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The AEW Dynamite Score

A weekly recap and review of professional wrestling’s hottest new international program.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“Success is not forever and failure is not fatal”–Don Shula

Tonight’s show was live and it was off the charts.

Roll the opening Flashback Montage of last week’s action. Dustin Rhodes ended up one Hell of a bloody mess. Lance Archer and Cody made it to the finals of the TNT Tournament.

Now, roll the opening montage!

Jim Ross and Excalibur were back to join Tony Schiavone. I miss Chris Jericho, already. They ran down the night’s stellar card.

Cody vs Joey Janela

There were actually real life fans scattered around the ring. Cool. Cody will battle Lance Archer at the upcoming “Double or Nothing”, in Vegas.

Collar and Elbow to the corner. Clean break. ANother Collar and Elbow into a Side Headlock by Cody. Shoulder Tackles by the American Nightmare. Joey with an Arm Drag. La Magistral by Cody. Roll Ups on both sides. Several near falls. nife Edge by Joey but Cody “no sold” it. They traded Knife Edges. Cody told Joey to bring the fight to him. Cody kicked Joey and Chopped the back. Cody threw hard fists and an Elbow Smash. Stall Suplex by Cody turned into a Front Drop.

Joey threw Cody off his feet. Leg Lariat by Joey. Joey beat down Cody as the “fans” cheered. Hammer Throws by Janela. Joey barely escaped CrossRhodes, sending Cody into the ropes. Back Drop Suplex by Joey for a two count. Bounce Stomp to Cody’s head. Snap Mare into a Body Scissors by Cody. Ross started talking about guys from the turn of the century (from the 1800s into the 1900s).

Cody popped Joey but Jamela got in his own shot. They went to the floor. Cody was sent into the Bicycle Rack Barricade. Shawn Spears had an Air Horn to annoy people. Open Hand Slap by Janela. Cody reversed a WHip. Joey messed up trying to jump up onto the ramp.

Joey with more Knife Edges. Joey went intothe entrance tube. He charged and Cody threw him into the ropes. Disaster Kick, on the outside. Cody with a Twisting Plancha off the stage. Cody threw Joey back in the ring.

Sharp punches by Cody. Goldustin Uppercut. Superkick by Joey. Savage Elbow by Joey for a seriously near fall. Joey went back up but got distracted. Cody nailed him. Holy Moses! Inverted Superplex! How the heck did Joey kick out of that? Cody tore off his weight belt. Snap Mare to counter the CrossRhodes. Cody escaped the Package Piledriver and hit a Snap Powerslam. 2 count. Cody came off the ropes and ended up on the wrong end of a Janela German. Wicked Lariat after coming off the ropes, several times. Joey flew off the top but missed. Cody Cutter! 1-2-NO!

Cody urged Joey to get up. Jamela was worn out. They traded punches and kicks. Hockey Fight! CrossRhodes!

Your Winner: Cody
Dynamite Score: 90 out of a possible 100

Cody showed serious respect by checking on Janela and shaking his hand.

Tony interviewed Nyla Rose before she got back into action. I am so not a fan of Nyla. The video discussed the various women who are in line to face Nyla.

Nyla Rose made her way out. Tony went to talk to her. Rose was not amused by the video package. Rose said she will always be the force of the division.

Nyla Rose vs Kenzie Page

Rose started talking trash and then beat down the 18 year old. Rose tossed Page across the ring nad stood on her throat. Corner Shoudlersand an Irish Whip. Kenzie tried for a Sunset Flip but couldn’t get Nyla over. Forearm by Kenzie. Nyla answered with one that put her down. Huge Lesnar-esque German. Nyla hopped up top and hit a Swanton. She pulled up Kenzie before the three. Release Powerbombs by Nyla. Beast Bomb to close this massacre out.

Your WInner: Nyla Rose
Dynamite Score: 50

MJF cut a promo against the “Next Big Things”. He said he was the true BIg THing. MJF said he was already being compared to various legends. MJF said they were all jealous that a 24-yearold kid (him) has been knocking the old guys out of the spotlight. MJF is now injury free but he will return when HE wants to…

Shawn Spears talked about hte bloodletting of Dustin Rhodes, last week. Shawn blamed Cody for the butchery. Cody refused to “throw in the towel” in Spears’ opinion. Shawn said Cody was selfish and wants the spotlight. Tony then chatted with Shawn, MJF and others. MJF appreciated Shawn’s honesty about Cody. MJF said he was “over healed”. MJF will have to face Jungle Boy at Double or Nothing. Maxwell did an old school “spit take”.

