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The Raw Score

A recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon, Candy and LeeAnne Moore

“Life must be understood backwards. But it must be lived forward”-Soren Kierkegaard

Tonight’s column is dedicated to one of my best friends. Joe Guenther was one of the first people to reach out to me when I began writing, all those years ago. We have grown to become like brothers and today is his birthday. We all wish him the very best. Happy Birthday.

Wrestlmania 36 is now in the history books. To say it was “different” was the understatement of all time. The “match” betwewn John Cena and The Fiend had to be, in our humble opinion, the dumbest thing since the Impact fight on the Hardy compound where they killed characters, only to bring them back a week or two later. I kept waiting for the Undead to show up during the Undertaker mess. Honestly, Match of the Show had to go to Charlotte Flair vs Rhea Ripley.They ignored the emptiness all around them and really put on a fantastic match.

We looked at Drew McIntyre’s win over Brock Lesnar, at Wrestlemania, Night Two. It was actually  not the best match for either man. Took me back to the days of Rock vs Austin, which turned into a Finisher Fest. Brock got frustrated when he couldn’t take out Drew. McIntyre hit a series of Claymores as Heyman shrieked in fear and concern.

Roll the opening montage!

Asuka vs Liv Morgan

Asuka talked trash in Japanese. She cackled like Aunt Maggie Hamilton to Morgan. Morgan tried for a Roll Up but Asuka blocked her. Morgan threw wild Forearms. Rear View Hip Attack by Asuka. Liv pushed Asuka away and Matrixed her way out of a kick to the head. Drop Toe Hold but Morgan intot he corner. Morgan sent Asuka to the outside. Asuka bounced Morgan off the ring apron.

Back in, Morgan used a Rana through the ropes. Asuka with a wicked Thrust Kick. Break time.

Next year’s Wrestlemania is set to happen in Los Angeles. I was hoping for Dallas, since I live here now. Maybe the year after.

Asuka stomped on Morgan’s arm. She then cinched in an Arm Bar and threw Morgan around. Boot by Morgan. Knee Strike by Asuka for a near fall. Asuka pushed on Morgan’s head with her foot. It ticked off Morgan. Jackknife Pin almsot got Liv the win. Springboard Code Breaker by Morgan. Dang, that was sweet.

Liv hit Clotheslines and a Flying Face Plant. Stomp to the back of Asuka’s neck for a two count. Cross Armbreaker by Asuka but Liv rolled over to try for a pin. German by Asuka. Shining Wizard by Asuka but Morgan got her foot on the bottom rope.

Asuka applied the Asuka Lock but Morgan rolled over to almost get the pin. Arm Drag by Asuka. Asuka Lock! Tap Out!

Your Winner (by Submission): Asuka
Raw Score: 85 out of a possible 100

Asuka danced around to celebrate.

We cut to highlights of Shayna Baszler vs Becky Lynch. Lynch won in what many considered a huge surprise.

After the match, Becky was interviewed. Lynch talked about being a champ for a full year. Becky said she studied her foe before going in, so she could find the weakness in Shayna. Lynch was ready for the next big challenge. Shayna then cut a promo about losing. Shayna was frustrated and it showed. Shayna promised to bring agony to Becky.

Hope you are all staying safe. Got news that an old friend of mine, Del, is hospitalized with Cov19. We send our love to him and his wife, Paula.

Street Profits (Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins) vs Angel Garze and Austin Theory
Raw Tag Team Title Match

The challengers started with quick tags. Side Headlock by Dawkins led to a Shoulder Tackle. Universal into a wicked Shoulder Tackle by Dawkins. Tag to Ford. Wild Dropkick and then Double Drop to put Angel onto Austin. They held the ring as the challengers regrouped on the floor. Time for more commercials.

Dawkins worked on Austin’s arm. Corner Spin Splash missed and Austin took advantage. Roll In Dropkick by Theory. Tag to Angel. Kick to Dawkins’ ribs. Angel twisted Angelo’s arm and back. Zelina Vega was thrilled. Tag to Austin. Hard Punches by the rookie. Jumping Stomp to Angelo’s chest and kick toth e back. Front Face Lock to gound Angelo. Theory converted it to an Arm Bar. Ford called for a tag. Knee Strike by Austin and tag to Angel.

