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The AEW Dynamite Score

A weekly recap and review of professional wrestling’s hottest new promotion.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon, Candy and LeeAnne Moore

“The Essence of all beutiful art, of all great art, is gratitude”-Friedrich Nietzsche

The show will be a little different tonight. Jon Moxley was set to perform but due to exposure to someone who was exposed to “The Virus”, Mox asked to step out to protect his “brothers and sisters” from any possible harm. I praise him to the heights for his concern.

Roll the opening montage!

Wardlow (w/MJF) vs Luchasaurus (w/ Jurassoc Ex[ress)
Lumberjack Match

T he two tore into each other and Lucha tried to go to the floor. Wardlow threw him back in nad ticked off Marco Stunt. Reverse Whip by Lucha. Float Over and a Corner SHoulder by Wardlow. Lucha was tossed out and the Lumberjakcs tried to attack. He laid them all out. MJF grabbed the ankle to distract. Wardlow flipped Lucha in and hit an impressive Suplex Throw. Lucha escaped the Suplex but got caught in a Trapped Leg Belly to Belly. Wardlow rained down with punches tothe mask. Wardlow tried to rip off the dinosaur mask of the masked man. Knife Edge Chops by Lucha. Running Clothesline on Wardlow. Leg Sweep and Standing Moonsault by Lucha. Wow! 2 count.

Goozle but Wardlow broke it. Lucha was sent over the ropes. Headbutt by the Jurassic Warrior. Both men went up on the ropes. Superplex! 2 count, again. MJF was losing it as he screamed at his man. The two threw wild shots. Rising Knee Strike by Lucha. Running Rana by Wardlow. Lucha with a modified Running Spanish Fly for another 2. Damn, these guys are great.

Powerslam, on the ramp, by Wadlow. That was after Wardlow escaped the same move. The Lumberjacks all got into it. The two legal men just punched the daylights out of each other. Brandon Cutter went after Wardlow and got launched. Marco also jumped Wardlow and got laid out and thrown. Black Mass like Crescent Kick by Lucha. Shooting Star Press off the ramp onto everyone in sight.

Back in the ring, Lucha hit a pair of Roundhouse Kicks and a Chokeslam. Jungle Boy ran through the ring to Spear MJF off the apron. Low Blow by Wardlow. Airplane Spin/F5 by Wardlow.

Your WInner: Wardlow
Dynamite Score: 97

All Hell broke loose as the ring filled up with battlers.

Taz did his analysis of his man, Brian Cage. Fyter Fest starts, next week. Taz warned Jon Moxley that he was in deep danger, next week.

Britt Baker sent messages to Tony Schiavone. She wondered about Luchasaurus’ green tongue. Maybe he is the nephew of George “The Animal” Steele.

Hikaru Shida vs Red Velvet
Non-Title Match

Shida went out and got into it with Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford. Kip stirred it up. The ref ordered Shia to get in the ring. Ford smacked Shida and the ref played Hell trying to keep Shida from destroying Ford. Shida went intot he ring.

Rising High Knee. Falcon Arrow. DOne Deal. Shida came out and attacked Ford.

Your Winner: Hikaru Shida
Dynamite Score: 30

It took several people to keep Shida and Ford apart. Kip finally calmed his girl down, after losing a lens in his shades.

The announcers talked about Cody vs Jake Haker at Fyter Fest. We went to the Press Confrerence. It was hosted by Brandi Rhodes. It was so cool to hear from Liz Hunter of PWI. Arn talked about how he has motivated Cody. Arn really talked trash about Jake not being there. Matt Brock was also in the house. He asked Cody about being the first champion. Cody said it was all about “hope”. He raised Ricky Starks, who challenged him, last week. Cody said he liked to fight and feel the pain he can inflict. Cody mentioned that the TNT title belt is a work in progess.

Jake finally showed up, with his wife. The two posed for the cameramen. Cody would not take the bait as Jake tried to start a fight. Jake’s wife threw water (I think) in Cody’s face. Dustin lost it and told them to get her out of there.

