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The AEW Dynamite Score

A weekly recap and review of pro wrestling’s hottest new international promotion.

“Surprises are great for birthdays and Christmas. Other than that, they stink”–Cots Shannon

Yes, my grandfather gets the credit for that one. A lot of his philosophies have become part of my thinking.

Roll the coll new opening montage!

Jim Ross was back at the announce deak. He was joined by Tony Schiavone and Excalibur. The ringside area was crammed full of various wrestlers, both face and heel.

“Muder Hawk” Lance Archer attacked someone backstage and dragged him to the ring. We saw the vicious attack on Brandi Rhodes, last week. Jake Roberts said he was told to apologize for his action. “As soon as she kisses my *ss, she (Brandi) will get one”. Jake said the ring was their world and anyone who doesn’t need to be there are risking their health. Jake went all chauvanistic with his thoughts on what women are good for. Jake warned Cody that The Amreican Nightmare’s time is almost up.

Jake was cut off by a truck engine. It was Cody and he drove into ringside. Cody jupmed out and went wild on Lance. Cody tried to get to Roberts but Lance stopped him. Cody was limping. Archer ran into the ring post. Cody puncehed away. Cody escaped a Chokeslam but a Leg Sweep took him down. Cody choked Archer with his own ponytail. Chair to Lance’s face. Big Boot by Archer. Cody escaped the Blackout nad Claw. Lance countered the Cody Cutter. Jake held his man back as Cody tore off his shirt. Mind games at their very best. Jake took Lance to the back.

Brodie Lee will battle Christopher Daniels, in our main event. Jericho will face “Pineapple Pete” (Suge D). MJF is back. Femme Fatale Four Way plus so much more.

We got a video package about the tag team division. AEW has one of the strongest tag divisions ikn the business.

Jungle Boy and Lucharsaurus vs Chuck Tayler and Trent

Jungle Boy opened up with Taylor. Nice Side Headlock Takeover by J.B.. Dragon Screw Arm Whip by Jungle Boy. Trent fought back but Luchasaurus and Trent came in. Luchasaurus threw Trent around like a rag doll. Trent got up in the masked man’s face and threw Forearms. It was like a fly attacking a tank. Lift Drop and Superkick by Lucha. Knife Edge by Lucha. Tag to Jungle Boy.

Flippy Dippy off the ropes failed as Trent hit a Back Drop Suplex. Jungle Boy was placedon the top turnbuckle and fought both guys. J.B. punched away. Double Up Superplex failed as J.B. hit a wicked Missile Dropkick. Tail Whip by Lucha. Assisted Flatliner by the Express.

Trent went for a Tope but it was blocked. Double Suplex on Lucha on the floor. Big Hugs! Jungle Boy took them out. Jim Ross sent us to break.

Lucha was in control as we came back. Spear by Trent. Marko urged Lucha to take a break. Jungle Boy and Chuck tagged in and it turned into a Hockey Fight. Nasty Elbow by Chuck. Jungle Boy came back with a hard knee and a Lariat. Question Mark Kick by Luchasaurus. Trent with a Tornado DDT to the masked man. Orange Cassidy actually got excited. Rey Fenix attacked Orange, out of nowhere. MJFthen attacked Jungle Boy. Chuck with a wicked Suplex into a Piledriver.

Your Winners: The Best Friends
Dynamite Score: 84 out of a possible 100

Wardlow attacked Marko and Lucha came running.

The announcers talked about a very upset Jon Moxley. Jon is in serch of Brodie Lee.

Penelope Ford vs Kris Statlander vs Dr. Britt Baler. D.M.D. vs Hikaru Shida
Femme Fatale Four Way to determine the Number One Contender to the Women’s title

All four women tore into each other. Ford took down Kris. Britt tore into Hikaru. Kris intercepted Britt. Double Backbrekaer on the Doc. Double Kip Up. Britt went back to attacking Shida. Shida escaped the Lockjaw and kicked the ribs. Baker blocked a Suplex and nailed a Sling Blade. Kris tore at Britt’s mose to break a Lockjaw on Shida. Ford kicked Britt to send her into a DDT on Kris. Baker grinded her boot into Kris’ face. Shida made the save.

Ford was dropped on her face and Shida prevented the pin. Shida took control and did a Dead Lift on Britt. Kris with a Double Superplex. Kris then dropped Ford on the pile of women. Shida with a Flying Knee. Time for fresh soda.

