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The Raw Score

A weekly recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by your writing team of: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon, Candy and LeeAnne Moore

“I think pressure’s healthy, and very few can hadle it”-Gordon Ramsay

Tonight’s show came to us live…on tape. With the current COVID-19 situation, it just isn’t sfe to risk the health of the competitors and the production crew. I respect that and hope the other fans will understand. Yes, it may not be as exciting as a wild, live crowd but it can still be fun.

We are back at the Performance Center. Jerry Lawlwer is still on “Safety Vacation”. This is the “Go Home” edition of Raw, leading into Wrestlemania. Mania has already been taped but WWE is keeping super tight-lipped about the event. I have searched all over the Net (since Johnson County, TX is under a Stay Home order).  No one is saying what went down at the P.C. and I’m actually happy that leaks haven’t flooded the Web.

We kicked off with a look at A.J. Styles. He talked aout being the top guy on any roster of any generation. Styles took serious exception to Undertaker getting up in his business, several times. Styles is no longer afraid of the Dead Man. He likes to take shots at Michelle McCool. It would be awesome if she were at Mania and had something to do with Styles losing. We got highlights of the last few weeks, as Taker and Styles went back and forth. I’m betting Taker just eats Styles’ lunch at the Big One. Styles called for the Boneyard Match. We still aren’t sure just what they is but it should be interesting.

Taker came up on the screen to address “Allen Jones” (Styles’ real name). Taker said Styles’ mouth was writing checks that his *ss won’t be able to cash. Taker ran down a laundry list of guys that who have destroyed Styles, in the day. Taker warned Styles that he has dug his own grave when A.J. mentioned Michelle. Taker said his wife does the Styles Clash better that Styles. Taker Gaat the thought of a Boneyard Match. Taker said he was bringing the “Unholy Trintiy” with him. They will counter Gallows and Anderson. They will all Rest in Peace.

Saxton and Phillips talked about hte upcoming Wrestlemania event. The major players will be in the house. We will have “live” action.

Becky Lynch rolled up in her fun Big Rig. She got out of the truck and headed inside. Mama Dee, a former truck driver, was so impressed.

Becky Lynch’s music rang out as the Raw Women’s Champion came ontot he stage. We saw Shayna’s interview, last week. Becky went after Baszler with a steel chair, completely out of nowhere. Becky talked about last year’s Wrestlemania and how she headlined the show. She sent it to a video flashback of how she beat Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair. So cool to see Joan Jett (one of my serious teen crushes).

Ronda Rousey vs Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair
Triple Threat, Winner Takes All Titles Match
(Wrestlemania 2019)

Flair held the Smackdown title, going in, and Rousey was the Raw champion. Becky had absolutely nothing to lose in this one. Becky was definitely the favorite in this contest.

The women had a major staredown when the bell rang. None of hte women could decide who to attack. Becky went after Ronda’s arm. Flair just sat back and watched Ronda go wild with punches. All three women ended up on the floor. Ronda sent Becky into the barricade. Piper’s Pit to Flair. Off to break.

Ronda got sent into a post. Fallaway by Flair to Rousey. Flair rolled back in the ring and posed for the crowd. Becky got in to star her down. They talked trash at each other. Forearm Smashes and kicks by both women. Becky was dealing with a bum knee, at that time. Flair tried for the Dis-Arm-Her but Becky blocked it. Lynch tried for the Figure Four. Rousey came back in and went to town on both women. FLair kicked Ronda in the head. Double Drop over the ropes failed as Ronda locked in an Arm Breaker. Becky Dropkicked Ronda in the head and she fell to the floor, after crashing into the ring apron.

Flair hit a Backbreaker and Face Plant into the corner. Becky still manged to kick out. Knee Drop across the back of Becky’s neck. Flair went up the ropes and tried for a Moonsault. Becky caught her and hit hte Dis-Arm-Her. Ronda made the save. Ronda with her own Arm Bar. Flyiing Knee by Flair to send us to another round of commercials.

