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The Raw Score

A weekly recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by your writing team of: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon, Candy and LeeAnne Moore

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”–Mahatma Ghandi

Backlash is in the books. Sadly, Edge not only lost to Randy Orton but he ended up with a torn tricep that will put him on the shelf from 4 to 8 months. Tonight, we may well get an update. Plus, things just can’t be good in the Lashley/Lana household after Backlash. Let’s take a look.

By the way, I’m running solo tonight because my beloved Candy is recovering from surgery on Monday. Thankfully, all went well but she is a little tired from the medications. She sends her love to one and all.

Roll the opening montage!

Weare back at the Performance Center. The announcers ran down the night’s card. It looks interesting. Let’s kick this puppy off…

Randy Orton came out to open the show. He looked proud of himself for what he did on Sunday. They had a fantastic match but it was far from the “Greatest Match”. Heck, Daniel Bryan vs A.J. Styles, last Friday, was miles aboove them.

Orton said he did humiliate Edge and wrote the final chapter. He also gave Edge “closure”. Orton knew Edge was just a shell of his former self and needed Orton to help him find that out. Orton mentioned how Edge helped him survive his own self-destruction, years ago. Orton now feels he is the Greatest WWE Wrestler…Ever. Orton then thanked Edge for reigniting the fire in his gut. Orton has reclaimed his “Legend Killer” persona. Randy said Edge’s tricep was torn completely off the bone. Orton knew Edge was in the hospital for surgery . Edge will maybe be back…in July, 2029. Orton laughed about it.

Christian came out to confront The Viper. He was far from a happy camper. Captain Charisma was ready to destroy Orton for gloating. Chrisitan said Randy was cold, calculating and a S.O.B.. Christian said Edge has never quit and would not start now.

Randy didn’t like being interrupted by Christian. He accused Christian of being jealous of Edge’s success. Randy said what Christian wants is one more match. Christian immediately denied he wanted to get back in the ring. Christian is NOT medically cleared to compete…except in an “Unsanctioned” match. Randy gave Christian til the end of the miight to decide if he was a fighter or a coward. The announcer felt it would be a bad choice for Christian to fight.

Charly was ready to chat with her first interviewees. It was Angel Garza and Zelina Vega. Charly showed how Andrade was defeated by Apollo Crews. Kevin Owens helped the U.S. title to retain. Charly asked Angel how he felt about costing Andrade the match. Vega started to explain but Garza interjected himself to talk for his buddy. They have their sights set on Kevin Owens. Andrade came in and wished Angel good luck agaisnt Kevin Owens. He hinted that if Angel lost, he just might be out of their little group. That battle happens next.

Kevin Owens vs Angel Garza

K.O. kept watching over his shoulder for a sneak attack. Zelina was with Angel for this one. Garza flirted on his way down to the ring. Vega was looking like she raided the Sraclet Witch’s closet.

Garza missed a Dropkick. Kevin tore into his foe. Andrade suddenly came out to watch this match. Owens just exploded on Angel with all kinds of kicks and punches. Owens ripped off the pants of ANgel. Garza barely escaped The Stunner. Garza tried to run Owens into the corner but ended up there, instead. Vega got fed up with the bickering and left ringside. Break time.

Angel twisted Kevin’s leg in the ropes. He then strutted. He missed a Bronco Buster and Owens went to town with Knife Edge Chops. Owens stopped short of trying for a Cannonball. Springboard Missile Dropkick by Angel for a two. Angel pulled back on Owens’ leg and arm. Owens and Garza then traded hard shts. Andrade held Oens’ leg as he bounced off he ropes. Stunner!1-2-3!

Your WInner: Kevin Owens
Raw Score: 75 out of a possible 100

Andrade cost Angel that match. Andrade was yelling at Angel as Vega stormed bck down to the ring. She yelled at them both to pay attention to herself. Vega said they needed to fight WITH each other and not AGAINST each other. They all left the ring and headed to the back. They were seriously using social distancing but I don’t think it was because of “The Virus”.

We saw highlights of Drew McIntyre vs Bobby Lashley. Bobby jumped Drew, pre-match, and cinched in the Lashley Lock (Full Nelson). Drew would come back to retain…after a distraction by Lana. Claymore! Lana was left at ringside.

MVP was making promises to Bobby Lashley. They were interrupted and they not happy about it. The girl asked about Lana. MVP said his man was cheated out of the win. MVP said it was time to address this situation.

Lashley and MVP came out, looking madder than all Hell. I’d love it if Lana brought back Rusev, but he is scheduled “other places”. MVP went on a major rant against Lana and Drew McIntyre. MVP said it was all Lana’s fault that Bobby lost. MVP said Drew was hiding behind Lana.

