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The AEW Dynamite Score

A weekly recap and review of wrestling’s newest promotion to air on national television.

Hosted by your writing team: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon, Candy Moore and LeeAnne Moore

“An eye for an eye will often lead to two blind men”–M. Gandhi

Glad to be back “home” after a couple weeks off for “vacation” (grin). AEW is still a massive juggernaut in the ratings and tonight’s show is just another example why. Our announcers are, as usual, Excalibur (one of the greatest technical minds going), Tony Schiavone (a true Legend) and Jim Ross (best all-around stick man behind a desk).  The Sky Flowers exploded and we went right into action…

Nick Jackson vs Rey Fenix

The Finish:

Nick connected with a Springboard Facebuster and followed up with a Canadian Destroyer. That should have been all she wrote but Fenix still managed to kick out. That kid is incredible. Jackson kept the pressure on by cinching in the Sharpshooter. Unfortunately, Fenix was close tot he ropes and got the break. Fenix charged Nick and rocked him with a Jumping Spin Kick, off the ropes. Fenix took this one home with a Muscle Buster Driver.

Your Winner: Rey Fenix
Dynamite Score: 94 out of a possible 100

Nick tried to shake Fenix’s hand but the masked man simply walked away. Poor sportsmanship, if you ask us.

Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. vs Hikaru Shida

The Finish:

I have to catch myself every time this talented Japanese lady performs. I SO keep wanting to type Hikaru Sulu. Didn’t help that I just got my Star Trek collection out of storage. Grin. Anyway, on to the match…

Baker clamped on the Lockjaw but Shida was too close to the ropes. Baker with the Neckbreaker but it only garnered her a two count. Shida went to the eyes and planted Baker with a Falcon Arrow. 1-2-not quite yet. Shida finished off Baker with her Running Knee Strike.

Your Winner: Hikaru Shida
Dynamite Score: 88

We get a video package about the Dark Order. A large guy was getting bullied at a train station. He is told to join the Dark Order to find himself. Cross Promotion with the new Star Wars film, maybe? Actually, it was well made and sets up the Dark Order to grow, much like the old Straight Edge Society or Raven’s Flock. We like it.

Chuck Taylor, Pentagon Jr., “Hangman” Adam Page, MJF, Joey Janella, Sonny Kiss, Orange Cassidy, Jimmy Havok, Kip Sabian, Jungle Boy and BILLY GUNN
Dynamite Dozen Battle Royal

The Finish:

Gunn is gone after Page nails the Buckshot Lariat (bummer). Sabian sends Chuck to the showers with a vicious Springboard Kick (with a distraction from Penelope Ford). MJF took out Jungle Boy to leave just himself and Adam Page as the co-winners.

YourW inners: Hangman Page and MJF
Dynamite Score: 83

So, these two will face each other, next week, to earn the Dynamite Diamond Ring (strange concept but it takes me back to the good old Mid-South days and their championship, which was a pendant on a ribbon) Nod to our buddy James K.

We get highlights of how Scorpio Sky pinned Chris Jericho, last week. The AEW Champion is NOT a happy camper. He and Jake Hager stroll out to the ring. Jericho knew he was out of line, last week, with his temper tantrum. He struggled to say he was sorry and Jake finally had to speak his first words in AEW by saying “Sorry” for Jericho. Jericho has a big celebration planned for next week, in Chicago. He thought Chi-Town was more appropriate than Indiana to showcase his celebratory festivities. That’s a Springboard Moonsault version of Cheap Heat.

SCU makes an appearance as Jericho and Jake startt o leave. Scorpio Sky appears to agree that the town they are in stinks and Jericho DOES deserve better. Cheap Heat Swerve Alert! Sky suddenly goes all Sir Mix-a-Lot and admits he likes big butts and he can’t deny. LOL. They are talking about one of the girls in AEW. SCU wins the Mind Games match up when they convince Jericho to give Scoprio Sky a future title match. The full Inner Circle group hits the ring and attack Kazarian, Daniels and Sky. Kax and Daniels get handcuffed in the ropes and Jericho blasted Sky with the “Judas Effect” elbow. The Jurassic Express storm the ring and Luchasaurus gets right in Jake’s face. Hager backs down. That leads us to…

“The Librarian” (Pretty) Peter Avalon vs Luchasaurus

After weeks of waiting, we finally get to see the Luchasaurus. We didn’t see him all that long, to be honest. Avalon runs his mouth, as he always did in Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. Lucha wasn’t having any part of this baloney. He kicked Pete and laid him out with a Tombstone Facebuster. (Tyranasaurus Plex?) Just saying…

Your Winner: Luchasaurus
Dynamite Score: 40

Proud and Powerful (Santana and Ortiz) vs Private Party (Marq Quen and Isaiah Cassidy)
Matt Travis Memorial Tribure Match

The Finish:

Ortiz with a Powerbomb for a near fall. Double Team Hanging Cutter by the former LAX. They brought out the Slap Jack but were thwarted by the arrival of Nick Jackson. Nick steals the loaded sock and in all the confusion, Priate Party take the win with the Gin and Juice.

Your Winners: Private Party
Dynamite Score: 85

Sammy Guevara jumps Jackson and starts a beat down. That brings out “The Natural” Dustin Rhodes. Dustin cleans Sammy’s clock for him.

Kenny Omega talked about how his recent downward spiral can be traced to one man…”The B*stard” PAC. Kenny knew his loss to PAC set him on this negative road. Next week, Omega’s redemption plan goes into effect.

Darby Allin vs Jon Moxley

The FInish:

This one got really weird. Moxley stuffed Allin in a body bag, after a wicked Clothesline. Moxley stomped away until the ref made him stop. The Zebra in Charge unzipped the bag and Allin came out swinging. He nailed a Sliced Bread Stunner to get a near fall. Obviously, Moxley wasn’t expecting that. After a failed Roll Up, Allin nailed a picture perfect Canadian Destroyer. Ein–Zwei—Nein. Moxley blocks a Coffin Drop and locks in a Sleeper. Allin almost gets the win when he flips over and the ref sees Moxley’s shoulders pinned. Once Jon escapes, they start to fight on the ropes. Moxley hits his Paradigm Shift DDT, off the ropes, to take this one to the bank.

Your Winner: Jon Moxley
Dynamite Score: 95

Match of the Night: Moxley vs Allin


–Jay, Candy and LeeAnne

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