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The AEW Dynamire Score

A recap and review of pro wrestling’s newest international product.

“Life is a gift. That is why they call it the Present”–Anonymous

Well. after a nice afternoon with Mom and Denise, I’ll retreated to my own private lair (office/bedroom) for some wrestling.  Got a hug from my girls and told to go enjoy. They are watching the soaps. Smile. They have theirs, I have mine.

The Mysterious Leader of the Dark Order may be revealed.

Cody was in an empty arena to talk. He talked about how the fans were so important. Cody asked a few to join him in the ring. He wanted us to all be informed. Cody did not want anyone to live in a fear environment. Cody talked to Matt Jackson about getting angry at “Hangman” Adam Page. Cody said he was tired of “putting over” Page. He did praise him, though. He wanted Page to be the difference maker. He also chatted about Kenny Omega. He knew they had been friends and enemies. He needed his teammates to work as a team. Cody wanted the “real” Kenny Omega to be at Blood and Guts. He wanted the Elite to truly be Elite.

Matt Jackson and Kenny Omega came down to the ring. Kenny took the stick and spoke to the walls. Kenny knew they didn’t always see eye-to-eye. Kenny knew if there might not be a Dynamite, next week. Matt hugged Kenny and took the stick.

Matt said Kenny was 100% correct. He noticed that Page wasn’t there. Nick Jackson is out, indefinitely. Matt demanded that Page join them. He finally strolled out, swigging on a beer. Matt didn’t think this could be fixed in just a few days or week but they needed to know if he would be with them, against the Inner Circle. Page didn’t say a word and just walked to the back.

Kenny knew it was hard to feel the energy but they were going to give the best show ever. Kenny called for hte lights and pyro and let’s get this party started!

Niecy just poked her head in and asked why there was no one in the crowd. I explained it was live, so no crowd. She respected the guys and girls for still  going.

Taz was with Jim Ross and Excalibur, this week. This card is going to be excellent.

We got a video package about the Death Triangle and the Best Friends. I’m digging this feud. Orange Cassidy is just making this so much fun.

Tony Schiavone chatted with MJF. MJF said he did not have to wrestle, so he wasn’t going to do anything but watched the “undercard talent”. MJF and Shawn Spears appeared to be gambling on the matches. MJF got his shorts in a twist about it.

Brandi was our ring announcer. Cool.

Trent and Chuck Tayler (w/Orange Cassidy) vs Pentagon Jr. y Rey Fenix (Lucha Brothers/Death Triangle)

The other talent were making up the “crowd” tonight. NIce touch. The two teams yelled at each other.

The bell rang and Fenix opened agaisnt Trent. Fenix called him a “Ka*ron” (which is what they usually call PAC). Knife Edge Chops and Forearms by both men. Fenix went off on Trent with multiple quick shots. Meteora-like Double Knee by Trent. Tag to Chuck.

Double Whip and Shoulders by the Best Friends. The “Fans” were talking serious trash, especially Lance Archer and Jake Roberts. Tag back to Trent. Double Stall Suplex on Fenix. Orange Cassidy looked like he was taking a bit of a nap. Running Back Elbow by Trent. Tag back to Chuck.

Nice Dropkick to give Chuck a two count. Tag to Trent. Ax Bomber to Fenix’s neck. Fenix started to fight back with sneaky shots mixed with regular chops and kicks.

Pentagon got the tag and went off with wild kicks. Double Team on Chuck. Low Round Kicks by Pentagon. My girls just started laughing as I yelled at the screen, in Spanglish. They can’t wait to take me to a live event.

Double Team by the Lucha Brothers. Wild Inverted Destroyer looking thing to put Fenix onto Tretn. Orange Cassidy got up to distract. Everyone ended up on the floor. Vidious Clothesline, on Fenix, by Chuck.

Wardlow and MJF taunted the various wrestlers. Pentagon ended up hitting the barricade. Double Team by the Best Friends. Tretn threw Pentagon bak into the barricade. Pentagon then reversed a Whip to send Trent into the metal barrier. Trent was sent into the ringpost. Chuck was thrown back out and nailed with a Crescent Kick. Pentagon pitched Trent back intothe ring and applied a Rear Chin Lock. The “crowd” loved Fenix beating down on Trent. Jumping Leg Drop onto Trent by Fenix.

