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The Raw Score: Grudge Night

A recap and review of a very special edition of Monday Night Raw.

dHosted by your writing team: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon, Candy and LeeAnne Moore

“Nice boy, but he’s about as sharp as a bowling ball”–Foghorn Leghorn

It’s a night of grudge matches. The tag titles will be on the line. Seth Rollins reaches slightly back into his pat to fight an old foe. Plus so much more on this all-star edition of Monday Night Raw.

Roll the opening montage!

This Sunday is Extreme Rules. This lead-in should be off the charts. The announcers ran down the night’s card.

The VIP Lounge

Ok, enough with these lame talk show segment. We tune in for wrestling, not extended promos.

MVP has the new U.S. title with him. MVP had a very special guest, tonight. This was someone from Drew M cIntyre’s past. The guest was…Dolph Ziggler.

Dolph will fight Drew, for the top Raw title, on Sunay. Dolph has not said what the special stipulation is, just yet. We saw how Dolph brought out Heath Slater, last week. Heath has a lot of inner anger over being fired and then ignored by his frriend, Drew. Drew beat Heath in mere seconds. Hetah then got into it with Dolph until Drew saved Heath. The two old friends made amends.

Dolph praised the VIP Lounge and the new U.S. title belt. MVP said Drew is “legit”. MVP loved tfhat Dolph was keeping the stipulation a secret to the last minute. Dolph bragged about how much he did for his “friend”. Dolph said Drew would be nothing without him. MVP thanked Dolph for all he has done for others.

Suddenly, we heard the bagpipes and drums that herald the arrival of the Scottish Psychopath. Drew needed to break up this little *ss-kissing session. Drew did a lot of soul searching, over the past week. Drew figured out that Dolph uses people. Dolph tried to shut down Drew but it didn’t work. Drew said he was going to torture Ziggler, this Sunday. Dolph said this was “on you, Dolph”. Drew wanted a fight, right now. Drew popped Dolph in the jaw and threatened MVP. Drew then stepped out of the ring. “You’re Screwed” was Drew’s final words to Dolph.

Zelina Vega and her boys came up for an interview. It was mentioned how Andrade and Angel Garza are having problems internatlly. Zelina started to instult Charly but Angel and Andrade stopped her. Andrade knew they would win the Raw tag team titles, soon.

The Viking Raiders came in and said they have been dishonored by the actions of Andrade and Angel. The Vikings were determined to run through Andrade adn Angel. Ivar gave Charly a rose. Angel was ticked at that action. Break time.

Erik and Ivar (Viking Raiders) vs Angel Garza and Andrade
Tag Team Elimination Match

We got highlights of last week’s six man match. Randy Orton went off on his partners for not staying focused. Orton took the win.

Andrade and Angel attacked before the bell. Chop Block to IVar’s knee by Andrade. Angel tagged in and kicked away. Angel ripped off his pants. Erik got hte tag and ran over Angel. Clutch Suplex Throw by Erik. Knee Stirike that sounded like a shotgun blast. Tag back to Ivar. Double Team by the Vikings. Hammer of Thor! 2 count, boken up by Andrade. Float Over by Erik but the Shotgun Knees missed their mark. Angel with a Superkick. Double Knees by Andrade. Hammerlock DDT.


Double team on Ivar. Ivar went for a Tope Suicida but Angel with a Knree Strike, on the fly. Angel and Andrade were questionable if they were on the same page. Ivar took out both enemies with the Tope he wanted a moment ago. Andrade took the bullet for his team. 2 count. Dropkick to the face of Ivar. Ivar with a massive punch to knock Angel silly. Cartwheel Clothesline by Ivar. Andrade with a tag. Spin Kick to Andrade’s jaw.


Missile Dropkick by Angel. Both men were down. Ivar blocked Angel’s finisher. Seated Senton and Spin Kick by Ivar. Andrade put the leg on the bottome rope. Powerbomb by Angel.

