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The Raw Score

A weekly recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon, Candy and LeeAnne Moore

“No Matter how bad things are, you can at least be happy that you woke up this morning”-D. L. Hughley

Wanted to start out this week with a quote from one of my favorite comics. Mr. Hughley is dealing with this horrific Virus and needs our thoughts and prayers.

It will be a night of title defenses. The Women’s Tag Titles, the Raw’s Men Tag Championship and the 24/7 strap will all be on the line. Plus, Asuka will defend against Charlotte Flair. Ric Flair will be in the house to pronounce Randy Orton as the “Greatest Wrestler of all time”. Bet THAT doesn’t happen. In addition, Rey Mysterio and Dominick are set to be in the house to deal with Seth Rollins.

Drew McIntyre came from the back to start the live show. He was dressed in street clothes, so no plan to wrestle, at least not in the first segment. Drew welcomed everyone to “Championship Monday”. Drew talked aboiut R-Truth putting his title up, last week. Drew was ready to face the future.

Suddenly, Dolph Ziggler (who was recently traded to Raw so A.J. Styles could go to Smackdown). The fans were actually happy to see him. Robert Roode also got traded to Raw. Dolph said Drew “owed” him. Dolph said he made it possible for Drew to return, after getting fired. Dolph said Drew was dominant…because of him. Dolph wanted to go after the title at Extreme Rules.

Drew was amused at the revisionish history that Ziggler was spouting. Drew mentioned how much Dolph has lost, in recent months/years. Drew said Dolph has become “an entitled jack*ss”. Drew reminded Dolph that the world doesn’t owe him anything. Drew warned Dolph to consider how much damage he could do to him. Drew accepted the challenge for a title match at the next PPV. Cool.

The announcers were certain that Dolph deserved the chance to win the title. They then talked about Asuka and Flair.

Nia Jax then made a surprise appearance. She walked around to the announce desk and asked for asteel chair. She threw it into the ring and sat down on it. We went to an early break.

Jax now had a microphone. She trash talked Charlotte Flair for getting a title match handed to her. Nia whined about being cheated out of the title picture.

R-Truth then bopped from the back. Bad timing, to say the least. Nia just rolled her eyes as Truth did his rap thing. Truth explained that he was supposed to be fighting Akira Tozawa for the title, right now. Akira wondered if Nia was really Akira. Jax went off on him for being stupid. Akira laughed from the announce desk. The ninjas chased Truth to the back. Nia started to say she would not leave but got cut off by the arrival of “The Queen”, Charlotte Fliar.

Flair wanted to explain what was going on. “Nia dropped the ball and is now throwing a hissy fit”. Jax tried to bring up Ric Flair but Charlotte shut her down. Flair said maybe she WAS delusional. Flair ran down all she has done. Nia said Flair has never beaten her. Jax accused Flair of ducking her. Charlotte chuckled and then tore into the Island Princess. Officials rushed down to try and break them apart. Flair with a Big Boot to Jax’s head. Flair’s left arm was injured.

We got a review of the feud between the Street Profits and the Viking
They did all kinds of silly challenges and ended up in a tie. So, to bring this to an end, the tag belts will go on the line, tonight.

The Streeet Profits cut a fun promo about the whole “We can do it better” thing. Erik and Ivar came in to listen. Montez Ford admitted that the two teams have become friends. Angelo Dawkins said that friendship would be put on hold when the bell rings. Erik said nothing would stop them from regaining their titles.

Zelina Vega walked up as the two teams exited. She had a grin on her face that has to make one wonder just what team did she have her sights set on? Or was she just scouting for her own men?

The Street Profits vs the Viking Raiders
WWE Raw Tag Team Title Match

Ivar opened up with Angelo. Leapfrog into a Shoulder Block. Dropkick missed as Ivar side-stepped. Knee Stirke by Erik and then Hammer of Thor. 2 count. Erik was now legal. Solid punch and tag out to Ford. Universal into a wicked Dropkick by Ford. Flip Dibe but Erik caught Ford and also took out Dawkins. Cit to commercial.

Ivar was in control over Ford. Knee Strike by Ivar. Tag to Erik. Erik tried to whip Ivar into the corner but Ford moved. Tag to Dawkins. Flying Back Elbow and Bulldog on Erik.Ford tagged back in and they hit the Viking Experience. Ivar made the save. Dawkins was thrown out to the floor. Erik clocked Ford and then crawlwed to his corner. Tag to Ivar. Lethal Injection by Ivar. Cartwheels on both sides. Tags on both sides. Cartwheel-a-Thon! I love it. Double Powerbomb on the champs. Ivar went up top but missed teh Frog Splash. Dawkins with the Cash Out. Tag to Ford. Frog Splash. 1-2-3!

