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The AEW Dynamite Score

A weekly recap and review of professional wrestling’s hottest new international product.

“Call me Snake”–Kurt Russell in “Escape From New York”.

After a recap video, Jon Moxley came out to chat with his home town crowd. Jon bore a striking resemblance to one Snake Plissken (yes, Simon Miller, I do listen and pay attention. Smile). Moxley said he knew he wasn’t a good guy but at least he was honest with himself and others. Chris Jericho, on the other hand, was a Coward and Bully. Moxley hates bullies and was ready to take down Le Champion.

Jericho’s music hit and he strolled out with the Inner Circle at his side. Moxley knew he would have to face all of Jericho’s forces but, tonight, he was not alone. He had the Cleveland faithful by his side. The crowd popped huge for that semi-Foley Pop. Jericho was ready for this and turned to Ortiz and Sanatana. They had made a little road trip over to The Bronx, NY to find five of their nastiest little thug buddies. It looked to be a 10-on-1 massacre but Atlas Security rushed down to maintain peace and order.

After a video package by MJF, it was time for our first match of the night.

Butcher and Blade vs Nick and Matt Jackson (The Young Bucks)

The Finish:

Matt went over the top rope for a wicked Sliced Bread #2 on Blade. Moments earlier, he hit a hard kick to Bucher. Nick tagged in and hit a Swanton for a near fall. Butcher made the save but then he quickly fell to a Super Kick. Meltzer Driver to Blade to send this one home.

Your WInners: The Young Bucks
Dynamite Score: 85 out of a possible 100

After the match, Butcher and Blade went after the Bucks. The tag champs, Kenny Omega and “Hangman” Adam Page, made the rush down to save the day. In one seriously hilarious moment, Page handed his beer to Nick Jackson, hit a Buckshot Lariat to Blade and then casually took back his brewski. Page then headed to the back as Teh Elite celebrated.

Next up is a nice promo video about the upcoming Revolution PPV.

Nyla Rose vs Big Swole

The Finish:

After the Royal Rumble matches, these women just didn’t match up. Sorry to say that.

Nyla went for a Chokeslam but Swole just Chopped her way free. Swole caught Nyla with a Cutter and went for a Sunset Flip. Nyla stopped her and just pulled her up. Swole hit a Flatliner and set for a Running Knee. She didn’t get it, as Nyla hit a hard Spear. Nyla then detonated her Beast Bomb Power Bomb on Swole to wrap this one up.

Your Winner: Nyla Rose
Dynamite Score: 75

Cody (w/”Coach” Arn Anderson) vs Kip Sabian (w/Penelope Ford)

The Finish:

One of the funniest segments that I’ve seen in forever was when Ford threw her shoe in the ring. Arn seriously lost it, got in the ring, threw the shoe out into the crowd, and then got ejected for pushing the ref. Poor Miss Ford had to hop around because she was shoeless.

Kip hit a wild Dropkick and Swinging Neckbreaker to get a near fall. Cody and Kip headed up top to fight on the ropes. Kip manages to get free. Kip used a Springboard move to bring Cody off the ropes. Kip wanted to put Cody away with Deathly Hallows but it didn’t happen. Cody stunned Kip with a Cutter and then finished him off with a trio of CrossRhodeses.

Your Winner: Cody
Dynamite Score: 94

DOCTOR Britt Baker (she was sure to remind us) came out to cut another promo. We saw a review of her rude comments to Tony Schiavone, last week. She kept it up, this week, including a shot at the local teams by saying that Cleveland finally had a Baker that was a winner. Love that cheap heat. She is being built to go after the Women’s title, very soon.

Omega, Page and the Bucks had a pow wow in the locker room. Omega set up a match with the four of them against Butcher, Blade and tow partners of their choice. It is almost certain that they will be members of the Dark Order. Matt is seriously creeped out by those guys. There is an interesting rumor going about as to just who the myterious leader of the Dark Order might be. If it’s true, the Dark Order are far more “Broken” than originally believed. Grin.

SCU headed to the ring. In a nice tribute to Kobe Bryant, the guys were wearing jerseys with his name and number on them.

SCU (Kazarian and Scorpio Sky) vs Hybrid 2 (Jack Evans and Angelico)

The Finish:

Angelico holds up Kaz so Evans can hit a Jumping Stomp. Sky breaks up the pin by knocking Angelico’s feet off the ropes. Sky and Evans fought outside the ring. Kaz kept control inside the ring. Sky eventually got the tag. Angelico is put away with SCU-Later.

Your Winners: SCU
Dynamite Score: 89

In the back, the Dark Order warned Christopher Daniels that The Fallen Angel has offended the Exaulted One and vengeance will be extracted, very soon.

PAC does a wild black and white video promo. He is coming, next week, for blood. He has several targets in mind, including Kaz and Kenny Omega.

We get a set up for mext week’s show.


Private Party and Darby Allin vs Chris Jericho, Santana and Ortiz
Six Man Tag Team Match

The Finish:

Darby unloaded on Ortiz with vicious Chops. Ortiz stumbled back and tagged Jericho into the contest. Darby surprised Jericho with a Backwards Leaping Moonsault. 1-2-not yet.

Cassidy took the tag and connected with a Coffin Drop to Jake Hager and then a Swanton onto Jericho. Another near fall. Cassidy got into a verbal scuffle with the ref as to whether it was a two or three count. That gave Chris enough time to recover and knock out Cassidy with one of the stiffest Judas Effects that we’ve seen.

Your Winners; Chris Jericho, Santana and Ortiz
Dynamite Score: 92

The Inner Circle started towards the back but ecided to come back and destroy Private Party. As the two were getting annihilated, Moxley went from Snake Plissken to “Crow” Sting, as he came out with a baseball bat to clean house.

Match of the Night: Cody vs Kip Sabian


–Jay Shannon

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