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The AEW Dynamite Score

A weekly recap and review of professional wrestling’s hottest new international promotion.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than trying to solve them.”-Henry Ford

Well after catching the end of “IT”, I’m ready for something a little less weird. Not sure if wrestling will fit the bill but I’m ready to give it a try. Smile.

Roll the opening montage!

We are two weeks out from the next big event. The crowd was pumped for tonight’s show.

Kenny Omega and “Hangman” Adam Page vs Natural Nightmares (Q.T. Marshall and Dustin Rhodes)
AEW Tag Team Title Match

Justin Roberts did the introductions. Brandi Rhodes was out with her team. Marshall’s “girlfriend” stayed in the back, I guess. This should be a clinic for the fans and future wrestlers.

Dustin and Kenny opened the contest. Allie could be a distraction, so that is why she isn’t out there. Universal but Dustin put on the brakes. Knife Edge by Kenny. Dustin escaped the One Winged Angel. The momentum went back and forth as both men hit Ranas. Kenny dropped down to avoid a Powerbomb. Tag to Page and one to Marshall.

Go Behind by Page into a Seated Side Headlock. Punches and Knife Edges on both sides. Page got the better of that one. Wild Dropkick by Marshall. Big Boot by Page as Marshall dove over the champ. Tag to Omega. Springboard Double Sledge by Kenny. Knife Edge and clubbing blows by Omega. Nice Suplex by Marshall out of the Fallaway Slam position.

Dustin came back in and nailed a Hammer Throw. Back Drop Suplex by Dustin. Knee Drop by The Natural. Tony mentioned that Dr. Britt Baker was in a lot of pain as she watched. Marshall came back in and almost pinned Omega. Baker sent another message to Tony. Running Backbreaker by Marshall to Omega. 2 count. Baker hated Tony’s tie. Rear Chin Lock by Marshall. Elbow Drop by Marshall. Tag to Dustin.

Snap Mare by Rhodes. Rear Chin Lock on Omega. Kenny fought to his feet and punched away. Back Body Drop that put Omega up into lower orbit. Kenny with a Crusher and both men tagged out.

Page tore through Marshall with punches and a Clothesline. Page also clocked Dustin. Fallaway Slam and Kip Up. Tope con Hilo to neutralize Dustin. Page with a Slider Clothesline to earn a two count. Kenny came back in and hit a Bombs Away and Springboard Moonsault. 1-2not yet.

Page tagged back in. Adam kicked Dustin off the apron. Marshall popped Page and hit a Big Boot. Lethal Injection-like Back Spring Kick by Marshall. Dustin and Kenny both tagged in. GolDustin Uppercut. Bulldog by Dustin. Irish Whip into a Snap Powerslam by Dustin. Page got involved to stop the pin. Dustin went up top and hit a modified Whisper in the WInd on the chaps. Dustin tossed both men outside and did a Cannonball off the apron. Marshall with a Handspring Tope onto both Kenny and Adam. Marshall flew off the top and laid out Kenny. Omega hit the Snap Dragon. Destroyer by Dustin. Lariat by Page. Diamond Cutter by Marshall. Allie walked from the back and Brandi stopped her. Marshall went up top but missed the Moonsault. Tag to Page.

Omega whipped Page into Marshall and then ran into him. Assisted German but Dustin made the save. Powerbomb by Page. Omega with a vicious knee tothe back of the head. Could be….might be…NO!

Kenny laid out Marshall and took the pin after a double team attack by the champs.

Your WInners: Kenny Omega and “Hangman” Adam Page
Dynamite Score: 94

The announcers ran down the rest of the night’s card.

My tag team partner, Candy, is back home after her surgery. She should be back with me on Monday for Monday Night Raw. She sends her thanks for all the nice well wishes.

We got a promotional video for Anna Jay. She is seriously cute. I hope she can wrestle.

Anna Jay vs Abadon

Abadon reminds me of a mix of Daffney and Rosemary. Baker doesn’t like the creepy chick. Adagon went right after Jay. Anna came back with vicious Forearms that had almost no effect. Knee Strike on Jay and a Clothesline put her down. Abadon choked Anna on the rope. Seated Rana by Abadon to take this one home.

Your Winner: Abadon
Dynamite Score: 40

Those contacts are just bizarre. One red, one white.

The Dark Order came out to talk with Ms. Jay. Colt Cabana looked on as Brodie Lee and his troops arrived. Evil Uno gave Colt a manilla envelope with paperwork inside. The Dark Order helped Anna out of the ring. Lee reached and helped her up the steps. We went to break.