Garza dropped his weight onto Angelo’s knee. Garza twisted the leg in ways it just shouldn’t bend. Tag back to Theory. Austin kicked away and talked trash. Angelo started to fight back. Exploder Suplex by Angelo. Zelina shrieked to stop the tag. Ford with the White Hot Tag. He tore into Angel, who had also tagged in. Snap DDT by Ford. He howled like a wild animal. Vega got involved. The ref called for the bell.

Your Winners (by Disqualification): The Street Profits
Raw Score: 84

Bianca Belair came out to confront Zelina Vega. Bianca just tore into Vega as the Street Profits cleaned house. Bianca got on the stick and said she now on Monday Night Raw. Bianca ordered Vega to get in the ring or she would come out and get her. Off the land of pizza commercials and such.

Zelina Vega vs Biance Belair

The four men from the last match were still at ringside. Biance threw Vega down, out of the Collar and Elbow. SHe then dropped Vega and taunted her. Bega ran away after Face Washing. Side Headlock by Vega but Bianca threw her off. SHoulder Tackle by the E.S.T.. Bianca ran through Vega. Slap by Vega. Bianca just beat the stuffing out of Zelina. Bianca with Hair Biels. Corner Shoulders by Bianca. Bianca flipped over Vega but then crashed intot he corner post. Vega kicked away. Weird Octopus in the ropes by Vega. It looked like she was going for a Reverse 619. DDT bt Vega fir a near fall. Dragon Sleeper by Zelina. Bianca fought to her feet and turned it into a wild Suplex. Gorilla Presses and Drop by Bianca. So, Bianca is married to Montez Ford, according to the annoncers. The guys got into it adnt he ref threw out the match.

Your Winner: Match Thrown Out
Raw Score: 80

Ford wanted a Six Person Mixed Tag Match.

Montez Ford, Bianca Belair and Angelo Dawkins vs Angel Garza, Zelina Vega and Austin Theory
Six Person Mixed Tag Match

Flapjack to Theory.  Dropkick by Ford. Huge Knife Edge by Ford to Austin’s chest. Float Over and Cartwheel Dropkick by Montez. Theory jumped Ford from behind. They went tot he floor and Montez ended up thrown intothe barricade. Theory with clubbing blows and Knife Edges and chops. Cheap Shot by Garza. Crossface Arm Bar by Austin. Theory rubbed the shoulder to further the pain.

Ford fought to his feet and powered free. He punched the ribs but ate a Clothesline. 2 count. Front Face Lock by Austin. Theory dumped Ford tothe outside. Austin bounced Ford off the apron and pitched him back in the ring. Ford almost got hte tag but Austin stopped him and put him in a Sleeper. Jumping Enziguri and tag to Bianca.

Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker by Bianca. Garza made the save. Dawkins chased Garza out of hte arena. Bianca with a variation of the GlamSlam…into the K.o.D. (Kiss of Death).

Your Winners: Street Profits and Bianca Belair
Raw Score: 80

Wea got stills from Aleister Black vs Bobby Lashley. Lana messed up the finish for her “husband”. Black nailed the Black Mass. Lashley was interviewed, post match. Lashley said he needed either new management and a new wife. Lana strolled in and Bobby walked away. Lana wanted to know what just happened.

We got a quick video package about Aleister Black. He fights next.

Aleister Black vs Apollo Crews

Nice to see him back. Crews switched over from Smackdown. Black just sat and stared at his opponent. The two circled each other. Side Headlock by Black. Crews fought out nad took his own Side Headlock. Black spun around to grab the leg. 1 count. Front Face Lock by Black but Apollo powered out. Side Headlock by Crews but Black went to work on the arm. Arm Roll by Black. Crews reversed things into a Hammerlock. Fireman’s Carry by Black. Cravat by Black. Crews worked on the arm, again.

Black tried for hte Front Face Lock but Crews got hte leg.  Flip Over by Crews. RVD Roll into Lotus by Black. Crews slid out of the ring and we went to commercials.

Deep Running Arm Drag by Aleister. Black escaped a Scoop Slam and Gorilla Press. Arm Drag by Black. Arm Bar by Black. Crews used Forearms to get free. Big Boot by Black. Dropkick by Apollo. Black went to the floor.