Trent kicked out of a two count. Tons of Spanish profanity. Mama Dee keeps asking me what they are saying, when she passes by to head into the kitchen or bathroom. too funny.

Trent with an Arm Drag and Tornado DDT. Tag to Chuck. Taylor with a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker to Fenix. Knee Strike by Pentagon. Double Team Cutter on Fenix. Super Elbow Bump (because of “SocialDistancing”). LOL!

Orange Cassidy got up from the desk. The distraction allowed the Luchas to get sent off the ramp. Leap of Faith by Cassidy.  Piledriver by Chuck. Uno-2-Nooo!

Fenix nailed a Superkick to assist Pentagon with a Destroyer. Low Kick by Pentagon. Cero Miedo (Package Piledriver with Double Stomp).

Your Winners: Lucha Brotehrs
Dynamite Score: 89 out of a possible 100

Tony Schiavone brought in the Best Friends to talk. Tony brought up the Death Triangle. Chuck got very vocal and threw out the challenge for an Actual Street Fight, next week. Trent wanted to do this in the Parking Lot. Orange never said a word.

Penelope Ford vs Riho vs Hikaru Shida vs Kris Statlander
Fatal Four Way Women’s Match

Ford and Riho tore into each other. Kris and Shida then went off on Ford. Double team on Ford. Kip Sabian pulled Kris and Shida out of the ring. He got Ping Ponged by the two women. Double Team on Ford. Riho flew off the top and took out everyone. Riho put Ford back in the ring but Kip got her out. Double team on Riho failed. Octopus failed as Kris hit a Backbreaker. Riho was put in the corner. Kris had Shida Suplex Kris onto Riho. Shida tried to Roll Up Kris but only got a two. Poke to Kris’ eyes and Roll Up by Shida. Clothesline by Kris. Rana by Riho and Missile Dropkick by Shida. Both took out Kris with that delayed Double Team. Ford and Riho tore into each other after Shida was Suplexed and fell out of the ring. Backspring Elbow by Ford. Kip assisted Ford and got laid out by Riho.

Full Nelson by Riho but Shida broke it up. Ford with a Big Boot to Shida. Kris  and Shida got into wild punches and kicks. Kris lifted Riho and dropped her on Shida. Raverse Rana by Ford to Kris. Ford with a Lethal Injection stopped by a Dropkick. Falcon Arrow by Shida for a near fall. Running Knee Strike by Shida to Ford.

Your WInner: Hikaru Shida
Dynamite Score: 94

So one needs to send this tape to WWE so they can make Smackdown and Raw more interesting. Just saying…

Tony chatted with Colt Cabana. He called himself the “Bruce Springsteen of AEW”. Colt talked about Ford losing. Kip got his shorts in a twist. They got into a shoving match. Ford took Kip away.

Talking about great women, I need to take one moment and send out a special Happy Birthday to my dearest of friends, Jean. We’ve been friends for about a year and a half and she helped Mama Dee get me out of a wheelchair onto a Walker and then to a Cane and now on myown two feet. Love didn’t happen but the best of friendship sure did. Love you, my dear friend.

Tony Schiavone interviewed Jon Moxley, earlier in the day. Jon was not happy that he was on the “Don Not Enter” list, due to his injuries. Moxley decided to go for a drive but he will be in the Inner Circle’s blind spot, always.

Butcher and Blade vs Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy (Jurassic Expresss)

MJF offered some quick advice tothe heels. Collar and Elbow to head tothe corenr. Blade faked a clean break but kicked Jungle Boy. Kitchen Sink to Jungle Boy. Tag to Luchasaurus.

Double Team Kicks  by the J-E to Blade. Blade took a Knee Strike tothe face. Tag back to Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy hit the brakes but came back to hit a Plancha. He got caught and thrown into the steel barrier. The annoucners talked about he mask of Luchasaurus. Personally, I think he looks like Beta from Walking Dead.

