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The Dynamite Score

A weekly recap and review of pro wrestling’s newest international promotion.

“The world loves a b*stard”–Arnold J. Rimmer (Red Dwarf)

Tony Schiavone was our host, again, this week. Cody and his dog, Pharoah, were at the edge of the ring. Cute Puppy.  The eight men were announced for the upcoming TNT Championship.

The Eight Men are:

Dustin Rhodes
Lance Archer
Colt Cabana
Kip Sabian
Shawn Spears
Darby Allin
Sammy Guevara

Kenny Omega vs Trent

The other members of the Best Friends came out with Trent. We had a few people around ringside.

The two shook hands as a sign of respect. Collrar and Elbow to the ropes.  Go Behind into a Side Headlock Takeover by Omega. Push Off into a Shoudler Block by Omega. Universal into Double Flying Knees by Trent. Snap Mare and Yakuza Kick by Trent.  They traded wild blows. Omega with the same Snap Mare and Yakuza Kick. They went to the corner and Kenny choked with the boot. Trent got sent into the corner and Kenny stomped away. Knife Edge by Kenny into an Irish Whip. Back Elbow by Tretn. Double Stomp by Trent. They went out to the floor. Wicked Moonsault by Trent. BIg Hugs all around. Flip Dive took out the entire trio of Best Friends. Omega hurt himself on the landing. Orange Cassidy looked ready to hug Kenny but it didn’t happen. Kenny planted Trent for a two count. Side Running Backbreaker by Omega. Bounce Stomps by Kenny. Scoop Backbreaker to Trent’s lower back. 1-2-no.

Kenny worked over Trent’s upper back. Hammer Throw and Trent collapsed.  Trent fought out of a Front Face Lock. Double Ax Handle by Omega. Huge Back Body Drop by Omega. Kenny kicked the head of his foe. Another Hammer Throw and Trent was in agony. Trent stomped the bad hand of Kenny. Trent kept abusing the injured hand. The ref was about ready to disqulify Trent. Corner assautl by Trent. Snap Mare and Knee Drop to the bad hand. He did it again to furhter injure the hand. Kenny went to the floor but Trent followed. Trent bounced the hand off the ring apron. Trent stomped on the hand and dug his heel into the knuckles. Trent went for a knee drop but Kenny moved. Belly to Back by Omega, on the floor.

Trent was sent into the bicycle rack barricade, multiple times. Back Elbow by Trent. Pop-Up Buckle Bomb into an outside post. Omega pitched Trent back into the ring. Wicked Fisherman’s Backbreaker by Kenny. Tornado DDT by Trent. Jumping Elbow Strike by Trent. Knife Edge to Kenny’s Back. Slide Under  Snap Dragon by Trent. We went to break.

We’re back and the two men were trading wild Forearms. Trent hit a Knife Edge and so did Kenny. Snap Dragon One Armed SUplex. Piledriver by Trent for a near fall. The two fought intothe corner. Kenny flipped out. Tornado DDT blocked into an Omega Snap Dragon. Back Elbows by Trent. Lariat by Trent. Omega reversed a Vertibreaker into a V Trigger. The ref checked on them both.

Trent held the ropes to avoid a Suplex on the arpong. Omega blocked the Puledriver and flipped Trent intothe ring. Wild German Superplex by Trent. Running Knee but Trent only got a two. Omega with the Jumping Knee. One Winged Angel!

Your Winner: Kenny Omega
Dynamite Score: 94 out of a possible 100

They went 19 full minutes in this one. Amazing.

Kenny helped Trent up and showed major respect to his opponent.

Tony mentioned Matt Hardy’s feud with Chris Jericho. We got a video highlight of their first meeting. Matt wants to be called “Damascus”. What the heck ever. He is filled with magic. Jericho wanted Damascus to join the Inner Circle but Matt refused.

A video package aired for Hikaru Shida. She is AEW’s answer to Asuka, in my opinion. She knows a myriad of moves.

Hikaru Shida vs Ana Jay

This was Jay’s debut. Shida took her tothe ropes and gave a clean break. Jay did the same other than a hair flip to insutl the Asian star. Jay Pushed Off but fell to a Shoulder. Whip  by Shida but tried for a Dropkick way too early. Kick by Jay. Shida blocked the Exploder. Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker by  Shida. Running Knee to Jay. Britt Baker talked trash to Shida.

Back in the ring, Jay with Forearms. Shida NO Sold them, several times over. Knee Strike by SHida. Slap by Jay. Wild Forearm dropped Jay like a bad habit. Shida urged Jay to get up and fac e her. Crescetn Kick by Jay and Rolling Neckbreaker to get a two count. Shida caught Jay’s leg. Enziguri missed and Jay with a Small Package. Crucifix Slide failed. Jay kept different pins but failed. Jay got a foot on the ropes to avoid the Triangle.

Shida with a Stall Suplex for a near fall. Running Knee tothe back of Jay’s neck. Shida then laid out Jay with a Falcon Arrow  and took the win.

