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The Raw Score

A weekly recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“Everything has been figured out, except how to live”–Jeam Paul Satre

Seth opened the show with his group of followers, Murphy, Akam and Razar. Seth talked about how his gentlemen defeated Kevin Owens and the Viking Raiders, last week. He knew this did not sit well with Owens. Seth still has a beef with Owens for costing him his shot at Brock Lesnar. Seth then decided to get all preachy and deliver his message.

Fortunately, we were spared that by the arrival of Kevin Owens. Seth warned K.O. that he was diving into danger waters when dealing witht he Monday Night Messiah and his foloowers. Kevin felt Seth sounded stupid with this gimmick. Seth again warned Kevin to look around him. Owens said he would not be foolish enough to come out here without back up. Erik and Ivar, the Viking Raiders, joined Owens at the top of the ramp. Samoa Joe joins the team and the fight is on. Joe catches Seth in the Kokina Clutch. In all the chaos, Becky Lynch walked from the back. We had to wade through a slew of car commercials, food ads and such before we heard from “The Man”.

When we return, Becky is not going to cut a promo, she is going to defend her Raw Women’s title. Before she does, she has to listen to Asuka go off in Japanee and then tell her “Easy Peasy”.

Becky Lynch vs Asuka (w/Kairi Sane)
Raw Women’s Title Match

The FInish:

This was a nice long atch. Near the end, Asuka trapped Becky in a Triangle Choke. Lynch powered up Asuka and then Powerbombed her for a two count. Becky missed a Legdrop off the turnbuckles. Asuka applied the Asuka Lock in the center of the ring. Becky barely escaped. The two both tried to win with the ever-so-deadly Simple Roll Up. Becky would finally retain her title after hitting a rather nasty Uranage.

Your Winner: Becky Lynch
Raw Score:96 out of a possible 100

After the match, Shayna Baszler came out and attacked Becky. She applied the Kirifuta Clutch. Shayna then did her best Barnabas Collins impression as she went all vampire on the neck of The Man. Shayna came up with a crimson moustache and goatee look. USA just can NOT be happy about this stunt.

Refs and EMTs rush out to check on the gushing neck wound. Becky acts algtough and said she is fine. She is ushered to the back for further treatment.

The Street Profits came out and did their typical promo against Mojo Rawley and Riddick Moss. That led to the next match.

Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford vs Mojo Rawley and Riddick Moss

Angelo rocked Mojo with a Dropkick and almost pinned him. Mojo sends ANgelo to the mat and tags out to Moss. Angelo punched away and tagged out to Montez. Dawkins hits a Spinebuster and Ford with the Frob Splash to end this one super quick.

Your Winners: The Street Profits
Raw Score: 66

Mojo was having a hissy fit, after losing. He forgot that he was the 24/7 champion. Riddick Moss with the Deadly Smiple Roll Up to become the new champion. Where the heck is R-Truth when you need him?

In the back, B ecky finally accepts that she needs medical attention at a local “medical facility”. She hijacked the ambulance and drove herself towards medical help.

MVP strolled out for an episode of the VIP Lounge. Just what we need…more interview segments. Sigh.

MVP pulls out all his old cliches to start the segment. He then brought out his guest…Drew McIntyre. M VP tells Drew that a lot of people are talking about him. Drew wondered if people were talking trash, behind his back. MVP said not to worry about what people are saying. They will overcome it all. Drew asked what WE MVP was talking about. Drew said no one helped him win the Royal Rumble. MVP explained that Drew has his whole career ahead of him but he could use a little guidance. MVP was basically done as a wrestler but ready to step up as a manager. MVP said he could be Drew’s version of Paul Heyman. Drew did not need some little toady to follow him around and kiss his Scottish backside. MVP took serious exception to the insult and said he has never kissed butt but kicked it. MVP starts to part with some of his outer clothing, only to get a Claymore, right between the eyes.

We get a video rewind of the situation between Randy Orton and Edge. Orton will be out, later on, to explain his actions.

Seth is seen giving his troops a pep talk. We then head over to Zelina Vega and she explains why her new charge, Angel Garza, is a true Man’s Man.

Angel said he was a man’s man because no other man could measure up to him. He was also a Ladies’ Man because all the women want him. Humberto Carrillo rushed down and attacked Angel. That led to our next match.

Angel Garza (w/Zelina Vega) vs Cedric Alexander

The Finish:

Cedric went for a Baseball Slide but got caught. Garza nailed a Gourdbuster. Cedric recovered and sent Garza into the ring steps. Garza hit a wicked Thrust Kick but Cedric rebounded with a Springboard move. Garza shook that off and planted Cedric with the Wing Clipper, after whipping off his pants.

Your Winner: Angel Garza
Raw Score: 80

We look back at the whole Charlotte Flair situation. CHarly is standing by and chats with Rhea Ripley. Rhea still wants to fight Flair, at Wrestlemania. Actually, she never WANTS for anything. If she sets her mind on something, she gets up and goes after it.

Sarah Logan crashed the party and got up in Rhea’s face. Sarah asked Rhea what makes her think she can just stroll into Raw and challenge Flair. Rhea couonters by asking just who the heck does Sarah think she is. We cut to break.

