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The AEW Dynamite Score

A weekly recap and review of professional wrestling’s hottest new international sensation.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon, Candy and LeeAnne Moore

“Not all heroes wear capes”–Anonymous

It is with a heavy heart that we say good-bye to one of the true “good guys” in pro wrestling. CNN, earlier today, verified that Shad Gaspard has been located after being swept away in the Pacific Ocean while saving his son, on Sunday. Shad was a hero, several times over, including foiling an armed robberty, some time back, as well as making sure his young son was safe. I heard about this on Monday but didn’t want to mention it until all the facts were in. I wish we had better news to sahre in this tragic loss. Rest in Peace, young man. Your contributions to this world of ours have made it a better place.

Tonight was the “Go Home” episode of Dynamite. Expect all the major players to get some air time. WE started with a promo for the upcoming PPV. Cody vs Lance Archer should be brutal to new levels. Inner Circle vs The Elite should also be incredible. Plus, Jon Moxley will defend his AEW World title against the crazed Brodie Lee.

A black limo pulled up. Who was in it? The Inner Circle stepped out and went off on the interview guy. Jericho had plans for The ELite, tonight. The interviewer asked what Jericho and his squad planned for the Elite. They insulted him including calling him something rude in Spanish (I know what it meant but we are “family friendly”. Smile).

Our regular announce team of Jim Ross, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone were back in full force. They ran down the matches for tonight. Interesting collection of action-packed contests.

Jon Moxley vs “10″
Non-Title Match

Brodie Lee was with his flunky for this one. Lee still has possession of the title belt, which he stole from Mox. Lee cut a promo to talk to the fans at home. Lee went off on the “crowd” for being rude to him. Lee had 10 “take a knee”. He gave h im a rough time because 10 didn’t do it right, at first. Lee knew the fans did not feel they could relate to him but he was NOT a God but a Man. Lee said this version of the Dark Order existed on a new level. Lee turned to 10 and said he was picked because Lee had faith in him. He promoted 10 to the position of “High Knight”. Whatever.

Moxley entered the building as Lee and his followers jeaded to the back. Running High Knee by Mox and Knife Edge Chop by Mox. Shoulder Cappture Suplex and LIft Drop by Mox. This poor masked kid is such a sacrificial lamb in this one. Kicks and stomps by Moxley. The ref pulled him back. 10 attacked from behind. Mox almost looked amused. Pump Kick by 10. Mox was thrown into the barricade, on the floor. Suplex Drop onto the ring apron, which is straight steel, draped in cloth. 10 pitched Mox back in. Ripcord and Ace Crusher by 10. Full Mount Punches by the masked man. This kid has to be a veteran. Back Elbow and Knife Edge by Mox. Spinebuster by 10. Fireman’s Carry but Mox escaped and nailed a lightning quick DDT. 10 was not moving. Package Piledriver by Mox. Moxley kept looking for Brodie to come out.

Moxley screamed at the camera to et a message to Brodie. Huge Paradigm Shift to end this massacre.

Your Winner: Jon Moxley
Dynamite Score: 84 out of a possible 100

Moxley threw a chair in the ring and asked for the house microphone. Moxley slid 10′s arm in the chair to break it. Jon got on the stick and addressed Mr. Lee. Moxley said he was going to give Brodie 10 seconds to come out and fix things or Mox would break the kid’s arm. Mox started to count down. Lee came on the Tron. Brodie said he was going to put Mox to sleep on Saturday night. Lee said Mox made this personal. Brodie said to sacrifice 10 because they were leaving. Mox then slammed one chair onto the trapped arm of 10. Moxley then left the ring and headed around ringside. He stopped to look at several of the people around ringside.

Countdown to Double or NOthing will air, on Friday, on TNT. I will be ready to see that.

The announcers switched focus to MJF.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman (w/Wardlow) vs Marko Stunt

The announcer called him “Mr. Fun Sized”. I love that. Best nickname that I’ve heard in a long time. I so like this kid, Marko. Reminds me of the young man that I’m training, Jacob Spring.