We got a weird video where a bunch of guys got their butts kicked at a gas station. It was Sonny Kiss and Joey Janela that were kicking tail.

Colt Cabana and Mr. Brodie Lee vs Sonny Kiss and Joey Janela

Kiss did some Handsprings but got laid out. Sonny tried for the Wheelbarrow Bulldog but Lee blocked it. Tag on both sides. Universal into a Back Elbow by Joey. Tag back to Kiss. Hart Attack by Kiss and Joey. Lee with a Big Boot. The Dark Order got involved and laid out Kiss. Colt almost got a pin. Tag to Brodie as we did Split Screen.

Uppercut by Brodie. Tag back to Colt. Elbow Smash to Kiss’ skull. 1-2-kick out. Kiss Elbowed free. Sunset Flip but Colt just fell forward to get a near fall. Tag back to Lee. Running Elbow Drop and another Near Fall. Stall Suplex by Lee. Tag to Cabana. 2 count. Kiss was thrown into the corner. Tag back to Lee. Kiss was in a bad way. Double Team on Kiss’ leg. Knife Edge Chops by Colt into a Whip.

Hip Attack failed Colt. Kiss made the hot tag. Joey got the tag and a Crossbody from the top. Colt clocked Joey. Death Valley Driver by Joey for a two. Lee tried to attack Joey but failed. Joey went up top for a huge Moonsault onto Lee. Sonny took out Colt. 450 by Kiss. 2 count for Joey. Janela was sent over the top. Sonny with Double Boots to Lee. Sonny then clocked Colt. Doomsday Device failed as Colt Rolled up Joey for a near fall. Double team on Colt. The Dark Order got involved and Kiss flew onto them. Superkick by Lee. Lee caught Joey as he went for a Tope Suicida. Discus Lariat by Brodie Lee. Colt took the pin.

Your Winners: Colt Cabana and Mr. Brodie Lee
Dynamite Score: 91

Lance Archer came out and just annihilated Sonny Kiss. Joey threw a chair at Archer, who swatted it away. Jake Roberts rushed in to contain his charge. Jake told him not to waste his time.

Shawn Spears Update. Shawn is no using a Loaded Glove to win matches. Haven’t seen that since the early days of Ted DiBiase in the old Mid-South Rat Pack. Yes, I am THAT old.

SCU (Frankie Kazarian and Christoher Daniels) vs FTR (Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood)

Cash started against Kaz. Dax did a quick tag. Collar and Elbow into an Arm Bar by Dax. Cash tagged back in and continued to work on the arm. Cash worked on the lower back of Kaz. He got tothe ropes. Tag back to Dax. We learned that Q.T. Marshall was taking time off due to a possible expoure to “The Virus”.

Kaz flipped around and dodged a Back Elbow. Dropkick by Daniels. The Fallen Angel tore into Cash with Knife Edges and Knees. Headbutt by Daniels. Dax held Cash to avoid a Dropkick. Shoving match by all four men and it broke down into a serious Hockey Fight. La Bandera and Suplex to send everyone to the floor.

The fight continued on the floor. Kinfe Edges between Daniels and Cash. Daniels was sent into the ring post. Daniels threw Cash back in the ring. Running Back Elbow by Cash. 1 count only. Tag to Kaz. Double Team on Cash for a near fall. Tag back to Daniels. More double teaming on Cash. Wheeler still managed to kick out, in time. Snap SUplex by Daniels. SCU was keeping Cash in their part of the ring. Tag to Kaz. Cash started to battle back and tried for his corner. Dax was knocked off the apron and Kaz almost got the pin.

Scoop Slam by Kaz. Springboard Spin Legdrop failed. Quick tags by FTR. Dax laid out both men with Snap Suplexes. Slingshot Suplex and a sign of “The Four”. Wild Sunset Flip on Daniels. Inside Cradle by Daniels. Dax was rolled into position. 2 count. Daniels popped Dax in the face. This is awesome. Candy just texted me and asked if this is what I meant by “Real Old School Wrestling”? Yes, my dear.

