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The Raw Score

A weekly recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by your writing team of: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon, Candy and LeeAnne Moore

“Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die”–Buddah

I have been living my dream for a solid two decades now and I’ve had wonderful people to serve as inspirations and coaches. For my writing, I drew upon our own Bill Apter. When I did TV commentary, I give credit to Bill Mercer and Mike Tenay. When it comes to being an in-ring announcer, there is only one man who I turned to for the blueprint for success: Howard “The Fink” FInkle. I always wore a jacket and tie and respected the position, as he did. I drew upon his introductions to give me the courage to stand in front of hundreds of rowdy fans who could have cared less about the fat guy in the green suit coat and matching tie. We lost The FInk, last week, and my heart is so heavy. I never got the chance to tell him thank you. It’s a little late but I want to do it here. Rest in Pece and, most sincerely, Thank You.

I want to counter the sadness with a very special Happy Birthday to one of hte most special people in my life. My friend, my love and my writing partner…Candy Moore (real name Paula Marie Moore-Zachary). Monday is her birthday and while this contagion is keeping us apart, I had to share a very special wish to someone so special. Happy Birthday, Honey.

Well, things are a lot different, this week, on the Raw brand. A whole lot of people were sent packing on “Black Wednesday”. Hopefully, they will all find new places of employment, very soon.

We started with a look at the main event of last week. Drew McIntyre overcame Andrade, only to be Pearl Harbored by Seth Rollins. El Futura (Andrade, Angel Garze and Austin Theory) aided Seth in this sneak attack.

Roll the opening montage!

Drew’s music hit and the WWE Champ came from the back. Did he call him the “WWF Champ”? Tonight, Drew will face Angel Garza in the main event. Drew thanked everyone for tuning in. Drew went back and discussed the attack. Drew said the title painted a huge Bull’s-Eye on his back. Drew knew it was lonely at the top. Drew was cool with it being crowded at the top, not lonely. Drew switched his focus to Seth. McIntyre wasn’t sure if Rollins deserved a title shot. Drew knew Seth was a fantastic performer, so Drew wanted Seth at Money in the Bank. Seth talked directly to Rollins.

Drew was cut off by the arrival of Angel Garze, Austin Theory and Zelina Vega. Vega said her group were sick of Drew’s speeches. Andrade with a sneak attack. Claymore! Vega ordered her other guys to go after Drew but they refused. Drew backed up and nailed a 2nd Claymore that flipped Andrade up and over the ropes. Drew went all Tranquilo as he reclined on the canvas. Drew said to put the kids to bed when the match happens, later on.

The announcers discussed the “Climbing the Corporate Ladder Match” at Money in the Bank. They performers will start on the ground floor at Titan Towers and will have to fight through the building to get to the roof, where the ring and ladders will be waiting.

The Men’s Money in the Bank Qualifying Matches (Raw side) will happen during the show. The first one is up next…

Aleister Black vs Austin Theory
Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

Zelina Vega joined the announce team. She had to have mixed emotions on this one. Black made his way cool rise from t he depths entrance. I don’t care for his music but the rest of the entrance is awesome. Black stormed to the ring and hen hopped over the ropes and went into Lotus Position.

Collar and Elbow and Black was thrown down.  Arm Bar by Theory. Black with a Heel Trip. Front Face Lock into an Arm Wringer. Front Face Lock by Austin. Black with a Hammerlock. Side HEadlock by Austin into an Arm Bar. Trip by Black.

Japanese Arm Drags by Black. Austin stopped in mid Universal to avoid a Leg Sweep. Black rebounded off the opes and almost connected with Black Mass. Baseball Slide Dropkick by Black. Vega left the announce desk and went off on Black. Austin used the diestraction to throw Black into the barrocade. Break time.

Back Elbow by Austin. Rolling Dropkick by Theory for a near fall. Austin worked over Black’s back and used a Torture Rack to throw Black into the corner, twice. Black fought out of a thrird attempt. Big Boot by Black. Monster Scoop Slam! Roll Up by Black for a two. Black escaped the ATL. Back Elbow by Austin. Triangle Arm Bar by Black. Austin ppowered up Black into a Powerbomb. Dang!