Shida and Kris were going at it. Big Bang Theory stopped by Baker. Diving Knee. Candadian Destroyer by Baker. Nice. Ford with a Backstpring Cutter. 2 count. Shida went after Ford but Penelope Matrixed out and hit a Stunner. Baker with a Corkscrew Neckbreaker. Kris with a Spinning Falcon Arrow. 2 count. Shida dodged a charge. It broke down into chaos. Kip grabbed Shida. Tonsil Hockey between Kip and Penelope. Falcon Arrow by Shida but Kris made the save. Ford with a Posison Rana. Shida saught Ford on the Backspring Cutter. Torture Rack Backbreaker by Shida. Baker the the Lockjaw, on the floor. Shida hit a Flying Knee on Ford, in the ring.

Your Winner: Hikaru Shida
Dynamite Score: 94

Pineapple Pete/Suge D cut a promo. He actually started liking being called Pineapple Pete.

The new TNT Original Series, Showpiercer, starts on Sunday. It looks awesome.

Shida will now get a shot a Nyla Rose at Double or Nothing. It will be for the title.

Santana and Ortiz vs Kenny Omega and Damascus (Matt Hardy)

Santana and Ortiz jumped Omega beofre the bell. They came with a vicious double team. Damascus came out and chomped on the ear of Santana. Matt then attacked Ortiz. Double Team on the Broken One. This quickly broke down into chaos. Kenny tore into Ortiz with kicks. Ortiz dragged his nails down Kenny’s back. Double team Bulldog by Kenny to take out both foes.

Damascus tagged in. Poetry in Motion. Double Suplex by the Faces. Back Elbow by Matt into a modified Side Effect. Leg Drop by Matt. 2 count. Santana barely kicked out. Double team on Santana. Kenny took the tag and ran Santana intot he corner. Elbow Drops and Sledges by Omega. Back Elbow by Santana. Kenny clocked Ortiz but Santana with a La Bandera. Omega took out Ortiz, for a moment. Ortiz pulled Kenny off the apron. Kenny flew into the barricade as we dove into the world of commercials.

Kenny kicke dout of a pin attempt by Santana. Ortix got back on the apron. Boston Crab by Santana. Ortiz same in for a Double Stretch. Matt Hardy looked to have blood in his mouth. Ortiz rished Matt to distract him. Kenny started to fight back but a thumb to the eye stopped him cold.

Bump and Grind by Ortiz. Kenny came alive with wild punches. Thumb Poke and tag to Santana. Stomp by Santana. Matt howled at his enemies. Abdominal Stretch on Omega. Double Northern Lights Suplex on Omega. Bump and Grind. Omega and Ortiz went into a Forearm Fest. Kenny started throwing punches. Snap Dragon when Ortiz was showing off.

Hot tags on both sides. Matt ran Santana intot he corner, over and over. Running Corner Clothesline. Santana blocked the Bulldog but ate a Lariat. Side Effect for a near fall. Corner Elbow Plant by Matt for a two. Matt with his Corenr Drop. “Delete”! Double Team on Matt. Suicide Dive by Santana. Matt blocked the Street Sweeper. Neckbreaker. Pescado by Omega. Twist of Fate! Ortiz made the last second save.

Santana blocked the Snap Dragnon. Back Roll Cutter by Santana. Shotgun Dropkick and Diamond Senton for a two. Matt was barely able to stand. Tag to Ortiz. Back Rake, again. Omega blocked the Street Sweeper. Tag to Matt. Kick by Ortiz. Butterfly Bodylock by Matt. Sammy Guevara limped out with a chair. He was wearing a neck brace. Matt kicked the chair away and nailed a Twist of Fate to send Sammy onto the chair. Ortiz was put up top. Ortiz pushed out. V Trigger by Omega. Matt dropped Ortiz and took the pin.

Your Winners: “Damascus” Matt Hardy and Kenny Omega
Dynamite Score: 93

Taz talked with Darby Allin. He apologized for insulting Darby, last week. Taz twisted the knife as he tried to offer his help. Allin saw through the act. He told off Taz and walked away.

The announcers sent it to the interview area. Shida was asked about getting the shot at Nyla Rose. Shida waned to beat Nyla. Rose came in to congratulate her opponent. She popped Shida with a knedo stick. Classy…not.

MJF (w/Wardlow) vs Lee Johnson

Poor Lee. He is this generation’s Duane Gill/Brooklyn Brawler. Huge Running Elbow by MJF. Belly to Belly Throw by Maxwell. Flair Strut by MJF. Friedman stood on Lee’s throat. Huge Clothesline to layout Lee. MJF kicked away at Lee. Lee with a weak Knife Edge. Huge Slap by MJF. Lee was thrown out of the ring. MJF stood on the kid’s face. Powerbomb onto the apron and Lee is all but done. MJF rolled Johnson back intothe ring. Double Underhook Shoulder Breaker intothe Fujiwara Arm Breaker. Tap Out.

