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The Raw Score

A recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by your writing team: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon, Candy and LeeAnne Moore

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles”-Sun Tzu

We want to start by sending out get well wishes to the ladies and gentlemen who are currently dealing with the “Global Virus”. Our thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery.

This week, we have not one but two contract signings. These things always become violent and tonight’s will likely follow suit.

All Hell had alrady broken loose as we went live. Sasha and Bayley were doing their best to destroy Asuka. Samoa Joe was in the ring to try and restore order. Joe kept tellilng the refs to break the women apart. Joe mentioned how explosive the situation was.

Dolph Ziggler added fuel to the fire by coming out for his part of the signing. Dolph stopped Joe for doing the introduction of the champion and did his own introduction, filled with venom. Drew strolled out, being the calmest one out there.

Everyone finally calmed down. Dolph was given the chance to speak. He talked about how he helped elevate McIntyre from despair to super-stardom. Dolph said Drew just wasn’t sure how to deal with Ziggler. Dolph promised to survive and then take the title away and send Drew back into oblivion. “I will Destroy you” was Dolph’s thought. Dolph then signed the contract.

Drew slid the contract over and signed it without a word. Then, after it was official, Drew said Dolph used to be like a brother to him. Drew acknowledged the Hell he had to go through. Drew knew why Dolph needed the title. Not for the money or the fame. He knew Dolph was always “dropping the ball” when it came to success. Drew told Dolph that Ziggler could pick the stipulation for their match. Dolph was tickled pink. Asuka went off on Dolph to basically get on with it (in Japanese). Asuka signed her contract and slid it over to Sasha.

Sasha said she was different than the girl that Asuka faced in the past. Banks said both she and Bayley would be Double Champions that would take over the whole Damn Company. Bayley said Asuka was facing the Horror Show. Asuka went after the tag champs. Dolph and Drew then got into it. Ziggler bailed out to avoid the Claymore.

Told you it would get violent.

Byron and Tom then talked about hte tag team situation. The Street Profits did retain, only to get attacked by Andrade and Angel Garza. The Viking Raiders made the save. Angel and Andrade chatted with the ref. Charly came in and asked what was up with that. Zelina said they wanted to be sure the ref would be fair.

Big Show walked up and told Andrade and Angel that would have to wait. He has issues to settle with Randy Orton. Vega was irritated by Show “pulling rank” on them. Break time.

We will have a mixed tag, later tonight. Dolph and Sasha vs Drew and Asuka.

Big Show was in the ring and yelled for Randy Orton to come kill ‘This” Legend. Instead, he got Andrade, Zelina and Angel. Show told “Smurfette” he was sorry he interrupted them but he was conducting business. Andrade laughed at the idea of Show being considered a Legend. Show was not in the mood for their trash talking. Show told them to just shut up and come on up for a fight. Zelina said they were going to do Orton a favor. Andrade and Angel teased getting into the ring. Vega stirredt he pot by bringing up Edge and Christian.

Suddenly, Ric Flair emerged from the back. Is it really safe for him to be there? Flair needed to talk to Big Show. Flair pushed how great Randy Orton is. Flair said Orton can take out Show, any time he wants to. Show told Orton to come on out. Flair said he was handling the “light work” for The Viper. Flair knew Show would be in the Hall of Fame but if he messed with Orton, he would be watching from the side. Flair told Angel and Andrade to go for it.

The Viking Raiders rushed out to confront Angel and Andrade. Break.

Angel Garza and Andrade vs Erik and Ivar

Zelina was at the announce desk. Erik dropped Angel, quickly. Tag to Ivar. Double Team on the flirty one. 2 conut. Snap Mare Beard Rub across the eyes. Tag back to Erik. Corner Rush on Angel. Tag bakc to Ivar. Corner Shoulder and Roll Out for a two. Ivar slammed Angel down and tried for a pin. Only a one count. Ivar went to work on the arm of Angel.

Tag to Erik. Erik Slammed Ivar onto Angel. 1-2-no. Angel escaped a Suplex and made a tag. Double Team on Erik to gain a two. Angel lost most of his pants. He went ahead and removed them. Tag back to Angel. Stomp to Erik’s chest. Garza kept kicking Erik and going for pins. Angel clubbed away until Erik clocked him. Angel fell intothe corner and Andrade took the tag. He also read Angel the Riot Act. Vega got up to keep Andrade from walking out of the match. We went to break so she could settle Andrade down.