Lariat by Kaz. Cash escaped a Suplex but ate a Clothesline. Lung Blower into an Unprettier by Kaz. 1-2-no. Tag back to Daniels. Double Team failed. Slingshot sent Daniels intot he corner. Tag to Dax. Vegamatic on Daniels. Love that move. Daniels was put on the top. Superplex but Kaz pulled Cash off the corner. Double Team by SCU to get a close call. Angel’s Wings but Cash made the save. Rick Steiner-like Catch Powerslam. Tag to Cash. Goodnight Express (Shatter Machine).

Your Winenrs: Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood
Dynamite Score:95

Dax and Cash asked for the microphones. Dax said he wanted to talk to all the teams, especially the Young Bucks. He warned they were now dealig with the “Big Boys”. Butcher and Blade were in FTR’s truck. They wanted to make it their n ew “Meat Wagon”. Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix got in the ring nad the fight was on. Butcher and Blade want to join the Lucha Brothers to fight FTR and the Young Bucks. Matt and Nick made the almost save after a Package Piledriver. The heels stole the truck as Cash was chcked on.

Jim Ross hosted a video package about the Best Friends vs Kenny Omega/Hangman Page title match at Fyter Fest. Trent and Chuck made fun of Page’s drinking. Excalibur mentioned the genesis of the Best Friends. Taz said the Best Friends have paid their dues. Tony knew Omega and Page were a more cohesive unit. Excalibur talked abouthe tag champs brutal finisher. J.R. thinks there may be ruptures in the tag champs’ relationship.

We looked at the current title picture. Jon said he didn’t think Brian Cage was all that smart, until he put Moxley through a car windshirld. Tony and Excalibur mentioned how Taz knew when to get his man to stop. Cage ended up throwing Mox through the back windshield, again. Taz felt Mox was “Damaged Goods”.

Brian Cage (w/Taz) vs Joe Cruz

Cage did curls and toosed his poor victim around. Hammer Throw to Joe Cruz. Body Lock Suplex. Running Powerbomb Throw. Drill Claw!

Your Winner: Brian Cage
Dynamite Score: 40

I so HATE squash matches. Taz had the microphone and he kept calling out Moxley. Taz pointed to the camera and said Jon was sitting on his *ss at home. Taz mocked Moxley for not coming to work with some B.S. Excuse. Not true. Taz said the title was in grave danger. Taz knew Moxley was about to be done. Taz is so good as a manager. Fonzie taught him well. Smile.

Mr. Brodie Lee nad Colt Cabana were talking. Lee was still trying to recruit Colt to join his organization. Lee wanted to have Colt join him to face SCU at Fyter Fest. Colt wasn’t too sure about it. Lee called Colt his “Best Friend”. Weird.

The announcers ran down the first night of Fyter Fest’s card. It will start next week and end on the 8th of July. The Women’s, Tag Team and TNT titles will be defended.

We also got a partial look at night 2. I really want to watch Orange Cassidy vs Chris Jericho. The main event will see Brian Cage vs Jon Moxley for the AEW World Title.

Tony got another note from Baker. Britt sent nasty remarks to Big Swole. Britt was encased in plexiglass so she thought she was safe. Swole went on top of the cube and dumped trash all over Britt. Too funny. Rebel tried to make her go away.

Santana (w/Ortiz) vs Matt Hardy

Sammy Guevara was the original opponent but he is currently suspended. I absolutely will NOT mention why but it is all over the Net.

Looks like we got Matt’s “Damascus” persona, this time around. NErO One has replaced the destroyed Vanguard One The bell rang and Santana took Matt to the corner. Clean-ish break. They went tothe corner and Santana with a Cheap Shot. Knife Edge Chop by Santana. Santana punched Matt’s ribs. Whip but Matt hitthe brakes. Santana was sent tothe floor. Ortiz backed off when Hardy hit the floor. Matt pushed Santana’s skull intothe ring post. Nasty. Santana was sent into the biycle rack barricade. Damascus tore into Santana’s face. Ortiz tried to get involved. Hardy’s leg was traped and Santana hit a Dropkick.

