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The AEW Dynamite Score

A weekly recap and review of wrestling’s newest nation-wide program.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories”–Sun Tzu

Welcometo my stomping grounds, Dallas, Texas. To be more specific, we are in Garland (yes, the same Garland that opens the great film, Zombieland).

Jon Moxley vs Alex Reynolds

Moxley wastes absolutely no time and nails the Paradign Shift in mere seconds to earn the win (and disappoint a lot of fans).

Your Winner: Jon Moxley
Dynamite Score: 20 out of a possible 100

John Silver tried to help Alex but took a DDT for his troubles.

Chris Jericho then came out to confront the outlaw grappler. He had the entire Inner Circle with him, as usual. Jericho didn’t want to attack Moxley, only talk. He admitted that Moxley came to him, earlier, seeking advice. The best advice he could offer was for Moxley to join the Inner Circle. They all leave as Mox thinks it over, while holding an Inner Circle shirt he was gifted.

Being a former Booker, I just know where this one going.

We get a video package about the growing feud between Nick and Matt Jackson (The Young Bucks) and Santana and Ortiz (Proud and Powerful of the Inner Circle). The announcers then run down what the Lone Star State will present tonight.

Butcher, Blade and Bunny come to the ring. Bunny used to be Allie. Butcher is her hubby, Braxton Sutter. Blade is some rock star guy that has decided to take up wrestling. They start talking trash about Cody (Rhodes). That brings out the 2nd generation star, along with Q.T. Marshall. Before the match, the announce team speculate that MJF (Cody’s former bestie) is the money man behind this new group.

Cody and Q.T. Marshall vs Butcher and Blade

The Finish:

Cody is dropped by the rogue duo and then they set their sights on Q.T.. Marshall is dropped by a Stunner (from Blade). Butcher follows up with a wicked Clothesline. Marshall is laid out with a rather awkward looking Magic Killer.

Your Winners: Butcher and Blade
Dynamite Score:  88

Darby Allin comes out, post match, to aid Cody. Guess the sides are being set up for something big, down the road.

Speaking of the Road: I want to send out a special Thank You to my good friend, Joe Guenther. For Christmas, he sent me the new Jim Cornette Graphic Novel (available at Amazon). It is a fun way to learn a lot about what used to go on when the cameras were turned off. It helped me through Dialysis on Thursday morning.

Big Swole made her way out for her debut.

Big Swole vs Emi Sakura

The Finish:

Emi missed a Moonsault onto Swole. They slugged it out like Saturday Night at the Old Top Rail Honky Tonk. Swole connects with a Bicycle Kick but misses the Rip Cord. Swole recovers and connects with what is being called DIrty Danicng to win her premiere match.

Your Winner: Big Swole
Dynamite Score: 90

PAC is interviewed. He feels slighted because no opportunities are coming his way. He damands a Tables Match against Kenny Omega. Yes, please.

Kip Saboan, Penelope Ford and “Chairman” Shawn Spears came out for the next match. It wasn’t going to be a walk in the park, to be sure…

Kip Sabian and Shawn Spears vs “Hangman” Adam Page and Kenny Omega

The FInish:

After a Fisherman’s Suplex, Kip went for a Deathly Hallows. Omega blocked that and nailed the V Trigger. Omega connects with a second V Trigger. Suddenly, the lights go out.

When the lights come back up, Tully Blanchard (Sprears’ manager) is tied to a chair. It was Joey Janela who did the deed. Spears freaked out and rushed over. Joey and Shawn fight to the back. Kenny hits a Snap Dragon Suplex and a third V Trigger. Page tags himself in. Buckshot Lariat!

Your Winners: “Hangman” Adam Page and Kenny Omega
Dynamite Score: 93

Brandi Rhodes cuts a promo about the various “faces” in the company, in the women’s division. She warns “The Family is almost complete”. They are just waiting on “The Alien” to arrive. Huh?

Chris Jericho and Jake Hager come out to the announce table. They Excuse Excalibur and Tony Schiavone, after verbally blasting the masked announcer.

Sammy Guevara vs Luchasaurus

The Finish:

Sammy hits a DDT on Luchasaurus. Foolishly, he decides to show off for the Texas crowd. He missed several big moves on Luchasaurus. Sammy tried to outrun Luchasaurus but failed. Jurassic Slam put the young hot shot out.

Your Winner: Luchasaurus
Dynamite Score: 77

After the match, Jericho and Jake hit the ring for a beat down. It doesn’t last long as the rest of the Jurassic Express rush out. Jungle Boy actually pinned Jericho, with Marco maing the count.

AEW’s next PPV, Revolution, will be held on February 28th. It will be part of some big convention.


The Young Bucks vs Proud and Powerful
Texas Street Fight

The Finish:

P and P almost took out Matt with a Street Sweeper onto a trash can. Nick pulled the ref out of the ring to stop the count. Me and mylate cousin, Dave, got into a few Street Fights, years ago, and this one was such a flashback. Where do you think I got the Old Top Rail reference? Grin.

Samtana and Ortiz bring chairs to the party and beat down on the Brothers Jackson. Santana gets sent through a table, outside the ring. Ortiz gets Bulldogged into the chairs. Meltzer Driver to Ortiz and this one is a done deal.

Your WInners: The Young Bucks
Dynamite Score: 92

Post-Match: SCU comes out and has a face off with the Young Bucks.

Match of the Night: Page and Omega vs Spears and Sabian


–Jay Shannon

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