Jim Ross brought up Shad Gaspard. They were classy about mentioning his passing. MJF with a quick Scoop Slam. Marko punched away and MJF just laughed him off. Flying Bear Hug by Friedman. Bell RInger but Maxwell shrugged it off. Marko hit several more Bell Ringers to escape. Sunset Flip but MJF No Sold it. Belly to Belly OVerhead Suplex by Friedman. MJF went to the eyes and then threw Marko to mid-ring. Maxwell made Marko punch himself and shoved the kid’s finger into his own nose. Stupid.

Marko kicked the shin but got turned Inside Outw ith a vicious Clothesline. MJF choked Marko on the ropes. Wardlow choked Marko on the bottom rope as the ref was distracted. Hair Biel by MJF. Friedman put Stunt up top and Knife Edged him. He talked trash, which ticked off Marko. Wild 450 into a Rana. Dang that was cool. Jumping Knee Strike by Marko. Low Bridge to humiliate MJF. Friedman went to strike but hit the ring apron and then the steps. Marko got back in the ring. Straight fist by Maxwell as Marko charged. Double Underhook SHoulder Breaker into the Salt of the Earth Fujiwara Arm Bar.

Your WInner (by Submission): MJF
Dynamite Score: 85

MJF mocked his opponent and said he had a present for Marko. He wanted one of his “rats” to kiss the kid but even they weren’t that desperate. MJF cracked the kid with the ringed hand. The rest of Jurassic Express rushed out to protect their partner. We all want Wardlow vs Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus still reminds me of “Beta” from Walking Dead.

We saw Cody’s attack on Lance Archer from last week. Cody held his own and Jake Roberts pulled his charge out of the middle of all the fighting. They will battle for the new TNT Championship, on Saturday. Mike Tyson will award the belt, at Double or Nothing.

Jake Roberts came out with his cool new music. I’m so glad to see Jake looking so great after years of bad health. Jake was about to face Cody’s mentor, Arn Anderson. First, we needed a quick break.

Arn Anderson then joined the discussion, along with Tony Schiavone. Arn was also looking great. Tony mentioned the TNT Championship. All three men had microphones. Tony called Jake and Arn “Legends”. Jake talked first. He said this was surreal to him. Jake mentioned never facing Arn in the ring. He taunted Arn for being alone, now. Lance was real, unlike the Nightmare Family. Jake said there would be no more excuses. Jake said Lance was a mean S.O.B. that was going to rip Cody’s hear out. Jake made fun of Arn’s age and weight gain.

Arn said Jake ALMOST made him believe Roberts’ baloney. Arn said the thought of facing Jake was giving him goosebumps. He said Jake was filled with evilness. Jake used a lot of mind games but they were all games. Jake suggested a fight between them. “Fight” rang out from the crowd. Arn mentioned Mike Tyson being there to award the belt. Tyson just might get involved in the match. Arn laughed and asked Roberts if he was going to throw the snake at Mike? Jake said Lance was ready to knock out Mike. Jake called Brandi a “Bimbo”. Arn said he had a secret to share. Cody is now motivated for revenge against Jake and Lance. Arn said Cody was the driving force that has helped to build AEW and turn the business around. ARn admitted that he is a “vicious p**ck”. Arn brought up DDT Yoga. He said he was reay to Spinebuster Jake. THe refs rushed down at warp speed to keep them apart. “Let them fight!” rocked the house. I wanted to see it, as well.

We heard abouthte pending 9-man Ladder Match at Double or Nothing. The winner will get a future AEW World title shot.

We got a promo video about Darby Allin. With rumors of Sting coming to AEW, it would be fun to see the Stinger act as coach for the young man who mamy compare him to.

PAC cut a promo on Orange Cassidy. The full Devil’s Triangle were ready to fight.

Orange Cassidy vs Rey Fenix

Orange sent Trent and Chuck to the back. Rey tried for a cheap shot but missed. Orange just strolled down to the ring. Orange didn’t seem concerned. .He kept avoiding Rey’s strikes. Low Kick blocked. Heel Trip by Orange. Rey flipped off the ropes as Orange kept his hands in his pockets. Calm down, Tyson, I know it irritates you.

Great Universal into an Orange arm Drage. Crucifix Backslide by Cassidy. Double Stomp by Fenix. Orange converted a Powerbomb into one of his own. Rey dropped Orange with a punch. Huge Springboard Legdrop by Fenix for a two. Cravat Choke by Fenix.

