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Dynamite Score

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“The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new”–Socrates

My phone has been exploding all day about the bloodletting of talent and agents in “other places”. Everyone wants to know if any of the newly freed talent will head to AEW. I wish I knew.

I was feeling a bit homesick for my 22 years of living in the desert. To help with that, I made a trip to our local gardening/hardware store and now my desk is decorated with “Foley”, my little Cactus. Smile.

This night is going to be awesome. We started with a video promo from Jake Roberts about the TNT Championship. Roberts cuts some of the best promos in the business. Jake made it clear that they had their sights set of Cody. Colt Cabana is just a sacrificial lamb for Archer’s goal. Jake said Lance is “p*ssed off” that he HAD to go to Japan to make a living.

Sweet. Chris Jericho and Tony Schiavone were at the announce desk. They are so good together. Tony ran down the night’s card.

We got a video package about Colt Cabana.

Lance Archer vs Colt Cabana
TNT Championship Tournament, First Round Match

Lance walked out alone for this match. He decked one of the guys in the crowd. Lance dropped Colt and went to the corner to take off his vest. Colt threw hard Forearms but it had no effect. Lance continued to No Sell anything Colt threw at him.  Shoulder Tackle by Lance. Low Bridge and Archer tumbled tothe floor. Hard punch by Boom Boom. Archer looked so frustrated at being embarassed. Colt slid out as Lance slid in. Cabana kept his distance to irritate Archer. Knife Edge Chop by Colt was like a flea attacking an elephant. Colt dodged a Corner Rush. One Armed Uranage by Lance. 2 count. Lance tore into Colt’s eyes. Lance threw him into the corner. Knife Edge by Colt had zero effect. Lance with a Jake Roberts Short Arm Clothesline. Crossfaces by Lance.

Lance punched away, in the corner. Kick tothe face by Lance. Colt threw a punch but it almost amused Lance. Archer laid out Colt. Twisting Vader Bomb by Archer. Lance then went tot he floor. Forearm to Colt as we headed to break (and I went to get a fresh glass of sweet tea).

Lance kicked the taste out of Colt’s mouth. Cabana kept fighting back but it was pretty much a lost cause. Lance went tot he middle turnbuckle but missed a Double Knee Drop. Double Boots and Forearm by Colt. Flying Head Scissors by Cot.  Hip Attack by Colt. Cabana with the Super Porky (thanks, Chris). Colt began to box the Murder Hawk Monster. Archer just smiled and grabbed a Goozle. Flip, Flop and Fly by Colt.  Pounce-like move by Archer. Another huge Uranage by Archer. Lance wited for Colt to get back up. Back Elbow by Cabana. Straight Fist by Lance into the Black Out.

Your WInner: Lance Archer
Dynamite Score: 84 out of a possible 100

Lance then moves on to the next round. I’m betting we see Lance vs Cody in the finals.

Dr. Britt Baker cut a promo from her dental office. She went off on Shida for the bloody face that she got from a wild knee tothe face. Baker has a broken nose.

We got predictions from various “experts” about the Jake Hager vs Jon Moxley match. I can’t imagine that Moxley will let go of he belt, so soon.

Taz did an analysis of Jake Hager’s move set. This was so cool. Reminds me of the days at the old school.

Cassandra Golden vs Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.

Dang, Cassandra is gorgeous. Shida was watching from ringside.  Pineapple Pete was back to cheer on the talent. I like the guy. Team him with No Way Jose, now that Jose is a free agent.

Baker frinned at her foe and hit a Superkick. Britt sat on the apron and taunted her opponent. Britt then choked Cass on the middle rope and then the bottom rope. Lockjaw!

Your WInner (By Submission): Dr. Britt Baker
Dynamite Score: 25

More predictions for the Moxley/Hager match.

We got highlights of the past in AEW. we saw tons of fantastic clips. This all led to pushing “Double of Nothing” in May.

Time for the Bubbly Bunch. Santana and Ortiz took shots at Konnan (veiled). Sammy joined in and said the Young Bucks  accused him of being a “Fake Latino”. Jake Hager said he was going to destroy Jon Moxley and others. Chris Jericho agreed. Jericho took shots at Adam Page, who has been M.I.A. for some time.