They will never win the titles until they get their differences ironed out. Angel punched away as Vega rejoined the announce desk. Tag to Andrade. Knife Edge Chops to Erik. The Viking fought out of the enemy corner. Rising Knee Strike and tag to Angel tagged in and got planted. Flying Crossbody onto Angel. Andrade rushed in but Ivar Cartsheeled out of the way. Seated Senton onto Angel. Angel slipped out of the Scoop Slam. Backspring but Angel with a Dropkick to the back. Both men were down. Hot tags on both sides. Powerbomb/Slam Combo on both Latinos. Andrade blocked the German and tossed Erik tot he outside. Erik was sent into the post. Back Elbow by Andrade. Wing Clipper!

Your WInners: Andrade and Angel Garza
Raw Score: 85 out of a possible 100

We looked back at the alliance between Natalya and Lana. Lana took out Liv Morgan. Later, Ruby Riott would reach out to hear former tag partner. Liv didn’t want to deal with Ruby. She thought Ruby wanted to make her feel worse.

The Iconics came up to mock Ruby Riott for not having any friends. They called Ruby and Liv “losers”. Ruby challenged either one of the Iconics to face her in the ring. She made fun of their “Iconic” pose and chant.

Andrade and Angel were fussing until Ric Flair came up. He said he had an idead to share with Vega and her troops.

Akira Tozawa (w/Ninjas) vs R-Truth
24/7 Title Match

We saw how Bobby Lashley attacked Truth, last week, allowing Akira to take the title. Truth was out after Bobby put him in the Lashley Lock. This is the rematch.

Akira went all Bruce Lee with his moves. Go Behind Roll Up for a quick 2 by Akira. Side Headlock by Truth. The two stood face to face. Akira did his Kung Fu moves but Truth pitched him out of the ring. Universal but Akira put on the break. Roll Up!

Your Winner (and NEW Champ): R-Truth
Raw Score: 74

Seveal Ninjas tried to attack and pin Truth, but failed.

We then looked at the issue between MVP and Apollo Crews. MVP wants to be the manager of the United States champion. MVP said he was going to bring the U.S. title belt home, one way or another. Lashley slapped on the Lashley Lock, after Crews’ match, last week. Backstage, Bobby Lashley and MVP talked. Bobby said Apollo disrespected them both with his refusal to join them. MVP said he liked Apollo but they would take it all away from him, eventually. MVP will battle Apollo, a little later on.

Seth Rollins and Murphy discussed a message that Seth needed to deliver while there was still a chance. He was holding a Rey Mysterio mask.

The Great American Bash is back and it will run over the next 2 weeks on NXT. It is a direct counter to Fyter Fest over on AEW. I will definitely watch both shows.

Big Show will face Andrade and Angel, later on, in a Handicap Match.

Seth Rollins’ music rose from the speakers. The Monday Night Messiah came out with Murphy. No sign of Austin Theory. Seth said this was a message he has to deliver before it is too late. It was supposed to be an apology and request for forgiveness. We saw a video package about all that the Mysterios have gone through. Seth wants Dominick to join Seth’s forces. Dom wiped out Seth and his troops, recently. Rey told his son that he had to fight his own fight. Dom sai the family wants a fight. Seth mocked them both. He went all Raven with his pose. Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo came out to attack Seth and his troops. Dom almost lost an eye in all the cahos. Black and Carrillo chased Seth away, just in time. I smell a six man a brewin’.

The “fans” really got ugly with Seth. Rollins tried to ignore them all. Seth talked about the heart-warming return of the Mystterio Family. Rey said nothing would stop him from coming back to the ring. Seth knew Rey would do that because he has a duty to fulfill. Seth made fun of Rey’s eye injury. Seth said Rey’s duty was to be a sacrifice to Monday Night Raw. Seth knew Rey had defied him, over and over. Seth asked Rey to forgive him. Huh? He begged for forgiveness…for what he was about to do to the Family, in the future. Seth knew they were bound by fate. Seth said he would take a piece of Rey, every time the maked man stepped in the ring. He would break him down.

Rey and Dom came on the Tron. Rey went off on Seth in Spanglish. Rey asked his son for forgiveness for what he needed to do to Seth. He loved his son for coming to his aid. “Ojo por Ojo” (Eye for an Eye). Dom forgave his father but never would he forget or forgive Seth.

Rollins was not all that impressed by Dom’s strong words. Seth told Dom to be careful for what he wishes for. Seth said he would end Dom’s career before it ever gets started.

Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo rushed out to clear the ring. We headed into the land of commercials.

Seth went off on Aleister and Humberto. Seth wanted to know why they kept getting in Seth’s business. Seth wondered why Rey was Humberto’s hero. He called Rey a “Coward”, which set off Humberto. He said Seth was the true coward. Humberto told him off in both English and Spanish. Black said he knows Evil when he sees it. Black said Seth needed to pay for his crimes. Seth told Aleister that he hasn’t seen anything yet. This ends now.

Seth Rollins and Murphy vs Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo

Black with a Kitchen Sink to Murphy. Knee Strike to both foes. Murphy ran Black intothe corner, over nad over. Big Boot by Black. Seth tripped Aleister on the ropes. Superkick to Black. Tag to Seth. Running Stomp, on the floor, by Seth. Boot Choke to the Dutch Destroyer. Back in the ring, Seth threw hard fists. Insulting Slaps to Black’s skill. Tag to Murphy.

Rear Chin Lock by Murphy, after a Double Team. Black spun under to relieve the pressure. Back Elbow by Black. Tag to Humberto. He went to town on Murphy. Seth tried to get involved. Tornado Enziguri by Humberto. 2 count. Seth sent to the floor. Murphy flipped Humberto to the apron. Missile Dropkick to Murphy’s jaw. Seth pulled Murphy out of harm’s way. Humberto took out Seth. Crossbody from the top turnbuckle to the floor to wipe out both Murphy and Rollins. More commercials.

Back Heel Trip by Murphy. Seth tagged in. Humberto with a Tornado Enziguri to Seth. Seth held onto Carrillo to prevent a tag. Tag backt o Murphy and Red Hot Tag to Black. Aleister took out both foes. Leg Sweep and Slider Dropkick to Murphy. Black with a Springboard Plancha onto both fores. He lifted Murphy but Murphy rolled him up. Tag to Humberto. 619! Rollins made the asve. Tope Suicida by Seth onto Black. Humberto took out Seth. Huge Knee Strike by Murphy. 1-2-Black pulled Murphy off. Humberto caught Murphy, up top. Murphy wanted the Sunset Bomb but Humberto blocked it. Huge Knee Strike by Seth for a near fall. Rollins couldn’t believe that didn’t end the match. Seth went to the corner but Black took out Murphy. Roll Up by Humberto. Seth escaped and hit The Curb Stomp.

Your WInners: Seth Rollins and Murphy
Raw Score: 85

Aleister Black attacked but got laid out. Black was thrown over intot he Bullpen. Seth ordered Humberto to be sacrificed. Humberto fought back and laid out Seth. Murphy blasted Humberto with the ring steps. Seth had an evil look in his eyes. He retrieved the Rey mask and forced it onto Humberto. Murphy dragged Humberto to the steps and went to shove his face into the steel. Black made the save. Curb Stomp sent Humberto’s face into the ring steps. Seth then headed up the ramp, quickly.

Asuka and Drew were interviewed, abkstage. Asuka answered in Japanese. Drew translated and said they were going to send messages to their Extreme Rules opponents. Drew said he allowed Dolph to pick the stipulation so there would be no excuses, when he lost.

I want to send a special early Happy Birthday to a very special friend of our family. Ms. Willie Davis will reach 90 on July 4th. She is one of the sweetest little ladies that we know. Hope we get to share many more birthdays with you.

It was time for Raw’s Tribute tot he Undertaker. Friday Night Smackdown’s tribute was great. This was somewhat of a repeat of Friday’s tribute, only scaled down to the highlights. I had the honor to see Undertaker’s very first match (before he was the Dead Man), here in Dallas. His opponent? Steve Williams (aka Stone Cold Steve Austin). We got to see tons of clips of the Undertaker’s career. Undertaker has been one of my top five performers of all time. He joins Ox Baker, Bruiser Brody, Abdullah the Butcher and Tommy Dreamer at the top of my list of favorites.

Some one asked, online, the other day. “Who would be on the Mount Rushmore of WWE?” My response:

Bruno Sammartino
Hulk Hogan
Bob Backlund

Lana came up to chat with Ruby Rtott. Lana pushed how great Natalya is and why she should be the leader of the women. Ruby looked interested but didn’t say anything.

We saw the match between Charlotte Flair and Asuka. Flair went into the match injured. She will now likely be out to the first of next year.