Rey placed Orange in the corner and then knockedhim tothe floor. We were in split screen break. Fenix went out and chopped Orange. Fenix put Orange against he post nad chopped him. Rey wasn’t taking this serious. Rey went for another shot nad hit hte ring post. Knee Strike by Fenix. Orange was tossed back in the ring. Rey slapped and kicked away at Orange to insult more than to injure. Rey twisted the arm in the ropes. Orange fell out of the ring. Rey went out and got him and put him back inside. Rey assaulted Orange in the corner.

Orange began to fight back but Rey just upped his game. Whip but Orange caught him. Palm Stirkes, Superman Punch and Tope Suicidea. Diving Crossbody by Orange. Around the World DDT by Cassidy for a very near fall. Rolling European Uppercut by Rey. Orange pushed Rey off the ropes and hit a Flying DDT that was impressive.

Rey fought out of the Alabama Slam. Orange lifted Rey up onto the ropes. Double Underhook by Fenix. Orange powered out nad nailed a Jeadbut. Springboard Powerbomb by Rey. Corner Splash by Rey. Muscle Buster failed as Orange turned it into a Roll Up. Vertebreaker by Orange! 2 count.

Kip Sabian brought out a ladder and sat on top of it. HE was “scouting”. Low Blow by Fenix. Rey dropped Orange and took this one home.

Your Winner: Rey Fenix
Dynamite Score: 87

Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky came out and tipped over hte laddre. That brought out Jimmy Havoc and all Hell broke loose. Rey nailed a wicked Tope Con Hilo but then Colt Cabana nailed an Asai Moonsault. Cabana has always been a favorite, even since I met him in New Orleans, years ago. The Best Friends mae out to check on their buddy, Orange. Cassidy’s chst was bright red.

Kris Statlander and Hikaru Shida vs Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. and Nyla Rose

AEW really needs more talented women on their roster. Who they have are great but with all the ladies out of work, there could be a surge in performers.

All Hell broke loose with the women. Double Team on the champ. Britt and Nyla bailed out of the ring as the bell officially rang. Nula kicked out of a Double Suplex. Kris with a Traped Dropkick on Nyla. Those ropes don’t give. Pounce by Nyla. Rose stomped away and did a Boot Choke. The “fans” gave her a hard time.

Kris was choked on the middle rope. Scoop Slam by the champ. Baker didn’t want in the fight, just yet. Side Slam by Rose. Splash for a two. Shida asked for the tag but Kris couldn’t reach her. Cravat by Nyla to ground the alien princess. Stall Suplex by Nyla. Baker just sat and watched the carnage. Baker waived off the tag but Nyla wanted a break. She forced Baker to take the tag.

Roll Up for a 2 on Baker. Baker kicked away at Kris and kept her near the corner. Hockey Fight betweent he two. Pele to Nyla. Enziguri by Kris and tag to Shida. She attacked both women. Juping Corner Knee Strike. Baker got placedon the edge of the ring and took a Running Knee Lift to the jaw. Baker blocked a Suplex so Shida just punched her lights out nad hit it anyway. 2 count. Tag back to Kris.

Nyla rushed in and crashed into her own partner. Double Driver into the corner and onto Baker. 2 count. Kris with a Spinning Driver. Lift amd Drop by Kris to Nyla. 2 count. Shida entered the fight. She dropped Nyla. They two traded punches. Clothesline by Nyla. Kris took down Nyla. Baker was being checked by the medics. Back Arch Suplex by Nyla for another near fall. Beast Bomb!

Your Winners: Nyla Rose and Dr. Britt Baker D.M. D.
Dynamite Score: 84

Nyla went out and got a table. Rose set Shida on the able and walked to the corner. Rose went up on the roes but Kris came back out to catch Rose. Sihida went up top and punched away. Superplex by Shida to drive Nyla through the table.

Alex talked with Jon Moxley, backstage. Mox was asked about his match, on Saturday night. Mox said he was going to take out all his frustrations on Brodie at Double or Nothing. Mox was ready to end the farce that is the Dark Order.