Jungle Boy was dropped onto the ring apron. Butcher got the tag and stomped away. Butcher ran the eyes across the top rope. Tag back to Blade. Jungle Boy tried to fght both men but got laid out by a Knife Edge. Takedown and Double Leg Drop on Jungle Boy. Hard WHip to J-B. Bitcher and Blade kept up the quick tags in and out. Jungle Boy Elbowed his way free. Inside Out Clothesline on Jungle Boy. Double Whip and Clothesline by B&B.

We took a quick full break. Once the show resumed, Jungle Boy was almost out. Jim Ross compared Jungle Boy to Kevin Von Erich. Nice. Blade laid out Jungle Boy and almost got the three. Jungle Boy hit a wicked Lariat. Blade stopped the tag. Jungle Boy was dumped to the outside. Butcher then ran Jumgle Boy’s spine into the ring apron. 2 count.

Jungle Boy finally got hte Hot Tag. Clothesline and Big Boot to drop both men. Moonsault to Butcher, on the floor. Wild modified Rana to plant Blade. Inverted Attitude Adjustment. Jungle Boy got flipped up and over the ropes. The two big men slugged it out and Chopped away. Jumping Back Spin Kick on Blade. Double Team on Luchasaurus. Wicked Double Team move by B&B. MJF called for Full Death. Luchasaurus saved Jungle Boy. Jurassic Express. Jungle Boy juped out to prevent anyone stopping Luchasaurus getting the win.

Your Winner: Luchasaurus amd Jungle Boy
Dynamite Score: 85

We got shots of the various guys around ringside. Jake and Lance seemed to be scouting future victims. Tully Blanchard also seemed to be looking, maybe  for a partner for Shawn? I’m thinking…Brodie Lee? It would be a great mix of styles. MJF just wanted to keep drinking with Wardlow.

The Dark Order’s music rang out. Evil Uno and Stu Grayson came out. Evil asked the cameras to focus on his eyes. The Exaulted One is on his way. All eyes will be opened, tonight. Evil Uno promised this to one and all and he never lies.

SCU got tired of hearing it and came tot he ring. Christopher Daniels went off on them for running off at the mouth. Christopher said Evil Uno hasn’t made anyone’s lives better. All Evil Uno has done is coninue to lie.

He was cut off by a weird video package. It was VERY obvious by the look and walk just who it is. WAIT….it’s Brodie Lee! Lee said others have not believed in himself but all will learn. What a wild swerve!

Lee was in the ring. The Dark Order just destroyed SCU. Discus Clothesline by Lee. Lee has a slightly new look. I keep expecting to hear “We are Negan”. Yep, been binge watching the Walking Dead, this week. Grin. Daniels was down and hurt. Kaz checked on him as commercials ran on the other side of the screen. Damn, that was such a fantastic twist on the storyline.

Dynamite Score: 96

Yes, I graded it.

I’m still waiting for Matt Hardy to show up and have Brodie say he isn’t really the top guy.

Tony Schiavone wanted to talk to Lance Archer but Jake did the talking. Jake said Cody should be shaking in his boots. Jake felt being ignored was like being spat in the face. Someone yelled “Shut Up” and Jake answered “Shut me up, if you can”. Jake said this was about to get personal. Jake said they would get his attention. Lance is known as the “Murder Hawk”. I like the name. It went into a weird Backyard Wrestling type thing. The chant started of “Try or Die”. Some dude came in and got annihilated and thrown out of the ring. Big Boot to a 2nd guy. Razor’s Edge Falcon Arrow. Big Dude looked like he could go but a Pounce put him down. A 4th guy just got decimated by the Murder Hawk. A skinny kid just got destroyed. Murder Hawk laid out about a dozen guys, just to prove a point. Roberts was impressed. Some guy rushed up and got bounced off a car, several times. I thought it was Rock Star Spud.

Backt to the arena. We got a run down of next week’s card. It should be a great show.

During the break, Sammy had a ton of signs to show the camera. Sadly, the screen was too small for me to read them.

Santana, Ortiz and Jake Hager (w/Sammy Guevara and Chris Jericho) vs Cody (w/Arn Anderson), Matt Jackson, and “Hangman” Adam Page

Sammy sang along with Jericho’s theme music. It was like a bad night at the Karaoke Bar. I really like Page’s intro. Jericho kept talking trash about all the Faces.I could see doing that “Horse Tribal” thing across my upper bac by way of a tattoo. Yes, I want more ink, dang it.