Your Winners: Angel Garza adn Andrade
Raw Score: 80 out of a possible 100

Ruby Riott was interviewed. The Iconics came in to interrupt the segment. Billie and Peyton mocked Ruby. Ruby threatened to punch the women in the face if they didn’t shut up. They said Ruby didn’t have any friends. In walked…Bianca Belair. Bianca taunted the former tag champs and said she was there to help her girl, Ruby. Billie and Peyton did not like Bianca, at all.

Bianca Belair and Ruby Riott vs Billie Kay and Peyton Royce

Ruby and Peyton started. Ruby with a quick Roll Up but only got a two. Ruby kept Royce off his game with quick pin attempts. STanding STO by Ruby for another near fall. Billie with a tag and Big Boot. 2 count. Royce tagged back in. Royce prevented a tag. Spin Kick by Peyton. Tag to Billie. Ruby fought to her corner and Bianca got the tag.

Bianca ran through Billie and hit a Dropkick. Kip Up and Whip. Corner Shoulders by Bianca. Scoops Pressing Slam by B.B.. Handspring to take Royce off the apron and a pin attempt. Royce made the save. Belair lifted up Kay for the K.o.D.

Your Winners: Ruby Riott and Bianca Belair
Raw Score: 89

R-Truth walked up and talked with Ricochet and Cedric Alexander. Ricochet corrected a confused R-Truth about his match with Bobby Lashley (w/MVP). Truth thought he was fighting Ric Flair, not Randy. Cedric and Ricochet made it clear that Truth was in deep. Truth then ran into Akira Tozawa. He asked for Akira’s help to learn karate. Tozawa tried to pin Truth but failed. Truth told AKira to meethim in the ring to fight for the 24/7 title.

Akira Tozawa (w/Ninjas) vs R-Truth
24/7 Title Match

Truth has held the title on 37 different occasions. That is the most title reigns by one person in WWE history. Truth started to question the ninjas. Shayna came out and the ninjas were sent to attack. She put out the ninjas in short order. Akira didn’t want no part of Shayna. Truth suddenly realized he was in deep trouble. Truth threw her the stick and stepped out of the ring.

Your Winner: N/A

Shayna said she has had her fill of this. Shayna said she was the only one truly in charge in the women’s division. Shayna said it was time to shatter all illusions. She is reality.

We saw how the “Ojo por Ojo” (eye for an eye) match came to be. This is beyond creepy. Rey threated to rip out Seth’s eyeball.

Seth and Murphy talked. Seth wanted to know what was bothering Murphy. He was concerned that the two men were considering bllinding each other. Seth said this was all about sacrifice. Seth told Murphy to prepare for Aleister Black, while he went out to deliver a special message.

We got a sneak peak of the newest WWE video game. It looks downright weird. Since I live in the ancient past with my little PS3, I won’t be playing it but maybe it will be an improvement over the last video game.

Seth Rollins came out to address the WWE Universe. Seth is set to battle Kevin Owens, in a few moments. Seth had the stick. He mentioned Eye for an Eye. Seth seemed very nervous as he kept repeating the match name. He understood what the match type meant. Seth didn’t realize Rey made this a literal interpretation of the old phrase. Seth tried to figure out how they got to this low point. Seth said Rey has fought his destiny, every step of the way. This match is going to be disgusting. Seth explained that such a match has never happened before. Seth said he never meant to harm Rey. Rey came to him at a time of need. The WWE Universe created the Monday Night Messiah, not him. Seth the tag line of “Horro Show” was a truth to be evident, this week-end. Seth knew he would have to blind Rey Mysterio. Seth talked about all the Rey will lose. I have lost my vision, in my teens. This is just not something I feel comfortable with.

Thankfully, Kevin Oens stopped this rant. Kevin explained that he had no clue that Rey would go to such an extreme against Seth. Kevin was offended that Seth could push Rey to such a low level. Owens said he put his career in danger, at Wrestlemania, just to shut up Seth. Kevin had an eyepatch for Seth. Rollins went all livid. Seth called out Murphy. That also brought out Aleister Black. Black and Murphy fought on the floor as we went to break.

