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Rocket city Championship wrestling Rumble  results

Date: 1/04/2020
Location:RCCW Arena
The Superstars retained The Southern Tag Team Championship  over The Lost Souls when Big T used a foreign object on Problem Child to gain the victory in 17:52
Dawson Kimbrel pinned Tyler Shoop in 18:08 with a flying knee to the face.
World’s Heavyweight Champion Nick Traimer pinned American Champion Jamie Holly in 18:04
The Winner of the 45 man Rocket City Rumble  was Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Traimer in 1hr 42min of Non stop action. Traimer won the Rumble after tossing all 3 FBI members over the top rope to win the Rumble.
Most eliminations: Barry Kohlhoff with 7
Fastest elimination:Cameraman
Longest time in Rumble: Shawn Hoodrich @76 min

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