Frankie Kazarian vs Jon Moxley
Non-Title Match

Mox did a modified Goldberg entrance. He hopped the railing and strolled around. Kaz looked stone-faced at the champ. They circled each other. Collar and Elbow tothe ropes. Clean-ish break. Knuckle Lock and Kaz with a Drop T oe Hold. This was Kaz’s first singles match since January of 2019. Side Headlock by Kaz. Roll Over by Jon. Mox fought to his feet but Kaz took him back down to his knees. Hammerlock by Mox. Top Wrist Locks on both sides. Huge Knife Edges by both men. Snap Mare by Mox for a 1 count. Another Hammerlock by Moxley. Standing Switch into a Kaz Side Hedlock. Takeover. They got up and went to the corner. Knife Edges had no effect on Mox. Side Headlock Takedown by Kax. Mox with a Back Breaker.

Crossfaces by Moxley and a dig at the face. Corner Shoulders by Mox. Backbreaker by Mox for a two. Kaz threw wild shots. Float Over into a Side Headlock. Moxley threw him over the ropes and onto the ramp. Break time.

Mox blasted Kaz on the ramp. Kaz answered with hard blows. Forearms knocked Kaz off the ramp. Mox chased after Kaz, on the floor. Kaz started to fight back. Kaz crashed into the barricade. Side Russian to send Kaz into the barricade.

Back in the ring and then back out to the floor. Mox was in total control. Gut Wrench Powerbomb to give Mox a near fall. Kokina Cltuch but Kaz was at the ropes.

Running High Knee by Moxley. Moxley climbed the ropes. Kaz kicked Mox in the face as he flew off towards the floor. Springboard Dropkick by Kaz. Reversed Whip. Kick and Springboard DDT by the tag specialist. Mox converted n Unprettier into a German. Back Roll into a Lung Blower by Kaz. Unprettier! 1-2-not quite.

Knife Edge by Moxley. Kaz answered with shots of his own. Dropkick by Kaz. Shotgun Dropkick by Mox in response. Paradigm Shift blocked. Body Lock Submission but Moxley kicked away with his only free limb, a leg. Mox was sent ontothe apron. Mox tried for a Spear but Kaz hit a Legdrop. They went back and forth in Suplex attempt. Snap German by Kaz. Various shots by Kaz but Mox came right back and bashed Kaz. Lariat on Kaz. Roll Up by Kaz for a 2. Snap Suplex to send Mox into the corner.

Kaz got caught up top. Kaz fought free. Kaz jumped off but got sent intothe corner. Paadigm Shift!

Your Winner: Jon Moxley
Dynamite Score: 94

The Dark Order hit the ring amd tried to destroy Jon Moxley. SCU ran out to help and also got laidout. Are we about to see Brodie Lee vs Jon Moxley? Brodie bashed Christopher Daniels with a chair. Lee nailed a Discus Lariat on Moxley. Brodie took the stick and said he was there to claim Moxley’s bounty that he put on himself. Brodie said he is a new person now and he is a mkaer of greatness. Lee made it clear he wants the AEW championship. Brodie therw out a challenge to Mox to face him for the title. Brodie said answer the challenge or they would make him. Mox laughed and said all Lee had to do wa ask. Lee kicked Mox in the face. The masked squad assaulted Moxley, again.

The announcers looked back at what just happened. That was absurd.

Brandi Rhodes cut a promo to confront Jake Roberts and Lance Archer. Brandi knew Jake was trying to back her into a corner to bait Cody to come out and save her. Brandi said if Jake slapped her, she’d slap him back. “Dont’ **** with people you don’t know” was the message to Jake from Brandi. She warned Jake to keep her name out of his “diry old mouth”.

Q.T. Marshall (w/Brandi Rhodes) vs Lance Archer (w/Jake Roberts)

Jason Cade got knocked out at ringside. Brodie Lee now has the AEW title belt. The bell sounded.

Marshall threw punches and Forearms that Lance No Sold. Lance pushed Q.T. away and then punished the forehead. Lance stood on Marshall’s neck. Open Slap by Lance. Corner Rushes by Archer. Back Elbow by Marshall and a Low Bridge to send Lance tothe floor. Chokeslam onto the apron by Archer. Lance stalked Brandi as we cut to commercial.

Marshall was down and almost out as we returned. Lance screamed at Cody. Archer dropped on Marshall but only got a two. Roberts was tickled that his guy was dominating this match. Q.T. took a boot to the jaw. Britt Baker popped Marshall with a shoe. Brandi grabbed the shoe and threw it way up in the stands. Archer got rocked by several shots. Lethal Injection by Marshall. Reversed Whip by Archer. Suplex by Marshall. Jake was concerned. Running Shoulder Tackle by Lance. Archer set Marshall for and hit the Black Out. 1-2-Pull Up by Archer. EBD Claw. 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Lance Archer
Dynamite Score: 83

Britt Baker attacked Brandi and hit a DDT. Baker threwBrandi in the ring. Jake came in the ring with a big snake. He draped the snake on her and faked having sex with her. No one came to help her. Jake retrieved his snake and taunted the crowd with it. Thankfully, we went to break.

