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The Raw Score

A weekly recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon, Candy and LeeAnne Moore

“Better to fight for something than to live for nothing”–General George S. Patton

Welcome to Memorial Day. My family has produced three different generations of military men. My Grandfather, Step-Father and Nephew have all served their country honorably. Two of them have moved on to the next reality but Lane is still down in El Paso, training every day. MY love and respect to all three of them and to the thousands of others who have dedicated their lives to freedom and liberty.

We begam wotj a trobite video to the military. Very touching and very classy.

Roll the opening montage!

WWE took a page out of AEW’s palybook by having the talent out to be an “audience”. The announcers ran down the pending card. This one looks good.

The K.O. Show

Thought we were starting with the V.I.P. Lounge but this is just as good. Owens acknowledged the NXT crew who surrounded the ringside area. Owens will fight Angel Garza, later on. TRight now, he wanted to talk about the Triple Threat Match to find Asuka’s next opponent. Instead of one of the three ladies, Kevin brought out Asuka. Asuka chanted for Becky. Owens pushed Becky’s new shirt about being The Mom. Owens congratualted Asuka for being the new champ. K.O. showed the attack on Kairi Sane, last week, after an attack by Asuka on the Island Warrior. Asuka came to Kairi’s aid and laid out the larger girl. Asuka yelled in a mix of English and Japanese.

She was stopped by the arrival of the NXT Champion, Charlotte Flair. Flair instructed Owens to hold the ropes for her and he did so. Kevin joked about Charlotte losing a feather on her robe. Flair was upset that Asuka was just handed the title, not her. FLair reminded Asuka that the Empress has never beaten her…

Out came Natalya. Nattie was all business. Owens mocked Nattie for throwing his set around, last week. Natalya apologized for her temper tantrum of last week. Flair laughed at Nattie for sucking up to K.O..

Nia Jax came out to round out the contestants. Jax wanted them all to stop. Jax was confident that she was going to be the next Raw Women’s title. Nia taunted Asuka about how she messed with Kairi, last week. It broke down into complete chaos as Asuka went after Nia and Flair and Natalya tore into each other. Nia bailed out and headed up the ramp. The fight came to a quick end.

Kayla chatted with Apollo Crews. SHe wondered if Apollo was mentally ready for the United States title match. He definitely was…

Apollo Crews vs Andrade
U.S. Title Match

Zelina Vega was out with her main client. The rest of her Familia is fractured, to say the least. Austin Theory seems to have jumped over to being a follower of Seth Rollins. That didn’t make Murphy very happy. Angel Garza is also unhappy with the group.

It was interesting to notice that the “Fans” were kept behind plexiglass walls. Crews was the crowd favorite. Andrade talked trash just before the introductions. Crews is from Stone Mountain, GA. Mama Dee and my little sister, Lucy, lived there when I was a kid.

Crews went after the champ, who retreated to the corner. Crews took Andrade down quickly. The U.S. champ scooted away. Garza stayed int he back. Hard Corner Kicks by Crews. Running Back Elbow by the challenger. Stall Suplex by Apollo. 1 count only. Straight Fist and Scoop Slam attempt by Crews. Back Elbow by Andrade. That looked a lot like the Judas Effect. Crews blocked the Hammerlock DDT and turned it into a Back Body Drop. Vega got on the apron to distract. A kick sent Andrade into his manager. He bailed out to check on her as we went to split screen.

Trainers and refs rushed down to check on Zelina. Looks like she has new ink. Vega ordered her man to get back in and fight. Andrade exploded on Apollo. He pulled Crews out and threw him into the barricade. He grabbed his belt and shouted that it was his belt. Andrade rolled Crews back in and almost got the pin. Arm Bar by the champ. Crews punched away but Andrade with a Side Headlock. Huge rights by Crews. Corner Rush by Apollo. Whip and Splash by Apollo. Crews pushed Andrade back intot he corner. Kick by Andrade but Crews basically No SOld it and went up top. Andrade tripped Crews and hit hte Double Stomp in the corner. 1-2-No.

Kayla chatted with Garza. He flirted with her as he compared the match to making love. Andrade was thrown into the corner and almost pinned. Garza is even more sleazy than Joey Ryan. Rana by Andrade out of a Powerbomb attempt. DOuble Knees by Andrade for another near fall. Andrade worked on Apollo’s leg but Crews still nailed an Enziguri. Warrior Drop and Standing Shooting Star Press.

Your Winner (and NEW United States Champion): Apollo Crews
Raw Score: 94 out of a possible 100

Apollo was asked about winning his first title. People laughed at him, in the past, about winning a championship. After 11 years, his dream has come true. Crews never gave up on himself. Apollo was thrilled at being the new champ. Backstage, Andrade had a serious meltdown.

