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The AEW Dynamite Score

A weekly recap and review of professional wrestling’s hottest new promotion.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“Even while they teach, men learn”–Seneca the Younger

AEW did a fantastic Lives Matter intro.

We saw the arrival of #FTR. Cash and Dax came to aid the Young Bucks. We also learned that Taz is now the manager of Brian Cage. Cody talked about putting his title up in an on-going Open Challenge. Jungle Boy will get the shot, this week.

Roll the Opening Montage!

The announcers immediately brought up Chris Jericho’s issues with Mike Tyson. They then ran down the night’s matches.

Kip Sabian and Jimmy Havoc vs Kenny Omega and “Hangman” Adam Page
World Tag Team Title Match

Penelope Ford was with her men for this one. Rick Knox was the Zebra in Charge. Kenny started against Jimmy. Kenny took Havoc to the corner. Slaps on both sides. Hard punches by Havoc. Running Back Elbow by Omega. Ford tried to get involved. That allowed Jimmy to clock Kenny. Universal but Havoc with a Leg Lariat on the Leap Frog. Tag toKip.

Back Elbow by Sabian. 1 count only. Kip tied up Kenny’s neck and arm. Tag back to Jimmy. Jimmy was trained by the family of WWE’s Paige. Kenny laid out his foe as #FTR looked on. Rainmaker Short Arm Clothesline by Omega. Tag to Page. Springboard Ax Bomber by the “Hangman”. Double Team on Havoc with vicious Chops to the chest and back. Double Fallaway Slam on Kip. Ford went flew for a Rana but Page just held her. When the ref turned around, he simply dropped her. Havoc had a wrench and he blasted the champs with it. 2 count.

Havoc crashed into the corner. Page tried to fight both men but failed. Omega was down. Double team on Adam. Page was Dropkicked out of the ring. The challengers were in complete control. 2 count. Tag to Havoc. Snap Mare into a Choke. Tag to Kip. Omega was knocked off hte apron. PUnt to Page. Page went wild on both opponents. Hot Tag to Omega.

Kenny with Double Sledges to both challengers. Kip slipped out of a Fireman’s Carry. Omega with a Standing Rana to both men. Omega ran Havoc into Kip. Back Stabber to Sabian by Omega. 1-2-no. Tag back to Page.

Double Team on Sabian. Omega with a modified Famouser for a two. Page lifted Kipbut he flipped out of a German. Havoc had a hacksaw but didn’t get to use it. Fallaway SlamKip. Page then dove out to lay out Havoc. Tag to Omega. Swinging DDT by Kip. Tag to Havoc. Boots by Omega. Death Valley Driver to send Omega into Page. Double Stomp by Sabian. Havoc hit his finisher but Page made the save. Kip kept the pressureon Omega. Kip attacked both Page and Omega. Springboad Dropkck by Kip. Inverted Rana by Kip. Tag to Havoc. Omega pushed Havoc into Kip and nailed the Snap Dragon. V Trigger to Kip. Page took the tag. Double team on the challengers. Page with a Powerbomb to Kip and Omega followed up with a shot. Last Call Lariat by Adam Page!

Your Winners: Kenny Omega and “Hangman” Adama Page
Dynamite Score: 95 out of a possible 100

Seeing this great tag team match is the perfect way to talk about someone special that needs our prayers. “Fantastics” member Bobby Fulton has been battling cancer for some time. He has beaten most of the disease but still has a little more to go. He mentioned on Facebook, the other day, that he needed prayers and positive thoughts. I met him, a few years back, at an event in New Orleans. He is a true gentleman that loves the fans and this business. Please keep him in your thoughts and if you wnat to send him a get well note, I know he would appreciate it. Thanks.

Tully Blanchard really went off on Shawn Spears for not reaching his potential. Tully had a surprise for his protege. Tully gave Shawn a black glove that reminds me of the early days of Ted DiBiase and the days of The Spoiler.

The announcers sent it back to the end of last week’s show, where Chris Jericho and Mike Tyson got into it. Jericho wants Tyson. We also saw the debut of Brian Cage with his Drill Claw finisher.

Brian Cage (w/Taz) vs Shawn Dean

Cage just went wild. Overhead Belly to Belly Trapped Arm Suplex. The poor victim was thrown into the corner. Taz was digging this. Cage just threw the kid around. Dead Lift Superplex. Launching Buckle Bomb. Stall Suplex into the Drill Claw!

