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AEW Dynamite: Fyter Fest, Night One

A recap and review of AEW’s special event. Tonight, we get the first of two great nights of action.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“All the Heroes and Legends, I knew as a child, have fallen into idols of clay”–Dennis DeYoung (Styx)

It breaks my heart when one of my childhood heroes passes away. Earlier this week, we lost a Texas Legend. “Killer” Tim Brooks was an ambassador for my little hometown of Waxahachie, Texas. He was one of the first pro wrestlers that I met as a young kid. Brooks was always there, no matter what. He was just a regular guy who absolutely loved this business. His gimmick was simple because it was an extention of his actual personality. He was my hero and I’ll miss him. Rest in Peace.

Roll the extra special opening montage!

Joining the announce team, this week, will be Chris Jericho. Chris was wearing a wild red, white and pink Maple Leaf Canadian Flag jacket. Jericho is one of the best men on the announce desk, ever.

MJF and Wardlow vs Jungle Boy(Jack Perry) and Luchasaurus

We looked back at MJF’s issues with Jurassic Express.MJF cut a decent promo against their foes. MJF brought up the “Ratings War”.

Enter the trio. MJF immediately went after Jungle Boy but Jack tied him up in the ropes. Wardlow attacked Jack and threw him around the outside. MJF stomped away and hit a wild Suplex. Kip Up and Flair/Jarrett Strut. Tag to Wardlow. Double team on Jungle Boy.

Wardlow clubbed Jack and hit a Clutch OVerhead Throw. MJF got the boot up as Jack’s face was slammed into it. Tag to MJF. Jack with an Enziguri. Drop Toe Hold by MJF. Friedman did NOT want the dinosauric Giant to get in. There was a tag but the ref didn’t see it. MJF took Jungle Boy to the enemy corner and Double Teamed him. Side Drop Suplex by MJF. Tag to Wardlow. Back Drop Suplex. Tag back to MJF. Jack flipped out and over the two to finally reach Luchasaurus.

Lucha with massive kicks to both foes. Superkick and Crescent Kick to Wardlow. Leg Sweep on the “War Dog”. Goozle broken by MJF. Tag to Wardlow. Head to Hed for the two battlers. Jericho said it was like Godzilla vs King Kong. Both men hit impressive moves. Lucha with a modified Deth Valley Driver-like move. Tags to both men. Jack with a Tope Suicida. Jack hit anohter one and a Flip Dive. MJF was tossed back in. Wardlow grabbed Jack by the ankle and flipped him into the crowd. He landed on his feet and kicked Wardlow. Lucha flew and laid out Wardlow. That was a wild Flip Dive. Double Team Cutter on MJF but Wardlow made the save. Wardslow with an incredible Rana. Jack tried one but had to switch gears and hit a Poison Rana. Inside Out Clothesline by Wardlow. Kicks by MJF to Lucha. Powerbomb but MJF No Sold it and hit a Crescent Kick.

Kip Ups by all four men. Destroyer by Jungle Boy to MJF. Wardlow clocked Lucha. Marko got involved and he ended up launched. Roll Up by MJF but Lucha kicked out at two. Swanton by Wardlow for another near fall. The crowd chanted for Luchasaurus. MJF brought out hte ring and Lucha kicked MJF, striking Wardlow. Various kicks and a Tornado DDT. Chokeslam by Lucha to Wardlow. Standing Moonsault by the masked man.

Your Winners: Jurassic Express
Dynamite Score: 93 out of a possible 100

Next week, we will have puppies on the show.

Lance Archer adn Joey Janela were tearing into each other. Sonny Kiss was doing his best to keep his partner safe. Joey was not about to back down from the Murder Hawk.

Hikaru Shida vs Penelope Ford
AEW Women’s Title Match

We got a video package about the two women involved in this upcoming war. The “experts” were split on who will win this one. I’m putting my money on the champion.