Ruby Riott vs Peyton Royce (w/Billie Kay)
Special Challenge Match

Royce talked trash, as did Billie. Royce with a Crescent Kick to a distracted Ruby. Peyton worked on Ruby’s shoulder. That shoulder was injured, months ago. Boot Choke by Peyton. Ruby tried to fight back but got choked on the ropes. Snap Mare to Ruby. Peyton continued to twist the arm and shoulder. Ruby fought to her feet and used Back Elbows to try and get f ree. Trapped Arm Belly to Back by Royce. Wow, Peyton is so much better than given credit for. Ruby with a series of kicks. Forearms and a Standing STO. Ruby couldn’t hold Peyton down. Billie got on the apron. Roll Up for a two. Crucifix Back Slide. Enziguri and Spinning Brainbuster by Peyton! Call it the Royce Rolls.

Your WInner: Peyton Royce
Raw Score: 80

Big Show was interviewed. He was asked if he felt this was a big trap. Show knew how sneaky Flair and Orton can be. Show knows how dirty Flair is and always be. Show knows taht Orton’s danger level has skyrocketed since realigning with Flair. Show is not the Happy Giant, tonight. He is an angry big man with a point to prove.

We flashed back to the chaos that opened the sho.wThat led to tonight’s main event: Challengers vs Champions in a Mixed Tag Team Match.

Big Show vs Andrade and Angel Garza
Handicap Match

The trio came out to face the Big Show. The mocked the big man, which is never a wise idea. Show was trying to be patient but he was ready to go. Show stood in the corner to avoid a jump from behind. Angel and Andrade couldn’t figure out who would start with Show. Vega went off on both of her guys. Angel slid in the ring but Andrade put on the brakes. Skillet Slap by Show. Huge Headbutt to Angel. Andrade looked scared half to death. Another huge Slap tothe chest. Angel bailed out of the ring. Andrade tried to convince his partner to get back in the ring. Angel wanted a tag but Andrade stayed out of Angel’s reach.Garza finally forced the tag.

Andrade slowly stepped intothe ring. Go Behind by Andrade. Show looked almost amused by Andrade’s attempts. Butt Bump and another Huge Slap. Vega was so worried. Hip Toss to launch Andrade back into the ring. Scoop Slam by Show. Show walked over Andrade, driving his boot into Andrade’s ribs. Andrade tried to fught back but a Hedbutt stopped him cold. Andrade stumbled into his corner and accidentally tagged in Angel.

Show urged Angel to attacak him. Angelgot Slapped, huge. Angel went after Show’s knees. Angel tore into Show with kicks nad stomps. Tag by Andrade. Angel was ticked off. Angel and Andrade got into it, yet again. Show just stood and waited. Angel flipped off Andrade. Chokeslam by Show!

Your WInner: Big Show
Raw Score: 75

Show lifted Andrade and hit another K.O. Punch. Show kept looking for Randy Orton but The Viper just didn’t show up.

R-Truth talked with the Street Profits and Cedric Alexander. He kept thinking they were the Ninjas. They laughed at Truth’s silliness.

MVP vs Apollo Crews
Non-Title Match

Bobby Lashley was at MVP’s side. I sense a Lashley vs Crews feud in the making.Lashley took the stick and asked MVP why he wanted to teach Apollo this lesson. MVP’s hometown buddies want him to inspire them all. MVP wanted to give back. MVP was upset that Apollo rejected him. Apollo’s music cut off MVP’s rant. Apollo didn’t disrespect anyone, especially MVP. Crews said they were both Self Made Men. Apollo said MVP just kept pushing. Crews said MVP only cared about helping himself. MVP said Apollo really didn’t want him as an enemy.

MVP asked for the bell. Collat and Elbow. Push Off into a Shoulder Tackle by MVP. MVP held the ropes to avoid a Dropkick. Rana and Dropkick by Apollo. MVP held the ropes to avoid a Death Valley Driver. Bobby pulled MVP out of the ring. Plancha by Crews to take out Lashley. Crews was down, as well. Break time.

MVP was in control. Keylock by MVP. Big Boot by MVP. 2 counts only. Dragon Sleeper by MVP. He then blasted teh neck of the U.S. champ. 2 count. Montel was ovviously frustrated. Solid punches to Apollo’s face. Irish Whip but Apollo dodged a Big Boot. Crews exploded with blows and chops. Whip and Corner Splash by Apollo. Spinebuster to MVP for another near fall. Crews went up top but Lashley got on the apron. MVP hit the ropes to cause Apollo to fall. BIg Boot by MVP. Fisherman’s SUplex!