The ref counted both men and then fought up to their feet. Black blocked the Fisherman’s Suplex. Austin’s arm seemed hurt. Black was thrown into the conre.r Roll Up for a two. Back Elbows and strikes and a Leg Sweep. Springboard Moonsault for a two plus for Black.

Austin put down Black but Aleister with a kick. Theory a Superkick into a Fisherman’s Neckbuster. 2 count. Black blocked the ATL. Black went up top and jumped off. Jumping Knee Strike into a Bridge German. 1-2-not yet. Theory dodged the Black Mass, at first, but a 2nd attempt laid him out.

Your Winner: Aleister Black
Raw Score: 88 out of a possible 100

Black was interviewed about the Corporate Ladder Match. Black didn’t know much about Corporate Life and would have to cover up his ink if he did. Black did a good job of making the match sound so evil.

Just got a notification on my phone of a video posted by our own Bill Apter. He shared the sad news that the great Joe Pedicino passed away. He was a great announcer and a fantastic promoter. He kept wrestling going, here in Dallas, after World Class died. I met him, a couple times, and he was a great person. Rest Well.

Shayna Baszler was interviewed prior to her match. She was asked if she went too far when she destroyed Sarah Logan’s arm.

Shayna Baszler vs Indi Hartwell

This won’t take long. Shayna with vicious strikes and kicks. Gut Wrnech Suplex to Indi. Indi dodged the Arm Stomp and almost Rolled Up Shayna. Baszler looked so ticked off. A kick tot he face made her smile. Running Slam by Shayna into a Knee Strike. ARm Stomp, again. Outlaw that crap.

Your Winner (by Ref Stoppage): Shayna Baszler
Raw Score: 20

Shayna went and got a ladder. She pulled Indi out and alung her into the barricade. Shayna then picked up the ladder and set against the ring steps. She threw Indi into the ladder and then wedged the arm in the ladder. She kicked the ladder closed on the arm. Reverse the darn decision, ref! What happened to Real Refs?

I’ve know been joined by my other partner, Foley (the cactus). He was outside, getting some sun, but he’s back on his little perch to keep my in line. Smile.

Ricochet and Cedric Alexander vs Brendan Vink and Shane Thorn

Eiropean Uppercuts by Thorn. Ricochet kicked awaya nd hit a Rolling Dropkick. Tag to Cedric.  Wicked Double Team on both foes. Tag back to Ricochet. Suplex and Springboard Senton by the duo. Ricochet pulled off he apron. Back Elbow by Vink. He missed by a mile but Ricochet Sold It.

Back in the ring, Vink punished Ricochet. Razor’s Edge reversed. Tag to Cedric. Alexander with all kinds of strikes and kicks.  Tornado DDT by Cedric. Standing Shooting Star by Ricochet but Vink made the save. Tilt-a-Whirl DDT by Ricochet. Recoil into the Lumbar Check.

Your WInners: Ricochet and Cedric Alexander
Raw Score: 89

Charly tried to interview the Kabuki Warriors. Kairi will face Nia Jax, later on. Asuka called Charly stupid. Said Sane is ready for Rematch. They danced out of frame.

Bobby Lashley cut a promo with Lana. Bobby was ready to flip a tractor tire to prove his strength. It was put on hold as Bobby escorted Lana away.

Kairi Sane vs Nia Jax

Sane danced around to avoid Nia. She ducked a Clothesline. Go Behind into a Ride by Sane. Nia threw her off to break the Sleeper. BIg Swing by Jax. Asuka was losing it, in Japanese, in the back. Nia threw Sane around. Kairi threw a punch but it was like a flea attacking an elephant. Not calling the beautiful Island girl an Elephant. Clotheslines by Nia. Sane rolled to the apron but would not give up. Nia lifted Sane intot he Thunderlips Clutch. She dumped Sane intot he corner. Nia waited for Sane to get up. Sane ducked a chare and went after the hanstrings and knee. That just aggravated Jax. Dropkick to Nia’s knee as Asuka got very vocal. Nia was down on her kneees. Spining Back Fist by Kairi. Sane wasted a ton of time. Slider Elbow Strike by Kairi. In-Sane Elbow missed. Samoan Drop!