Oh Lord. The Street Profits and the Viking Experience are going to do Golf, this week. WHY?

Seth Rollins was holding a Rey Mysterio mask. He has an issue with the Lucha Legend. Seth was set to talk about it, next.

I want to send a special Thank You out to one of my favorite musicians, Colt Ford. He has done a remake of “Convoy”, with proceeds going to help the truckers that keep this country going. Check it out on YouTube and if you want to help, please do. Mama Dee and my Grandfather both drove trucks so I know what they went though.

Seth Rollins said it was a time of celebration. Seth was better than ever before…thanks to Rey Mysterio. We flashed back to how Seth injured Rey’s eye, a couple weeks back. Seth said Rey sacrificed himself to help bring back Seth from the brink. Seth tried to make Rey a martyr to his messiah-dom. Seth considered Rey a hero. Austin Theory and Murphy walked up to their leader. I’m betting Theory is about to lose his first name, just like “Buddy” did. Murphy thanked Seth for being his inspiration. Theory sounded like one of those brain-washed cult followers. Seth said his forces will face Humberto Carrillo and Aleister Black, shortly.

Charly talked wtih Charlotte Flair, backstage. SHe was asked about the possibility of becoming a Double Champion. Flair tooted her own horn to deafening levels. Flair said no one compared to her.

Asuka danced out and taunted Flair. “Red is not your color”. She was talking about hte women’s title.

Bille Kay and Peyton Ryce came out. They looked great but the voices are still so annoying. Why were they here? We need some commercials first.

Peyton apologized to Billie. Kay said she was the one who should say she is sorry. She slapped her long-time Partner, last week, after they lost to the tag champs. This became a Bestie Moment. Yawn. The Iconics grumbled about how they were treated poorly, in the past. They started to talk trash about Alexa and Nikki.

That brought the champs to the ring. Alexa said the Iconics blew all their chances. Nikki tried to say something but she was shut down. Nikki talked about leaving Scotland with nothing to scratch and crawl up to where she is now. Nikki said Alexa has kept her under control.

Billie and Peyton attacked the champs. This got seriously ugly. IconiCrush (Inverted Magic Killer) on Nikki. They then draped the belts on Bliss and Cross.

MVP was getting ready for hte VIP Lounge. Lana came upto conftont him. She wanted to have a little talk but MVP didn’t think it was needed. He then walked away.

We got am “In Memory” for Shad Gaspard.

The VIP Lounge

He welcome the NXT kids to his show. MVP’s guest tonight is Drew McIntyre. MVP talked a little garbage before bringing out the man MVP called “The Future Former Champion”, Drew McIntyre. Drew did not appreciate MVP’s commentts. Drew threw around the furniture and asked where Bobby Lashley was hiding. MVP said this was not a ser-up. MVP said they were saving the Full Nelson until Backlash. MVP was still offended that Drew rejected his managerial services, some time back. MVP took a Claymore to the face. MVP swore he would play a part in Drew losing the WWE title. He grumbled that Lashley has been waiting 13 years. Drew topped him that it took him 19 years before beating Brock Lesnar in five minutes, at Wrestlemania.

Drew said he didn’t need someone thinking for him, talking for him or kissing his *ss. Drew said Bobby would have to pry the title from his dead hands. “That can be arranged”.

Bobby Lashley then came out. Claymore to MVP. Lashley moved MVP out of the way. Drew wanted to go but MVP held him back. Drew begged Bobby to come fight hm but MVP knew it wasn’t the right time.

Charly chatted with Natalya. She took a call from “T.J.” (Tyson Kidd). They were grumbling over the phone. Nattie didn’t get to finish her interview.

Kevin Owens vs Angel Garza

Garza attacked Owens as he came down the ramp. Quick b reak so Peaches gets to go walkies and I get fresh Big Blue.

The ref checked on Owens. Garza tore into Kevin’s leg as the bell rang. Single Leg with punches to the hip. Kevin punched awau but Garza stayedon the leg and knee. Garza pressed on the knee and cinched in an Ankle Lock. Owens got to the ropes to force the break. DDT by Owens, out of nowehre. Clotheslines by the limping Owens. Backsplash Senton by the Canadian Superstart. Owens tried to charge but stumbled. Superkick by Angel. 2 count.

Garza hoisted Owens up top and set for a Reverse Superplex. Headbutt sent Garza off the ropes. Swanton by Owens. Knife Edge Chops by Owens. Pop Up Powerbomb failed. WIng Clipper!

Your WInner: Angel Garza
Raw Score: 85

Garza continued to attacked Owens, after the bell. The fans gave him Hell.