Split Screen Time. Sigh. Santana worked the lower back and hit a Back Drop Suplex. 2 count. Santana kicked at the head. Headbutt to Damascus/Matt. Hardy was sent into the corner and Boot Choked. Knee Choke by Santana. The ref ordered Santana back. Drop Arm Whip by Santana. Ortiz taunted the Broken One. Santana tried for apin but failed to get the three. Knife Edge by the former LAXer. SNap Mare and Matt went to the floor. Ortiz pitched Matt back in the ring. The ref and Santana bickered as we came out of commercial.

Santana was flipped onto the apron. Back Roll but Santana missed the Enziguri. Santana fought out of the Side Effect. Uranage by Santana, followed by a Lionsault. Uno–Dos–Nada Mas.

Matt seemed to have an injured wrist. Matt caught Santana runningin nad blasted him. Santana answered with a stiff shot of his own. They went up top but neighter could gain an advantage. Santana did knock Matt off the top but Hady avoided the Frog Splash. Both men were down and stunned. The two traded vicious punches. Matt took over. Back Elbow by Hady into a huge Clothesline. 2 count.

Matt rammed Santana’s ace into all three corner buckles. Running Clothesline but Santana pushed out of the Bulldog. Side Effect for Matt but it only broguht a one. Another Side Effect that scored a deuce. Third Side Effect but still no three. Knee Strike by Santana. Twist of Fate converted into a Slop Drop. Ortiz interrupted things. Santana hoisted up Matt for a Running Death Valley Driver. SImple Roll Up o’ Doom (nod to Simon Miller).

Your Winner: Matt Hardy
Dynamite Score: 88

Ortiz came in and attacked Matt Hardy with a slapjack. Street Sleeper on Hardy! Private Party rushed down to aid their mentor.

Rush Hour is on next. Awesome.

Orange Cassidy came from the back. Tyson Raines still wants Orange in the ring. If you aren’t familiar with Tyson, he is one of the top guys for the new Wild West Championship Wrestling group, based in Reno, NV.

Chris Jericho then came out to face the man that has irritated him for so many weeks, now. Hey, how about a new tag team with Orange Cassidy and Pineapple Pete? Orange was just maxing and relaxing in the corner. Jericho stated with dumb jokes about chickens crossing the road. Jericho said Orange was a boring joke like the chicken joke. Orange didn’t say a word. Jericho said Orange’s name was stupid and so were his actions. Jericho said the only reason he is there is because fans love Cassidy. Why? Jericho compared Orange to Brian Pillman. He praised Orange for getting over for being himself, well sort of. Chris feels that Orange doesn’t have what it takes. Jericho threatened to beat Orange in 30 seconds. Jericho promised the Orange Cassidy Experience would run out of juice.

Cassidy took the stick. Chris looked a little confused. He just sat it down without saying a word. He did the insult kicks to Jericho’s legs. Too funny. He then slid his hands in his pocktets. Al Bundy just smiled. Jericho took off he shades and destroyed them. Orange then Speared Jericho and the two went wild on each other. Cassidy tore into Chris like never before. Cassidy really tore into Jericho until a shot tothe face stopped him. Orange held his own and rocked Le Champion. They fought up intothe crowd. Solid punches by Orange. Back Hand by Chris. Orange clubbed the neck of the former World Champion. Orange was sent into trunks. Jericho used a Boom to clock Orange. Orange was thrown into a case. Jericho pulled Orange up top but Cassidy escaped. Chris was bounced off the railing. Cassudt was bleeding, seriously, from the ear. Orange headed up the steps and then rushed down to knock Jericho through a table with an Orange Crush (Superman Punch).

Match of the Night: Luchasaurus vs Wardlow


–Jay, Candy and LeeAnne

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