Murphy vs Aleister Black

Black worked over Murphy with vicious kicks and punches. Modified Dragon Screw Leg Driver by MUrphy. Black threw Murphy over and went to the ropes. Brutal strikes by Black. Another Dragon Screw, this time in the ropes. Murphy tossed Black back in the ring. Black slid out of harm’s way and waited for Murphy to jump. Big Boot. Hockey Fight! Murphy went back after the leg but it backfired. Leg Sweep by Black. Kick to the face and Kip Up by Black. Chop Block to Black’s knee. Jumping Knee Strike by Black. 1-2-no. Black lifted up Murphy, who pulled on the hurt leg. Black kicked out of a crab and sent Murphy out to the apron. Seth cheered on his disciple.

Murphy kicked the lower leg to take Black down to his knees. Murphy tried to SUplex Black but he ate a Black Mass. Seth pulled Black out of the ring, pulling the D.Q..

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Aleister Black
Raw Score: 70

Rey and Dominick Mysterio came out to confront Seth and Murphy. We cut to commercials.

Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens

Seth didn’t like having the Mysterios and Black at ringside. Kevin took advantage of the distraction and threw hard Shoulddrs in the corner. Kevin attacked the hamstring and then punched Seth in the jaw. Kevin stomped away as Rey and his son watched the action.

Seth begged off from his foe and asked for mercy. He one. Kevin stomped away. Knife Edge by Owens. Seth got he boot up. Black distracted Seth. Cannonball! 1-2-kick out.

Snap Mare into a Bow and Arrow by Owens. Seth tried to power out of the move and finally kicked Owens in the face. Kevin just punched the exhausted Seth and then dumped him out to the floor. Seth knew he was surrouonded on the floor. Seth got on the apron and got h threw K.O. out to the floor. Black stood guard in front of Owens. Dominick joined him. K.O. came up with a punch tothe face. Seth was bounced off the barricade. Knife Edge Chops as Seth tried to run away. Kevin threw Seth back into the ring. Rollins kept trying to escape but Kevin was right on his tail.

Owens thrw Seth into the barricade. The two fought on the apron. Seth fell into the ring. Headbutt by Owens. Seth with a Chop Block on Owens’ left leg. Tope Suicida onto Owens. Seth stood over his fallen foe as we took another break.

Seth choked Kevin in the ropes. Kevin was rolled out to the floor. Seth tore into Kevin with wild punches. Owens was sent into the plexiglass. Kevin treid to fight back. Seth yelled at Aleister Black and then got back in the ring. Rollins almost pinned Owens. Bow and Arrow by Seth. Seth let go but kept talking trash. Kevin tried to fight back but Seth wasn’t having it. They kept blocking big moves by each otehr. Superkick by Owens. Both men were down.

DDT by Owens. 1-2-not just yet. Owens wanted another Cannonball but Seth sent Kevin into the corner. Blockbuster. Could be…might be…Denied!

Kevin blocked a Superkick and hit one of his own. Seth escaped the Pop Up Powerbomb and hit an Enziguri and Superkick. 2 count. Seth was beyond frustrated. Kevin blocked the Stomp and Seth avoided the Stunner. Seth went up top but got caught. Seth sat down to avoid a Superplex. Seth ripped at Kevin’s eyes. Seth slithered down the apron and the various guys distracted Seth. Stunner!

Your Winner: Kevin Owens
Raw Score: 91

Rey got on the mic and went off on Seth for crossing every line possible. Rey promised to sacrifice Seth, on Sunday. He promised to remove one of Seth’s eyes. I WILL NOT WATCH THIS ISGUSTING CHARADE OF A MATCH!

