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The Raw Score

A weekly recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present”–Sir Francis Bacon

Time lo get back to live wrestling. To keep within the rules of the current televvision contracts, WWE MUST present a certain number of live events. They are restricted to only a certain number of pre-taped programs. If they were to continue with the pre-taped shows, they could risk being in Breach of Contract.

Thought I was going to be late for tonight’s show. Had a fun afternoon “date” with Niecy, doing grocery shopping. She hates to shop alone. She will join me here, at the desk, in a few. Has to put away her stuff first. Smile.

Roll the opening montage!

We started with a look back at how Brock Lesnar dropped the belt to Drew McIntyre. It was a lot better than Goldberg vs Braun Strowman. It was another Finisher Fest but what hte heck? Drew brings a fresh breath of air to what was becoming a rather stale WWE title.

Drew joined us to celebrate being the new champ. He tried this, right after winning the strap, only to have to fight Big Show.

Jerry Lawler was back at the announce table. He was so missed but his health is paramount. Drew asked the camera to come in the ring. Drew thanked the fans for allowing him and the others to come into the homes. Drew talked about a massive amount of support that he has received from media and fans. Drew said this felt so surreal. We saw the Big Show match, from Mania. Drew analyzed the mistake that Show made which allowed Drew to nail the Claymore. Drew was proud that he beat Lesnar and Show, back to back. Drew issued his Mission Statement: Those who deserve a title shot will get one.

Andrade interrupted Drew to come out with Zelina Vega. Vega intruoduced her charge, Andrade. Vega said they wanted to congratulate Drew for having TWO Mania Moments in the same night. Vega was upset that an injury robbed Andrade of his time. She suggested that Andrade might injure Drew and take the title away. Drew remembered their battle for the NXt title, where Drew had an injury that took him out for six months. Drew accepted the challenge for a Title vs Title Match…tonight.

We are going to get 3 Money in the Bank Qualifying matches for the Women’s MitB match. The first is up next. These sure feel like Squashes about to happen.We will see…

Asuka vs Ruby Riott
Money int he Bank Qualifying Match

Asuka danced to Ruby’s entrance music. It is rather catchy. Ruby was NOT impressed. Asuka screamed in Japanese. Other than Shin Yu and a few other phrases, I don’t understand Japanese.

Side Headlock by Ruby. Asuka shook it off. Shoulder Tackle by Ruby, followed by Forearms. Shoulder Tackle for a 1 count. Ruby slapped Asuka around. Asuka went to town on Ruby’s arm and shoulder. Ruby got to the ropes.

Asuka stomped away on Ruby. Back Elbow by Riott. Knee Strike by Asuka. 2 count. Asuka ran the shoulder of her enemy into the corner. Asuka stomped the back of Ruby and choked her on the ropes. Ruby threw a wild Forearm but a Hip Attack sent Ruby to the floor. Knee Strike by Asuka. Ruby threw Asuka over the barricade but the Empress came back with a wild kick. She then danced on the barricade as we took a break.

They were back in the ring and Asuka was working over the hurt arm. A Hip Attack missed. Rbuy punched Asuka and then kicked the ropes to cause Asuka to fall tot he floor. 2 count when they got back in the ring. Ruby was in serious control, right now. Ruby sent Asuka to the corner and hit a Forearm Shiver.  Asuka came back and clocked Ruby. The two fought on their knees. Asuka with punches and kicks as they got to their feet. Ruby with a wild Rolling Faceplant into a near fall. Asuka tried for the Fujiwara Arm Bar but couldn’t lock it in. Ruby went for the Riott Kick but Asuka turned it into an Ankle Lock and Release German. Shining Wizard gave Asuka a two count.

Ruby ran Asuka, backwards, into the corner. Running Thrust Kicks by Ruby. She flipped Asuka out to mid-ring and hit a Slider Clothesline to Asuka’s neck. 2 count. Ruby dragged Asuka tothe corner and headed up. She missed a Moonsault and Asuka cinched in the Asuka Lock. Ruby rolled over and almost pinned Asuka. Ruby held the ropes and nailed a Back Elbow. Flatliner by Ruby for a near fall. RIngs of Saturn by Ruby. The two rolled over and back to try and get a pin. Asuka finally locked in her finisher, the Asuka Lock, to advance.

Your Winner (by Submission): Asuka
Raw Score: 93 out of a possible 100

I’ll admit it. I thought Asuka would just destroy Ruby. Charly tried to interview Asuka but The Empress just screamed in a mix of English and Japanese. She made it clear that she wants Money in the Bank.