Sammy bounced around. The Face side of the crowd were going nuts. Cody threw his shirt to his wife. MJF mocked Cody’s tattoo. I don’t see any ink on MJF. Cody opened up against Santana. Pearl Harbot. 3 Head shots and a Knife Edge on the American Nightmare. Universal into a Snap Powerslam by Cody. Tag to Ortiz. Dobule Back Drop Suplex to Cody. Cody blocked a Suplex and hit a Release Suplex. Tag to Matt.  He dropped the arm and tagged back out. Same by Cody. Double team on Ortiz. Nice. Big Boot by Page. Adam then just stepped out of the ring without celebrating with his partners.

Matt went off on Jake but Santana stopped him. Spear by Matt. Tag by Page. Santana blasted Page. Knife Edge Chopbut Irish Whip reversed into aShort Arm Clothesline. Page dodged the Enziguri. Half Nelson Fallaway Slam by Page. 2 count. Tag to Cody.

Santana escaped a Scoop Slam. Double team by the former LAX members. Cody got annihilated by Santana and Ortiz. We went to a full break.

Jake took on a Stall Suplex. He also passed it to Ortiz. 1-2-no. Cody fell out of hte ring and “Coach” Arn checked on his charge. Cody was thrown into the barricades. Matt went off on Ortiz for that. Jake threw Matt away. Tag to Santana. Indian Death Lock on Cody. Cody seemed on the verge of passing out. Cody almost got pinned but Rhodes began to fight back. Tag to Jake. He just pounded on Cody. Cody was thrown into the corner nad then Snap Mared out. Top Wrist Lock by Jake. Front Face Lock on Cody. Page and Matt really wanted the tag but couldn’t get it. Ortiz tagged back in and continued to pound the 2nd generation star. Roll Up for a 2 count. Tag back to Ortiz. Fake tag so Ortiz nad Santana could double team CrossRhodes, out of nowhere! Kenny Omega cheesred his boddy on. Cody flipped Jake up and over the ropes.

Santana took down Page and Matt. Elbow Drops to Cody’s neck. This broke down into total chaos as pizza commecials ran on the other side of the screen. I so hate split screen. Rear Chin Lock on Cody. Cody tried to power his way to his corner. He was mere inches away. Jake laid out Page and Jackson and dragged Cody back into enemy territory. The Inner Circle just kept tagging in and out to keep Cody off his game. Scoop Slam to Cody by Jake.

Vader Bomb failed as Cody got the boots up. Cody crawled to his corenr. Hot Tag to Page. Running Boot to both Santana and Ortiz. Fallawaya Slam to Ortiz. Plancha to Jake. Slider Lariat to Santana. Ortiz made the save. Tope Suicida to Oritz, by Cody. Wardlow grabbed Cody and Arn popped Wardlow witht he clipboard. Matt rushed but Santana with a Boot. Loco-Motion Northern Lights. Indietaker stopped when Page was pulled off the ropes. Matt got rolled up.

Your WInners: The Inner Circle
Dynamite Score: 92

The Inner Circle now gets the advantage at Blood and Guts. Jericho hugged his boys as the party kept going. We went back and saw highlights of the great match. Jericho kept ranting as we saw the video. Jericho bragged on his Inner Circle. Chris said the fans were banned until he says so. I’m so tired of this absurb profanity. Jericho said the Elite was missing a player in the game. Jake did Push Ups with Sammy on his back. Yawn. Jericho said the Inner Circle were a solid unit, with no cracks in their armor. Jericho said his group have run wild on everyone. Jericho talked trash to Dustin.

Sammy flirted with Brandi. Suddenly, a drone flew into sight. Cody said they did have another member…Matt Hardy!
Oh Hell Yeah! I love the new look! Jericho looked a bit nervous as he did the Delete sign. Sweet!

Fade Out!

Damn, that was an excellent show. Hard to pick a Match of the Night but I’m giving it to…

The Fatal Fouw Way!


–Jay Shannon

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