We’re back and Becky was tossed out of the ring. Ronda and Flair traded Knife Edge Chops and punches. ronda kept aking for more. Jumping Kick by Ronda. Flair blocked the Triangle and took Ronda into a Boston Crab. Bulldog by Becky to Flair. DDT/Slop Drop combo on Flair and Ronda by Becky. 2 count. Wild Forearm and kick by Becky to Flair. Charlotte came back with a kick of her own. European Uppercuts and Headbutt by Lynch. Back Elbow by Flair. Flair Flop into a Big Boot by Flair. Charlotte went up top but got caught. Beckploder for a deuce. This was the match that completely changed my thought on women’s wrestling. Double Crossbody by Ronda. Double Arm Bar on both Flair and Lynch. They worked together forwicked Powerbombs. They hit three in total. Flair dumped Lynch to the outside nad almost got he win. More commercials.

The three women were near exhaustion, by this point. By kicks by Flair. Uranage by Becky but she only got a two count. Flair was pushed out of the ring by Lynch.  Ronda attacked but got trapped in the Dis-Arm-Her. Ronda got to the ropes to lift Becky and drop her into the corner. Becky went back to the Dis-Arm-Her, in the corner. Flair broke it up. They were on the top. Spanish Fly by Flair but     Becky kicked out at two. Becky was hurting, badly, in her injured knee. Suplex by Flair but Becky stopped the pin. Flair drove Becky into the turnbuckles to avoid the Dis-Arm-Her. Flair worked over Ronda’s knee. The leg was cut and bleeding. Flair slammed the knee intothe post and locked in the Figure Four, around the post. Becky hit Flair and the hold was broken. Yean. More darn commercials.

Flair wanted the Figure Eight but Ronda turned it into a Small Package. Flair got he Figure Eight in on Ronda. Legdrop by Becky, out of nowhere, to break that move up. Nice.  All 3 women were laid out and hurting, big time. Becky went under the ring for “toys”. She found a table. Becky slid the table into the ring and followed it in. Lynch set up the table, which gave her two opponents plenty of time to recover. Clothesline by Flair from behind. Charlotte bounced Becky off the table. Flair put Lynchon the table but Beckyt free and tried for a Powerbomb. Ronda pushed Flair off the top. Ronda flipped over the table, which ticked off the crowd. Wild Punches and Arm Drags by Ronda. Becky escaped the Piper’s Pit. Double Spear! 1-2-kick out by both women. Flair was so obviously frustrated. Flair placed the table in the corner.

Flair bounced Ronda’s head off the tabble. Speat by Flair to Becky. 2 count, once more. Flair’s legs was scratched up. Double Hip Toss sent Flair through the table. Flair fell out of the ring. Hockey Fight! Modified Shining Wizard by Ronda. Piper’s Pit but Becky rolled through the pin and got the win.

Your Winner: Becky Lynch
Raw Score: 99 out of a possible 100

Becky said that was the first time she had watched that match back. Becky had numerous challengers in the last year. Lynch admitted that losing the title WOULD destroy her. Lynch felt the championship defined her and she’d be lost without it. Becky knew she was getting under Shayna’s skin. Becky took a shot at Ronda Rousey and the friendship between Shayna and Ronda. Great mind games by The Man. Shayna slipped up from behind nad locked in her Clutch Sleeper. Shayna then bounced Becky off the announcer desk. Shayna slung Becky into the announce desk. Shayna stood over Becky witht he title belt and then dropped it onto the champ. Becky lookd legit hurt. Off to commercials.

Last Year’s Wrestlemania will be on ESPN, Sunday. That strikes me as odd that they would run last year’s show on the same day as Day 2 of this year’s Mania. Nice thing is, now that we have Roku, I have the WWE Network on the big screen TV (and I can tape The Walking Dead for later viewing). Love Sling.

We looked back at Shawn Michaels vs Ric Flair, from a few years back. Shawn sent Flair into retirement, back in 2008.

Aleister Black vs Jason Cade

Cade charged and missed. Black with a Leg Sweep and assumed the Lotus Position. Cade freaked out. Black caught Cade’s leg. Enziguri by Cade. Back Kick into Black Mass.

You Winner: Aleister Black
Raw Score: 40

I really dislike these darn Squash Matches.

Tom and Byron were back to discuss Wrestlemania. They addressed the Seth Rollins/Kevin Owens situation. Seth tried to take credit for all that has gone down in the WWE since he got there. Seth said Kevin always fails at Mania and would do it again. Seth said Kevin couldn’t beat him on his worst day and Mania is NEVER his worst day. We are about to have a six man match.