Your Winner: Hikaru Shida
Dynamite Score: 89

Dr. Britt Baker and Hikaru Shida had words, post match.

Tony and Cody discussed Jon Moxley and his issues with the Inner Circle. They sent it to a video replay of the events that got us to this point between Jake Hager and Moxley. Jake actually spoke for the first time in trashing Mox. Moxley knew people wanted him and he has a huge target on his back. Mox wasn’t ready to give up his title. Jericho mocked Moxley for wanting to kiss up to the fans. Jericho reminded everyone that the Inner Circle Powerbombed Mox off the stage. Hager said he was there to win, not cater to the fans. Mox knew how dangerous Jake can be. Jake was confident that he was a lot stronger than Mox. Mox was ready for a danerous game with Harger. Mox went after Jake before Hager could go after him. The other members of the Inner Circle were supportive of Jake’s attempt to take the strap. Jericho really was supportive of Jake, which seemed a little odd. Both men were sure they would win. Moxley was in search of Jake’s weakness.

Colt Cabana joined Tony for commentary. I met Colt, a few years back, and he is a great guy.

Lance Archer vs Marko Stunt

This is going to be a slaughter, big time. Roberts cut a quick video promo about the Murder Hawk, Lance Archer. Roberts said Lance was seriously upset and that was not a good thing. Roberts said they don’t play games or gamble. Roberts wondered if Cody was smart enough to avoid Archer. He brought up Brandi Rhodes. Always a way to draw cheap heat. Archer then stomped out to the ring. Archer is a Texan, so you know he is tough.

Lance took out a grip and then nailed a Clothesline on Marko, before the bell. He tossed Stunt around like a rag doll. Lance talked trash to Colt Cabana. Marko kicked away and punched Archer. It had no effect. One shot dropped Marko. Suplex Throw and Marko ended up in another zip code. Archer drove his knee into Mrko’s neck. Fallaway Uranage byA rcher.

Shot Arm Clothesline missed and Marko went tot he floor. Tope Suicida by Marko. Goozle by Arner. Marko flipped free and hit a pair of Enziguris and a Dropkick. Pounce! by Archer. Damn , that was impressive. Marko was thrown back intothe ring. Huge One Hand Chokeslam. 1-2-Pick Up by Archer. Black Out (Modified Razor’s Edge)

Your Winner: Lance Archer
Dynamite Score: 80

Archer started to leave but came back in and took Marko to the outside. Archer threw Marko over the railing and into the group of guys watching. Archer then went after a cameraman and yelled at Colt Cabana.Marko was out of it, big time.

Brodie Lee, the Exalted One, was back with his crew. He was having a meeting with his converts. Lee got more veiled shots in at Vince. Lee demanded to be called “Mr. Brodie”. Lee had another meltdown. Lee is going all Negan with this character. Lee saw someone yawn and he snapped. Lee said tiredness showed weakness. Lee could not tolerate weakness. Well, maybe the follower can’t yawn but this segment sure made me yawn. Just saying…

8 and 9 (of the Dark Order) vs Q.T. Mashall and Dustin Rhodes (Natural Nightmares)

I like the Nightmares team. Brandi served as their manager. I recently watched the original Nightmares, thanks to my buddy, Joe Guenther. Marshall went ovff on 8. Tag to Dustin. Side Headlock into a Shoulder Tackle. Universal but Dustin with an Uppercut. Tag back to Marshall. Double team on poor 8. Marshall got a near fall. Tag back to Dustin. Double Team Neckbreaker by Rhodes. 9 got invovled but Dustin took him out.

Marshall with an Ax Bomber and Knife Edge Chops. 9 with a shot tot he back and 8 hit a Clothesline. 2 count. Dang, my number pad is getting a workout. 9 tagged in. 9 was shorter than 8. They went back and forth with tags. Double Whip but Marshall with the Reality Check. Stall Suplex by Marshall tothe other masked man. Dustin with Clotheslines and the Goldusting. Inverted Atomic Drop and Powerslam by the painted warrior. Cannonball to the floor. Marshall took out hte other masked man. The Nightmares got back in the ring. Nightmare Scenario to end this one.

Your Winners; Dustin Rhodes and Q.T. Marshall
Dynamite Score: 79

Marhall tossed a mask onto the fallen foe. Dustin and Marshall hugged, on the floor. Brandi makes a good manager. Dustin looked a lot like Darth Maul with the facepaint.

Brodie Lee came out to stare down Rhodes. He then headed tothe ring to deal with his followers. Poerbomb to 8! Lee then left the ring. Message sent.

I want to send out a special Happy Anniversary to two very dear friends of mine. Raul and Jill Ibarra have been together 15 years, as of Wednesday. Love you both and hope to see you soon.