Kip Sabian led his girl, Penelope, to the ring. J.R. and Jericho both feel Kip will make a difference in this one. Could be. Shida then came out in her traditional robes.She was carrying her knedo stick.

The women got into a shoving match. Shida also puched Kip. Aubrey wasn’t having this and she booted him from ringside. Awesome. Kip took Shida’s kendo stick.

Shida with a Running Knee Strike. Ford escaped a Suplex. Roll Up by Ford for a 2. Shia dodged a Roundhouse Kick. Ford ended up going to the floor. Baseball Slide Kick to Ford’s chest. Ford slammed Shida’s face into the ring apron and then threw her into the barricade. Shida lifted Ford and dropped her on the apron. Running Knee Strike by Shida ala Mr. Wrestling II.

Back in the ring, Ford reversed a Whip. Ford was placed on the top turnbuckle. She got out of the way of a charge. Ford slammed Shida’s face and hit her Backspring Elbow. Big Boot into a Bridging German. 1-2-no. Full Mount Punches by Ford. Break time. What, no Split Screen?

Ford applied a Camel Clutch. Shida would not submit and she reached th ropes. Ford with insulting Boot Washes. Shida came back with strikes. Side Russian Leg Sweep by Ford. 2 count. Hikaru landed badly. Huge Slap by Shida. Ford answered and the girls broke into a modified Hockey Fight. Step Up Enziguri by Shida but Ford with a Big Boot. Backspring Stunner blocked and Shida turned it into a Sleeper. Back Stretcher, over the knee, by Shida. Roll Up but Ford kicked out. Falcon Arrow by the champ. Ford reversed the pin and almost gained the victory. Running Knee Strike by Shida. Missile Dropkick missed. Ford hit a vicious Stunner but still couldn’t pull the trigger on this one. Kip got involved but it backfired. Ford went up top but missed the Moonsault. Running Knees by Shida. Falcon Arrow for another TWO! Shida couldn’t believe it. Shining Wizard by Shida to take it home.

Your WInner: Hikaru Shida
Dynamite Score: 94

Time for a Taz-analysis. Taz looked at Jon Moxley. Of course, he kept saying that Mox’s moves would not work on Brian Cage.

Cody vs Jake Hager
TNT Title Match

Jake brought out his wife to be at his side. Jericho was seriously biased towards his Cody then came out with “Coach” Arn Anderson. The announcers sent out birthday wishes to Terry Funk. I’d like to add my own.

Mike Posey was the Zebra in Charge. They ran a tale of the tape on both men. Jake is a specialist in submission wrestling. The bell rang and Cody rolled around. Collar and Elbow tothe corner. Clean Break. Knuckle Lock. Go Behind by Cody. Flying Forearm by Jake shook it off. Cody had to rethink his game plan.

Cody went for a Single Leg but Jake powered out. Side Headlock by Cody. Jake wanted a Side Suplex but Cody would not let go. Shoulder Tackle. Jake caught Cody, ala Rick Steiner, on the Universal. He took the champ tot he corner. Cody and Jake both went off with vicious strikes. Float Over Roll Up by Cody for a two. Ankle Lock by both sides but they kicked out. Arn talked smack to Jake. COdy came running but took a Back Elbow. Cody floew off the ropes to protecthis mentor. Cody flew off the top but Jake caught him. Cody with an escape and Drop Toe Hold into a Leg Lock. Figure Four by Cody!

Jake made it to the ropes. Disaster Kick by Cody. Jake caught Cody on the 2nd attempt and Powerslammed Cody. Cody rolled out of the ring and Jake went after…Arn. Cody tried to stop him and ended up on the wrong end of the Belly to Back Suplex. Split Screen.

Jake threw Cody into the barricade. Cody with Open Hand Slaps. Clothesline by Jake. Jake rolled in to reset the count. Jake waved into the camera as Cody ended up back in ther ring. Scoop Slam by Jake. Elbow Drop for a 2. Jake choked Cody on the middle rope. Cody with punches to the ribs. Knee Strike and Cody got dumped at Mrs. Hager’s feet. She stepped on Cody’s back with those rat killer high heels. Where is Brandi? Back in the ring, The two traded shots. Cody went for a Crossbody but Jake ducked.

