted a Hip Toss. Stunt got it, as well as a Rana and Dropkick. Kenny ripped off his shirt to make himself more focused. Luchasaurus and Matt tagged in. Lucha with a Hurricane Kick to the face. Tag to Jungle Boy.

Triple Team SPinner DDt by the Express. Stunt and J.B. took out the Young Bucks, on the floor. Lucha broke the Snap
Dragon but Kenny came right back with a Dropkick. Flip Dive by Omega onto his foes.

Gut Wrench Powerbomb by Omega. 2 count. Double Team by the Bucks, including a Cannonball. Snap Mare and tags between the three members of the Elite. Kenny lifted up J.B. and walked around with him. Bombs Away into a Moonsault. Jungle Boy got the knees up. Lariat by Omega. Rear Chin Lock on Jungle Boy. J.B. fought both Jackson brothers. Vicious Clothesline to Omega from Jack Perry (Jungle Boy). Tag to Lucha Saurus. Nick also got the tag. Lucha just went off on all three members of the Elite. Spin Kicks on both Jacksons by Lucha. Lucha punched away on Omega, who answered with equal shots. Scoops SLam escaped and a V Trigger by Omega. Snap Dragon! Snap Dragon to the other members of the Express. Assisted Rana by Stunt. Extinction Event on Kenny but the Bucks made the save. Double Superkick on Lucha. Triple Tiger Driver 98. 2 count. Stunt came in and got destroyed. Jack came in to double team Nick. 450 by Stunt. 2 count.

Matt tagged back in. Lucha headbutted Nick. Jack with a Canadian Destroyer off Lucha’s shoulders. Damn, that was a thing of beauty. How did Matt kick out of taht?

Snap Dragon by Omega. V Trigger to Lucha and then to Stunt. Stunt escaped the One Winged Angel. Could be…might be…Roll Up kick out. V Trigger…One Winged Angel.

Your Winners: The Elite
Dynamite Score: 96

Omega snapped, post match, and went off on the Express. The Bucks calmed him back down.

Hikaru Shida was interviewed. Several female wrestlers are out of action, right now. Shida was ok with a rematch against Nyla Rose. She threw out an open challenge to anyone who thought they could match her.

We got a video package from Jon Moxley. Mox is ticked off at several things and tonight was his chance to focus all the anger towards a single target. Mox heard all that Taz had to say. Mox knew Brian Cage had a surgically repaired arm. He promisted to send Cage to the hospital.

Allie and Brandi Rhodes (Nightmare Sisters) vs M.J. Jenkins and Kenzie Paige

Bicycle Kick by Brandi. Dustin Rhodes was with the Sisters. Tag to Allie. Slider Clothesline to Paige. Knee Strikes by Allie. Tag to Brandi. Paige with Forearms. Sling Blade by Brandi. Tags on both sides. Jenkins got laid out with kicks and punches. Bulldog by Allie. Spear by Brnadi. Jenkins tried for a Scoop. Allie with a variation of the Slop Drop.

Your Winners: The Nightmare Sisters
Dynamite Score: 50

Dasha was in the ring to interview Nyla Rose. Rose has mentioned having a manager, now. Britt Baker and Rebel watched this from their box. Nyla was asked if she was going to reveal the identity of her manager. Nyla would not tell anyone but would let them say it for themselves…

Oh, dear God in Heaven, it was Vickie Guerrero! Vickie refused to share any startegy ideas. Vickie warned the women’s locker room to quit trying to think they were smarter than her or Nyla. I have had a mega crush on Vickie for years. Smile.

Brian Cage (w/Taz) vs Jon Moxley
AEW World Title Match

Cage demanded to be called “The FTW Champion”. We went to break before the entrance of the champ.

Taz got on the stick and cut a scathing promo. Mox hinted that Brian wasn’t 100%. Taz got a shot in on Mox’s wifey (Renee Young). Taz ordered Mox to come out. He didn’t have to wait long…

Mox was wearing a special shirt to pay tribute to a lost friend. Mox went off on Cage with punches. He used his speed on Cage until a Clothesline dropped the champ. Corner Shoulders by Cage. Corner Clotheslines by the challenger. Mox went for an Arm Bar but Cage blocked it. Curls before a Fallaway Slam by Brian. Whip tothe corner. Running Back Elbow and Enziguri. Mox Elbowed free. Mox sent Brian to the canvas with a Dropkick. Mox went after Brian’s arm. Taz stood stone-faced. Snap Mare and kick by Mox. Cross Armbreaker but Cage rolled over and hammered away. Snap Back Drop Suplex. Mox blocked a Suplex and snapped the arm over the top rope. Mox then sent Cage into the corner post. Tope Suicida by Mox into an Arm Bar. Brian threw Mox into the barricade. They went out into the audience.

They went back to ringside proper. Moxley twisted Cage’s arm in the bicycle rack barricade. Mox then kicked the trapped arm. Jon set up a section of the barricade. Cage and Moxley both tried for Suplexes. Cage blocked it and hit a German into the barricade. Split Screen time.

Mox was slammed ontothe barricade piece. Cage tossed Moxley intot he ring and got a two count. Sleeper by Moxley. Cage lifted him up and Back Ran him into the corner. Mox collapsed and Cage choked with the bott. Back Drop Suplex by Cage for another near fall. Rope Choke by Cage. Cage kicked teh rope up into Moxley’s throat. Side Clutch to weaken Jon. Torture Rack by Cage. Mox would not give up. Cage with a Back Drop out of the move.

Camel Clutch by Cage. Jon still would not giveup. Jon boxxed the ribs. Back Elbow by Cage. Moxley was sent flying off the apron and into the barricade. Cage came out and stalked the champ. Cage with a switch to Suplex Jon onto a steel chair. The chair just collapsed upon impact.

Back in the ring, Cage picked up Jon and called for the end. Roll Up by the champ for a two. Cage was sent intothe post and almsot pinned. Brutal Forearms by Jon. Cage went for a Moonsault but missed. Running Knee Strikes by Mox. Clothesline by Jon. Jumping Knee by Cage. Underhook DDT by Mox. 2 count. Taz was holding an orange towel. would he throw it in to save his man’s arm? Not yet.

Mox nailed a Superplex. 2 count. Kimura by Moxley. Power Buckle Bomb by Brian. Superplex Dead Lift by Cage. Moxley escped the Drill Claw and applied a Cross Armbreaker. Cage refused to submit. Moxley wrenched back on the arm and twisted the fingers. Moxley just would not let go of the Arm Bar. This was getting hard to watch. Cage rolled around to add more pressure. Taz finally threw in the towl for his man.

Your Winner (by Submission): Jon Moxley
Dynamite Score: 97

Taz explained his actions to his man. Cage cracked Mox, in the face, with the FTW title belt. Cage pounded away. The lights went out and when they came back on, Darby Allin drove a skateboard into the neck of Brian Cage. Taz got Cage out of harm’s way. Taz had a hard time keeping Cage back. Moxley and Darby chatted in the ring. Cage just trying to make it to the ring.

Tonoight was the most special column I have ever written.For the very first time, there were FOUR generations of the Shannon clan in this room with me. Mama Dee, me, Michelle (my niece) and her two kids. They all send their love.
Match of the Night: Brian Cage vs Jon Moxley


–Jay, Dee, Michelle, Casey and Cooper

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