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The Raw Score

A weekly recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“All war is deception.”-Sun Tzu

Just set up my Sling account, so streaming Raw tonight, instead of watching it like I used to. I’m really digging this new way to watch my favorite shows. Smile.

Starting off, this week, with a shout out to my dear firned, Niecy. She’s feeling a bit under the weather and is resting at her place. 143

Elimination Chamber is the next big PPV to watch. After that, it is smooth sailing to Wrestlemania. The Main Events are set as Brock Lesnar will fight Drew McIntyre, Goldberg will defend against Roman Reigns, Charlotte Flair will go after Rhea Ripley, and Bray Wyatt will feud with John Cena. I can’t say that I am happy that Goldberg won the Universal title. It really hurt the Fiend character.

Roll the opening montage! (Man, I’ve missed saying that).

The fireworks went off and the crowd exploded…right here…in Brooklyn, NY. We started with a look back at how Edge was taken out by Randy Orton. Beth Phoenix will be out to update on her hubby’s condition.

Brock Lesnar strolled from the back with Paul Heyman. The crowd actually seemed to like The Beast. The duo got in the ring to address the WWE Universe.

Paul did his typical intro. The crowd seemed to turn hostile towards the champ. Heyman said he couldn’t do it. He couldn’t hype Wrestlemania, even though he did. Heyman said the Main Event of Mania was a “sham”. Paul was offended that “They” wanted to sell Drew McIntyre to the masses. He called Drew “A Hyped Up Fraud”. Paul did a bit of a histoy lesson about the Royal Rumble 2020. Paul grumbled about how Ricochet Low Blowed Brock to allow Drew to eliminate Lesnar. The crowd opped big time, which irritated Heyman. Paul accepted the situation of how Brock was eliminated but it did not prove Drew can beat Brock. Paul said the next meeting with Drew would be McIntyre’s last. Paul started getting real insulting.

That brought out Drew. I want Drew to win. He has waited long enough. The two men stared each other down. Drew is slightly taller than Brock. Lesnar backed off, just a little. Lesnar went to charge but ate a Claymore! Damn! Drew’s music then rocked the house. He headed tothe back as Heyman slid in the ring to check on his charge. Brock was seriously stunned.

“You Deserve It” rang out to mock Lesnar. Btrock was fuming as he heard the “Na Ne Hey Hey Goodbye” sing song chant. He rubbed his head and staggered towards the back.

Suddenly, Drew rushed out of nowhere to hit another Claymore. He held up the title to a massive pop. The fans asked for another Claymore and they got it. Drew shrieked at Brock as the “Holy S**t!” chants rose from the crowd. Dang, this is a great way to open the show.

Break time and we needed it after that. Grabbed a fresh Orange Crush and some popcorn. Then they run a commerical for the new Cheetos Popcorn. Guess who’s going to the store after Dialysis, tomorrow?

We got a promo for the Women’s Elimination Chamber Match. That should be amazing. Becky wants Shayna Baszler to win, so she can destroy her at Mania.

Street Profits vs Murphy/Rollins
Raw World TItle under “Now or Never” Rules

If the Profits don’t win, they don’t get another shot at the titles. Ford and Dawkins partied through the crowd to boost the crowd to even higher levels. The grabbed the house mics to get the crowd amped up to an 11. I so like these kids. The fans asked for “The Smoke”. I love that they call Murphy “Murph the Smurf”. Mama Dee is thinking about calling her little puppy “Murph the Smurf” (since he is the runt of the littler).

The AOP escorted the tag champs from the back. Theystayed on the ramp. Sethnow had a Stained Glass like towel. Interesting. We got an energetic introduction of the two teams.

Seth and Murphy jumped the challengers, before the bell. The Profits cleared the ring. Ford went to fly but got caught. Barrier Bomb by the champs. The match went through the commercials. Dawkins was rocked with a Big Boot from Seth. The tag champs double teamed Angelo to get a two count. The AOP scooted a little closer tothe ring. Seth missed a Springboard Stomp but still tried for a pin. 2 count only. Dawkins started to fght back but the Double Superkicks (looking a lot like the Young Bucks) rocked the challenger. Rear Chin Lock by Murphy.

Dawkins tried to fight out but Murphy clubbed the neck. Lawler hoped to see the Profits lose. Dawkins was dumped tothe outside. Flapjack to Seth. Fallaway SLam to Murphy. Both moved by Dawkins. Ford got back on the apron and took the Hottest of Hot Tags. Flip Dive! He pitched Seth back intothe ring. Murphy threw Ford tothe apron. He hit a Double Springboard Crossbody. DDtT to Seth. Standing Moonsault. 1-2-not yet.