Dang, they are showing Tomato Soup and a Grilled Cheese sandwaich on a commercial. It looks so good. May raid the pantry on the next break.

MVP hosted the VIP Lounge. He announced the three male Money in the Bank matches for next week. Match #1 Rey Mysterio vs Murphy Match #2 Aleister Black vs Austin Theory Match #3 Apollo Crews vs MVP (seriously?)

Aleister Black vs Oney Lorcan

Arm Bar by Black. Front Face Lock by Alesiter. Oney got his own Arm Bar with a Crossface. Oney tried to lift Black but failed. Oney powered out of a Headlock. Black with a near fall off a Roll Up. Side Headlock by Oney. Black with a Trip and Roll Up. Arm Bar by Black. Arm Drags by both men. Oney put Black on the apron and used an European Uppercut to send Black tothe floor. Moonsuallt and huge kick to send Oney tot he floor.

We are back and Oney was hitting European Uppercuts, big time. Black blocked the Half and Half Suplex. Running Back Elbow by Oney. 2 count. Full Nelson by Oney. Black went down to one knee. Black powered out but Oney went into a Single Leg Crab. Aleister screamed in pain. Black rolled over and kicked free. Back Elbow and a Running Leg Scissors. Oney got to the ropes to avoid a Knee Bar. Black kicked the legs. Arm Bar by Black. Oney scooted around to reach the ropes.

knife Edge by Oney. Black answered with a kick and European Uppercut. Back Elbows and kicks intoa  Leg Sweep. Slider Knee Strike. He missedthe Moonsault. Clothesline by Oney. 1-2-no. Black rolled through the Half and Half. Black Mass!

Your Winner: Aleister Black
Raw Score: 90

Aleister was interviewed about facing Austin Theory, next week. Black said his game plan was to win. Black then headed tot he back.

I want to send out get well wishes to my Auntie Lee and Miss Wanda. Both are dealing with some serious health issues. Miss Wanda is Niecy’s older sister.

I also want to say good-bye to the geat Tim Brooke-Taylor. The comic genius, from England, dies of the COVID virus, earlier this week.

The annoucners talked about Becky Lynch and sent it back to Mania for highlights of Lynch retaining over Shayna Baszler. I honestly thought Shayna was going to demolish Becky to take the strap.

Becky then came fromt he back, belt in hand. Lynch is at one year as the Raw champ, give or take a few days. Lynch said Shayna was shocked when she lost to Lynch. Becky said it was a battle of the mind. Becky said she has been playing a lot of mind games with Shayna, over the past few weeks. Becky let Shayna build up her own downfall. Shayna is a Bully. Becky is a Survivor. Becky wants the winner of the Money in the Bank match. Becky has plans in mind for anyone who does win Money in the Bank. Wow! Becky then strolled up the ramp and brandished the belt.

Charly next interviewed Andrade and Zelina Vega. Vega got ugly about Charli not pronouncing Andrade’s name properly. Vega said Andrade destroyed Drew, the last time they met, and would again.

Big Show has a hit on his hands withhis new Netflix show.

Sarah Logan vs Shayna Baszler
Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

Shayna was asked about Becky’s recent comments. Shayna would not break character and just headed to the ring. Byron compared Shayna’s attitude to that of Ronda Rousey. Ronda’s comments, as of late, have seriously turned me against her. She went too far, in myhumble opinion.

Collar and Elbow into a Side Headlock. Shayna with a huge Forearm shot. Full Mount Pound with Hammer Fists. The ref pulled her off. Shayna with a brutal stomp.

Your WInner (by Ref Stoppage): Shayna Baszler
Raw Score: 20

They announced it hat Sarah won but I think that was a mistake. Sarah was in a bad way. She seemed to have a dislocated elbow. She was in tears as she headed to the back.

Seth Rollins cut a promo from the shadows. Seth lost to Kevin, at Mania. He talked about his career being “crucified”.

Akira Tozawa vs Austin Theory

Zelina Vega was on commenteary. I am digging the cool new graphic for Theory. Kick by Austin. Theory talked trash and threw a Forearm. Knee Strike by Austin. Spin Kicks by Akira. Corner Mount Punches by Tozawa but Theory dropped him over the top turnbuckle. Jumping Stomp by Theory. Austin kept stomping the chest of Akira. Full Mount Punches by Austin. Rear Chin Lock by Theory, with his knee in Akira’s neck.