That brought out the former Ravishing Russian. Lana said Bobby was the one who stupidily banned her. Lana said Bobby knew she would never do anything to hurt him. She talked about all the changes that she made, including retiring her career. MVP and Lana got into a screaming match. Lana called MVP a “Snake” who was manipulating her husband. She warned MVP to lower his tone and talk to her with respect. Lana said they were on a hot streak. Bobby stepped in and said Lana hasn’t wrestled in forever. Lashley said he was sick and tired of Lana broadcasting their intimate time and personal time. Lana said if she wanted to use sex to get over, she would have slept with someone more . Lashley demanded a divorce and left the ring. Maybe Lana can join her “real husband” on Wednesdays or Tuesdays, elsewhere.

The announcers talked about he birth of the Viking Profits unity. That was THE dumbest thing on Backlash. We should have seen a good title match. Instead, they united to fight a bunch of wanna-be Ninjas. Sigh.

The Viking Profits came in as a unified group. This might work for Survivor Series but not in June. The ninja dude (Akira Tozawa) came up to request a “sequel”. He brought in the huge black guy. The guy has to be near seven feet tall. Montez had an idea. We will seen what he is thinking about, soon…

Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins went out and partied with the “crowd”. This was actually kind of fun to watch.

The Street Profits and Viking Raiders vs the Ninja Force

The ninjas were getting their butts handed to them. All four Faces got to shine in his massacre. Frog Spalshes to bring this to a quick end.

Your Winners: The Viking Profits
Raw Score: 40

The Super Ninja got in the ring and the VP members went into a huddle. Suddenly, the Big Show came from the back. Show was all smiles as he got in the ring. The little ninjas attacked and got laid out. Chokeslams and K.O. Punches. Akira and the big dude went up the ramp.

Charly stopped Seth and mentioned that Dominick was planning on being on Raw, tonight. Seth wasn’t worried about him showing up. It actually made him happy. Seth had a message for both Dominick and Rey Mysterio.

Enjoying the show tonight with Portabello (Mushroom) Pizza and a Big Red. Some parts of the country are not familiar with this liquid sensation but it is a red cream soda and a major favorite.

Christian was on the phone, in the back. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do but he didn’t want to let Randy fet away with this.

The announcers were back to discuss the possible match between Christian and Orton. They then switched to talking about the Seth Rollins/Rey Mysterio feud. Rey’s eye was injured, several weeks ago.

“The Monday Night Messiah”, Seth Rollins then came from the back. I’m not sure how much I like his new theme music. The fans gave Seth a bad time as he went to the ring.

Seth mentioned that last week he invited Rey Mysterio to come to Raw. Seth just wanted to chat in a peaceful way with the masked man. Seth said Rey is a hero who sacrificed himself for the “better good”. Seth said Rey declined his invite, as a coward would. However, Dominick Mysterio is there for his family.

Rey came on the Tron. Rey didn’t know his son was coming to Raw until it was too late. Rey warned Seth about what might happen. Seth swore he wanted to help Dominick, not hurt him. Seth asked Rey to convince his son to join Seth’s group. Rey went off on him in Spanglish. Rey said Dom would NEVER join Seth’s organization. Seth said Dom will be sacrificed. Rey said he would “END” Seth and/or his goons if they hurt his son.

Dominick slid in the ring and attacked Seth. HE threw Rollins into the ring steps. Dominick got in the ring as Murphy and Theory made it to ringside. Dominick jumped over the barricade and headed out of the arena. Awesome!Seth and his boys were so ticked off. Rey applauded his son’s guts.

MVP and Lashley were talking when R-Truth came up to to give his best wishes to Lashley during this sad time. Truth started to laugh as he poked fun at Lashley. Truth took off as Lashley threatened him.

Bray Wyatt is back on Smackdown, this Friday.

MVP and Lashley were looking for Truth. He was fighting with Ninjas, under the ring. Drew McIntyre walked up to help his buddy, Truth. MVP told Drew that he was only a pretender to being a champion. MVP said he helped Lashley reach his potential, after 13 years. MVP suggested that the 24/7 and WWE title should both be on the line, tonight. Lashley poked Drew to make the “Winners Take All” match. Drew accepted and MVP felt they were suckers. Drew asked Truth “What’s wrong with you?”. Truth didn’t understand what “Winner Takes All” meant.

Liv Morgan and Natalya vs Billie Kay and Peyton Royce (The Iconics)

I can’t stand those Aussie girls. Royce began against Liv but Nattie immediately taggedin. Royce dropped Natalya. Nattie took a kick tot he head. Peyon with a Double Stomp off the top. 2 count, right away. Live cheered on her partner. Billie made the tag and worked over the ribs. Suplex by Kay. Pose by the Iconics. Elbow Drop to give Billie a near fall. Kay shoved Liv. Roll up by Nattie. 2 count. Tag to Liv. Morgan just tore through Billie. Dropkick by Liv. Royce made the save. Nattie was thrown out. Liv with a Roll Up but the ref was out of position. Fall From Grace!