Sling Blade by Seth. Ford dodged teh Stomp. Tag to Murphy. Buckle Bomb/Enziguri Double Team. Double team on Dawkins to neutralize him. Seth made himself legal. A miscommunication allowed Murphy to kick Seth in the face. Murphy was tossed out of the ring. Roll Up for a Two. Jumping Enziguri by Montez.  Ford wa thrown off the top to the floor. Seth distracted the ref and Akam and Razar came down to attack. They didn’t get to do a thing before the ref tossed them out of the arena. As the ref argued with them, Kevin Owens slid in and nailed a Stunner on Seth! Frog Splash!

YourWinners (and NEW Tag Team Champions): The Street Profits
Raw Score: 93 outof a possible 100 (extra points for the cool ending)

Seth and Murphy walked backstage. Charly wanted to interview them. She knew this wasn’t a good time. Seth was livid at what happened. Seth said he and Murphy will get their rematch at Elimination Chamber. Seth also had plans for Kevin Owens. Seth said Kevin could name the place, time and stipulation. Seth threatened to “Crucify” Owens.

Ricochet vs Riddick Moss
24/7 Title Match

Headlock by Ricochet. Knife Edge and punches by the challenger. Float Over into a Universal. Moss ran over Ricochet and flipped him all around. Corner Shoulder by Moss. Moss is the longest reigning 24/7 champion. The fans berated Moss by asking “Who are you?”. Moss got upset and flipped Ricochet to the outside. Time for more commercials.

Ricochet punched at Moss’ ribs. Ricochet kept fighting, even though he was recovering from his war with Lesnar, last week. The two traded punches but Ricochet came out on top. Fly By Shoulder and Jumping Kick tot he face. Springboard move failed. Judas Effect like Back Elbow. Rana off the top byicochet. Standing Shooting Star to a two.

Ricochet wanted a Samoan Drop but didn’t have the strength. Stetp Up Enziguri by Ricochet. Moss blocked the Superkick and hit his finisher on RIcochet for a surprising win (to be honest).

Your WInner: Riddick Moss
Raw Score: 84

We saw how the O.C. attacked Aleister Black, last week. Styles is set to battle Black, next.

The Fiend will be back with the FIrefly FUnhouse, on Friday.

Asuka did her best to ramp up her tag partner, Kairi Sane.

A.J. Styles (w/Gallows and Anderson) vs Aleister Black

Styles is poised to war with Undertaker at Mania, after Taker beat Styles with a single Chokeslam at Super Showdown. That was ridiculous, in my humble opinion. Styles was in a lousy mood, tonight. Styles whined about not winning the trophy, in Saudi Arabia. The fans started the sing song “Under-Taker” chant. Styles loved being the talk of the town, not. He was ticked off about how people are disrespecting him. Mark Wahlberg is now sending out video messages to A.J. Styles. Mark told Styles to “Walk Away”. A.J. was ready to explode. Advice from Marky Mark? I don’t think so. Styles refused to take Mark’s advice. Styles said he planned to take Taker’s place in WWE. He said he would make an example of Aleister Black to send a message.

Black limped out to the ring. Every time I see Black, I want to hit the tattoo shop to add to my own ink collection. Niecy wants ink, as well.

Black threw his vest at Styles. Styles handed off he match to Karl Anderson.  Black opened up on Karl at the bell. Karl was tossed out of the ring. Baseball Slide to Gallows. Black with a wicked Crescent Kick. Black stalked Styles as we went to break.

Rear Chin Lock by Karl. Black got to his feet. Anderson Spinebuster. 2 count. Back tot he Rear Chin Lock. Black fuought o his feet. Eiropean Upperbuct by Karl. Black with Shoulder Tackles and a Leg Sweep. Slider Kick tot he face. Springboard Moonsault. Black Mass!

Your Winner: Aleister Black
Raw Score: 83

Styles got in the ring to fight Black…maybe. No, he gets to battle Luke Gallows.

Aleister Black vs Luke Gallows

Luke jumped Black from behind. They went to the floor. The bell hadn’t rung, just yet. Black was sent into the steps and the barricade. Styles danced around as Luke threw Black into the ring. Black with a series of huge kicks. Thrust Kick by Luke. Elbow Drop by Gallows. Running Corner Uppercut. 1-2-no. Styles continued to cheerlead, from the floor.

Elbow Drops to the neck and chest of Black. Rear Chin Lock on Aleister. Styles taunted Black to take a nap. Black fought to his feet. Kitchen Sink by Black. Luke tossed Black to the floor as we did the split screen thing. I so hate that. Hard to see the action, even on a big screen tv.

Luke rammed Black’s face onto the ring steps and then slid back into the ring. The ref started to count. Black was thrown intot he ring. Big Boot o’ Doom by Gallows. Black was dumped out at Styles and Anderson’s feet. Black stumbled back into the ring. Snap Suplex by Luke for a deuce. Another Rear Chin Lock. Black is getting so much time to rest. Black punched away. Jumping Knee and kicks by Black. Luke caught the leg and pounded away. The ref pushed Luke back. Gallows kept up the assault and DQ’d Luke. Double team by the Good Brothers.

