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Silas Young & Josh Woods defeated Dalton Castle & Joe Hendry when Hendry hit Caste with a flying knee. Short, pretty non-memorable match honestly. King of a waste of all these guys

Kenny King defeated Rhett Titus. King won after a low blow kick and a Royal Flush after Amy Rose distraction took Titus’ focus from King
Jeff Cobb defeated Dan Maff with back to back Tour of the Islands. Hard hitting big man match. For his age Maff is still going strong.
Flip Gordon & Marty Scrull defeated by Flamita & Bandido Bandido pinned Scrull with a German suplex for the win .Lots of high flying action from the luchadors. Scrull and Gordon did a great job, but it definitely looked like two guys that were putting guys over on their way out of the company.
Vincent beat Matt TavenĀ  with a cutter after Taven tried to use Vincent’s ax on him. After the match Bateman came to the ring and he and Vincent both beat down Taven.
Mark Haskins defeated Bully Ray. Crazy spot fest. Tables, guardrails, a cheese grater, a barbwire board, chairs. Old ECW feel to it. Haskins wife was taken out early with the barb wire board, but came back at the end of the match to use the cheese grater on Bully Ray’s….undercarriage region. The husband and wife sent Bully Ray through a table with a double power bomb, and a Mark Haskins double foot stomp gained him the win.
Alex Shelley defeated Colt Cabana. Honestly I went to get a hot dog during this match. Judging from the crowd reaction I don’t know if I missed much.
Maria Manic defeated Angelina Love. This was pretty much a Maria coming out party where she just destroyed Love. She won with torture rack tap out.
Dragon Lee defeated Shane Taylor to win the Television Championship with a running knee to the face. Good big man, little man match. Reminded me of a Ray Mysterio / Mark Henry match. Lots of high flying from Lee, lots of big man power moves from Taylor. I feel like this adds to the rumors that Taylor is leaving the company, he did not seem to mind posing for pics with fans while he was leaving the ring smiling and joking and telling them good bye.
Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham won the Tag Team Championships from the Briscoes. Lots of out of the ring action. lots of high spots. Lethal grabbed a handful of tights for the roll up win.
PCO won the ROH World Championship from Rush in a Friday the 13th Massacre No DQ Match. Tables, doors, guardrails, chairs, PCO thrown off the entrance stage. An actual funeral hears car had the front end ripped off by PCO’s “creator” Destro who then uses a sparking car battery to restart and revive PCO. PCO finally wins with a moonsault. Great crowd reaction with PCO chants.
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