Seth Rollins, Andrade and Angel Garza vs Montez Ford, Angelo Dawkins and Kevin Owens
Six Man Tag Team Match

Zelina Vega came out and said Andrade had a bad rib injury. She has a replacement…

Angel Garza, Austin Theory and Seth Rollins vs Street Profits and Kevin Owens
Six Man Tag Team Match

Kevin beckoned Seth to get down there and face him. Seth was cool with Austin taking over for Andrade. The six men talked trash before the bell.

Owens started against Thoery, after Seth backed out. Austin shoved Kevin, which was a bad idea. Knife Edge and wild punches. Tag to Dawkins. Ford then tagged in. Double team on Theory. Flapjack put Angel onto Austin. They went tothe floor and were laid out by a Plancha. Break.

Angel with Knife Edges and a WHip. Ford with a Universal but took a Dropkick. Angel ripped off his pants and tagged in Austin. 2 count. Rear Chin Lock by Theory. Zelina shrieked at her charge. Austin was sent to the outside. Roll In Dropkick by Austin for a near fall. Straight Forearm to rock Ford. Theory wanted a Back Drop but Ford tagged out to Dawkins. Exploder by Dawkins. Tornado Splash into the corner. Shoulder Tackle to Garza and Theory. Superkick by Seth to Dawkins. Seth taunted Owens. Seth stomped away on the tag champ. Seth choked Angelo on the middle rope. Tag back to Austin.

Double team on Dawkins’ ribs. Vega grinned at her new charge, Austin. Modified Camel Clutch by Theory. Hamstring attack by Theory. Arm Breaker by Austin. Full On Camel Clutch with a Fishhook to the face by Garza, who was now legal.  Seth tagged back in and kicked away. Snap Mare into a Rear Chin Lock. He switched to a Front Face Lock. Knee Strike by Seth and a pop to Ford, on the apron. Sling Blade to Dawkins. Mounted Punches by the Messiah. Dawkins blocked the Superkick and laid out Seth. Kevin got he tag and Seth hauled buns to his corner. Garza came in and Owens just dominated him. Backsplash Senton into the Cannonball. Owens with the Swanton for a near fall. Austin made the save. Ford with a Flip Dive that actually missed, even thoughAustin tried to sell it. Owens with the Stunner to Garza to take the win. Curb Stomp by Seth, after the bell.

Your Winners: Kevin Owens and the Street Profits
Raw Score: 88

Brock Lesnar will be out, in a little bit, to discuss his title match.

We got a preview of the Big Show’s new show on Netflix. It looks like a really cheesy 80s-style sitchom. The Big Show Show will be on Netflix. I hope it does well. Paul deserves it. Smile.

I wanted to stop for half a moment to say good-bye to someone that I never met but was a very positive influence in my life. Joe Diffie, country legend, die because of this awful CoronaVirus. His music filled my home for many years. Thank you and may your now sing with God’s Chorus.

Kevin Owens had the stick. He said Seth just stomped some sense into him. Owens had something to share. Owens knew what Seth said last week. Owens said the Performance Center grew…despite Seth. Rollins was a nightmare to deal with, back then, and no one liked him. Owens called seth an “Arrogant DipSS**t”. Owens knew he was not delusional, unlike Seth. Owems was originally hurt by Seth’s remarks but he also knows what he has done in WWE. Owens berated Seth for his actual Wrestlemania moments. Owens knew the past didn’t matter in WWE. Owens knew it would finally be a one-on-one match between them. Owens was determined to get his first Wrestlemania moment, on Saturday.

Edge will be out, in our next segment.

The announcers discussed the Last Man Standing Match between Randy Orton and Edge. We saw a highlight package of how this match came to be.

Edge said he worked in wrestling because it was such a rush when his music hits and the fans go crazy. Edge said all performers were “junkies” for this sport. Anyone who claims that they are not, are liars or just wasting space. Edge accused Rdany of just Coasting for the last 2 decades. Edge talked about his own Grit. Edge said he refused to join Evolution, all those years ago, because he refused to be anyone’s lackey. Edge feels that Randy is jealous of Edge’s passion. Edge pushes Randy to be the best he can be. Edge knew Randy was scared of the power that Edge gives him. Edge knew it was the voices in Randy’s head to make the mistake of attacking his “pack”. Edge discussed the brutality he went through to accept the Torch from Mick Foley. Edge would not save Randy, this time. Orton would end up deeper in a hole that he could begin to imagine.