Your WInners: The Iconics
Raw Score: 75

The Iconics threw out a challenge to Sasha Banks and Bayley. Billie and Peyton waned a shot at the titles, right now. Banks and Bayley wouldn’t come out. The Iconics said they will make the match happen, next week.

Big Show came in to chat with Christian. Show talked about how dangerous an “Unsanctioned Match” is. He actually called Christian by his given name of Jay. Show talked about hte options he was facing. Show wanted Orton’s mouth shut, to be honest. Christian now knew what he had to do.

Liv and Nattie were fussing, backstage. Natalya said Live needs to focus Nattie said she knew why Ruby Riott dumped Liv. Nattie is making a major heel turn. Lana came up and whined about being humiliated by her husband. Nattie knew just how Lana feels. I smell a future tag team.

Christian came out on the stage. Charly walked out and asked Christian if he has made a decision. Christian had nothing left to prove but he would not be disrespected. Christian took off his jacket and said he was ready for one more match. “I Accept!”.

MVP walked up and chatted with Apollo Crews. MVP said Apollo wasn’t being wise in his title defenses. MVP said it should be about the money and the prestige. Apollo was about to face Shelton Benjamin. MVP was worried that Crews was about to burn out. MVP wanted to be Crews’ manager. Crews did not agree with MVP’s thinking and then turned down MVP’s offer. MVP said only with him in Apollo’s corner will Crews remain the U.S. champ.

Ric and Charlotte Flair talked about Charlotte’s plans, fgoing forward. Ric wanted to know who was getting under her skin. She wasn’t worried about anyone…Woooo!

Apollo Crews vs Shelton Benjamin
United States Non-Title Match

Shelton did an insert video where he said Apollo should join with MVP.

Shelton with a quick pin attempt. Dropkick by Crews and a Corner Sphash. German by Shelton. MVP watched, fromt he back. Shelton went for another quick pin attempt but failed to get the win. Shinu Numaki by Shelton but Apollo powered up. The two traded wild Forearms. European Uppercut by Crews. Jumping Enziguri by Apollo intothe Standing Moonsault. 1-2-no.

Gorilla Press failed Crews. Shelton tried to use the ropes int he pin but got caught. Crews rolled up Shelton and used the ropes to get the win. Really?

Your Winner: Apollo Crews
Raw Score: 50

Truth was warming up when Akira Tozawa and his ninjas came up. He went off in Japanese. Drew came in to protect the title of his partner. Drew didn’t like that his title was on the line. Drew wondered if Truth understood that they could lose it all. Truth did understand but he also knew what he had to do.

Just got a call from Candy. She is resting comfortably and watching Raw from the hospital.

Raw pushed the Undertaker mini-series. I’ve watched most of it and it is amazing. The announcer talked about he fourth episode. The final episode begins to air on Sunday.

We looked back at how Asuka became the Raw Women’s champion. She won Money in the Bank and then got the belt when Becky Lynch wenton maternity leave. Asuka fought Nia, last night. It ended up in a Double Count-Out. Awful ending, to be honest. They are about to have a rematch, tonight.

Asuka was interviewed about the Backlash match. Asuka rambled on in Japanese. “Nia Jax started this fight. Asuka will finish it”.

Drew McIntyre walked backstage until R-Truth came up and said he fixed things. The 24/7 title was no longer on the line. Drew said if Truth were to get pinned, the WWE title will be gone. Truth asked Drew to believe in him. Truth swore he would not let Lashley and MVP take the WWE title. Drew dind’t quite look convinced.

The Viking Profits chatted with Big Show. Show said it was time to finish these contests. Show said the tag titles should be on the line, next week, to settle things. Show started to sing with the guys.

Bobby Lashley and MVP vs Drew McIntyre and R-Truth
WWE Championship on the line

We got an extended What’s Up by Truth. Why? There is a reason why i dislike rap music. Drew then came out and told Truth to quit acting the fool. The introductions were made for this battle.

Drew asked Truth to let him s tart this. Collar and Elbow with Lashley. They went tothe corner and Drew with a Face Wash. They opened up with punches and Chops. Glasgow Kiss and Clothesline by Drew. Lashley went intothe ropes. Bobby pounded away. Choke by Lashley into a Warp Speed Corner Shoulder. Tag to MVP. Spinebuster to Lashley. La Bandera to Bobby. Drew with a Neckbreaker. Tag by Truth. Belly to Belly Throw by MVP. Bobby threw Truth into the barricade. Drew looked so depressed as we went to break.

