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This is Sal “Rough Cuts” LaSardo, reporting in from Clermont, Fla.  I hope every one is staying safe wherever you are.

Since it is Wrestle Mania Season, here are in my eyes three of the greatest moments in the 35 year history –
WrestleMania 30 The Streak Ends! – The Streak of the UnderTaker vs the Beast Brock Lesnar.  Going into the match Taker was 21-0 at Mania, and many believed that Taker could walk away with another WrestleMania moment.  Unfortunately, after 25 plus minutes into the match and several F-5′s, Lesnar proved to be too much for the Deadman and the Streak ended -  After the match, Taker would cost Lesnar a WWE World Heavyweight Championship victory at Battleground in July 2015, instigating a rematch between the two at the next month’s SummerSlam. At that event on August 23, after a distraction and a low blow, Undertaker gained his first televised singles victory over Lesnar when the latter passed out to Hell’s Gate. A Hell in a Cell match between the pair at October’s Hell in a Cell, billed as their final meeting, was won by Lesnar after a low blow and an F-5. Taker has since Wrestled in a few more Mania’s and only missed the grand event once last year — He was defeated by Roman Reigns in WM 33.  Overall still an impressive 24-2 for the future WWE HOF.  Lesnar on the other hand has been champion on and off and currently holds the title and will face Drew at Mania 36.  The match itself had everything one can ask for.  Many spots and near misses on pin falls and I can agree this was a match no one will forget in the history of WrestleMania.
WrestleMania 35 — The Woman close the show in a triple threat for all the gold !- Rhonda, Becky and Charlotte — competed in the first ever Main Event of WrestleMania — Three of the biggest names in women’s wrestling battled it out to take home both the Raw and Smackdown Women’s titles — this is significant as for the 1st time ever Women closed the show of shows at Mania.  Twenty one and half minutes in and Becky Lynch became know as Becky two belts by getting both the Raw and Smackdown Titles — This match showed that women are just as capable of closing the show of shows and ppv’s going forward as all three delivered a fast paced, high caliber match considering they went to the ring some 7 hours after the show started – I give these women all the credit for giving the fans what they paid for and the wait was well worth it – Becky as of today, has the Raw title and will defend against Shayna Baszler and Charlotte will go after Rhea Ripley’s NXT title at Mania –Rhonda has since left but expect her back at some point as I believe Rhonda and Becky can have that one on one match that we all are clamoring for.  This event truly set the stage for the future that the roster is deep and talented with women and they can and will close future Mania’s and ppv’s in the future.

WrestleMania III — Ricky Steamboat vs Randy Savage for the IC Title – This match in Pontiac will go down as the greatest Wrestle Mania Match of all time.  Still till this day people talk about the amazing, high quality match these two legends put on,  Nearly, 15 minutes the fans were on the edge of there seats, with close pin falls galore.  In, the end Ricky became the IC Champion when Savage attempted to give Steamboat a scoop slam, Steamboat reversed it into a small package to get the win and become the new WWF Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, marking the first time in WrestleMania history that the Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship changed hands.   This was the longest match on the card and the one that fans will remember the most.  Afterwards, Steamboat would lose the title to the Honky Tonk Man and Savage would become a babyface and chase after Honk Tonk title unsuccessfully.
Overall, for 35 years the grand daddy of them all has seen so many great moments but I truly believe these 3 matches are moments that will stand out forever because each one played an important part in the history of the grandest event.  No doubt, we will see many more moments over the years but lets not forget these moments defined Mania in a way no other.  History was made like never before from Taker Streak ending, the women headlining and the IC title changing hands for the 1st time.  All major events that can not be replicated going forward as these participants will be apart of history being made.  And now, we get to see what history will be made over the next 35 Mania’s or so.
So, join me and the rest of the WWE Universe live on the WWE Network 4/4 and 4/5 for the first ever two day event of WrestleMania.
For this edition of Rough Cuts, this is Sal LaSardo reporting in from Clermont, Fla.  May all of your matches be a Main Event.  Also follow me on twitter @SLasardo.

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