We had a news report from the Shawn Spears Network. Shawn announced that Dustin Rhodes has now retired. Shawn mocked Dustin for giving up. He also made fun of Dustin’s former issue with personal demons. Shawn was upset that he contiued to be over-looked. Shawn wanted to fight Dustin at Double or Nothing. He said Dustin belonged in a museum. Jeez.

I guess the Spears vs Dustin match is now official. The announcer ran down the updated card. Looks really interesting.

I have a funny feeling the surprise 9th entrant in the Ladder Match is going to be someone who recently left WWE. I’m putting my money on it being Drew Gulak.

Next week, we will get a Battle Royal to find to top contender for the new TNT title.

Sammy Guevara and Matt Hardy cut promos on each other. We saw clips of the various battles.

Sammy Guevara vs Matt Hardy

Sammy bounced around as the bell sounded. Go Behind by Sammy. Back Elbows by the Broken One. Headbutts by Matt. Hard Whip and Sammy collapsed. The fight went tot he floor.

Matt slammed Sammy’s hand onto the ring apron and drove Sammy’s face into the ring post. Matt used the arm to pull Sammy into the post. The youngster was in a bad way. Sammy was thrown into barricade. Matt slid Sammy into the ring. Somehow, Sammy blocked the Twist of Fate and tok the fight to Matt. Corner attack by Sammy. Pass Through Shoulder by Sammy. Slop Drop by Matt for a near fall. Chops and punches all around. Matt lifted Sammy for a Razor’s Edge but Sammy countered it. Plancha by Sammy to the floor. Both men were down.

Sammy threw Matt into the bicycle rack barricade. The “fans” taunted the Broken One. Sammy pulled Matt’s chest intot he ring post. Sammy then pushed Matt’s face into the post, much like what was done to him, a little earlier. Tehy then got back in the ring. 2 count for Sammy. Mat started to fight back but ate a Dropkick. Kip Up by Sammy. 2 count.

Knife Edge by Sammy. Matt turned the tables and did the same to the cocky kid. Whip and Matt crashed into tlhe corner. 2 count, again. Scoop Slam by Sammy as we returned from split screen. Matt dodged a Legdrop.

Matt punched away and slammed Sammy’s face intot he corner, many times. Snake Eyes and Lariat by Matt. Side Effect by Hardy for another near fall. Spin Kick by Sammy into a Snap Drop. Matt crawled to the ropes. Fireman’s Carry but Matt turned itintothe Twist of Fate. Sammy fell out of the ring. Matt threw him back in to score a two count. Matt was limping a little. Sammy blocked another Twist of Fate and hit a Flying Knee. Superkick by Sammy. 1-2-no.

Sammy headed up to the top. Shooting Star but Matt was out of there Twist of Fate! 1-2-Are you kidding me? Matt stomped on the ankle of Guevara. Matt took off the left boot of Sammy and bit the toes. Ouch! and EWWW! Jumping Knee Strike almost gave Sammy the win. Springboad Cutter by Sammy to almost score the win. Sammy went for a Shooting Star but Matt got hte knees up. Near Fall. Twist of Fate.

Your Winner: “Broken” Matt Hardy
Dynamite Score: 94

Matt went out and got a chair. The ref asked Matt to stop. Jericho was on the screen with Kenny Omega. The Inner Circle were ready to finish off Omega. Matt ran to help his buddy. Jericho attacked Omega with a bat. The Young Bucks came out of the stand to attack! Awesome. They used a chair to attack anyone not in the Elite. Matt joined the party and it got all kinds of ugly. Where was “Hangman” Adam Page? Wait….there he is! Page went ballistic on Jericho and Jake Hager. The Elite stood united and held their ground against the Inner Circle. The Inner Circle ran away, claiming that this can wait til Saturday. Page just turned and left. The Elite were confused. Matt Hardy has weird new “Delete” music.

Match of the Night: Matt Hardy vs Sammy Guevara

Ok, I started with sad news so now I want to end on something much more positive. On Monday, I mentioned my Mama Dee’s health crisis. Her boyfriend, Joe, and I went and got her from the hospital, late this afternoon. She’s not at 100% but she is home. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.


–Jay, Candy and LeeAnne

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