Lashley took the tag and continued to destroy Truth. Bobby with Forearm Shots and a Boot Choke. Running Corner Shoulder by Bobby. MVP tagged in and hit a Running Boot. 2 count for MVP. Drew begged to get back in the ring.

Leg Lariat by Truth on MVP. Drew screamed for a tag. Hot tags on both sides. Drew went wild on Lashley but failed with the Future Shock DDT. Tag to MVP. Montel did NOT want to face Drew, right at the moment. Drew went up top and waited. Ax Bomber! Kip Up! Drew yelled at MVP to get his *ss up. Future Shock DDT! Lashley broke up the count at two. Truth rushed in but got dumped. Truth with a Drop Toe Hold to sned Lashley intothe ring steps. Claymore! 1-2-tag to Truth. Rocket Launcer! 1-2-3!

Your WInners; Drew McIntyre and R-Truth
Raw Score: 83

The champions held up their respective title belts.

Backstage, Christian taped up. Ric Flair came in to talk with Christian. Flair said Christian was just not ready for this. Flair warned that Orton was trying to prove a point. Christian just couldn’t let this one go. It is going to be a massacre.

Sasha Banks and Bayley came out for a little talk. Happy Birthday Pam (Bayley). I’ve known that wonderful lady for a decade now. I had the honor of ring announcing her in her early days. I still have copies of the old show where I also did commentary on her matches (as Davina Rose).

Bayley crowed about her great they were at Backlash. Bayley wanted to celebrate. Bayley said this would be a Birthday Week of celbrations. They planned on being on all three shows. Sasha went off on the Iconics for daring to say when they would fight them.

Speaking of the Iconics, Billie and Peyton came from the back. They wanted an answer to their challenge. Banks and Bayley mocked the Iconics for being losers. Billie reminded them that they dropped the title to them, last year, at Wrestlemania. The Iconics said Byley and Banks couldn’t handle the pressure and slapped Banks. Bayley lost it and accepted the challenge.

We flashed back to Dominick’s attack on Seth Rollins and his troops, earlier. Rey Mysterio will return, next week.

Nia Jax vs Asuka
Raw Women’s Championship Match

Nia did an insert video where she said Asuka just had “dumb luck” at Backlash. Her luck would run out, tonight.

Nia was stone-faced as teh champion made her entrance. Asuka did look tired. The introductions were done and tehn it was time to fight.

Dropkick by Asuka. Clothesline byJax. Fujiwara Arm Bar by Asuka. Hip Attack blocked by Nia. Asuka slipped free from the Samoan Drop. Nia stayed on the apron for a few seconds. Asuka with hard kicks but a hard right laid out the Tokyo native. Jax kicked away.

Arm Bar by Asuka but they were almost right on top of the ropes. Jax headed to the floor. Baseball Slide by Asuka failed. Powerbomb , on the floor, by Jax. Off to commercials.

Torture Rack by Nia. She dropped the champ like a bad habit. Double Knees to Jax’s face. Low Dropkick by Asuka to pull a deuce. Asuka went up top but got caught. Forearm Shiver by Nia. Asuka countered the Super Samoan Drop. Asuka kicked the legs to trip Nia. Dropkick on the trapped Nia. 2 count. hard kicks by the champion. Nia blocked the last kick and nailed a Headbutt. Samoan Drop. Asuka was in the ropes so no count. Nia lost it and shoved hte ref. Roll Up by Asuka as the ref started to call for the DQ. 3 count.

Your Winner: Asuka
Raw Score: 70

The count was a little quick, to be real.

Charly chatted with Randy Orton. He knew Christian had accepted his challenge. Randy knew Christian was a Legend and he IS the Legend Killer. He also explained what an Unsanctioned Match means and Christian’s Legend was about to be extinguished by the letters…R-K-O!

Next week, we will get multiple title defenses. Right now, we get to see Christian get annihilated by Randy Orton.

Christian vs Randy Orton
Unsanctioned Match

Christian was in street clothes, since he didn’t plan on wrestling. Ric Flair came out and said Christian did not have to do this. Christian said he did. Low Blow by Flair to Christian. Really? Flair stepped out as Randy went for The Punt. The fans begged Orton to stop. Randy with a mercifully quick pin.

Your Winner: Randy Orton
Raw Score: 20

Randy screamed at Christian that this was all Christian’s fault for coming out there. Orton backed off as the medics checked on Christian. Orton actually asked the medicos to help Christian. Orton kept saying that he didn’t want to do this. Orton didn’t want to finish Christian but Captain Charisma gave him no choice. Orton couldn’t let anyone destroy his livelihood. Fade out.

Candy: Get well soon, love
Jean: Happy Friend-a-versary
Niecy: 143


–Jay Shannon

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