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The Raw Score

A weekly recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by your writing team of: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon, Candy and LeeAnne Moore

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we suffered for my music…not it’s your turn”–Neil Innes

This week’s quote is a nod to a fantastic British musician/comedian who left us, last week. He worked closely with the Monty Python gang. Rest in Peace…

We open with a look back at that silly wedding ceremony debacle, from last week. We then head out for some live…talking. Sigh.

Vic Joseph and Jerry Lawler are at the desk as Brock Lesnar makes his entrance. Paul did his typical intro bit and then said Brock was ready to make history. He and Brock felt there was no one on Raw, Smackdown OR NXT that was worthy of facing him. So, Brock has decided not to defend the WWE title…he wants to go right into the Rumble, itself. If he were to win that, he could challenge “The Fiend” (or whoever holds the Universal title). Hmmm…. Unification, finally?

Lesnar and Heyman walked towards the back.

Rey Mysterio was interviewed, backstage. He knew his time in wrestling was limited. He was going out to represent all Lations in his match, tonight. Wait, isn’t Andrade a Lation? Rey talked about his son, Dominic. Rey felt Andrade was not worthy to represent the Latino community, which is why he is taking back the U.S. title…next.

Rey Mysterio vs Andrade
United States Title Match

THe FInish:

Rey was flipped over the ropes. In the process, he took out Zelina Vega. Andrade freaked out at seeing his manager/valet injured and sent Rey into the ring steps. Rey is completely knocked out and collapses when Andrade lifted him for the Hammerlock DDT.

Once Rey comes back around, he apologized to Vega. A seriously distracted Rey climbed back into the ring. He was easy pickings for Andrade to hit the Hammerlock DDT.

Your Winner: Andrade
Raw Score: 94 out of apossible 100

After the match, Andrade showed the ultimate disrespect to the Luchadorian Legend by taking his mask and giving it to Zelina.

After a video package about the Seth/AOP vs Kevin Owens/Samoa Joe feud, Charly interviewed the Face duo. Kevin admitted he and Joe are far from friends. However, the enemy of my enemy IS my friend. (sounds like one of the philosophy statements that seem to end up in our columns). Kevin knew he and Joe needed each other, because Seth and his crew were doing their best to “divide and conquer”. Joe agreed.

After a break, it was time to hear from the other side of the feud. Seth was asked about being challenged by K.O. and Joe. He has been facing challenges his whole life, so this is just one more that he will have to deal with.

The Street Profits did a typical promo piece. They were sure that the O.C. were going down in the O.K.C.. (That happens to be Mama Dee’s (Jay’s Mom’s) hometown).

The Street Profits (Dawkins and Ford) vs the O.C. (Gallows and Anderson) vs The Viking Raiders (Erik and Ivar)
Triple Threat Match for the Raw Tag Team Titles

The FInish:

Dawkins rocked Erik with a Twisting Splash and a Bulldog. Ford makes the tag but is sent to the apron. Dawkins connected with a Sky High. Ford nailed the Frog Splash but Anderson had already tagged in before Ford flew off the top. Gallows attacked Dawkins but Ford laid him out with a Dropkick. Tope Suicida. Anderson stood and watched and didn’t realize the Vikings were back in the battle. Erik planted Karl with a Powerbomb and Ivar nailed the Frog Splash, after a tag.

Your Winners: The Viking Raiders
Raw Score: 90

Charly interviewed Joe and Kevin, again. Everyone wants to know who “the Guy” would be that Joe and K.O. have chosen as their partner. The duo were very tight-lipped about their choice. Charly followed Kevin and Joe around with a camera crew, just to see if there might be a clue to who the mystery man would be. No luck, just yet.

Becky Lynch came out to cut a promo about her match against Asuka, at the Royal Rumble. Becky admitted her losing efforts against Asuka (complete with video footage). Lynch has done a lot of soul searching and she is now ready for…

Asuka’s music went off and the Empress made her entrance. She goes off on Becky, in Japanese. I so need to learn that language. I only know a few words and phrases and most of them I can’t type here. Smile. The two women got into a minor scuffle as we cut to commercial.

Erick Rowan is walking around with his caged “pet’. Mojo Rawley is super respectful when he asks Rownan is he could please take a look in the cage. Erick agrees and when Mojo looks in, he totally freaks out. He runs away, looking as if he has seen the devil his own self.