Your Winner: Nia Jax
Raw Score: 82

The announcers went back to the whole Drew/Seth situation. They will battle at Money in the Bank.

Seth cut his own promo against Drew. He admired and respected Drew for his courage and dedication. Seth has been there vefore and will get there again. They both defeated Brock Lesnar for a championship. Seth felt they both were respected by their peers and both dearly love the business. Seth accepted the challenge for the title match. Seth said this was not personal. It was necessary. Seth needed to be the Leader for WWE. Seth will be “the LIght in the Darkness”. Seth will take the title, because he has to.

We got a video package bout Erik and Ivar. All kinds of weird catch phrases, with Viking Raiders tossed in…way too much.

MVP vs Apollo Crews
Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

MVP got on the stick and talked about his career and how it relates to the Briefcase. MVP knew Aleister Black was dangerous. He felt Rey Mysterio was likely going to go. MVP then praised Apollo Crews, only to say he was outmatched against him. MVP said he was going to win this and head to Stamford.

He was cut off, thankfully, by the entrance of Apollo Crews. Crews looked at the ladders before getting in the ring. Crews pointed at the Emerald and Gold Case.  Crews opened up with hard punches. Dropkicks after a backflip. MVP wanted a TIme Out. Instead, he got knocked off he apron. Leg Sweep as Apollo hopped over the ropes. Break time.

Camel Clutch by MVP. MVP talked serious trash to his much younger foe. Crews powered up and Back Rushed into the corner. Clothesline by MVP flipped Crews inside out. MVP kept talking trash. Crossfaces by MVP.  He talked about the people he has beaten, including Kane and Rey. Playmkaer converted into a Spinebuster.

Corner Splash and punches by Apollo. The ref had to pull him back Thrust Kick and Big Boot.  Lariat by Crews. Snap Powerslam by Crews. 1-2-no. Scoop Slam by Crews and he went to the Penthouse. Frog Splash but MVP got he knees up. Playmaker! 2 only. MVP couldn’t believe it. Ballin’ failed to an Enziguri. Gorilla Press Drop into a Standing Shooting Star. Huge Powerbomb to take this one home.

Your WInner: Apollo Crews
Raw Score: 84

Ruby Riott was interviewed about the loss of the Riott Squad. Ruby said there never was a Riott Squad. She had to carry both Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan. Ruby threatened to break both of Liv’s arms. She felt Morgan was weak without her.

Liv Morgan vs Ruby Riott

We saw how Ruby turned on Live, upon Riott’s return. Ruby so reminds me of C.P. Grogan (British Actress). Collar and Elbow and they went to the corner. Ruby stomped and pounded away. She kicked Liv’s ribs. Ruby threw Morgan down and stalked her. Liv tried to punch fromt he canvas but it had minimal effect. Jumping Kick and Clotheslines by Liv. Step Up Enziguri by Morgan. blocked a Suplex and Springboard Missile Dropkick by Morgan for a near fall. Ruby dropped Morgan on the top rope and kicked her. Arm Bar by Ruby. Liv Elbowed free. Forearms by Ruby. Liv with a Running Forearm.  Ruby answered with one of he own. Superkick by Ruby tot he face of her former friend. Ruby talked trash. Flying Flatliner, off the ropes!

Your Winner: Liv Morgan
Raw Score: 70

That was a shocker. Ruby couldn’t believe it.

Lashley was back to attack the tire. Lana came in and got all flirty with her “hubby”. Bobby lifted and flipped the big tire. Had one of those in my horse pen, years ago, and it was darn near impossible to move. Now, Bobby wants to do the same thing to a double sized tire.