Jake with solid punches. Face Slaps by Jake, which fired up Cody. Jake tossed Cody out of the ring, again. Arn stood in front of the post to stop a salm. Cody waited and ran Jake into the post, instead. Sleeper by Cody. Cody flipped back and almost pinned Jake. Jawbreaker to escape. Springboard Cutter by Cody. Dang!

Pump Kick by Cody. Goldustin Uppercut. Jake with a Whip. Snap Powerslam by Cody. 1-2-not yet. Jericho was actually praising the champion. Hager/Vader Bomb to almost take the strap. Biel by Jake as the time began to run down. Double Boots and Reverese DDT by Cody as the annoucners mentioned “Killer” Tim Brooks. Thank you, guys.

Cody went up top. Jake launched Cody with a massive Throw, from the top. Could be….might be…Denied. Ankle Lock by Jake. Cody would not give up. Cody reached the ropes. Catalina smacked Cody. Dustin rushed out and smacked Jake. Uranage by Jake but Cody rolled through to get the pin.

YourWinner: Cody
Dynamite Score: 95

Jake knocked out the ref, after the match. That’s a fine. Other refs and trainers rushed out to check on Posey.

We got a video message from Darby Allin. He may not be medically cleared but he would not be denied a chance to shine. Skateboarding and a few wrestling moves. So cooI. I like this kid.

Orange Cassidy strolled out with a chair. Jericho was really losing his cool. They are set to fight, next week. Jericho started getting all profane. I hate when he does that. Orange put his feet up on the desk, which ticked off Jericho even more.

Santana and Ortiz vs Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy

Isiah and Santana started. Kassidy smacked Santana. Double Team by Private Party. Modified Poetry in Motion, over the ropes. Matt Hardy was out with his friends. Marq took the tag and hit a Standing Moonsault. 2 count. Double Team by Private Party. Isiah with wild punches. Chops by Santana. Ortiz got the tag as Santan hit a seriesof moves with his partner.

Jericho mentioned Morgan Freeman being on Zoom. It was Electric Company. The heels kept the pressure on as we went Split Screen, again. Tag and more Double Teaming by the Inner Circle. Kick to the face. Hot Tag by Privae Party. Jumping Enziguri and Pump Kick. Back Flip Plancha by Marq. Springboard move failed. Double Team by Santana and Ortiz. Isiah was flipped into the ring. Double Team Lock up by the Latinoa. The ref made them stop.

Matt checked on Isiah. GoryClutchand Santana with a Knife Edge Chop to a trapped opponent. Marq dropped Santana. Tag to Isiah. He tore into both opponents . Hufe round of Forearma by Isiah. Cutter on Ortiz. Corkscrew Plancha to lay out both foes. Isiah went up top and hit a Swanton. Kick out at one. Ortiz was stunned. Tag to Marq. Santana rushed in and pushed his partner into a Cutter. Top Rope Liger Comb. Cannonball in Motion by Santana and Ortiz. Isiah made the save. Sanatana sent Isiah intothe barricade. Tag. Matt got up on the apron and stole the slapjack. Roll up by Marq for a near fall. Kicks bySantana. Street Sweeper blocked. Sling Blade Backbreaker. Private Party hit their finisher(Gin and Juice) to end this one.

Your WInners: Private Party
Dynamite Score: 93

Jericho tried to attack Orange Cassidy but he was held back. Cut to commercial.

Kenny Omega and Adam Page were asked how they felt about their title defense. Adam said Best Friends deserved this shot but they were going to lose.

The announcers ran down next week’s card. Nyla Rose has a big surprise for everyone.

