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This is Salvatore “Rough Cuts” LaSardo, reporting in from Orlando, Fla as we get ready to rumble at Minute Maid Park, in Houston, TX.

This is my favorite pay per view of the year because this is the start of WrestleMania Season — This is where we get to see the potential matches and stories get set for the grandest stage of the year. The Rumble itself will bring allot of intrigue, drama and overall great story telling that will get us ready for Mania — One of the great things about the rumble itself is not only are the men involved but the women can play too, just as down and dirty as the men which makes it the most fascinating pay per view of the entire year.

Shorty G vs Sheamus — Sheamus is back and allot will tell if he is truly back or headed towards retirement or just being a talent enhancement — i think he still has something left in the tank — i also believe he will be in the rumble itself so this shouldn’t go to long but both guys get the there work in and ultimately Sheamus should walk away with a much needed pinfall.

Becky Lynch vs. Asuka (Raw Women’s Championship – I believe this will be allot better than most people will think because the build has been solid — Becky has been questioning herself and the back and forth has given Asuka momentum going — i believe Asuka will try and use the mist and it will backfire into a pinfall win for Becky — Becky already headlined Mania last year and is destined to be near the end this year or close to it — plus its possible Asuka after this will go NXT as there are plenty of challengers for her and to be able to compete with AEW on Wednesday nights you need some star power in the division to go over — prediction Becky wins by pinfall

Roman Reigns vs. King Corbin — notice how Roman has not been in the title scene for over a year — ? Corbin has since become King per say, generates allot of heat and knows how to get a crowd reaction — he has really continued to evolve and improve his character and his in ring skills have shown as well but still this is Roman Reigns and Roman likely slay the King for the 1-2-3 and look for bigger and better things later on in the evening -

Bayley vs. Lacey Evans (SmackDown Women’s Championship) – The WWE has built up nicely making Lacey a formidable babyface — since there are not many true baby faces around — except Sasha has been out of the loop and Bayley been forced to face Lacey without her best friend — Need not worry, first things first — Lacey gets the title off Bayley tonight and then off to Mania to face Sasha as Champion.

Bray Wyatt vs. Daniel Bryan (Universal Championship strap match) The build has been spectacular with this — I mean the story has been played very well — allot of intrigue and unpredictability — this is going to be a brutal match for a ppv and we should not expect anything less from this — Bray will find a way to get the pin 1-2-3 and move on to Mania looking for an opponent that could come later in the evening or down the road — Bray has held his own as champion and no need to put the strap now at all — Daniel can focus on a rematch here or maybe go after Nakaumura’s belt since it has not been utilized well at all –

Women’s Royal Rumble — I truly believe Rhonda is back and will enter later on towards the end, around mid 20′s and win the match and choose Becky for the title at Mania – we did not get the one on one last year and fans have been clamoring for it since — i believe it come down to Rhonda vs Charlotte, with Rhonda winning — Now, if by some chance Rhonda is not in this which is possible — i could see Charlotte winning it but i do not believe the fans will like it as they have faced each other enough and it would not go over too well for Mania — I personally, if i was booking this match — i would give it to Alexa Bliss — she has been out of the title picture for quite awhile now — She is more than capable of giving Becky all she can handle and Little Miss Bliss, all 5 ft of her can put on a match for the ages at Mania that will have people talking for years and years — i think its a better match up than Rhonda but Rhonda is star power and mainstream — Prediction — Rhonda wins and eliminates Charlotte —

Men’s Royal Rumble only 2 men have won from the #1 position in the Rumble — Benoit (2004) and Michaels (1995) — so the question is since Brock is entering at #1 does he get the trifecta and run the table ? — if you are Beast slayer as you claim to be — then the Beast must slay the prey — Brock is going to win the Rumble and become the 3rd person to do so — the build has allot of potential even though the conclusion is not what fans would want — but Brock winning means there is no competition for his title — he beat everyone in the Rumble — he goes on to Mania — Heyman comes out and does his thing – -stating there is no opponent because Brock won the Rumble — and there is no one back there — but if someone does want a chance to face the beast then come on down — John Cena’s music hits and then we have a match where John will take the title off Brock at Mania and then likely surrender it on Raw because of his acting commitments and then tournament will follow — its not a good way to close the 1st show the year but again you are building for Mania and this seems to be the only scenario since the Champion is entered at #1 — its the only conclusion and Cena does want to Wrestle at Mania even for a 1 off — so its a win/win payoff in the end —

Overall, the show should be good — i know there will be questions about it when its over — we will get a few surprises for the rumbles themselves — We always do — A record or 2 may fall — on the men’s side — I do believe the Women will be a better Rumble – -especially with the possibility of Rhonda showing up, perhaps Alexa takes it to the end, maybe Trish is a surprise entrant — the women’s division will shine for sure and create allot intrigue and suspense and get us ready for Mania itself — especially if Rhonda wins and declares the following the night she challenges Becky which is a no brainer — I know we may not get the finish we want for the Men if Brock does run the table as expected but still — it is the payoff at Mania that matters the most — Brock will get a lot of heat for entering and winning and that is what you expect going forward towards the biggest event of the year —

Lacey winning the title off Bayley, creates the match at Mania because Sasha will likely win the Elimination Chamber match — Bray opponent will come from the Chamber too and this is where Roman will win that match since they are both on Smackdown — Becky will already have her opponent and the build will be for Brock — and it will be Cena for the one and off —

This has been Salvatore “Rough Cuts” LaSardo, reporting in from Orlando, Fla. May all your matches be a main event — Enjoy the Rumble —

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