Suge D (Pineapple Pete) vs Sammy Guevara

Suge danced around as Sammy touched base with the ref.  Go Behind by Sammy into a Takedown and Float Around. Sammy hopped up on the top ropes. Suge ran around and they went into a Collar and Elbow. Side headlock by Sammy. Suge tried to push out but Sammy wouldn’t let so. D with a Springboard Arm Drag.  Jumping Knee to D’s jaw. Sammy clubbed the back of Suge. Sammy pitched his foe back in the ring. Stall Suplex Brainbuster for a near fall. Sammy stood on Suge’s back to press the throat into the middle rope. He then kicked the rope to inflict more punishment. Sammy lifted Suge up and did Squats. Samoan Drop. 2 count.

Suge tried to fight back but Sammy put him down. Knife Edge by Sammy. Suge collapsed and went into a Roll Up.  Sammy laid out Suge. Lax cover by Sammy. Huge Knife Edge into a Hammer Throw. Suge dodged a Corner Splash. Sammy hurt his hand when he hit hte turnbuckle. Suge opened up on Sammy with various strikes. Running High Knee into a variation of the GTS.

Your Winner: Sammy Guevara
Dynamite Scote: 82

Sammy asked for the microphone. Sammy bragged about how great he is and how well he is going to do in the tournament. Sammy said he would beat the “S**t” out of Darby Allin. I hate this profanity. It is a cheap way to draw hat. Sammy went to attack Suge, again, and Darby made the save.

More pedictions. Nce to see Excalibur back for a moment.

Kip Sabian (w/Penelope Ford) vs Chuck Tayler (w/Orange Cassidy)

Jericho can’t stand Orange. Chuck warmed up and Kip looked ready to laugh. Arm Bar by Chuck. Side Headlock Takeover but quickly reversed. Drop Toe Hold by Chuck. Kip powered up to escape Chuck. Push Off into a Shoulder Tackle. Universal into an Arm Drag by Kip. Single Leg Crab. Kip went to the floor. Jimmy Havoc urged his buddy to get into this one. Kip stomped away on Chuck. Kip punched away. Irish Whip but Chuck with a Hip Attack. Scoop Slam and Elbow Drop by Chuckie T. Orange did his Harpo Marx Silent Cheerleader bit.

Kip blasted Chuck with a kick. Chuck with a Suplex Drop onto the apron. 2 count for Chuck. Jimmy Havoc yelled at Chuck. Moonsault missed. Kip with a Springboard Missile Dropkick. 2 count. Stomp by Kip. Eueopean Uppercuts by Kip into a series of Knee Strikes. Ford attacked Chuck. Kip got a near fall. Knee to the upper back of Chuck, over and over. Chuck kicked free and they traded punches. Chuck was set on the top turnbuckle. Kip wanted a Full Nelson Superplex but couldn’t lock it in. Chuck with a Falcon Arrow after missing a Moonsault. Orange was frustrated. Kicks nad punches by Chuck. Kip slipped free but fell to a Pop Up Powerbomb. 1-2-no.

Chuck went up top. Double Stomp wissed. High Knee and Discus Forearm for another two. Slingshot Neckbreaker for another near fall. Kip was flipped onto the apron. Chuck blocked a Springboard DDT/Cutter. Ford distracted Chuck. Kick by Kip. Orange got on the apron to distract.  Kick by Chuck. Jimmy Havoc laid out Orange. LitaRana by Ford. Roll Up by Kip.

Your WInner: Kip Sabian
Dynamite Scote: 78

Sigh. More predictions.

We saw how Cody advanced in the TNT Championship tourney.

Justin Law vs Shawn Spears

Shawn is without his mentor, Tully Blanchard. When I heard he was fron Niagara Falls, I flashed back to an old Three Stooges bit.

Shawn smiled at his foe. Shawn looked the kid up and down. Go Behind into a huge Snap Mare. Shawn didn’t even take off his shirt. Go Behind by Shawn into an Arm Bar. Another Snap Mare to “school” Law. Shawn went to his knees and set in the amateur position. Law rolled Shawn into a tow count. Back Elbow by Shawn. Monster Knife Edges and kicks. Short Arm Clothesline by Spears. Running C4 by Shawn.

Your WInner: Shawn Spears
Dynamite Score: 60

Tony ran down next week’s card. It looks great.

Tony and Chris said their good-byes for the night. It was almost Main Event Time.

More Predictions.