Sarah talked with Andrade and Zelina about the theft of Rey’s mask. Mysterio came in and beat the stuffing out of Andrade. He also got his mask back.

Erick Rowan vs K.J. Orso

Rowan throws the kid around for a couple minutes. Spinning Back Kick and Splash by Rowan. Claw Slam!

Your Winner: ErickRowan
Raw Score: 50

After the match, Rowan showed the poor kid what is inside the cage. The young guy ran away, screaming like a banshee.

Akam, Razar and Seth are seen getting ready for the big confrontation.

Next week, A.J. Styles will have to deal with Randy Orton. This week, he gets Akira Tozawa.

A.J. Styles vs Akira Tozawa

The Finish:

Styles nailed the Phenominal Forearm but refused to take the pin. He picked up the Japanese star and continued on. Styles et for a Styles Clash but decided to insult Randy Orton by hitting his Hangman’s DDT, in the ropes. Styles really stick in the knife when he finished off Akira…with an RKO!

Your Winner: A.J. Styles
Raw Score; 85

it’s time for anohter episode of “As the Stomach Turns”. We get a recap of the whole Lashley/Lana wedding thing. They come to the ring and get married. Lana then grumbled that the official was too boring for the money she paid him. Lashley and Lana continued to complain until Rusev showed up on the Tron. Why do they get so much air time? Rusev said he is going to destroy every part of Lashley, next week. Lana can have whatever is left over.

R-Truth is being celebrated as the most winning champion of all time. During the segment, Liv Morgan showed up and said that since Lana is determined to be in Lashley’s corner, next week, she will second Rusev. Like anyone cares about this goofy feud.

Charlotte Flair vs Sarah Logan

The Finish:

The fight ended up on the floor. Flair threw Logan around and hit a Fallaway Slam. Logan sent Flair into the ring post. A frustrated Flair demanded her robe from the ref and walked away.

Your Winner: Double Count Out?
Raw Score: 50

Drew McIntyre vs No Way Jose

The FInish:

Jose did get a few shots in on Drew but it was far from enough. Drew connected with the Future Shock DDT. Drew then backed up so he could nail a picture perfect Claymore.

Your Winner: Drew McIntyre
Raw Score: 75

After the match, Drew tossed Joe over the top and onto his little group of party buddies. Drew then cut a promo, making it crystal clear that he has never had a shot at the top strap and it was about time he got one.

Aleister Black vs Shelton Benjamin

The Finish:

This one didn’t take very long. Black went off on Shelton with tons of kicks and strikes. The end came when Black picked up Shelton and connected with Black Mass.

Your Winner: Aleister Black
Raw Score: 75

Post Match: Buddy Murphy came out of nowhere to attack Black. He ran Aleister into the barricade and ring post. Officials rushed out to stop this assault. Black had to be helped to the back.

Seth did a last minute promo before the main event. He basically compared himself to Moses, leading his people (the fans) to the Promised Land. He really didn’t care WHO Owens and Joe had as a partner. That attitude would change, in a “Big” way.

Akam, Razar and Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe…and THE BIG SHOW!
Six Man Tag Team Match

The Finish:

Big Show took the tag and went to town on Rollins. He started with a Shoulder Tackle and followed up with a hard Irish Whip. Show threw himself backwards into the corner and then hit a Running Shoulder Block into Seth. A.O..P. double teamed Joe and sent the big Samoan into the ring steps. Seth wanted the Flying Knee Trembler but Show caught him, mid-flight. Seth slipped free and went to the floor to get a chair. As Show went for a Double Chokeslam, Seth clocked the Giant One with the chair. The ref DQ’d the heels.

Your Winners (by Disqualification): Big Show, Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe
Raw Score: 88

All six men slugged it out. Big Show knocked Seth out cold. We were told thtat, next week, Aleister Black will battle Buddy Murphy. Also, Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe will bring another friend with them to battle Seth’s forces.

Fade out…

Sam: Happy Birthday, my little friend
Joe:Thanks for making Mom happy
Jean: Get some rest after that “evil” inventory
Candy/LeeAnne: Miss you girls


–Jay, Candy and LeeANne

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