Your Winner (by Submission): MJF
Dynamite Score: 65

MJF decided to chat with us. He talked crap to his “peers”. He then set his sights on Jungle Boy. MJF whined about ring rust. MJF said he set up a “Tune Up” match against Marko Stunt. I guess that will go down, next week.

Pineapple Pete aka Suge D vs Chris Jericho

The Inner Circle came out with their leader. They weren’t looking at 100%, to say the least. Sammy cheered on his hero and mentor.

Jericho was wearing a Pineapple Pete T-Shirt. SLap by Chris. Pete opened up on Le Champion. Huge Whip and Running Back Elbow by Pete. Flying Elbow off a Whip. Judas Effect out of nowhere.

Your Winner: Chris Jericho
Dynamite Score: 30

Jericho cut a promo against Pineapple Pete and then moved on to talk about the war against The Elite. Jericho said Adam Page has quit and the Jacksons are still out hurt. Jericho told The Elite to “get your S**t together”. Jericho talked about the goofy cell phone battle. Jericho wants to face The Elite to a Stadium Stampede match. Jeez.

Vamguard One flew out with a shirt in its clutches. Jericho took it back from the little drone. Chris asked V1 if the Elite accepted. It was a Yes. Jericho asked V1 if he wnted to join the Inner Circle. No answer. Jericho said he now had a sixth member…Floyd the baseball bat. Jericho destroyed the drone with the bat. That was just silly.

Matt Hardy limped to the ring to find his “friend” shattered. This is NOT a good thing for the Inner Circle, bet on it. Matt cliutched the broken drone like one of his kids. Off to commercial.

We looked back at the attack by the Dark Order and theft of the AEW World Title belt by Brodie Lee. Moxley is beyond ticked off. The announcers ran down what we can expect, next week.

Christopher Daniels vs Brodie Lee

Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian came to the ring with Daniels. I am still waiting on a major swerve in this one. I am so waiting for Daniels to turn out to be the “REAL” leader of the Dark Order. That’s how I would book it. We will see, after the berak

Several of the Dark Order escorted their Exalted Leader to the ring. He handed the AEW title to one of his flunkies. Lee said something to the ring announcer. She had to announce Brodie as the AEW champion. Seriously? Lee told “10″ to get our of the ring. Lee just stood like a statue as the bell rang. Go Behind by Daniels but Lee Elbowed free. Knife Edge by Christopher but he toko a knee. Lee caught Christopher and Powerslammed him. The Fallen Angel looked off his game, to be honest. Daniels was thrown out to the floor. Knife Edges by Brodie. Uppercut by Brodie. Lee pitched Daniels back in the ring. Daniels blasted Lee and hit a Tope Suicida. Springboard Moonsault tot he floor by The Fallen Angel. Elbow Drop by Daniels. Knife Edge and punches by Christopher. Running Boot by Lee. Brodie just stormed around the ring. Knife Edge by Lee. The announcer kept expecting Moxley to show up. Lee got in the ref’s face. Back Body Drop by Brodie for a two.

Uppercut by Brodie and Boot Choke. Lee went off on the ref, again. Kneeling Choke by Lee. Whip into a vicious Back Elbow by Brodie. Lee took trash talking from the “fans” but didn’t react. Lee stoodon Daniels’ ear. Black Hole Slam by Brodie for a near fall. Lee looked irked by this. We took a final break.

Lee hit a Supeplex, during the break. Lee blasted Daniels and got a near fall. Torndao DDT by Daniels after blocking a Back Body Drop. Jumping Enziguri by Daniels into a Flying Forearm by Daniels. 10 got on the apron but SCU took him out. Daniels kicked a chair into Brodie’s face. Koji Clutch by Daniels. The others of the Dark Order rushed the ring. Colt Cabana and SCU got involved. Daniels was distracted. Goozle by Lee but Daniels hit the Angel’s WIngs. 1 count, only. Lee blocked a 2nd Angel’s Wings. Daniels escaped a Powerbomb and hit the B.M.E.. Kick out.

Kick by Daniels. Christopher flew but Brodie turned it into a Powerbomb. Lee called his shot. Discus Lariat! Count to 100.

Your Winner: Brodie Lee
Dynamite Score: 75

Lee came out and corrected the ring announcer’s announcement. The rest of the Dark Order were around the ring. Moxley came through the “crowd” to get his title back. Mox started attacking everyone in sight, especially “10″. Mox demanded a microphone. He admired guts and going after an opportunity. He would not suffer such an insult. Mox warned Lee that he would pay…with interest.

Mox promoised a “Hailstorm of Violence” that might well end Brodie Lee’s career. Mox attacked another member of the Dark Order and threw a chair at him.

Match of the Night: The Femme Fatale Four Way


–Jay Shannon

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