Your WInner: Brian Cage
Dynamite Score: 50

Taz got on the stick to “pul back the curtain”. Taz took exception to Moxley insulting him by laughing at them. Taz warned Mox “Beat him if you can…Survive if he lets you”.

Moxley came throught the arena to face Cage. Taz warned Mox to be careful getting into the ring with his “Mean Machine”. Mox thought this was fun. Mox appreciated Cage’s aggression and skill. Mox said this was not a game. Mox was impressed by Cage but he knew Brain was not unbeatable. Mox said he was different than anyone that Cage has had to deal with. Mox said he was different type of shark. Mox warned Taz about bringing up his name in public.

We got a rocking promo the new AEW Action Figures. I want the Pentagon Junior figure.

Lance Archer was destroying some guy in a junkyard. He cut a promo about wanting to destroy everyone. Jake Roberts had to protect the interviewer, Alex.

We looked at how Matt Hardy helped Marq Quen to the back, last week. Marq hurt his knee. Marq was chilling out when Matt Hardy V.1 came in to check on Marq. Hardy appreciated Private Party and called them the future of the industry and compared Private Party to the Hardy Boyz. Matt offered to help the kids if they wanted or needed advice. They created the Hardy Party! As he left, he crowwed paths with Sammy Guevara. Hardy said they were cool and told him there was respect.

We looked at the rise of Cody to becoming the first TNT Champion. He said his mom taught him how to be a winner, not his dad or brother. Cody wants to fight, each and every week. A Battle Royal found his first challenger…Jungle Boy!

We looked at the decade-long resentment that Chris Jericho has held against Mike Tyson. Chris amd Iron Mike got into a shoving match and the entire locker room rushed down to break things up. Tyson said he would return to kick Jericho’s *ss. Jericho blamed Colt Cabana for stopping him from getting to Tyson. That led to our next match…

“Boom Boom” Colt Cabana vs Chris Jericho

This was the first time these two have fought, one on one. Jericho looked ice cold as he walked from the back. Sammy got on everyone’s nerves with his off-key singing. Hell, it reminded me of being in dialysis with my nurse, Angela. She’s a sweet girl but can’t carry a tune in a bucket if she had friends helping her. LOL.

Jericho applauded the singing…or maybe that it was over. Colt went after Chris with punches and kicks. Eye Rake by Chris. Punches by Jericho. Colt decked Jericho and then kept the pressure on. Chris was tossed out to the floor. Colt came out and punched away. Colt stared at Jake Hager. Asai Moonsault by Colt. Colt was spittingup a bit of blood.

Colt bounced Jericho off the announce table. Jake tripped Colt as he was running the apron. The ref didn’t see a thing.

Jericho kicked Colt, in the ropes. The “fans” gave Chris a hard time. Slap by Jericho. Colt fought up from the canvas. Running Back Elbow by Chris. 1-2-not yet. Chris continued to punch away. Colt with hard punches but Jericho countered them all. Jericho crashed into the corner, thanks to Colt. Punches back and forth. Clothesline by Cabana. Flip Flop and Fly and Bionic Elbow by Colt. Flying Apple in the corner by Colt. Flying Splasht o give Colt a near fall. Back Elbow by Jericho. He missed the Lionsault. Jericho caught Colt in a Boston Crab. Cabana made it to the bottom rope.

Jericho gave Aubrey, the ref, a hard time. Rana by Colt. Clothesline by Cabana. Top Rope Rana for a Cabana 2. Colt kept trying to make pins. Colt walked into the Judas Effect.

Your WInner: Chris Jericho
Dynamite Score: 88

Jericho gave the house mic and told everyone to shut up. He demanded respect. He planned to destroy “Iron” Mike Tyson. I hate this use of profanity. It is NOT needed. Jericho ordered AEW to give him Tyson. Jericho called out Mike Tyson. Mike didn’t show up.

Instead of Mike Tyson, he got Orange Cassidy. Orange put Jericho’s hands in Chris’ own pockets. Jake tried to attack Orange but Cassidy was too quick. “Future Diva” Stacia Raines (young daughter of Tyson Raines) just told her daddy to beat them both up. Smile.

We got a video package about Brian Cage. He is next in line to go after Jon Moxley. They will meet on TNT, the day after my birthday (July 7th). July 8th is also the day before my writing partner, LeeAnne Moore’s birthday. We get a lot of goodies, that week.