Akira got tothe ropes to force the break. Knife Edge Chop and Hammer Throw by Austin. 2 count. Theory threw Akira down and almost got a pin. Arm Bar by  Austin. Austin pulled back on both arms and stood on Akira’s head. Theory slammed Akira’s arm down onto the canvas. Akira begged off but was blasted by the cocky youngster. Snap Suplex by Austin. Backbreaker by Austin for another near fall. Akira converted a Pop Up into a Rana. The fight went tothe floor. Akira faked out a Tope and ended up hitting a Cannonball Senton off the apron. Kick by Akira into a MIssile Dropkick. 2 count. Go Behind by Akira. Tilt-a-Whirl into the Octopus. Austin then nailed his ATL Finisher.

Your WInner: Austin Theory
Raw Score: 85

Angel Gaza and Andrade joined Austin in the ring. They wanted to destroy AKira. Hammerlock DDT off the middle ropes to lay out Tozawa.

The announcers discussed Total Bellas. They then began to talk about Drew vs Andrade. We looked at highlights of Drew’s journey towards Wrestlemania. It is part of his Chronicle episode.

Charly was back to interview Rey Mysterio. Rey has never won Money in the Bank. Rey talked about how Money in the Bank ended his 2nd title run. Rey was not going to look past Murphy.Rey said he wanted this a lot more than Murphy does. He promised to be Mr. Money in the Bank.

Seth was back for another Dark Promo. He talked about people needing faith in their lives. He wanted all to know the Messiah has truly risen for the fans.

Angel Garza vs Tehuti Miles

Angel came out with a rose in his teeth. Darn those thorns. Some woman was filming him. Punches by Angel to open. Miles tripped Angel but Garza came back witha  wicked Dropkick as Miles went into a Universal. Garza ripped off his pants. Dropkick to Miles’ face. He began to blather away in Spanish. Arm Bar and punches to the ribs of Miles. Angel clubbed the back of his foe and set him on the top turnbuckle.  Sullivan Tree of Woe for Miles. Angel with Double Knees. Wing Clipper by Angel to take this one home.

Your WInner: Angel Garza
Raw Score: 70

The rest of the Vega Alliance came out to join Angel. The trio destroyed poor Tahuti with a Draping version of the Hammerlock DDT.

Sarah then tried to interview the Kabuki Warriors. Asuka said Ruby not ready for Asuka. Kairi was asked about how confidence for going agaisnt Nia Jax. They laughed it off. Nia is going to annihilate the Pirate Princess. Make book on that.

Charly talked with Drew. McIntyre remembered what Andrade did to him, before. Drew was out to hurt Andrade, tonight.

Kairi Sane vs Nia Jax
Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

NIa pitched Sane across the ring. Go Behing by Sane but Jax broke free. Nia crashed in the corner. Kick by Kairi. Sane jumped over Nia. Sane signed she would climb and get the briefcase. Dropkick had no effect on Jax. Nia threw her out of the ring. Asuka shrieked in Japanese, in the back. Scoop Slam by Jax. Nia slapped Sane in the face to insult Sane. Clothesline by Jax. This was painful to watch. Hair Biel sent Sane to the corners, twice. Gorilla Press into a Samoan Drop. Call it he Annihilator!

Your Winner: Nia Jax
Raw Score: 60

Charlotte Flair entered the arena with her newly-won NXT Women’s title belt. The ref held the ropes for The Queen. Flair wanted to give a History Lesson. Flair said she chose Rhea because she has fought Bayley and Becky so many times. Flair had respect for Rhea for her guts. Flair said Rhea lacks what it takes, including humility. Flair knows her first challenger. Io will kneel down before the Queen. Woooo!

We looked back at Aleister Black vs Bobby Lashley, at Wrestlemania. Lana gave bad advice and Bobby ate Black Mass. Lashley wants new management or a new wife. Lashley will be up next.

We looked at the destruction of Sarah Logan’s elbow, from earlier. Shayna had a fit, backstage.

Bobby Lashley (w/Lana) vs No Way Jose

Collar and Elbow into a Go Behind. Back Elbows by Bobby. Lana shrieked instructions at her man. Bobby ran Jose into the corner nad punched away. Bobby went out to confront his wife. He told her to shut the Hell up. Punch by Jose. Overhead Belly to Belly Luanch by Lashley. Lana kept yelling and it distracted Lashley. Roll Up for a near fall. Chokeslam by Lashley. Spear!

Your WInner: Bobby Lashley
Raw Score: 50

I’m wondering if this might be a stunt by Lana to set up the return of Rusev, soon. Lana looked hot at being told to keep quiet.