Big Show adn Ric Flair chatted. Flair mentioned how long he and Show have been associated. Flair paid tribute to other big guys like Brody, Hansen and Andre. He said Show was the toughest big man he has ever dealt with. Flair warned that Show has been gone too long. Flair warned Show that Orton could seriously injure the big man. Flair asked SHow to consider the future. Show saw through the smoke screen. Show knew Orton was at an all-new level but he was going to gain revnge for his fiends, Edge adn Christian. Show wondered if Flair would sacrifice Orton.

We got a video package about “Legend Killer”, Randy Orton. We saw how he laid out dozens of Legends. Randy then cut a rant about the so-calledd friends that he once had in the business. He mentioned Edge, Christian, Big Show and Ric Flair. Randy said Edge returned but couldn’t trust Orton. Orton mentioned that Big Show mentored him, 20 years ago. Randy know feels Show turned his back on him. Randy said Flair was family tohim. Orton warned Flair to walk carefully around him. Orton had respect Truth for his talent. It will be a shame when Truth beomes the next chapter in the LEegend Killer’s book. Flair came up to get his charge.

R-Truth vs Randy Orton
Non-Title Match

Truth did his extended rap intro. He has alwasy been such a favorite of mine. Ric Flair’s music hit and the Nature Boy strolled from the back. Flair was at the top of his game on the stick. Flair praised Truth’s greatness. Flair said Orton also loved Truth and wasn’t going to destroy Truth. Just a simple RKO and it would be over. Randy’s music then struck.

Randy and Ric waltzed down to the ring. Truth didn’t look all that nervous. Randy struck the family’s “BIg O” sign. Truth tried to chat with Flair. He asked Randy to hold up. Randy went after Truth and almost got laid out. Truth missed the Ax Kick and Randy nailed the RKO.

Your Winner: RandyOrton
Raw Score: 50

After the match, Flair talked with Randy to keep him from doing sometehing sinister. Orton backed to the corner and was about to nail The Punt. Big Show came out to protect his old buddy. Orton warned Show to stop or he would end Truth’s career. Orton said he has a Punt with Show’s name on it. He callenged SHow to an “Unsanctioned Match”, next Monday. Show accepted and went after Orton. Randy was just a little too quick and dodged the angry Giant.

Ricochet and Cedric Alexander were talking when MVP came up. Cedric said he was still not interested in MVP’s gift or offer. MVP grinned and said they would teach Cedric. MVP was asked for his strategy for the U.S. title match, on Sunday. Lashley stepped up and said the Hurt Business was waiting for Ricochet.

Drew was interviewed next. Drew said Dolph was given a chance but… Dolph Attacked Drew and it took several refs/officials to try and break them apart.

Bobby Lashey (w/MVP) vs Ricochet

MVP is still carrying around the new U.S. title belt. Mama Dee thinks that title is pretty. Ricochet has the potential to be this generation’s top guy, if given the proper booking. We saw how MMP and Lashley took out Cedric and Ricochet, last week. MVP is trying to recruit Cedric to his squad. Cedric was at Ricochet’s side, this week.

Enziguri No Sold by Lashley. They went in and out of the ring. Lashley pulled Ricochet off the apron. Ricochet was sent into the barricade, back first. Samoa Joe said Lashley was a “lost soul” until MVP began mentoring him. Joe hates Ricochet. Lashley punched and stomped away. Irish Whip but Ricochet dodged a chrage. Shoulder and Springboard. Lashley caught Ricochet and nailed the Dominator. One—Two—Escape. Knee Choke by Lashley in the corner. Snap Suplex by Lashley for anotehr deuce.

Leg Sweep by Lashley. Ricochet hit a Standing Shooting Star for a near fall. MVP was losing it, at ringside. Superkick by Ricochet. Backspring into the Hurt Business. Tap Out!

Your WInner (bySubmission): Bobby Lashley
Raw Score: 84

Lashley also locked in his Full Nelson on Cedric Alexander. MVP talked trash to both fallen foes.

The announce team ran down the updated Horror Show/Extreme Rules card. The card, on paper, looks good. I still will never condone that stupid Eye for an Eye match.