Jon Moxley’s defense of the AEW World Title has been pushed back to July 15th. BrianCage’s music hit and Taz came out with his brutal battler. Taz told them to cut the music. Taz wasn’t happy that his guy had to wait. He said he wasn’t upset because what will happen is going to happen. Taz talked with Tony Khan about Mox’s need to protect the other wrestlers. Taz said Mox was just trying to postpone things. Taz said Mox had a case of the “chicken S**ts”. Taz swore Cage will take the title on the 15th.

I want to say hi to my newest fan, Bella Blue. She is the pup of Niecy and the pup loves me already. Smile.

Kenny Omega and Adam Page vs Trent and Chuck Taylor (Best Friends)
AEW World Tag Team Title Match

The winner of this match will defend agaisnt Private Party, next week. This has the possibility of being a major Powderkeg.The two teams made their entrances.

Trent’s mom, Sue, brought the challengers to the party. Sue needed to give her son a kiss. She’s cute. I’m so old. Next week is both MY birthday and LeeAnne’s. Trent and Chuck were introduced.

I’d love to see a new “Horsemen” stable. Call it whatever. I’d have the Rhodes Brothers, Adam Page and Shawn Spears (making a Face Turn).Maybe substitute FTR for the Rhodes Brothers. Then they could stay heels.

Chuck and Kenny opened up this main event. Collar and Elbow and they went tot he ropes. Snap Mare by Chuck. Universal but Chuck put on the brakes. Kenny flipped out of the corner but got sent flying with Arm Drags. Nice. Tag to Page and Trent.

Side Headlock by Adam. Push Off into a Shoudler Clash. Neither man moved. Forearm Fest by the two. Page got the better of it. Tag back to Chuck. Double Shoulders on Adam. Snap Suplex by Chuck. 2 count. Tag to Trent. Double Whip but Page took advantage. Tag to Kenny. Backbreaker by Omega but only a one count. Knife Edge Chops by the champs. More Double Teaming by Page and Omega. Elbow Smash by Page.

FTR strolled out with lawn chairs to watch the match. Kenny tagged in and stomped away. Split Screen time, again. Trent was slammed into Page’s boot. Tag. Suplex and Roll Through for a pin attempt. Not this early. Tag back to Omega. Clubbing blows by Kenny. Page made himself legal, once more. A variation on an Ax Bomber by the “Hangman”. Page choked Trent on the center rope. The ref made him stop. Snap Mare by Page into a Seated Abdominal Stretch. The two traded punches.

Whip into a Flair Flop by Trent. Clothesline by Page. Chuck blocked the corner to lessen the Whip. Cash and Dax had beer for everyone. Flip Dive by Chuck. The babes in Bikinis were a nice added treat. Page was sent into the barricade. Kenny was Belly to Belly’d into Page.

Page blocked Sole Food. Trent ducked the first Lariat but fell to the 2nd one. Omega with a Missile Dropkick. Fisherman’s Buster but only a two count. Omega with a Moonsault but Trent got hte knees up. Short Spike Piledriver by Chuck on Omega. Chuck was sent out. Omega with an attack but he took a knee. Snap Dragon by Omega. Omega with seveal Snap Dragons to the challengers. Double Team on thechallengers. Page got a near fall. Omega wanted Last Call but Trent stopped it. Strong Zero by the Best Friends. Last second sae by Omega. Kenny and Chuck went at it. One Winged Angel blocked and turned into a Falcon Buster. BIg Hugs! Page attacked. Huge Roaring Elbows by Page. Trent went for the Vertebreaker but Page reversed it. Page hit the Dead Eye (Vertebreaker). 2 count. Omega was still down and hurt. Buckshot Lariat! 1-2-3!

Your Winners: Kenny Omega and “Hangman” Adam Page
Dynamite Score: 97

FTR came down to share beers with Page and Omega. Page took the brew. Omega took the bottle but poured it out. It looked like all Hell was about to break out until the Young Bucks rushed down to calm things down.

Match of the Night: Omega and Page vs Best Friends


–Jay Shannon

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