Posted June 26th, 2020 by 1Wrestling News Team

The RAW taping that had been scheduled for today has been canceled and moved to tomorrow. The reason for the delay is a snafu of some sort with the Covid testing that all talent and crew were to have before being allowed to participate in the taping. One source told us there was a backlog at the testing lab and tests weren’t processed in time.

Everyone is apparently now being retested and plans are to go ahead tomorrow with the RAW taping.

Several WWE talent and crew have tested positive in recent days and there is a great deal of concern because of the surge in Covid cases in Florida. The Governor issued a new edict closing bars in the state and limiting the number of people allowed in restaurants. WWE had been considered exempt and nothing in the Governors announcement does not appear to change that status.

Vince McMahon IS at the Smackdown taping taking place today.

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