Big Show was asked about hte challenge for next week. Show told Charly that he did accept and then walked away.

Bayley and Sasha Banks vs Kairi Sane and Asuka
WWE Women’s Tag Team Title Match

This is our main event. Bayley and Banks had a movie to share with everyone. It was a tribute video to their own ego. Jeez.

The Kabuki Warriors then came out to face the tag champs. Asuka is still the prettiest lady in wrestling. I say that with the highest of respect to the young Japanese superstar. She is also one of the most talented women to ever compete.

After the introductions, the two teams got down to business. Bayley and Baks jumped their challengers even before the bell. The Kabukis came back and sent the Golden Role Models out to the floor. We headed to another break.

Asuka amd Banks started this one, officially. Banks went into the ropes to avoid the Empress. Tag to Bayley. Asuka went after the Smackdown champ with a Collar and Elbow. They ende dup in the ropes. Asuka with hard kicks. Bayley caught Asuka in the ropes and sent her down, hard. Tag back to Banks. Sasha ran Asuka’s face along the middle rope. Tag back to Bayley. Hard fist to the ribs. Forearm Smashes by Bayley to get a two count.

Bayley stomped away but Asuka came back with a kick. Bayley went wild on Asuka. Code Breaker by Asuka. Tag to Kairi. Sane laid out Banks. Rolling Blockbuster on Bayley. Palm Stikes on both champs. Double Arm Drag. Double Spear! Sane stomped to the corner. Slider Clothesline for another close call. Palm Strikes by Sane. Rana sent Bayley to the floor. Banks was actually legal. Double Hip Attack on the champs. Asuka went out to get Banks and through her back in. Vicious kicks by Asuka, who was now legal. Arm Bar by Asuka.

Asuka flipped Banks over but did not let go of the arm. Whip to the corner and Asuka with the Hip Attack. Tag to Sane. Asuka was taken off the apron by Bayley. Banks almost pinned Sane after they came off the top. Tag to Bayley. Double Slingshot into the plexiglass laid out Sane. CUt to food ads and such.

Banks had Sane in a Rear Chin Lock. Sane kicked out of a pin attempt. Tag to Bayley. Double team on Sane. Boot Choke by Bayley. Sane tried to fight back but Bayley just went off on Sane. Tag to Banks. Double Knnes by Sasha. 2 count.

Bayley with a cheap shot on Sane while the ref was distracted. Suplex by Sasha for a two. Tag to Bayley. Hip Attack by Bayley. Rear Chin Lock by Bayley. Asuka begged for a ttag. Sasha got it They kept Sane in their corner. Big Boot by Sane. Kairi kept tryingt o get to her corner. Spinning Back Fist by Kairi. Tags on both side. Asuka tore into Bayley. Hip Attack on Banks. Shoulder Tackle to Bayley. Hip Attack to Bayley. Asuka took out both Banks and Bayley with a Bulldog/Clothesline combo. Slider Knee to Bayley’s face.

Back in the ring, Asuka tried for a pin. She didn’t get it. Bayley pulled Asuka off he ropes. Meteora, in the corner, by the now-legal Banks. Quick tag back to Bayley. Double Slam to Asuka. 1-2-no.

Bayley put Asuka up top and hit a Top Rope Rana. Banks with a PIn attempt off a Crossbody. Auka Lock on Banks! Baylet wanted to make the save but Sane stopped her. Banks rolled over to the ropes. Back Elbow by Banks. Tag to Sane. In-Sane Elbow. Bayley pulled Sane off his partner. Banks may have hurt her leg with how it was twisted. Flying Forearm by Sane. Alabama Slam by Sane. BankStatement as Sane went for a Shining Wizard. Tap Out.

Your WInners (by Submission): Bayley and Sasha Banks
Raw Score: 94

Casey: Happy Birthday, little man
Niecy: Thanks for worrying about me. 143.
Jessica: Glad we could help


–Jay, Candy and LeeAnne

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