MJF vs Billy Gunn

The entire Gunn Club came to the ring. Baker thinks the ref, Aubrey, is a conspirator. Whatever. MJF quickly bailed out to chat with Wardlow. Collar and Elbow. Maxwell tried to work on the arm but Billy wasn’t having it. Hip Toss by the Hall of Famer. Cheap Shot Punch by Friedman. Universal and MJF ended up eating a Big Boot. 2 count. Gunn hit his own cheap shot.

MJF went out the ramp. Billy went and got him and brought him back. MJF snapped the neck on the ropes. Billy got in the ring and MJF backed into him. Kick but he missed the Famouser. Two Chop Blocks by Maxwell. Knee Drops onto Billy’s leg. Split Screen time.

MJF talked trash and then kept punishing his foe. Billy kicked away but MJF with a Leg DDT. Billy was in a bad way. MJF got pulled into the ring post. Wardlow worked over the leg. MJF stayed on the leg.

Maxwell taunted the crowd as he kept the pressure on Billy’s leg. Gunn sent MJF into the corner. Tilt-a-Whirl Slam by Gunn. MJF avoided the Famouser. Gunn crashed into the corner. Leg Lock by MJF. MJF wanted to deliver a Famouser but Gunn blocked it. Gunn took out Wardlow. Gunn picked up MJF, who clocked him with the diamond ring.

Your Winner: MJF
Dynamite Score: 79

The Jurassic Express tore into Wardlow and MJF. It took several people to break them apart.

Le Sex Gods (Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara) were interviewed. They are looking forward to going after the tag titles.

Tony chatted with Dr. Britt Baker. Tony insulted Britt and she demanded to be taken away. Rebel is getting fed up with Britt’s baloney.

Cody strolled from the back. The fireworks went off as Arn Anderson joined him. Cody was ready for his Open Challenter. He did a praise session for Arn Anderson and gave Double A the stick.

Jake Hager watched from the back. Arn said he found a good, worthy opponent for Cody.

Cody vs Ricky Starks
TNT Championship Title Match

Ricky is a big star in NWA. Starks cut a long promo before the match. The two circled each other. Standing Switch. Shoulder Tackle by Cody. Uppercut by the champ. Ricky with chops and punches. Hardcore Holly Upperkick.

Whip and kick by Cody. Leg Drop by Ricky. Arn pulled Cody off the ropes. Tornado DDT by Ricky. The two traded hard blows. Ricky with a hard shot. Cody is down and hurt. Arn cheered on his protege. Jumping Knee Strike by Cody into a Snap Powerslam. Ricky blocked the CrossRhodes. Stall Front Drop Suplex by Cody for a near fall. Jake continued to watch.

Ricky caught Cody up top and punched away. They crashed off the top after a Superplex by Ricky. They went to the floor. The two went Fist City. Codyblocked a Pedigree and took down Ricky. 2 counts on both sides. Cody finally laid out Ricky with the CrossRhodes.

Your WInner: Cody
Dynamite Score: 91

Kip Sabian and Jimmy Havoc vs Nick and Matt Jackson (The Young Bucks)

Havoc went wild from the opening bell. Tags on both sides. Double Dropkick by the Bucks. They went to the floor and then back in the ring. Havoc got mouthy and got clocked. The Bucks took control.

Butcher and Blade got involved and blasted the Bucks. Split Screen. Havoc sed a shirt to choke Matt. Snap Mare to Jackson. Tag back to Kip. Double team on Matt. Jackson was thrown out of the ring. Butcher and Blade got up but #FTR came out. Cash and Dax sent Butcher and Blade on the road. Punt by Kip. Double team on Matt. Kip with a Roll Up for a two. Matt fought out of the corner. Matt blocked a Top Rope Rana. Tag to Nick. Superkicks all around. Clothesline/Bulldog combo. Sharpshooter by Nick. Savage Elbow by Matt. Ford rushed in and clocked Nick while Havoc had the ref distracted. Matt had to make the save. Assisted Tornado DDT onto Jackson. 1-2-no. Havoc went up top. He was covered with blood. Superkick and tag by the Bucks. Double Northern Lights Suplexes and kick. Springboard Moonsault and Leg Drop combo for a near fall for the Bucks. The Bucks wnted the Indietaker but got distracted. Kip with a Double Stomp off the top. Nick with the save. Double Suplex by Matt on both opponents. Double Knee Strikes by the Young Bucks.