Your Winner: Aleister Black
Raw Score: 50

Margic Killer! Styles knew he had this one won. He asked his partners to step out of the ring. I see this one coming!

Aleister forced himself to his feet. Black fell when he tried for a Haymaker. Styles continued to beat down the Dtch Destroyer. Black was so arrogant that he kept going. Double Jam kick on Styles. Backbreaker by Styles. Snap Brainbuster by Styles. That was just flippin’ nasty. Styles went  to the apron. Phenominal Forearm. Styles with the Undertaker pin.

Your Winner: A.J. Styles
Raw Score;: 30

Charly was back to interview Ruby Riott. She is so cute, in a goth type way. We saw how Ruby returned and attacked Liv Morgan. Sarah Logan will be the special ref for the next match between Ruby and Liv. Ruby pushed her upcoming match at Elimination Chamber.

Liv Morgan vs Ruby Riott
Sarah Logan-Special Guest Referee

We got a promo about Backstage. Jeff Hardy is going to be the guest, this week. Matt is (possibly) heading to the Other Brand.

Ruby rushed Liv into the conrer. Mssile Dropkick by Liv. Liv threw Ruby tot he mat. 2 count. Morgan shrieked at her former partner. Arm Bar by Morgan but Ruby scooted to the ropes.  Liv was sent into the corner post. Cravat by Ruby. Ruby screamed that Logan should ask if Liv was ready to surrender. She wasn’t.

Ruby talked serious trash to her former friend. Liv looked like she was crying. She began to fight back but a Knee Strike stopped her cold. Corner Kicks by Ruby. Ruby punched away and Logan pulled her back. They argued.  Simple Roll Up for a two. Liv with wild Forearms. Flatliner by Ruby. 2 count. Ruby was pushed into Logan. Sarh looked ready to kick behind. Clubbing CLothesline to Liv’s neck. 2 count because Logan stared counting late. Ruby decided to scream at the ref na dpush her. Simple Roll up and Warp Speed COunt.

Your Winner: Liv Morgan
Raw Score: 50

Morgan yook out Ruby but then Logan laid out Liv.

Randy Orton stood in the shadows. Ominous vibes coming out of my little tv.

The announcers talked about Goldberg vs ROman at Mania.

We saw the aftermath of the brutal attack on Edge, a few weeks back. Edge was always one of Lynne’s (my late wife’s) favorite wrestlers. She hated Randy Orton, though. You just know Beth Phoenix is going to be ready to kick some serious behind, tonight. Hope Randy doesn’t hurt her. Niecy just texted me and asked if Orton was going to dare to attack Beth. I think it will happen.

No Way Jose partied through the back. He ran into Erick Rowan. Jose wanted to see what was in the cage. Erick just wanted respect in asking to see the contents of the cage. He reached in the cage and brought outhte biggest dang spider that I think I have ever seen. Damn! I freaking hate spiders. I’m like Ron Weasley. LOL. Niecy just let out a shriek that I swear we heard from a block away.

Kairi Sane (w/Asuka) vs Shayna Baszler

Asuka is still the prettiest current wrestler, in my humble opinion. Asuka has a wrist injury, which is why Kairi is fighting. Asuka went off in Japanese. No clue what she was saying. Asuka said Shayna was lucky that Asuka got injured. Sane kept saying she had this. Bet she doesn’t. Asuka wanted to fight Becky at Wrestlemania. Asuka said Sane was hungry for Shayna. Bet she can’t feast THAT much.

Shayna cleaned her boots in a serious show of respect. Only those who have been through training can fully appreciate how respectful that is.

The bell rang and Sane taunted Shayna. Baszler put Sane on the canvas. Arm Bar out of the Go Behind by SHayna. Baszler twisted Sane’s wrist. Shayna jaw jacked with Asuka nad got punched in the face. Rana by Sane, followed by a Leg Sweep. Sane patter her butt to insult Shayna. Roll Up forSane for a two. Spinebuster by Shayna. Shayna stomped on Sane’s leg, over and over. Shayna kicked the lower back. Leg DDT by Baszler. Kairi swung wildly but got sent into the corner. Shayna kicked away as Sane fell out of the ring. The ref started to count.

Shayna let Sane get back in and then went o work on the leg. Low Bridge nad Shayna went to the apron. Huge Kick by Baszler. Shayna bent Sane’s leg in a weird way. Very hard to watch that. Achilles Stomp by Shayna. Asuka got up on the apron. Small Package by Sane. Crescent Kick by Shayna for a two.