Seth had time to do one more promo. Seth said the non-believers forced him to stomp out all doubt. Hmmm….Seth vs Drew?

Viking Raiders vs Ricochet and Cedric Alexander

Awesome Match Up! Ricochet tried to keep Erik off his game but failed. Cedric and Ricochet used a lot of Double Teaming. Ricochet Moonsaulted onto Ivar for a two. Tag to Cedric. Double Team failed as Ivar held his gound. Ivar got hit with Double Kicks. Tornado DDT by Cedric for a near fall. Front Face Lock by Cedric. Cedric clubbed Ivar’s neck and back. Tag to Ricochet.

Double Clubbing Blows. Tag to Erik. He took a vicious shot to the ribs and almost fell to Alexander. Tag back to Ricochet. Snap Suplex into a Springboard Senton by Ricochet. 2 count. Tag back to Cedric. Knife Edge by Cedric. Video glitch. Ivar caught Ricochet and threw him over the top and into his partner. Ivar with a Tope Suicida. OMG! We definitely needed a break, after that.

Cedric was down and hurting. Ricochet begged for a tag. Arm Bar by Erik. Tag to Ivar. Double Team on the youngster. Fist Drop by Ivar for a two. Tag to Erik. Double Team, again. Ivar came right back in. Then Erik took back over. Erik slammed Ivar onto Cedric. Ouch! 2 count.

Tag back to Ivar. He worked over the kidneys. Cedric slipped free and went for a RollUp. Carwheel Dropkick by Cedric.  Springboard Flatliner by Cedric. Hot Tags on both sides. Springboard Crossbody by Ricochet. Dropkicks to both foes. Enziguri to Erik. 619-like kick to Ivar. Running Shooting Star Press by Ricochet. 1-2-not just yet. Neuralizer missed. Erik knocked out Ricochet. Tag to Ivar. Seated Senton intothe Cartwheel Clothesline by Ivar. Flying Crossbody by Ivar. Tag to Erik.  Shotgun Knees by Erik. Erik threw Ivar into Cedric. 2 count. Tag to Ivar. Cedric kicked free. Neuralizer blocked. Modified Doomsday Device. Ricochet made the save.  The Raiders destroyed Ricochet and then went for the Viking Experience. They botched the move but Cedric still sold it.

Your Winners: The Viking Raiders
Raw Score: 88

Charly chatted with the Street Profits. They brought out Bianca Belair. Charly welcomed Bianca to Raw. Montez Ford knew that the Vikings wanted their titles. Vikings introduced the words “Egg” and “HappY” to the English Language. Ok. Bianca wasn’t going to have this silliness. Bianca knew the Vikings always whipped the Profits when they fought. Bianca told them to get that smoke.

Andrade vs Drew McIntyre
Champion vs Champion

The entire Vega Alliance came out for this one. Maybe they should call them El Futurra. (The Future). Drew then slowly walked from the back.

Drew towered over Andrade. Andrade showed off his U.S. title as Vega got up in Drew’s face. He told Andrade to control his girl. She took offense.Andrade attacked but got dropped in seconds. Drew ran him intothe corner and hit a Knife Edge Chop. Punches and Chops wore out Andrade. Float OVer failed as Drew kicked Andrade. The U.S. champ went tot he floor. Drew lifted Andrade and dropped him over hte barricade. Knife Edges by Drew. Angel and Austin got up in Drew’s face. Andrade pulled Drew’s shoulder intot he conrer, several times.

Andrade slammed the hand ontot he ring steps. Knee Strikes and Arm Breaker by Andrade. Arm Bar by Andrade. Drew threw Andade into the ropes. Flying Arm Breaker in the ropes by Andrade. Andrade went up top. Clothesline by Drew after catchilng Andrade. Big Boot by Drew. Drew headed up top and waited. Ax Bomber into a Kip Up!

Drew clubbed the back. Andrade blocked the Future Shock DDT and hit a Back Elbow. Drew flipped Andrade over the ropes and into Austin and Angel. Knife Edge to Austin that sounded like a gunshot. Drw went up top. Vega got on the apron to distract. Andrade tripped Drew. Drew blocked the Draping Hammerlock DDT. Alabama Slam to Andrade. Claymore! 1-2-3!

Your Winner: Drew McIntyre
Raw Score: 80

Seth Rollins’s music hit as Garza hit a Chop Block. Superkick to Drew’s jaw by Seth. Curb Stomp! Seth waited and hit a 2nd Curb Stomp! Fade out.

Tim: Thanks for the laughs
Zack: Glad you are better, son
Niecy: 143


–Jay Shannon

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