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The AEW Dynamire Score

A recap and review of wrestling’s newest national wrestling show.

“War is Hell”–Gem. George S. Patton

We jump right into the action, this week.

Dustin Rhodes, Matt and Nick Jackson vs Sammy Guevara, Ortiz and Santana (The Inner Circle)
Six Man Tag Team Match

Dustin is still sporting a cast from where Jake Hager broke his arm/wrist by slamming a car door on it, a few weeks back.

The Finish:

Sammy went for a Shooting Star Press, only to get a special invitation to a Superkick Party (courtesy of the Young Bucks). A tad bit of chaos erupts as Ortiz and Santana are taken out. Meltzer Driver and Nick makes the pin.

Your Winners: Dustin Rhodes and the Young Bucks
Dynamite Score: 88 out of a possible 100

Trent vs Rey Fenix

The Finish:

Fenix almost won this after a vicious Knee Strike, followed up with a Piledriver. Somehow, Trent escaped defeat, at least for a moment. Fenix avoids a Knee Strike, connects with a Rolling Soulba and a Flying CUtter. Rey takes this one tot he barn with a Muscle Buster!

Your Winner: Rey Fenix
Dynamite Score: 91

Tony Schiavone is ready to interview Cody. Cody grumbled about how his wife, borther and best friend (MJF) have all turned on him, at times. He is ready to face Butcher, Blade and even Bunny, if they would simply ask him to fight. Cody says MJF doesn’t want to fight him but Cody plans to sweeten the deal too much for MJF to pass. He offers a truck, a fancy watch and then a briefcase filled with…$ 50,000. Hell, I’d fight him for that. Smile. Will MJF accept? Wait and see….

In the back, Joey Janella throws out a challenge to Jon Moxley. He swears that Mox will have to kill him, this time. Mox is ready to take on the roll as mortician.

Nyla Rose vs Leva Bates

The FInish:

Rose takes down Bates with a Big Boot and Diving Knee. Peter Avalon tries to interfere and nearly loses several fingers. Ouch! I recemtly dislocated two fingers and that smarts to no end. Rose completely No Sells a shot by Leva with some book. One Beast Bomb later and this one’s in the books.

Your Winner: Nyla Rose
Dynamite Score: 60

Post-match: Shanna rushes out to prevent Rose from further beating on Bates. Rose takes some punishment and then plants Shanna with a modified Bulldog Bounce.

Chris Jericho and Jake Hager head tothe ring. Hager has the bubbly and the List. Jericho just totes his title belt. Chris tells Champagne, Ill. that they wouldn’t even be on the map if not for all the champagne he has sold in recent months.He continues to trash talk the locals until he gets interrupted by Luchasaurus. The entire Jurassic Express team comes to the ring and they put Chris in his place. Jungle Boy wants to show Jericho he CAN last 10 minutes with the mouthy champion. That seems to be a go, possibly later tonight.

Hikaru Shida vs Kris Statlander

The Finish:

Black Hole Slam and Knee STrikes by Kris. Kris finishes off her foe with a Clutch Piledriver.

Your Winner: Kris Statlander
Dynamite Score: 80

The lights drop and when they come back up, Awesome Knog and Brandi Rhodes emerge. They are now building a faction called the Nightmare Family and want Kris to join. We don’t get an answer from Kris. Instead, we get…you guessed it…commercials.

SCU is in the house!

Christopher Daniels vs Pentagon Jr.

The Finish:

Pentagon swings a microphone stand at Daniels, but misses the mark. Daniels grabs the stand and hands it to the ref. While the ref turns to get rid of the “international object” (bonus points if your remember that reference), Pentagon kicks Daniels in the nether regions. He then laysout Daniels with the Cero Miedo Package Piledriver and claims the win.

Your Winner: Pentagon Jr.
Dynamite Score: 76

Video package of Butcher, Blade and Bunny,. They are here to “cut the head off the Snake”. Whatever.

Joey Janella vs Jon Moxley

The Finish:

Joey hits an Elbow off the top rope and gets a near fall. This was a great long match. The two men fight on the ropes, again. Paradign Shift, to the turnbuckle, by Mox. When they land in the ring, Mox takes out Joey with a second Paradign Shift. Excellent match up.

Your Winner: Jon Moxley
Dynamite Score: 93

Match of the Night: Moxley vs Janella


–Jay Shannon

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