Bobby Lashley talked about fighting Ricochet. Lana gets all upset at the lack of respect towards her man. Lana and Logan are ready to go to blows. Logan decides that she would rahter go against Rhea, tonight. Cut to the ring.

Saeah Logan vs Rhea Ripley
Non-Title Match

The FInish:

Charlotte came from the back to watch this match. Once the bell rang, Rhea exploded with multiple Short Arm Clotheslines and a Dropkick. She then used the Rip Tide to end this one in mere seconds.

Your Winner: Rhea RIpley
Raw Score: 50

Charlotte and Rhea get into a war of words about the NXT title match. Flair has refused to answer Rhea’s challenge. Flair wants to know if Rhea is certain she will still be champion, after NXT Portland.

We next learned that next year’s Wrestlemania will be in Inglewood, California. It’s being billed as Wrestlemania Hollywood. Didn’t they already do that a decade or so back? I remember the fun vignettes, including Ric Flair riding a jackass.

Charly talked with Ricochet about his pending battle against Brock Lesnar, at Super Showdown. Ricochet discussed his 17-year career and often having to go up against much larger guys (just check out most episodes of the old Lucha Underground show). Ricochet was confident that he would win.

Ricochet vs Bobby Lashley

The Finish:

Lashley hit a modified Back Body Drop and then nailed a hard Spinebuster. Bobby set Ricochet up top to nail a Belly-to-Back Superplex. Amazingly, Ricochet ends up landing on his feet. Ricochet nailed a pair of Dropkicks, intothe corner. While Lashley is stunned, Ricochet finishes him off with the 630 Splash. Clean pinfall!

Your Winner: Ricochet
Raw Score: 78

Taking a momentary side step, two of my dearest friends had birthdays in the last few days. Frank MacDonald and I’ve known each other for quite a few years. I’ve picked his brain, many times over, for ideas for columns.

Sunny Raye has been my “little sister” for two full decades now. She was there when I lost LInda and I was there when Granny went on to Glory. We’ve been each other’s sounding board since meeting, overnight, at one of the largest casinoes in Reno. Love you so much.

Ok, back to the action.

We get an update on Becky. She has left the local medical facility and is on her way back. This is going to get really ugly, quick.

Randy Orton slithered his way out to the ring. He knew people wanted an explanation. He got all cryptic when he said that what Edge did to him hurt much more than what he did to Edge.

Matt Hardy then strolled out to confront Randy Orton. I guess we were all supposed to forget the Matt/Lita/Edge triangle that spilled over from real life into the ring, all those years back. Matt actually did bring thay up. He said that was one point in time but outside of that he and his brother, Jeff, were best buddies with Edge and Christian. Matt was offended that Randy acted the way he did. Matt gave a great History Lesson of the Hardy Boys and Edge and Christian. He ended by asking Randy what hte Hell with you?

Randy went for an RKO but Matt escaped. He tossed the microphone at Randy and then punched away. Orton would not be denied and connected with an RKO. Then to add insult to injury, Randy did a nasty Con-Chair-To to Matt. Nice way to write him off TV, possibly for good (at least on WWE).

After the break, we look at the return of Ruby Riott. Sarah interviews Ruby and asks what her issue is with Liv Morgan. Ruby says she has been best friends with Liv for a long time. Ruby was offended that Liv was trying to be something she was not.

Aleister Black vs Akira Tozawa

Akira tried to use his speed to avoid kicks and strikes from the Dutch Destroyer. Black caught Akira as the Japanese star tried to slide between Black’s legs. Waist Lock and Back Elbow by Black to rock Akira. Black Irish Whipped Akira tothe corner. Tozawa brought up his boots to stun Black. He then followed up with a Missile Dropkick. Akira kept pressing his advantage until Black caught Akira with the Black Mass. Done Deal.

Your Winner: Aleister Black
Raw Score: 75

Black cut another one of his long-winded rants. He is tired of waiting for fighter to come find him, he is going after his own victims, from this point on.

Becky Lynch drives the ambulance back into the arena. Lynch went off on Shayna for biting her neck in a cheap way to get her attention. She hoped Shayna enjoyed delivering the pain and she should be prepared to get it back, in Spades. Becky said she now has a new plan…to break Shayna down, week by week, little by little.

Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens, Erik and Ivar vs Seth Rollins, (Buddy) Murphy, Akam and Razar
8-Man Tag Team Match

The FInish:

Joe cinched in the Kokina Clutch on Seth but Rollins used a Jawbreaker to get free. Joe came back with a Uranage. Kevin Super Kicked Murphy. Erik launched Akam with an Exploder Suplex but then Erik got laid out by Razar. Ivar laid out Razar but took a Jumping Knee from Murphy. Kevin hit a wild Swanton onto several of the men in this match.

Seth missed the Curb Stomp and tagged out to Murphy. Joe was waiting and locked in the Kokina Clutch. Murphy actually tapped out but the ref wasn’t apying attention. Curb Stomp by Seth and Murphy took the cheap win.

Your WInners: Murphy, Seth Rollins and the Authors of Pain
Raw Score: 80

Liberty Dialysis (Waxahachie): Thanks for all you did for me, in these last couple years
Scooter amd Michelle: Best wishes on your wedding, this coming Saturday. We will be there, in spirit for you.
Niecy: 1-4-3


–Jay Shannon

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