WWE is now working with Hiring Heroes USA. They help people coming out of the military.

The announcers sent us to the Golf Course. Befoe we wasted another segment with stupid sports, we got a flashback of the basketball and ax throwing silliness. Just let them fight and move on…PLEASE!

Erik and Ivar brought a cooler…filled with meat. The two teams were told how to behave. This so reminds me of Cat and Lister doing gold in “Better than Life” on Red Dwarf. The Vikings didn’t do all theat great but the Profits got lucky. The Vikings actually blew the tires out of a golf cart. The group of golfies got ousted from the real course and headed to play mini-golf. This reminds me of that goofy show on ABC. The Vikings didn’t get it that they lost. The Profits now lead this ridiculous competition, 2 to 1. Let the pain end, soon.

MVP and Lashley strolled backstage. Lana was there with a bag of ice. Lana mocked MVP for getting kicked in the face. MVP knew that Lana was making this all a joke. MVP said they needed to send a message back to Drew McIntyre, now. Lana lost it as she was tossed to the side.

Elsewhere, Seth Rollins chatted with his guys.

Murphy and (Austin) Theory vs Humberto Carrillo and Aleister Black

Seth came out with Rey’s mask in hand. We saw how Theory jumped over to working with Seth. Seth discussed strategy as Black made his entrance.

Theory opened up against Humberto. They traded punches and kicks. Tag to Murphy. MUrphy stomped away on the Mexican star. Humberto escaped a double team and took down both foes. Seth’s forces ended up on the floor. Tag to Black. He faked a Tope. Humberto nailed a Plancha to drop both enemies.

Black worked over Theory with kicks and a other strikes. Dutch Hug by Black. Tag to Humberto. He focusedon the arm. Kick and Back Elbow by Humberto. Snap German to Humberto by Theory. Tag to Murphy.

Tornado Kick by Humberto. He needed a tag but Murphy was in his way. Tags on both side. Black tore through both foes. Theory laid out Murphy, by accident. Black went to town on Theory. Tag to Humberto. He took out Murphy but Theory nailed the ATF on Carrillo.

Your WInners: Murphy and Theory
Raw Score: 84

Seth instructed his disciples to destroy Black. He then told them that Humberto needed to learn. They put him near the ring steps and threatened to poke out Humberto’s eye. Seth ordered Black to put down the chair or the kid loses an eye. Seth grabbed the mask and he and his disciples headed tot he back.

Edge sat in the shadows. He had something to say…next.

Edge cut a promo from the back. Orton caught him off-guard and he fell for it. Edge isnow doubting himself. Edge mentioned being retired for over 3,000 days. Edge thanked Randy for making him evaluate himself. Edge finally gets it about the pull of the limelight. Edge discussed all the great stars that he has faced, over the years. He talked about being a Work Horse for the company. Edge just didn’t know if he could “go” anymore but he was going to do his best.

Asuka came out for the next match. The “Fans” loved her. The Triple Threat is on deck.

The announcers sent it to a video package about he Real Heroes Project. My heroes are the lovely ladies who work at my dialysis center.

THe Street Profits and the Vikings argued about the silly golf challenge. The Vikings wanted a Bowling Challenge. MVP came up and said the Profits were throwing away their careers. Ford and Dawkins joked about MVP getting a kick in a face. MVP challenged the champs to face him and Lashley. Interesting.

CHarlotte Flair vs Natalya vs Nia Jax
Triple Threat to find the Number One Contender to the Raw Women’s Championship.

Asuka wants Nia. Flair blasted Nattie but then Nia with Corner Shouldders. Nattie tried to attack but got pushed down. Nia Slammed Nattie onto Flair. They barely escaped a Legdrop from Jax. Double Whip to send Nia into the ring post. Asuka giggled like a school girl in an Anime cartoon. Leg Scissors by Natalya. Side Headlock Takeover by Nattie. Side Headlock by Nattie but Flair with a Shoulder Tackle. Roll Up but Flair out at one. Flair Flop but Nia pulled her off the apron. Nia got attacked by Flair. Nia pulled Nattie out of the ring. Flair and Jax fought over the top of hte announce table. Flair took the worst of that exchange. Flair with ridiculous Flair CHops, on the apron. Jax tried to lift Flair but Nattie got the ankle. Double Powerbomb to put Nia through the annoucne table. Break time.

Flair with a Go Behind on Nattie. Doubel Crossbody and both women were down. Asuka rolled Nia into the ring! Jax pushed Nattie away. Nattie took down Nia nad cinched in a Fujiwara Arm Bar. Nia with a Beast Bomb but Flair made the save and then tried for the pin. 2 count.