Crews came out and got blasted. Big Boot but Crews came back with an Overhead Belly to Belly. Crews threw Black back in and worked him over. Big BK by Black for a near fall. Crews flipped Aleiser over the ropes and all the way to the floor. Crews stomped away. Huge kick and Moonsault by Crews. This match is awesome.

Crews almost got he pin as we returned. Clothesline by Apollo into a Seated Side Headlock. Crews put all his weight on Black’s neck. Crews clubbed the neck. Black attacked the legs. Black kicked away at hte hamstring. Snap Powerslam by Crews for a two. Jumping Enziguri by Apollo into a Blue Thunder Bomb. 2 plus.

Crews punched away and took Black towards the corner. Kick by Black but Crews with a wild Clothesline. Crews missed the Frog Splash. Knee Bar by Black. Crews screamed in pain. Crews barely reached the ropes to force the break.

Both men were in a bad wayrews dodged Black Mass and hit a JUmping Enziguri. Black tumbled to the floor.

The two men were in on the top. Black hit a Leg Sweep and Slider Dropkick and Sptingboard Moonsault. 2 count. Dropkick by Crews. He was in serious pain, right now. Crews picked up Black and tried for a Belly to Belly. Instead, Crews ran Bvlack into the corenr. Jumping Enziguri to Black, who was up top. Crews climbed the ropes but Black fought his best. Superplex! 1-2-no. Crews stood and thought through his next moves. Gorilla Press but the knee gave way. Crews with a Powerbomb to get another deuce. Crews stumbled over to his worthy foe. Gorilla Press Drop into a Standing Moonsault by Crews.  Standing Shooting Star by Crews. 2, once again.

Crews went up top. Not a good idea. Black ran the ropes to hit a huge kick. Front Drop Superplex by Crews. Jumping Knee Strike as Crews flew off the ropes. Black called for his favorite. Sunset Flip by Black into Black Mass!

Your WInner: Aleister Black
Raw Score: 97

We got highlights of Edge vs Randy Orton and their Last Man Standing Match. It went all over the Performance Center. It got seriously scary. at times. Edge finally won after a Con-Chair-To, on top of a tractor trailer. Edge had weakened Randy with his new “Edge of Darkness” Sleeper.

I want to thank Niecy for a fantastic dinner, tonight. She brought me and Mama Dee some homemade Beef Stroganoff and Jalapeno Cornbread. Beautiful, sweet AND she can cook. When wrestling is over, I’m going to pull up and binge on Twilight Zone on CBS All Access.

Cedric Alexander and Ricochet vs Oney Larkin and Danny Burch

The two men traded blows. Tag back and forth by the NXT tandem. Front Face Lock on Cedric. European Uppercuts on Cedric. Alexander tried to fight back but Burch dropped him and applied a Rear Chin Lock. Cedric ran Danny intothe corner. Sleeper by Danny that moved into a Rear CHin Lock. Low Dropkick by Cedric. Tags on both sides.

Ricochet went wild until taking a boot to the face. JUmping Rana from the top for a near fall. Burch made the save. Ricochet flipped free and dumped Danny, Half and Half SUplex. Tag to Cedric. Double Team by Ceddy and Ric. Neuralizer into the Recoil. Wow, Raw is better than Wrestlemania was.

Your Winners: Ricochet and Cedric Alexander
Raw Score: 88

We looked back at Seth ROllins vs Kevin OWens. Seth tried to get out of the battle with a DQ loss. Owens wasn’t having that and asked to restart the match, under no DQ rules. Owens hit a wicked Elbow Drop off the top of the Wrestlemania Sign to finish off Seth.

Owens cut a promo about his feud with Seth Rollins. Owens mentioned how many times did he get multiple teamed? Seth finally fell to the Elbow Drop and Stunner. Owens was proud of his match. Owens then needed to search out his next victims. He planned to be there to stay.

Seth Rollins then came out to the ring. He looked so intense.

Seth Rollins vs Denzil D

Seth tore right intot he kid from NXT. Seth stomped away and Boot Choked. Denzil fell out to the floor. Seth threw the kid into the barricade, over and over. He then pitched the kid back into the ring. Cub Stomp!

Your Winner: Seth Rollins
Raw Score: 50

Nia Jax is back!

Nia Jax vs Deonna Purazzo

Nice to see the NXT kids getting some air time. Nia went to work on her foe and told her to bring the fight. Nia slapped the kid around and hit a Short Arm Clothesline. She dragged Deonna around by the hair. Another Short Arm Clothesline by Nia. Samoan Drop. Fisherman’s DDT!