Your WInners: The Street Profits
Raw Score: 94 out of a possible 100

All four men showed respect for each other, post-match. Andrade and Angel Garza hit the ring and attacked Ford and Dawkins. The Vikings came back to protect their friends/opponents. Vega pulled her men back.

Seth Rollins was in the back. Thoery and Murphy wanted to talk to their leader. He would hear them. He only waned to share a message with Rey Mysterio. I know what the hot rumor is but I just can’t see them going there.

The announcers brought us back with talk about the Mysterio/Rollins feud. Seth wants Dominick to join his forces or become another sacrifice. Dom hit the ring and took out Seth. He also avoided Theory and Murphy. Dom made a fool out of Seth, last week. Rey is cleared to return tot he ring to talk to/about Seth.

In the back, Seth looked almost catatonic. He cut a promo about destiny. Seth said he did not choose to be the Monday Night Messiah, just as Rey didn’t want to be a sacrifice. Seth said “Defiance brings suffering” and that is what hte Mysterio family now faces. Seth said any harm to the family is on Rey’s hands, not him. He accusted Rey of outliving his welcome.

The announcers came back to analyze that creepy rant. They then switched to talking about hte Women’s title match. We looked back at Nia’s battle with Charlotte, after Flair attacked her. Flair’s arm was injured in the melee.

Flair came out all taped up. She was asked if she needed to postpone the match. Flair said she never postpones. The interviewer then went over to char with Zelina Vega and her men. Charly was told that risks are necessary. He got all flirty. Vega stepped in and calmed him down. Zelina said they are now a united front. The duo wants to Raw Tag Team Titles.

Asuka vs Charlotte Flair
Raw Women’s Title Match

The introductions were done. Both women got huge pops from the crowd. Heel or Face…talent is talent. The two took their time before hooking up. Collar and Elbow into a Side Headlock by Flair. Push Off but Flair with a Shuolder Tackle. Stomp by Flair. She then slapped the champ and therw her into the corner. Corner Stomps by Flair. Nia watched from the back. Asuka focusedon the hurt arn and shoulder. Flair did her best to counter but failed. Arm Whip DDT by Asuka.

Hip Attack missed. Big Right by Flair. Asuka snapped Flair over the top rope. Flair tried to shake out her arm. Huge kick to Flair’s arm. Flair pulled Asuka off the apron. Asuka was laid out. Flair pitched her back in the ring and got a near fall. Figure Four Faceplants by Flair. She then moved into a Head Scissors. Roll Over Slam by Flair. Asuka clutched her neck in pain. Flair then placed Asuka and went for the Moonsault. She missed but landed on her feet. Charlotte sent Asuka intot he corner and sent us to the world of food ads.

Flair choked Asuka as we came back. Flair Chops to the Empress. Asuka hit a surprise German that caused Flair to land on her bad shoulder. Kicks to the injured arm. Big Boot by Flair to counter a series of chops and strikes. Flair charged and hit the corner, hard. Asuka tried for the Asuka Lock but couldn’t get it in all the way. Asuka tried to rip Flair’s hands apart. They ende dup in the ropes.

Kick to Asuka’s leg and a Chop Block. Spear by Flair. 1-2-rope break. Flair grabbed the ankle and went for the Figure Eight. Asuka countered with a Roll Up. Asuka went back after the injured shoulder. Modified Triangle but Flair lifted her into a Powerbomb. Asuka Lock cinched in and in deep. Flair TAPPED OUT!

Your Winner (by Submission): Asuka
Raw Score: 95

Charly asked NIa Jax if she affected the outcome of the match. Nia mentioned someone kicking the Queen while she was down. Interesting.

We looked back at Randy Orton’s destruction of both Edge and Christian. Orton says he now has a fire reignited in his soul. Christian got up in Randy’s face and it got him Punted in the head, after a Low Blow from Ric Flair.

