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The AEW Dynamite Score

A recap and review of professional wrestling’s newest international sensation.

“They say you want a Revolution”–The Beatles

This week-end, AEW will be presenting Revolution. There were a few new matches added to an already stellar card. We’ll get to that in a bit.

PAC vs Kenny Omega
Iron Man Match

The Finish:

The first fall goes to Kenny, when PAC attacked with a chair and got disqualified. PAC came right back, however, and connected with the Black Arrow.  We are all tied up.

This match went the full time with a tie score. The ref decided that there MUST be a winner, so we went into Sudden Death. Omega with a V-Trigger and a Rip Cord. Hefollowed up with a (hope I spelled this right) Komagoyea. Omega then finished off his foe with the One Winged Angel.

Your Winner: Kenny Omega
Dynamite Score: 95 out of a possible 100

PAC is grumbling to Tony Schiavone about what a joke that match was. Speaking of a joke, Orange Cassidy strolled from the back. PAC was not amused and attacked Cassidy,

Lexi is waiting to talk to any of Chris Jericho’s people. Jake Hager comes out but he refuses to answer any questions.

Inner Circle (Sammy Guevara, Santana and Ortiz) vs The Jurassic Express
Six Man Tag Team Match

The FInish:

Sammy is ready to attack Jungle Boy. However, Darby Allen rushed down to distract Sammy. In the confusion, Jungle Boy nailed a Snap Hurancanrana to take this one.

Your Winners: Jurassic Express
Dynamite Score: 75

Sammy tried to attack Darby but got flipped up and over the top of the ropes. He landed on Santana and Ortiz. We cut to commercial.

We got a video history lesson of the feud between Cody and MJF. Nicely done.

Best Friends (w/Orange Cassidy) vs Butcher and Blade (w/Bunny)

The Finish:

Blade came in to attack but almost took out Bunny. Orange Cassidy, who had been in the ring, flew out to nail Butcher. Chuck and Trent then got back in the ring. They nailed Strong Zero to take this one home.

Your Winners: Best Friends
Dynamite Score: 79

Tony Schiavone announced that Orange Cassidy will face PAC at Revolution. Strange. Trent played cheerleader as Orange tried to figure out if he had a chance of winning.

Hikaru Shida vs Big Swole vs Yuka Sakazaki vs Shanna
Femme Fatale Four Way

The FInish:

Shida rocked Swole with a Missile Dropkick. Yuka made the save. She was then taken out by Shanna, who applied a nasty Double Underhook for a near fall. This match finally came to an end when Big Swole was taken out by a Running Knee Strike by Shida.

Your Winner: Hikaru Shida
Dynamite Score: 78

AEW now has a Podcast. We also learned about some new merchandise. I like the action figures. My display case has a little room left. Smile.

The Dark Order promotes the upcoming reveal of their Exaulted One. They want to prove that Christopher Daniels is OBSOLETE. Hmm…could we have all been looking at the wrong Hardy to become the leader?

Jim Ross interviewed the Young Bucks, Kenny Omega and “Hangman” Adam Page. Page continued to imitate James Storm by bringing a beer tothe ring. The Jackson Brothers called him on it and said they cared about him. Page wasn’t buying it and swore he was fine. The tension in this was as thick as the snow drifts in Minnesota.

Tony Schiavone is out for the official Weigh In for the World Title Match. The crowd was more into the girls in bikinis. So was I. Grin. Sorry Niecy. Jon Moxley came out first and he was followed by Chris Jericho. Chris went off on Gary Michael Capetta, accusing him of killing WCW. All Gary had done was ask Jericho to step on the scale first. Jeez.

Gary quickly apologized and asked Moxley to step on the scale. He did and came in at 234 pounds.

Jericho then steps on the scale, with his belt. He gets grumpy when he has to hand it over. He really went too far with a profanity-laden rant on the locals. That is unprofessional, big time. Jericho gets inside Moxley’s personal bubble and ends up Headbutted into the middle of next week. The Inner Circle decided to jump Moxley.  Dustin Rhodes and Darby Allen rush down to even things up, at least a little. In all the chaos, Jericho nailed Moxley with a Judas Effect and tlhen stood over the downed Moxley.

Match of the Night: The Iron Man Match


–Jay Shannon

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