Your WInner: MVP
Raw Score: 80

Apollo attacked MVP but Lashley applied the Lashley Lock! The refs tried to make Bobby let go but he wouldn’t. Ricochet and Cedric rushed out to try and break it up. Ricochet and Cedric finally made Lashley release the hold.

Ricochet vs Bobby Lashley

Lashley used his power on Ricochet. Ricochet used his speed against Lashley. Back Elbow and huge Flip by Bobby. Corner Shoulder by Lashley. Stall Suplex Throw by Lashley. Ricochet was dumped to the outside. MVP with a Flapjack onto the annoucne table. The ref didn’t see a thing. Lashley came out and got Ricochet.

Lashley threw Ricochet back intot he ring. Ricochet punched away. Lashley with a Dominator out of nowhere. 1-2-no! Monster Biel by Lashley. MVP was cheerleading his charge. Cedric did his best to encourage his partner. Lashley threw Ricochet all around. Bobby put Ricochet on his shoulders and ran him into the ring psot. Bobby slid in the ring to reset the count. Lashley threw Ricochet back intot he ring. I’ve seen Ricochet face many big men such as Jeff Cobb but this was painful. Ricochet blocked the Lashley Lock. Ricochet rlew off the apron and ended up sending Lashley intothe ring post. Ricochet slid back in the ring. Lionsault! 1-2-kick out. Cedric took out MVP. Step Up Enziguri by Ricochet. Superkick by Ricochet. Lashley caught hte foot and did a massive Powerbomb. Lashley Lock!

Your Winner (by Submission): Bobby Lashley
Raw Score: 84

Bobby then applied the Lashley Lock on Cedric Alexander.

Dolph tried to become the leader of the mixed tag match. Bayley and Banks smarted off about what a loser Dolph has been, recently. They told him to just do his part and help them win.

Drew McIntyre and Asuka vs Dolph Ziggler and Sasha Banks
Mixed Tag Team Match

Bayley was with Sasha for this one. Where is Kairi Sane when we need her? The Challengers did their best to atagonize Asuka and Drew. Bayley joined the announce team.

The men started this one. Dolph scooted around and went for Dolph’s leg. That was a fail. Drew just tossed him aside. Dolph flipped out and started talking smack. Knife Edges by Drew. Back Elbow by Dolph. Famouser! The ref didn’t even make a one count. Dolph wa thrown into the corner. Tag to Sasha.

Asuka joined the party, as well. Shoving match betwen the women. Sasha avoided the Back Fist but not hte Shoulder Tackle. Sasha dropped Asuka. Standing Switch. Dolph and Drew got inolved. Asuka laid out Sasah, who rolled out of he ring. Bayley checked on her friends as we headed to another set of ads.

Dolph with a Sleeper on Drew. Drew threw him off but Dolph went right back to it. Huge Knife Edge by Drew. Dolph blocked the Alabama Slam and turned it into a Roll Up. DDT by Dolph. Ziggler couldn’t follow up. Tag to the ladies. Huge Dropkick and Knee Strike by Asuka. Asuka just detroyed Sasha with a German and a Shining Wizard. Hip Attack by Asuka. Bayley distracted Asuka. Sasha laid out the Empress. 2 count. Banks mounted Asuka and punched away. Asuka kicked back but Sasha was still in charge. Suplex for a deuce.

Asuka got to her feet and went for a Whip. Sasha reversed it and hit a Double Knees to get another close call. Bayley knew Asuka was close to being done. Sleeper by Sasha but she converted it into a modified Bow and Arrow. Code Breaker by Asuka after they raded kicks. Asuka crawled to her corner. Hot tags tot he guys.

Drew ran over Dolph. Snap Belly to Belly. Suplexes by Drew. Ax Bomber by Drew. Dolph escaped the Future Shock. Tag to Sasha. Drew took out Dolph. Sasha screamed at Drew, who just popped Dolph in the jaw. Asuka came in and hit a vicious kick. 2 count. Dolph sent Drew into the ring post. Sasha slid out of the Asuka Lock. BankStatement! Asuka broke the hold and cinched in the Asuka Lock. Sasha rolled back and pinned Asuka!

Your Winners: Sasha Banks and Dolph Ziggler
Raw Score: 87

Brenda: Rest well, little Night Owl
Jean: Good luck with the concert
LeeAnne: It’s almost our birthdays


–Jayy, Candy and LeeAnne

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