Your Winner: Nia Jax
Raw Score: 59

We got highlights of the Boneyard Match. It was just weird. We saw the return of the Underbiker! Styles looked to have it won but Taker did some magic tricks to show up and beat down Styles. Taker eventually buried Styles, after fighting off Gallows, Anderson and a lot of cloaked dudes.

Humberto Carrillo vs Brendan Vink

Brendan tore into Humberto but Carrillo with a Jawbreake. Springboard Arm Drag. Carrillo sent tot he apron. MIssile Dropkick by Humberto. Tope Suicida countered by a Big Boot. Scoop Slam of Humberto for a two count. Rear Chin Lock by Brendan. Humberto spun around to get to his feet. Back Elbow by Brendan. Humbeto was thrown intot he corner. Brendan talked trash on the smaller Mexican.

Brandan pitched Humberto over and then Snap Mared Humberto. Rear Chin Lock by the big Australian. Humberto began to Elbow free. Humberto flipped out of a Suplex and kicked away. Springboard Crossbody and Dropkick by Humberto. Tornado Kick by Humberto. Rolling Moonsault into a Top Rope Moonsault!

Your Winner: Humberto Carrillo
Raw Score: 78

We looked back at one of Wrestlemania’s best…Ripley vs Flair. They obviously are both extreme professionals who repect this industry we all love. Flair took the win but it was not an easy walk in the park for the Queen.

Flair was interviewed. Flair reminded everyone that it is the Woman who makes the title, not the other way around. She reminded e erypone she retired the Divas title. Flair said all bow before the Queen. WOoooo!

Next up, we got highlights of Drew McIntyre vs Brock Lesnar. It was another Finish Fest, much like Goldberg vs Strowman was. Drew hit numerous Claymores to put down The Beast.

We saw what happened the end of the show, last night. Drew came out wearing the WWE title and limped down to the ring. The belt looked good on him. He planned on doing a post-match interview. Drew was asked if it had sunk in yet. Not after only 20 minutes. Drew couldn’t believe this was real. Drew showed off his belt with special side panels. Drew thanked Paul Heyman for motivating him. Drew looked at Brock’s eyes and knew he had a Hell of a match in front of him. Paul ordered Brock to keep hitting the F5′s. Drew had to get back up, over and over. Drew siad the F5s only made him angrier.

Suddenly, the Big Show came out with a ref. Huh? Show had a microphone. Pushing the new TV Show? Not exactly. Show praised Drew for slaying The Beast. Show said Drew only thought he was a big man but he was no GIANT. Drew saw this one coming, or did he. Show wasn’t going to challenge him, now, for the belt. Show wanted to fight. Drew did not want to fight, right now. Show called Drew a Punk. Show kept twisting the knife. Show stated that Drew was afraid of him. Drew knew Show was trying to push his buttons. Drew said there was nothing Show could say to force a fight. Show slapped Drew in the face.

Big Show vs Drew McIntyre
WWE Title Match

Whip by Show. Kick by Drew.  Shoulder Tackle by Show. Show punched the ribs of he new champ, several times. Drew kicked away but Show N o Sold it. Scoop Slam by Show. Show taunted Drew. Show stood on Drew’s neck and bounced him in the ropes. Show twisted Drew in the ropes. Scoop Slam by Show. Kick to Drew’s back.

Show screamed about fuor decades as a wrestler. Show clubbed Drew’s chest. Vader Bomb onto Drew. 2 count. Show just laughed at his foe. Show told Drew to get up and get more punishment. Drew was having trouble breathing.

Open Hand Slap to Drew’s chest. Those hurt, so at was part of initiation at the old school. They did my back, since I have a pacemaker. Scoop Slam byShow. Show yelled at Drew to earn is title. Show choked Drew on the ropes.

Drew started to fight back but Show tried to destroy him. Scoop Slam byDrew. 2 count. Drew hopped over the ropes and went up top. Chokeslam by Show! 1-2-Kick Out!

Show cocked his fist but missed the KO Punch. Claymore!

Your WInner: Drew McIntyre
Raw Score: 80

Cool surprise ending1

Zack and Del: Get Well Soon
Donna: We miss you
Niecy: 143


–Jay, Candy and LeeAnne

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