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This is Sal “Rough Cuts” LaSardo, reporting in from Orlando, Fla with this edition of Rough Cuts. Should the UnderTaker and Sting finally square off at this years WrestleMania in Tampa?

With WrestleMania 36, set to happen on Sunday April 5th in Tampa, the foregone conclusion is what match can close the show and deliver after a long weekend. As of February there is no true main even that can close the show — of course, that can change over time but still — is there a true main event that will keep the fans in there seats and watching at home? Does Drew and Brock have that caliber? Bray facing Roman? Becky is not facing Rhonda and we do not know who Bayley will face or if she will have the title by then — even still, there is not enough star power to close the biggest event of the year. Edge and Randy will have a match and that will be in the middle of the card and should be outstanding but not enough to close the show.

So, the question, is then should we finally get Taker vs Sting once and for all? Taker is going to be 55 by the time Mania comes up and Sting is going to be 61. Hard to believe but yes, these icons are getting up there. Sting has mentioned he wants one more match and it should be against Taker at Mania — I been reading online it looks as though he is cleared to come back even for a 1 off.

Grant it, this is not 20 years ago when they were both in there primes. Imagine the promos leading up to Mania. both of these men can still cut a promo. Both these guys entrances are iconic. it will give the fans goose bumps and chills to see them both face to face inside a WWE ring on the grandest stage of all in front of 100,000 plus fans. The match itself can not be any worse than Goldberg vs Taker at Saudi Arabia. They are capable of putting on a good 15 minutes from the bell and give the fans that have waited so long the match of a lifetime and close the show properly with the 2 biggest names in the history of sports entertainment. We will see a few bumps and things along the way, it won’t be a classic but it won’t be awful. The match will serve its purpose and give us the fans what we waited 20 yrs to see — no one is going to really care, how it turns out because it is about seeing 2 legendary storytellers do what they do best and that is entertain us one last time.

So, not only should this match happen but it should close the show without any doubt what so ever. it does not matter who takes the pin in this — this is about closure for two of the greatest wrestlers to ever step inside the squared circle and the only place in the world this should happen is on Sunday April 5th. 2020 at WrestleMania in Tampa Florida.

So, YES WWE ! Make the match — Sting vs Taker WrestleMania 36 — icon vs icon, legend vs legend — its only fitting and the only match that is worthy of closing this years show.

This has been Sal “Rough Cuts” LaSardo, reporting in from Orlando, Fla, with this edition of Rough Cuts. May all of your matches be a Main Event.

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