Before we get into the big match, I want to take a second to say my personal “Thank You” to the great men and women who work their tails off at the various grocery stores to keep the shelves stocked. This is a tough time but these “honest heroes” are the glue that is keeping us together.  I tip my baseball cap to you all with much love and respect.

Jake Hager vs Jon Moxley
Empty Arean Match for teh AEW World Title

Jim Ross was on the headset for this one. The new Inner Circle shirt looks like a rip off of Guns and Roses. Just saying…

Ross ran down Hager’s resume as the music played. Jon Monxley’s theme then rocked the house. Ross ran down some wild facts about Moxley.

The two circled each other but didn’t connect. Front Face Lock by Hager but they went tot he corner. Semi-clean break. Jake wnted to go for the legs but Jon blocked him. Back Heel Trip by Mox. The two broke and went back into position. Front Face Lock by Jake allowed him to take JOn down. Mox wanted a Double Wrist Lock and got it. Jake went intot he ropes. Hard shot by Jake, Jon went down to work the leg but Jake kept his blanace. Back Heel Trip but Jake worked through it. Jon tried for an Indian Death Lock but Jake spun free.

Wrist Lock by Jake. Knee Strikes by Jake. Vicious. Jon was sent intot he corner but he came out with wild Knife Edges and a Full Mount Punch Fest, in the corner. Mox applied an STF but he didn’t have it quite set. Jake rode Mox like a broken mustang. Jake pushed his heel into Jon’s ribs. Hard stomps by Jake. Mox came back with hard blows. They traded Forearms. Jake was thrown out of the ring and into the barricade. Plancha into a Cross Armbreaker. Jake rolled loose and beat down on Jon’s face. We headed to break.

The two fought on the floor. Jake sent Jon into the barricade. Jon then flipped Jake over the railing. Jon threw Jake into a tarped section of the stage. Jake blocked the Clutch Piledriver and converted it into a Back Body Drop. Jake kicked away. Jake said this was “Their” show. Straight Right to Jon’s ear. Jon backed away and then threw Forearms and Knees. Jon with a Figure Four around a railing. Jake shrieked but would not surrender. Jake finally got free. Mox kept on his challenger.

Mox tore through Jake with a fury like seldom seen. Jake reversed a Whip and Mox crashed into the “Bicycle Rack”. Jake then dropped Mox onto the metal. Mox kept screaming “Screw You” as the ref asked if he wante dto quit.

Jake threw Mox back into the ringside area. Mox was sent into the ring steps. kJon was tossed back into the ring. Spring Up Clothesline by Mox. Jake No Sold It and nailed the Hager Bomb. Running Knee by Moxley.

Neither man would give up. The two men traded vicious shots and strikes. Gut Wrench Powerbomb by Jake for a two. Both men were so spent that we needed a series of commercials to let them catch their breath.

Jake walked up to Moxley and then bounced off he ropes to nail a huge Clothesline. He hit several more. Mox came back with one of his own. Mox hurt himself by using the wrong arm to clock Jake. Jake locked the Gotch Piledriver and worked on the leg. DDT by Mox. Triangle Choke by Jake but Mox would not surrender. Mox moved to the ropes to force the break. Jake was seriously hurting, as well. Boot Wash by Jake. The ref rold Hager to let Moxley get up. Mox rolled out tot he arena floor. Moxley went and got a steel chair. Jake drove the chairinto Mox’s belly button. Mox was having difficulty using his right arm. Jake rolled Mox right back in the ring and brought the chair with him. Jake wedged the chair between the top and middle turnbuckles. Jake hoisted up Mox and went to Lawn Dart him. Mox slipped free. Mox crashed into the chair and almost lost. One more break.

Jake drove his knee into the injured ribs of the champ. Jake gragged teh chair  and attacked the ankle. Ankle Lock! Mox absolutely refused to give up. He screamed “Break my***** ankle”. Jon rolled under to send Jake tothe outside. Paradism Shift into a Kokina Clutch-like move. Jake powered up and broke the hold. They traded Forearms, again. Knife Edge Chops and Punches. Running Knee Low Blow by Jake. Jon threw the chair into Jake’s face. Paradigm Shift onto the steel chair. 1-2-3!

Your WInner: Jon Moxley
Dynammpty Arenaite Score: 95

Match of the Night: Obviously, the Main Event of Moxley vs Hager.

Niecy: 143 now and always


–Jay Shannon

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