We got an update on Dr. Britt Baker’s recovery. She is in a wheelchair, currently. Rebel keeps rolling her around. Please, Mama Dee’s best friend, Carolyn, is in a chair and gets around better than that.

Big Swole vs Nyla Rose

Swole mocked Nyla. Side Headlock by Swole. Rose was trapped. Side Headlock Takeover by Swole. Roll Up by Nyla for a two. Abdominable Stretch by Swole. Hip Toss by Nyla. Low Bridge by Swole. Nyla tripped Swole on the apron. Nyla threw Swole back in the ring as we went to break.

The two slugged it out in mid ring. Backbreaker by Nyla. Swole fought back. Swole punched away. Big Spin Kick by Swole. Nyla flipped Swole over the ropes. Swole punched away. The ref made her stop. Swole missed a Big Kick byt came back to hit one. 2 count.

Swole was thrown out on the apron. Swole escaped a Suplex and pounded away. Crescent Kick by Swole. Nula blasted Swole. Sunset Flip by Swole for a near fall. Powerbomb by Nyla.

Your Winner: Nyla Rose
Dynamite Score: 80

Big Swole was interviewed. Britt Baker gave her fits. Swole grabbed a chair and went after the injured doctor.

Tony then chatted with Darby Allin or tried…

Tony talked with #FTR. He asked about their plans. They discussed the various teams and wanted everyone to know they wanted a challenge. Cash and Dex talked about the past five years. They were interrupted by Blade and Butcher. Dax and Cash threw out a challenge for next week.

The announcers talked about next week’s show. Colt Cabana will fight Sammy Guevara. There will be another TNT Championship Match. Plus, a six man match and Butcher and Blade will fight #FTR.

Alex was backt o chat with Colt Cabana. Colt admitted he lost but he felt he showed he could hang with Jericho. Brodie Lee came in to chat with Colt. He started spouting all kinds of psycho-babble to try and lure Colt into the Dark Order. Interesting. Colt said he didn’t want any part of them. Or does he?

Jungle Boy vs Cody
TNT Championship Match

That TNT belt joins the ranks of ugliest belts in the business. Cody traded the red strap for his white weight belt. The introductions were made. Arn Anderson was at ringside for Cody. He got a lot of heat from the crowd.

Jungle Boy rolled around to keep Cody off his game. Waist Lock Takedown by Cody. Collar and Elbow and they were pretty evenly matched. Cody took J.B. down. Side Headlock by Cody. Push Off but Cody with a Shoulder Tackle. Universal into a Rana by Jungle Boy. Cody kicked out easily. Cody with Forearms nad Chops. They two traded vicious shots. Jungle Boy reversed a Whip but fell to a Powerslam. 2 count. Cody stomped away on his challenger. Cody worked on the knee and lockedin a Figure Four, after doing a Flair “Wooo”. Jungle Boy would not give up. He reached the ropes, finally.

Cody looked angry as the match continued. He missed the Disaster Kick. Springboard Torndado DDT by Jungle Boy for a extremely near fall. Tope Suicida by Jungle Boy. Cody threw J.B. intothe Gunn Club. We took a break.

Jungle Boy was out on the floor. Cody came out to get him. Headbutt by the champ. Cody tried for a 2nd one and connected with the wall! MJF screamed at Jungle Boy and called him a “joke”. Cody was seriously busted open. Arn asked the ref to check on Cody. Jungle Boy went right after the cut forehead. Cody with a Hip Toss. J.B. with a Dropkick and Inside Cradle. 2 count. Cody with a kick to the head. Lariat by Jungle Boy. Dang. J.B. punched away at the open wound. J.B. headed up top but got Dropkicked. Stall Superplex by Cody. 1-2-kick out.

Cody pulled off his weight belt. He threw it aside. Cody was kicked out to the apron. J.B. caught Cody on the turnbuckles. They fought on the top until they both ended up going through a table, on the floor.

Cody got up first and Shouldered Jungle Boy. J.B. got planted by a monster CrossRhodes!

Your Winner: Cody
Dynamite Score: 94

Cody helped Jungle Boy to his feet and they hugged. Mega Cool!

Match of the Night (and it was a close one): Kip Sabian and Jimmy Havoc vs Adam Page and Kenny Omega


–Jay Shannon

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