Total Bellas returns, later this week. What happens to those going into the Hall of Fame?

Asuka vs Kayden Carter

Asuka screamed at her opponent in both English and Japanese. Dropkick and punches by Kayden. Standing Switch and Roll Up. Springboard Dropkick by Carter. 2 count! Trapped Ankle German Suplex. Crescent Kick to set up the Asuka Lock.

Your Winner (by Submission): Asuka
Raw Score: 50

A little better than Black’s Squash but not much. Asuka got on the headset and began to shriek like an Oriental Banshee at Alexa Gliss and Nikki Cross. I really wish I spoke better Japanese. Maybe during these down times, I may take a few courses.

The announcers discussed Undertaker vs A.J. Styles. They also talked about Rhea Ripley vs Charlotte Flair. We got a video package of Rhea being attacked by Flair, in the parking lot. Rhea was almost amused at the sneak attack. Rhea promised that Flair would definitely see HER (Ripley) at Wrestlemania.

Brock Lesanr vs Rey Mysterio
Survivor Series 2019
WWE Title Match

Rey came out dressed like the Joker (or maybe Doink the Clown). Brock stalked his foe like a lion smelling blood. Tony Chimel introduced the participants. Rey, obvoiusly, was the fan favorite. PaulHeyman took over to introduce Brock (in Spanglish). This match was No Holds Barred. Paul mocked Rey’s smaller size. Rey slid out of hte ring and got his steel pipe. Brock backed up, fast. Brock went to the floor to deflect Rey’s offense. They went in and out. Brock with a series of hard Clotheslines. We cut to commercial.

Brock kickeed the pipe away and threw Rey to the floor. Rey went sailing across the Spanish Announce Table. Brock went and got Rey. Overhead Belly to Belly Toss by Brock. Lesnar stomped on Rey. Rey tried to crawl away. Brock ran Rey’s spine into the ring post. Lesnar stopped to tie his boots. Jeez. Rey slipped free and sent Brock intot he ring post. Rey almost got hte pipe but Brock hit a German and Rey landed on the pipe. Ouch! Another German. Brock kicked the pipe to Rey and told him to pick it up. German, again. We needed a break.

Brock picked up the pipe. Dominick Mysterio got in the ring with the towel. Brock threw it away. Brock grabbed the kid and Rey hit a Low Blow. Dominick hit a Low Blow, as well. Pipe and Chair shots by the father and son duo. Double 619! Frog Splashes by both Mysterios. 2 count, only. Paul was freaking out, on the floor. Brock with a German to Dominick. F5 to Rey! 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Brock Lesnar
Raw Score: 94

The announcers went back over the major matches at Wrestlemania. I am still keeping positive thoughts that these shows will be above average. Lacking an audience will kill some of the spirit but it should still entertain.

WWE have yet to discuss most of the card changes, with the exception of Austin Theory going into the Raw Tag Title Match to replace the injured Andrade. I believe the injury is real and he isn’t in trouble again.

Paul Heyman took us home with a discussion about his client. Paul knew the business was about going over the top. Paul brought up the Virus situation without calling it by name. Paul discussed the “Go Home Segments” fromt he past. Paul said Brock is always the guy to beat. Paul congratulated Drew McIntyre for stepping up. Paul made fun of the gym rats who always think they can do what people like Brock can do. No they can’t. I’ve been in the ring a few times and I was like an infant compared to an ancient warrior. Paul ran down the list of victims of Brock. Paul went all obscene with his language to talk about how Lesnar destroyed all the others. Paul said none of the former foes had what it took to take out Lesnar. Paul challenged Drew to bring the Claymore Kick and wtach Lesnar absorb it and keep going. Paul knew Brock would be here in a year, still holding the title. Paul knew Drew would leave Mania as “Brock’s B*tch”. Brock stared into the camera as we closed it down.

Connie: Welcome Home
G.A.L.: We done good
Denise: 143 from us both


–Jay Shannon

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