Natalya was thrown outside. Flair focusedon her foe as Asuka yelled. Moonsault by Flair but Jax kicked out at two. Nattie with a Crossbody, off the top, on Flair. 2 count. Clotheslie by Jax to both opponents. Jax sent both women into the corner and hit a Splash. Jax tried to lift both women but couldn’t. Flair pulled Nattie down by the hair and then went after Jax. Flair attacked the knee of Jax. Figure Eight but Natalya saved the day. Sharpshooter by Nattie. Jax broke it up. Jax Steamrolled Nattie. Superkick by Flair. Nattie stopped the pin. Nattie was sent tothe floor. Jax kicked out of the Figure Eight. Flair went up top but stopped to clock Nattie. Jax caught Flair on the top. Headbutts by Jax. Tower of Doom! Asuka loved it.

Nattie tried to pin both women but failed. roll Up by Flair for a two. Figure Eight by Flair but Nia with a wicked Legdrop. Samoan Drop on Nattie to bring this one home.

Your Winner: Nia Jax
Raw Score: 94

Drew had an official statement. He didn’t plan to nail a Claymore but it worked. Drew didn’t know that Lashley and MVP were goig to fight. Drew decided to stick around, just a little longer.

The announcers talked about the 24/7 championship. Rob Gronkowski “won” the title, at Wrestlemania. R-Truth wnts the belt back. Rob countered Truth’s comments. Gronk said the title will be staying with him. Gronk is the longest reigning 24/7 Champion (which isn’t saying much).

MVP and Lashley were interviewed. MVP said he wanted to fight because of Lashley.

Ric Flair is coming home to Raw, next. Why? I am so glad to see one of my favorites. He was always Candy’s brother (Rob’s) favorite, as well. Rob’s been gone just over a year now and he is still so missed.

The announcer ran down the updated Backlash card. That led to a piece where Flair discussed great wrestling matches. Flair put his stamp on Randy Orton to take the win at Backlash. I think he just might be right.

We got a look at part 3 of Undertaker: Last Ride. It had a lot to do with the feud with Shawn Michaels.

Liv Morgan did another “Lost in herself” promo. WWE gave her direction.

Amgelo Dawkins and Montez Ford (The Street Profits) vs MVP and Bobby Lashley
Non-Title Match

Insert Video by the Profits. THe NXT kids were really enthusiastic. We headed to break.

Aleister Black will face Seth Rollins, next week. Also, Rey Mysterio is set to retire.

MVP went from Black Panther to Punisher in his ring gear. Ford taunted Lashley with insults and speed. Shoulder Tackle by Lashley. Unifersal into a Front Face Lock by Ford. Lashley took him tothe corner and then broguhthim out for a Flatliner. 2 count for Lashley. Boxing and Shoudlers by MVP. Ford with a hard shot to MVP’s jaw. Tag back to Lashley. Running Shoulder in the corner. Dang. Ford slipped out of a Stall Suplex. Tag to Dawkins. Dawkins didn’t stay long. Lashley ran into Ford and launched him intot he barricade, from the apron. Lashley put Ford on his shoulders and ran his head into the ring post. We needed a break after that.

MVP was in control of Ford. Elbows by MVP and tag to Lashley. Vicious Back Elbows by Bobby. Ford was on Dream Street, to be sure. Dawkins was knocked off the apron. Dominator by Lashley for a near fall. Ford was tossed out of the ring. Tag to MVP. He went to get Ford. Ford was whipped into the ring steps. MVP tossed Ford in and almsot pinned him. Arm Bar by MVP. Whip by MVPbut he missed a Big Boot. Dawkins begged for a tag. Haymaker by Ford. Tag to Dawkins.

Angleo with a Flying Back Elbow. Twisted Splash in the corner. Dawkins knocked Lashley off the apron. Ford drove Bobby intot he barricade. Double Team on MVP. Huge Frog Splash by Ford. Lashley locked in the Full Nelson. The ref called the DQ.

Your WInneers (by Disqualification): The Street Profits
Raw Score: 84

Drew witha Glasgow Kiss as he stormed from the back. The fight went to the floor. Drew ran Bobby’s back into the post. Drew punched away. Rookies came in to stop this and both took Glasgow Kisses. Lashley with a Spear. More trainees rushed down to break this up. Drew tossed them out and tore into Bobby. More NXT guys rushed in but they couldn’t keep them apart. This was pushing Social Distancing to the breaking point.

Paula: Welcome to the Neighborhood
Robbie: Congrats on graduation
Shelly: Looking forward to seeing you soon
Niecy: 143 and feel better soon


–Jay, Candy and LeeAnne

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