Becky Lynch’s music hit and the Women’s Champ walked from the back. Sane was pitched out of the ring. Shayna invited Becky to come in the ring. We went to break.

We saw how John Cena got challenged by Bray Wyatt. Still irritates me that Fiend got shifted out of the main event into a glorified “Gimmick Match”.

Shayna was getting rocked by Sane. Shayna puched her away and punched the ribs. Becky was on the announce desk, now. DDT by Sane. Becky was wearing Lawler’s crown. She looked silly. The two, in the ring, traded vicious shots. Rolling Neckbreaker by Sane. Slider Clothesline by Kairi. Sane got caught on the top rope. Gut Wrench Superplex by Shayna for a near fall. Knee Stirkes by Shayna. Spear by Kairi. Sane went up top for her In-Sane Elbow. Shayna got the boots up. She cinched in her Clutch and Sane tapped out.

Your WInner (by Submission): Shayna Baszler
Raw Score: 85

Shayna reapplied the Clutch to provoke Becky.

Sarah interviewed Rey Mysterio and Humberto Carrillo. There will be a tag match in mere moments. Rey said they would end this one, on their terms.

Rey Mysterio and Humbero Carrillo vs Angel Garza and Andrade

I’m still waiting to see the debut of Principe Mysterio (Mystery Prince), son of Rey Mysterio (Mystery King).

Zelina Vega came out with Andrade but she was also there for Angel. Garza had a middle aged lady kiss him. The bell rang.

Andrade went to town on Humberto. Andrade slid out of the ring. Humberto faked a Tope. Rey went for one but ended up in the barricade. Andrade stomped away on Humberto. Tag to Angel. Double Back BodyDrop to Carrillo. Knife Edge Chop by Garza. Knee Stike, in the corner. Tag back to Andrade. Andrade stomped away. Tag back to Angel. Humberto began to fight back against both foes. Springboard Headbutt by Humberto. Tranquilo by Andrade. Humberto ripped Garza’s pants off. Rey with a Rana. Rey and Humberto rushed back in the ring as we went to break. This is just fun.

Rey was still on the apron. Humberto needed a tag in the worst way. Andrade kept Humbeto from his corner. Garza pulled Humberto off the apron. The ref didn’t see a thing, of course. Humberto was sent into the barricade by way of an Irish Whip. Humberto was set on the apron and Garza hit a Running Knee. 2 count. Arm Bar by Garza.

Garza applied an Abdominal Stretch. Vega scramed like a banshee at her man. Jawbreaker by Humberto. Enziguri by Carrillo. Hot Tags on both side. Seated Senton and Rana by Rey. Tornado DDT by Rey. That was sweet. 2 count, only. Back Elbow by Andrade. Andrade was bused open. Rana by Rey and Dropkick by Andrade. Humberto went up top and flew…into the barricade.

After a break, we kept going. Andrade was on the floor as we returned. Rey attacked both foes. 619. Vega was losing it. Garza dropped Rey. Destroyer by Rey for a near fall, broken up by Gaza. Andrade Pearl Harbored Rey. Tres Amigos Suplexes to Rey. Tag to Humberto. Missile Dropkick. Back Roll Moonsault for a near fall. Andrade tripped Humberto on the top rope. Double Knees tothe corner but Rey made the save. Garza was sent intothe ropes., as was Andrade. 1238! Rana, on the floor, by Rey. Humberto with a Top Rope Moonsault to take the win.

Your WInners; Rey Mysterio and Humberto Carrillo
Raw Score: 89

Beth Phoenix headed to the ring. Mama Dee is ready to climb through the TV to kick Orton’s tushie if he hurts “That girl”.

We got an updated Elimination Chamber card.

Beth Phoenix made her way from the back. She walked with a purpose. She was cut off by the arrival of Orton. Mom just sat up and Niecy balled up her fists (so she told me over the phone).

Randy slithered down to the ring. He stormed up to Beth like he was going to hurt her. He stuck out his hand in a friendship move. Beth screamed at the “Son of a B*tch”. Randy sulked around and went to the corner. Beth expected Randy to show up and was happy he was there. Randy hopped down and got up in Beth’s face. The fans chanted “R.K.O.”. Orton said Edge has no future in wrestling. Orton knew Beth deserved an explanation. Orton started with a story from 1999. He also talked about his father dealing with Bob Orton. Edge waned to work with Randy. They did and ran the wheels off it. Randy said he took out Edge to give him back to his wife and kids. Orton said this was all Beth’s fault. eRamdy brought up Beth’s kids, by name. Beth slapped the crap out of Randy. He looked ready to snap. She kicked him and he immediately laid her out with the RKO.  Several, including Rey Mysterio, rushed out to check on the Glamazon.

Mama Dee: Welcome Home
Niecy: Feel Better Honey
Jean: Good Luck with the new guy


–Jay Shannon

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