We got the In Memory of Howard Finkel screen.

Rey Mysterio vs Murphy
Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

Rey kept looking at the case. Murphy then strolled from the back. The Seth Messiah graphic flashed on the screen. Murphy posed for the camera.

The two men circled ech other. ide Headlock Takeover by Rey, twice. Murphy kept powering out. Quick pin attempts on both sides. Collar and Elbow and Murphy went after Rey’s arm. Whip but Rey ducked under. Tilat-a-Whirl. Murphy blocked the 619. Big Boot by Murphy as Rey was in the ropes. Rey fell out of the ring. He complained about not feeling his fingers. Murphy rushed out and threw Rey into the barricades, several times. He pitched Rey back in the ring. Murphy stayed focused on Rey’s hurt hand and wrist. Kick Out by Rey. Lawler talked about dislocated fingers. I’ve had that happen to the pinky and ring finger on my left hand. Hurts like all get out. Wheelbarrow Slam blocked by Rey. Murphy with a huge kick and stomp tot he bad hand. He drove the hand into the metal rampway. Time to go grab a snack.

Murphy slammed Rey’s hand onto the steps. Rey scooted away from Murphy. Murphy lifted Rey and slammed his face into the ring post. He s tood on the left hand of Rey, which w as injured earlier.

Rana off the ring steps to lay out Murphy. Rey kicked up into Murphy’s face. Jumping Enziguri by Mysterio. Seated Senton and Flying Crossbody by Rey. Murphy went back to the hand. Heel Trip intot he Tilt-a-Whirl DDT. Murphy rolled out onto the apron.

Rey stepped out onto the ring apron. He picked up Murphy. Huge Elbow Smash by Rey. Kick by Murphy. Rey escaped a Firemean’s Carry and kicked Murphy off the apron. Baseball Slide Rana that send Murphy into the barricade. The ref almost counted them out.

Back in the ring, Rey went up top. Murphy rolled through a Crossbody, F5 Neckbreaker into a Brainbuster. COuld be…might be…NO!

Murphy pulled Rey into position but Rey fought back. Murphy went up the ropes. Rey caught him and punched away. Rey and Murphy fought for position on the ropes. Rey blocked the Sunset Bomb.  Back Kick by Rey. Destroyer! 619. Drop the Dime. Make the count.

Your Winner: Rey Mysterio
Raw Score: 92

Rey pointed up at the briefcase. We will learn the identities of the other two men to go into the Money in the Bank match, on Friday.

Charly was back, looking lovely. She tlaked with Angel Garza nd Zelina Vega. Vega tried to make Drew look like a heel for attacking Andrade. Vega hinted that Drew might not make it to Money in the Bank. Angel flirted with Charly and she ate it up.

Charlotte Flair vs Haydem Carter
Non-Title Match

Flair wants Mia Yim. Huge Kick by Flair, at the bell. Knife Edge Chop by Flair. Hayden swung out at Flair but it was useless. Flair got caught in the ropes. Superkick by Carter. 1 count only. Crucifix Bomb by Carter. 2 count. Flair blacked the Fof  Saturn. Flair powered up to break the Octopus. Flair sent Carter intothe ropes. Spear! Figure Eight!

Your Winner (by Submission): Charlotte Flair
Raw Score: 40

Lashley was back to flip a 250 pound tire. He struggled with the big thing. Lana came in to praise her man as he did manage to turn the thing over. Whatever.

We looked back at the opening segment. Drew decimated Andrade and Garza and Theory wouldn’t get involved. Drew laid out Andrade with a total of two Claymores.

Andrade (w/Zelina Vega) vs Akira Tozawa
Non-Title Match

Akira ducked and went off on Andrade. Knee Strike by Tozawa. 1 coutn. Reversed Whip but Akira with a Jumping Rana. Akira kicked Andrade off the apron. Cannonball Senton by Akira. Vega was freaking out. Akita then went up top. Missile Dropkick by Tozawa. 2 count.