Taz interviewed Darby Allin. Darby was asked how he felt about losing. Allin did not answer. Taz wanted to help Darby get back on track. Allin just walked away.

Brodie Lee will fight Christopher Daniels, next week. MJF will fight, as well. Jurassic Express will battle the Best Friends. Plus, we get an interview with Jake Roberts and Lance Archer. In addition, we will get a Four Way with the top women. AND Chris Jericho will be in action.

Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara vs Kenny Omega and Matt Hardy

The announcers sent shout outs to the nurses. I want to add my own to my dear ladies of the Cleburne Dialysis Center. Priscilla, Angela, Carol, Jolene, Shamoniqua, Patrick and Kim. My deepest respect for the loving care you show me and my “bothers and sisters in illness”.

The Inner Circle was with their leader. Matt is being billed as “Broken”. Matt now has 3 kids? Matt bit the hand of Sammy. The fight tumbled out of the ring. Kenny went intothe steps. Sammy with an Enziguri but Mtt hit the BT Bomb (Razor’s Edge Bomb). Poetry in Motion by the Faces. Kenny lifted and ran around with Sammy. Bombs Away into a Sprinngboard Moonsault. Kenny hit Sammy’s knees. Chris and Matt fought up into the tunnel.

Jericho returned to attacked Omega. Double team on Kenny. The “Sex Gods” were in complete control. Double Suplex on Omega. Spin-a-rooni by Sammy. They posed for the crowd. The two-on-one kept going, since Matt was M.I.A..

Matt finally ran back out and hit Clotheslines on both foes. Side Effect on Sammy. He hit a 2nd one and almost pinned the Spanish God. Cutter by Matt for a two on Jericho. Spin Kick by Sammy. Snap Dragon by Kenny. Baseball Bat by Chris to Kenny’s back. Shooting Star Press but the knees came up. Twist of Fate by Hardy. Knee Strike by Kenny.

Kenny found a ladder and Matt retrieved a table. They placed them up in mid-ring as we got a shout out to the Dudleys. Sammy was place don the table. Matt went to the top of the ladder. Frog Splash. 2 count because the ref wa pulled out. Jake Hager pulled the ref out to avoid the three count. Jake and Chris double teamed Omega. Matt tried to help by battling Jake. Matt was run into the apron. Kenny was whipped into the barricade. Jericho found a chair. Kenny was bounced off the barricade and they went up intothe stands. Jake also attacked Kenny. He wailed on the Cleaner. Matt and Chris fought in the production area.. They eventually hheaded into the concourse. They broke out the “toys”, trash cans, metal lids, fencing, etc…

Matt was bounced off an ice machine. Matt found a steel pipe and blasted Chris and Jake. Jericho got a 20 lb bag of ice and clocked Matt with it. Matt was thrown in the freezer. Omega showed up with a can to destroy his enemies. Kenny dragged Jericho over and bounced him off a trash container. Sammy finally returned and popped Kenny with a metal can. Kenny was sent into an ATM. Omega began to fight back and threw Sammy into a stone pillar. Buckle Bomb into a steel garage door. Hager crashed into Sammy. Jumping Knee by Omega to Jake. Hager was sent into barricades. Jericho took out Omega with a rolling cart. Jericho Suplexed Omega onto the barricade that was down on the floor. Matt was still “chilling” in the ice machine. Yes, I went there.

The street signs were broken out. Matt finally climbed out of hte ice. No, wait, that was Damascus! He jumped in one of the golf carts. He clipped Jericho with the golf cart. Sammy checked on his mentor. Kenny got in the cart and headed out onto the field. Sammy ran like Hell as he was being chased. He got caught by the edge of the cart. If the cart was made in Canada, would it be one of the infamous “International Object”?

Kenny went up on the Scissor Stand. Jake attacked Matt. Kenny flew off the top of the Stand and took out Hager. Santana and Ortiz blocked the One Winged Angel. It became a gang fight on Matt and Kenny. Omega was lifted for a Powebomb onto a metal roof of a golf cart. Judas Effect on Omega.

Your Winners: Sammy Guevara and Chris Jericho
Dynamite Score: 93

Match of the Night: Jon Moxley vs Frankie Kazarian


–Jay Shannon

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