Edge then came on the screen to give an update. Sure he was hurt but he worked through the torn tricep and finished the match. Edge almost won with his Clutch Sleeper but Randy with an “Accidental” Low Blow. Edge knew Orton was crowing about how great he is but Edge was so disappointed that Orton had to stoop to a Low Blow to win. Edge said it will not happen again. Edge was upset he could not pick up his daughters on Father’s Day. Edge has a new fire in his own soul, now. Edge talked abuot his 36 year friendship with Christian. Edge said the PG version of Edge is now gone and the true Rated R Superstar is reborn. Edge is determined to embarrass Randy and make him wish he had never been born. Edge said Randy will not be ok when this gets finished. Edge told Randy “You Woke the Evil”. “Get some sleep…while you can.”.

Charly then talked with Orton. Randy said when a Snake gets cornered, it strikes wildly. Randy knew that Edge and Christian were trying to use Randy to make comebacks. He now feels he has to defend himself and his family and he must survive. Orton wants Edge and Christian to make full recoveries. Orton needed to talk with Ric Flair.

Charly talked with Charlotte. Flair was icing down her shoulder. Flair gave Asuka credit…Nia Jax then attacked Flair and ran her shoulder into a post. She did her best to destroy the shoulder with a heavy wooden crate top. A trainer rushed out to protect her.

Akira Tozawa (and his Ninjas) vs R-Truth
24/7 Title Match

Before the match started, MVP and Lashley came out to destroy the Ninjas. Lashley then got in the ring. Lashley Lock on Truth. Truth was down and out. MVP and Lashley then headed through the mass of humanity and went up the ramp. Akira then slid out from under the ring nad grinned. He slid over and pinned Truth.

Your Winner (and NEW 24/7 Champion): Akira Tozawa
Raw Score: 30

Natalya was upset with Sarah for not interviewing her earlier. She has a major announcement to make, after her match.

Liv Morgan vs Natalya

Lana walked out with Natalya. Huh? Liv was as confused as the rest of us. Liv with a Side Headlock but Nattie with a Shoulder Tackle off the Push Off. Discus Clothesline by Nattie for a two. Natalya with Corner Stomps. Nattie screamed at the fans to shut up. Ventrua Bodylock but Liv grabbed the ropes. Shot to Liv’s ribs. Nattie threw Liv back in the ring. Rana by Liv sent Nattie’s head into the ring steps. Liv threw Nattie back in the ring. Lana yelled at Liv. Chop Block by Natalya. Sharpshooter!

Your Winner (by Submission): Natalya
Raw Score: 50

Charly talked with Big Show, backstage. He alughed about fighting ninjas. Show loved the chance to punch a Ninja. Show said comedy was his viewpoint now but he was dead serious, this week. He was now a heartless, angry Giant. No one can stop him when that side of his personality comes out. It was that part of him that was headed to the ring.

Ric Flair then entered the arena. The “fans” wemt absolutely nuts. We headed to a quick break.

We looked back at Dolph Ziggler’s interaction with Drew McIntye, during the opening segment. It is now official. The two will battle at Extreme Rules.

Back to Flair, in the ring. Ric said Nia would wish she lived somewhere else, when Charlotte returned. Flair then switched gears to talk about Orton. Ric said only one could be the best. Right now, Orton IS the best. He took out Edge and Christian in less than 24 hours. Flair wanted to tell Randy how great he is…to his face. Flair called out the Apex Predator.

Flair held the ropes for Orton. Flair was thrilled to praise Orton. Flair called Randy “The Best performer in the History of the WWE”. Randy appreciated the words of praise. Orton tried to explain the difference between Nostalgia and Legacy. Orton bragged about killing the careers of Edge and Christian. Orton fully embraced his “Legend Killer” moniker.

Big Show came out, screaming at Orton that it was enough. Show was mad that his friends were hurt by Orton. Show insulted Randy for the crap he has pulled for years. Show said he USED to respect Flair. Show said Orton lacked the motivation to make himself better. He called him a Parasite. Show warned that Edge is NOT done. Show said he would break every bone in Orton’s bone and Flair’s, as well. Orton stepped in and protected his mentor. Orton tried to butter up Show. Orton said Show was a “Legend”. Orton said Show could suffer the same fate as his two friends. Show was ready to go. Orton and Flair bailed out of the ring. Orton mentioned what he is capable of doing. Orton said what happens next is on Big Show. A match at Extreme Rules?

We saw the challenge by the Iconics, last week. I don’t care for Billie and Peyton but I so hope they beat Banks and Bayley. The champs headed to the ring for their title defense.

Sasha Banks and Bayley vs Billie Kay and Peyton Royce
WWE Women’s Tag Team Title Match

The four women bickered at each other. Billie laid out Banks and almost got the win. Bayley tripped Peyton and and send her into the annoucne desk. Banks bashed Billie and Bayley blasted her. Peyton distrated Bayley. Double Team to crack Bayley in the head with a knee. Break time.