We got a video mix from Chris Jericho and Matt Hady. Jericho was at home, this week. Jericho said it was a holiday for him. Jericho was celebrating April Fools Day as a tribute to the Elite. Jericho took a shot at Adam Page and Nick Jackson. Vanguard One flew over Jericho’s pool. Jericho called Hardy “Dumb-*ss-Kiss”. Jericho reminded us that Blood and Guts will happen, someday. Jericho finally saw Vanguard One. Jericho apologized to the drone and did his best Fonzie impression (yes, I caught that one) as he stumbled on saying “I’m Sorry”. Jericho gave Vanguard an Inner Circle shirt. V-1 flew away from Jerichoa nd Chris called for the hounds to be released. They were all cute little puppies. Not as cute as my beloved Peaches, but she’s out walkies with Niecy.

Next week, Cody and Shawn Spears will square off in the tournament. Jake Hager and Jon Moxley will have a title match,in two weeks. In 2 weeks, Colt Cabana will fight Lance Archer in a tourney match.

We got an update on Nick Jackson. Matt was with his brother to help him recoup. Matt brought Nick a ring to practice in. We saw how Nick was found injured. Nick said he was feeling much better. Nick did not know who took him out. Nick did some basic wrestling warm ups to get back in shape. Nick didn’t know when he would return. Matt said this injury made him really appreciate his brother and their team. Nick wasn’t quite ready to return but soon…

Sanny Guevara and Shawn Spears vs Darby Allin and Cody

Darby sat in the corner and Cody helped him to his feet. There was serious tension in this team. I expect the tourney final to end up Cody vs Lance Archer but Darby might just surprise eeryone. Dasha made the introductions. Tully Blanchard wasn’t at ringside. I would imagine it is to protect the aging Blanchard’s health. No insult, in any way, by that. Jim Ross is at home for the same reason.

Cody went out and kissed his wife. Darby and Sammy staCollar and Elbow to the corner. They traded position and Shawn snatched a Side Headlock. Cody punched free and hit a Big Boot. Tag to Darby. Ax Bomber by Allin. Arm Bar by Darby. Tag to Sammy.

Sammy immediately tagged back out so he could keep filming. Brandi took Sammy’s phone nad Darby laid out Sammy with a Running Back Elbow. Too funny. Darby with a Dropkick to Shawn and tag to Cody. Hardcore Uppercut by Cody. Goldustin Uppercut by Cody. Tope Suicidas were faked and then they went out opposite sides with the move. TNT took another break.

There is going to be a Star Wars Marathon, this week-end. Time for a Couch Date Night. Smile.

We are back and Darby was rushed intot he enemy corner by Sammy. Tag to Shawn. Darby punched away. He fought both foes. Cody distracted the ref, accidentally, and Darby got double teamed. Darby was thrown into the barricade. Sammy brought Darby into the ring and hit a Snap Suplex. Rear Chin Lock by The Spanish God. Jawbreaker to escape. Double Stomp on Darby’s shoulder. Shawn took the tag and stomped away. Knife Edge by Shawn. Sammy bet Shawn $50 that he couldn’t hold Darby up in a Stall Suplex for 10 (nod to Shawn’s former charcter?). They upped the bet if Sammy could hold Darby up for 15. He went to 16. The bet was moved up to 20. Small Package and Shawn almost got pinned. tDraby fought free and taged out. Cody took out Shawn with the Disaster Kick and then laid out Sammy. Springboad Cutter by Cody for a near fall. Cody pulled off the wieght belt and tossed it to his wife. Cody with a Sharpshooter. He then cinched in a Figure Four on Speas. Sammy made the save but it hurt Shawn’s knee. CrossRhodes as Sammy went for the Springboard Slop Drop. It broke down into total chaos. The heels at ringside attacked Cody. Off to commercials.

Sammy stood on Cody’s back to force his neck down onto the bottom rope. Tag to Shawn. Spears dropped Cody an then taunted Darby. Corner Mount Punches by Shawn. Cody slid under and pulled Shawn intothe top turnbuckle. Codya nd Shawn traded vicious shots. Solid punches by Cody. Shawn went Cody into Sammy. Moonsault by Cody. Cody tweaked his knee. Colt screamed at Cody to tag. He did. Double Missile Dropkick. Running Back Elbows to both men. Shawn hit Sammy. Springboard Back Elbows to both foes. Shawn CLotheslind Sammy and then got Low Bridged. Tope Suicideas by Darby. The first hit and the 2nd one found Daeby hitting the barricade. Shawn dropped Darby on the railing. Missile Dropkick by Sammy. Tope con Hilo by Cody. C4 (Death Valley Driver) by Shawn.  Double Team on Cody. Darby scooted up the pool and hit a Coffin Drop. Damn!

Darby wanted another Coffin Drop but Sammy stopped him. Cody caught Sammy, on the top. Dragon Superplex by Cody. Frog Splash by Shawn. Sammy slid a chair in but Darby took it away. Roll Up on a distracted Darby.

Your Winners: Shawn Spears and Sammy Guevara
Dynamite Score: 93

Match of the Night: Kenny Omega vs Trent

Darby lost his cool and laid out Cody. Darby stormed tothe back. Yeah, Darby could go all the way.


–Jay Shannon

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