Andrade rolled out to the floor. Vega did the cheerleader bit and then distracted Akira. Kick by Andrade. Andrade threw Akira back into the ring. Stomps by the U.S. champ. Back Elbow by Andrade. Akira flipped free. Tilt-a-Whirl into the Iron Octopus. Awesome. Andrade got to the ropes to force the break.

Spin Kick by Akira. Tornado Kick missed. Hard shot by Akira tothe jaw. Dropkick by Andrade. ThreeA migos fell as Akira did the Roll Ups to get near falls. Superkick by Tozawa. Akira placed Andrade and went up top.  Andrade tripped Akira on the top. Hanging Hammerlock DDT!

Your WInner: Andrade
Raw Score: 90

The Street Profits danced from the back to taunt Andrade and Vega. They danced with Byron, who proved heshould NEVER dance.

Since I’ve been mentioning a lot of birthdays lately, I have two more to add. One of my dear church firneds, Jennifer, turned 35 on Saturday. In addition, Sunday was the 74th birthday for my all-time favorite actor, Tim Curry. He has dealt with a lot of health issues but his spirit is still as strong as ever.

The Profits were still partying it up. They cut a promo about Bianca Belair to bring her out. Montez Ford is a lucmy man.

Bianca Belair vs Santana Garrett

Santana is a former WOW champion. They tied up and Bianca threw Santana down. Bianca lifted her up and walked around. Garrett slipped free and Face Washed her. Push by Bianca. Go Behind by Santana. Amateur Takedowns by Bianca. God, Ford and Dawkins are annoying as “the crowd”. Kicks by Bianca. Hip Toss by Bianca. Santana dodged a Charge and punched away. Float Over. Bianca blocked the Arm Drag. SHoulder Tackle by Bianca. Cartwheel into a Universal.  Shoulder Tackle by Belair. Lawler tried to get the Profits to calm down. Stall Suplex by Bianca. She even added Squats. Frog Splash onto the back and a Kip Up. antana went tothe apron but got clocked. Santana snapped Bianca on the ropes. Kick by Santana. Top Rope Crossbody. Bianca blasted Santana and Sanke Eyed her on the corner. Bianca with her nasty little finisher, the Kiss of Death or KoD.

Your WInner: Bianca Belair
Raw Score: 79

The Profits partied it up with their girl.

Angel Garza vs Drew McIntyre
Non-Title Match

The two stared dagg ers at each other. Angel jumped Drew but McIntyre came back with Knife Edge Chops. Drew with a Chop Block and Mr. Perfect flip kick to the thigh. Back Elbow by Angel.  Drew with a Belly to Belly. Drew went out after Angel and dropped him on the barrier. Huge Knife Edge Chops by the champ. Andrade tried to attack but Drew saw him coming. Angel did too but Drew nailed the Glasgow Kiss. Drew also took out Austin Theory. Dropkick by Garza. Drew was sent into the ring post.

Missile Dropkick by Angel. Garza worked over Drew’s left leg. Half Crab with clubbing blows to the knee. Drew kicked out with the right leg. Kick by Garza. Clothesline by Drwe. Back Elbow by Drew. Angel ate a huge Boot. Vega was starting to stress again. Drew with an Ax Bomber! Kip Up by Drew. Amazing. Garza tried to escape and Drew pulled off his pants. Flip Dive by Drew. CLaymoe to Theory. Andrade thrown over the barricade. Kick by Garza. Alabama Slam to Angel blocked. Roll Up by Garza. Claymore!

Your WInner: Drew McIntyre
Raw Score: 70

Drew talked with Byron, post match. Couldn’t really hear what was said. Drew got back in and hit another Claymore on Angel. Drew said he would keeping laying them down. Austin Thoery got in and took a Claymore, as well. Drew chased Andrade out of the areana s we went to black.

Candy: Love you, Birthday Girl
Casey and Cooper: See you on Friday
Niecy: 143


–Jay, Candy and LeeAnne

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