Billie worked over Bayley but Mz. Dos Straps went to town on Billie. Tag to Royce. Perfect Plex by Royce for a two. Sasha made the save. Sasha was tossed out of the ring. Bayley attacked Peyton’s ribs and tagged out. Double team Back Drop Bomb on Peyton for a near fall. Snap SUplexes by Banks. Royce escaped the third member of the Three Amigos. Bayley was knocked off the apron. In all the confusion, Sasha slapped on the BankStatement. Tap Out!

Your Winners (by Submission); Sasha Banks and Bayley
Raw Score: 79

Bayley and Banks began to crow about how great they are. Sasha admitted about being a bit jealous of her best buddy, Bayley. Sasha asked for a Smackdown Women’s title match! Bayley looked confused. Banks said she wanted to fight…ASUKA…at Extreme Rules!

That brought out the Empress. Asuka told Sasha “You are not the Boss of me”. She then accepted the challenge. Bayley and Banks then double teamed Asuka. BankStatement. Banks let it go to talk trash.

Lashley was interviewed about dealing with R-Truth. MVP stepped in and said there were no more distractions. MVP also mentioned putting Apollo Crews under the “Learning Tree”.

Ruby Riott came up to talk with Liv Morgan. Liv is feeling sorry for herself. Ruby looked ready to hurt someone.

The VIP Lounge

Yawn. He quickly insulted the crowd. MVP brought out his possible future client, Apollo Crews. Crews is the current U.S. champ. MVP sucked up to the champ, from the get go. MVP respected Crews’ attitude about being a fighting champion. MVP talked about how Crews blew out his knee. MVP made the mistakes so he can help Apollo avoid them. Crews talked about going to the top, all on his own. Crews declined the offer of managership by MVP. MVP would not give up his pursuit of Crews. Apollo said he would not let MVP or the title change him. MVP mentioned almost holding the title for a solid year. MVP suggested he would take the U.S. title. they were stopped by the arrival of Shelton Benjamin.

MVP bailed out of the ring. Shelton talked trash until MVP stopped him. MVP distracted Apollo and Shelton attacked. The shoulder was thrown into the corner. MVP said that was the free lesson. Future ones would cost him. Break time.

Shelton Benjamin vs Apollo Crews
United States Title Match

Shelton went after the shoulder. Kick to Apollo’s face. Shelton slammed the left shoulder into the corner. Crews began to punch back. Dropkick to Benjamin. Fujiwara Arm Bar by Benjamin but Crews rolled him into a pin. 2 count. The two men flipped over the ropes and to the floor.

Shelton flew at Crews and hit hte ring post. Apollo threw Benjamin in the ring nadkicked him int he face. Toss Powebomb and it’s a done deal.

Your Winner: Apollo Crews
Raw Score: 85

MVP applauded Apollo for his win. He came down to lift Crews’ arm but Apollo waned nothing to do with him. Lashley ran out and cinched in the Lashley Lock. Apollo was taken down and out.

Rey and Dominick were chatting in the back. Rey wanted to show how the Mysterio family rolls. This just might get very interesting.

Rey Mysterio’s music hit and the father and son came to the ring. We looked back at how Dominick attacked Seth, last week.

Rey talked about not being able to reach his son, last week. Rey was not happy that Dominick came to the Performance Center to avenge him. Rey was proud of his son but he was also angry that he put himself at risk. Rey is P*ssed Off at Seth but he now accepts it. Rey said Dom will always be his child. Rey wanted to fight for his son. Rey said he needed revenge on Seth…by himself.

Dom told his pop that he was not going to leave his dad’s side. Dom wants a fight. That brought out Seth Rollis, alone. Seth said the Mysterios were putting him in an awkward position. Seth threatened to sacrifice Dom in front of Rey. Seth then headed down towards the ring. Seth did a modified Raven Pose to bring out Theory and Murphy. Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo took out Murphy and Theory. Humberto with a Flip Dive. Dom stood tall and proud with his familia. Seth called off his troops. 619 to Seth. Dom and Rey dragged Seth tot he ring steps but Murphy and Theory made the save. Seth attacked Dom and tried to shove his eye into the ring steps. Humberto and Aleister had chairs and they chased Seth and his disciples away.

Carolyn: Feel better
J.K.: Happy Birthday
Candy: Love you, Babe


–Jay, Candya nd LeeAnne

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