Your Winners: The Young Bucks
Dynamite Score: 80

Butcher, Blade, Cash and Dax all got involved. It broke down into complete chaose. The faces held the ring. Dual Spike Piledrivers by #FTR and the Bucks.

Taz cut a promo about the upcoming match between his man, Brian Cage, and Jon Moxley. Brian is chomping at the bit to get to Mox.

Mox cut his own promo about how he was certain he would take out Brian at the big event. Mox was ready for Cage.

The announcers ran down next week’s show.

They talked about Britt Baker being in dumpster. She gave Rebel a hard time. Baker was having a fit and demanded that Rebel get her out.

Matt Hardy came out to join the announce team.

Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara vs Trent and Chuck Taylor (The Best Friends)
Number One Contender Match for the tag belts

The Best Friends have the title shot but they put it up against Le Sex Gods. We went to break before the match.

There was no Orange Cassidy because he was taken out, last week. This broke down quickly and went to the floor. Spear by Trent.

Back in the ringTaylor with a Back Flip Faceplant to Sammy. Tag to Jericho. Chuck kept up the punishment until Chris nailed a Missile Dropkick. Chris choked Chuk on the ropes. Sammy also attacked Chuck, when the ref was distracted. Universal into a wicked Dropkick by Sammy. Seated Rear Chin Lock by Guevara. Tag back to Jericho. Snap Suplex by Jricho intoa Knee Drop. Insulting slaps by Chirs. Chuck came back with hard Forearms. Dropkick by Jericho. 2 count. Jericho kept Chuck from tagging out. Back Elbow by Chris. Lionsault failed Jericho. He seemed to hurt his knee on the landing. Tags on both sides. Huge Knife Edge Chops and Forearms by Trent to Sammy. Whip and Double Thrust by Trent knocked Chris off the apron. Jericho was getting his bat “Floyd” from under the ring. Pimp Kick. Trent laid out Sammy but ended up on the floor. Split Screen Time!

Trent was sent into the barrier by Chris. The ref was counting out Trent but Jericho just threw the kid into the ring post. Sammy interrupted the count. 2 count when Trent was rolled back in the ring. Wild Knife Edges by Sammy into a series of Squats before a Samoan Drop. Tag to Jericho. He lifted his enemy for a Back Drop Suplex. Trent was hurting, big time. Knife Edge by Jericho. Trent started to fight back with his own Knife Edges. Flair Flip in the corner for Trent and Jericho bashed him as he came back in the ring. Jericho played up to the crowd. Kneelift by Chris. Jericho lifted Trent and dropped him over the top rope. Jericho nailed the ribs, earlier, with the bat. Double Team by Le Sex Gods.

Sammy was now legal and he kicked away. He walked away from Trent and ended up getting Double Stomped when he rushed the corner. Tag to Chuck. He went off on both challengers to their title shot. Falcon Arrow by Chuck. Taylor put Sammy in position. Powerbomb on Sammy after the Moonsault failed Chuck. Jericho prevented the pin. Big Boot by Chuck. Soul Food/German by the Best Friends. Jericho prevented the Big Hug. Jumping Knee and Dropkick on Jericho. Tornado DDT blocked and turned into the Walls of Jericho. Sammy took out Chuck with a Flip Dive. Trent made it to the ropes. Trent with a Clothesline after Chris fussed with the ref. Tag to Sammy.

Big Kick to Trent’s face. Sammy then got caught on top and pushed into crotching himself. The two fought up top.Assisted Superplex by Le Sex Gods. 2 count.

Chris went tothe eyes and Sammy almost got the pin. Chuck took out Jericho, sending him into the barricades. Chuck went and got a chair. Chuck wa thrown over the railing. Sammy attacked with the bat and nailed a Shooting Star Press. 1-2-Kick out! Torture Rack but Trent escaped. Vertebreaker!

Your Winners: The Best Friends
Dynamite Score: 96

I want to send out my well wishes to a very dear friend, Lottie. My former girlfriend just went throgh back surgery. Talked to her earlier and she is doing well. Always my love.

Orange Cassidy got in the ring and took out Jericho with a Superman Punch! Or would that be the “Orange Crucnch”. Chris Jericho will now fight Orange Cassidy at the big event, next month.

Match of the Night: Best Friends vs Le Sex Gods


–Jay Shannon

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