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The Raw Score

A weekly recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by writing team: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon, Canny and LeeAnne Moore

“The art of war is simple enough. Find out where your enemy is. Get at him as soon as you can. Strike him as hard as you can and keep moving on”–Ulysses S. Grant

We were live in Long Island, NY, this week. Brock Lesnar is stalking Rey Mysterio.

Several cars showed up. Triple H got out first. Who else was with him?

Roll the opening montage!

The Skyflowers exploded to bring the crowd to their feet. Brock Lesnar’s music hit and he strolled out with Paul Heyman. Paul does not due pin stripes well. Brock wants Rey Mysterio. Paul did the typical intro thing. Paul really stuck it to the vanquished Cain Velasquez. Heyman reminded everyone that Brock quit Smackdown and moved back to Raw. His goal is to hunt down Rey Mysterio. Heyman talked about being a Jew and that helped him to set up Brock with a “No Fire” contract. That was uncalled for. Paul said Brock could do whatever the Hell he wanted to do. Paul said Brock was better than everyone at home or in the back. Heyman demanded to know where Rey is. Heyman said Brock was ready to slap every man in the house. Paul said no one was man enough to slap Brock back. Heyman took shots at Rey’s son, Dominick. Paul knew someone would “rat out” Rey. Heyman swore Brock would commit a felony against Mysterio. Heyman said tonight would be the funeral of Rey’s career. Brock adn Paul headed to the back.

The announcers warned Rey to get in his car and leave. Brock started to rough up people, backstage. Cut to commercial.

Brock kept going after people to find Rey. He went to one of the black cars and ripped the door off. He started pulling people out. He kicked the door of the car off its hinge. Ridiculous.

Vic, Jerry and Dio talked about how Rey embarrassed Brock.

The Kabuki Warriors vs Charlotte Flair and Natalya
Nono-Title Match


We saw highlights of Natalya vs Lacey Evans, from Saudi Arabia. We send out our highest respects to the two wonderful ladies who made history. Flair, Asuka and Kairi Sane applauded Nattie.

Natalya and Sane kicked this one off. Collar and Elbow and Nattie took control of the arm. Sane reversed it. Flips led to the Airplae Spin Slam by Natalya. Tag to Asuka.

Collar and Elbow into a Go Behind. Asuka tried to slap her way free. Ankle Lock by Asuka but Natalya rolled free. Hard Kick by Nattie and tag to Flair.

Charlotte threw Asuka to the canvas. Asuka blocked the Scoop Slam. Double Suplexes to the women’s champs. We cut to commercial.

Asuka with a Side Headlock on Nattie. Shoulder Tackle and both women stood their ground. Asuka talked trash and Natalya used a Shoulder Tackle to send the Empress to the canvas and then tothe floor. Nattie came out and took a Superkick tot he jaw. Both Kabuki Warriors now wear face paint.

Back in the ring, Asuka got a two count. Arm Bar by Asuka but Nattie would not submit. Nattie tried to fight free but ended up on her back. Tag to Sane.  Double Team Kicks by the champs. 2 count. Lawler talked about how NXT wanted attention, which is why they attacked on Smackdown. Crosstie Clutch by Sane. Dropkick by Sane. 2 count, again. Sane took a swing at Flair. Nattie with a Roll Up. Tag to Flair. Shoulder Tackle, Clothesline and Big Boot by Charlotte. Flair Chops by Ric’s daughter. Fallaway Slam by Charlotte. Backbreaker by Flair. Natural Selection. Asuka put Sane’s leg on the ropes. Flair attacked Asuka and then threw her back in the ring.  Big Boot by Flair. She then positioned the champs and went up top. Incredible Moonsault. She tossed Asuka out but the Empress got bck in to make the save. Asuka cnapped Flair in the ropes. We took another break.

Flair tried for a tag. It looked like Nattie pulled her hand back. Sane stomped away on Flair. Boot by Flair as Sane came for the corner. Flair crawled towards her corner. Tags on both sides.

Side Russian Leg Sweep and Discus Lariat by Nattie. Nattie tried for a Springboard move but Asuka blocked it. German by Nattie. Asuka spun through the Sharpshooter and applied the Asuka Lock. Nattie rolled over nad Asuka converted it into a Triangle Choke. SHarpshooter by Natalya. Sane with a Code Breaker to break the hold. Spear by Flair to Sane. Nattie blocked the Asuka Lock and applied the Sharpshooter, again. She TAPPED OUT!

Your Winners (by Submission): Natalya and Charlotte Flair
Raw Score: 88 out of a possible 100

Brock and Heyman came out to the announce table. They demanded to know where Rey was. Heyman poked fun at Lawler. Paul threatened to unleash Brock on Lawler. DIo got up to protect his broadcast partner. He got an F5 for his troubles. Rey rushed out and attacked Brock with a big stick. Rey cracked Brock in the skull with the WWE belt. The refs kept Rey back. Rey strolled to the back as Lawler called for help for Dio. Break time.

We want to send our love out to our new family at Jay and his mom’s new home. Miss Donna, Jet, Bill, Jack, Joe, Louise and Randy and several others.

It was so cool to see Dio stand up to Brock. It was also great to see Rey tear into Brock. Lesnar was barely able to stand, after the attack. He ended up limping to the back. HIs knees may be seriously injured.

Rey cut a promo, backstage. He broke into some Spanglish. Rey wants the WWE title because it is the most important thing to Lesnar. He threw down the aluminum bat and walked off.

Cedric Alexander vs Buddy Murphy


Nice to see Buddy back from Saudi Arabia. Universal into a Flying Headscissors and Dropkick by Cedric. Murphy pulled Ceddy to the outside and ran him into the barricade. Knife Edge Chops by Buddy. Murphy struck the ring post. Cedric threw Murphy intothe ring. Kick to the face. Cedric was thrown into the post. 2 count.

Arm Bar by Murphy. Cedric tried to punch free but Murphy took him down. Arm Bar by Buddy. Keylock by Murphy but Cedric dropped down to get free. Hard Forearm by Cedric.  Knife Edges and Forearms by Cedric. Roaring Back Elbow by Alexander. Backspring Enziguri by Cedric. Tope Suicida and Flip Dive by Cedric. Springboard Flatliner by Alexander. 1-2-not just yet.

Cedric blocked Murphy’s Law. Michinoku Driver by Cedric. Both claimed near falls. Cedric tore off his elbow pad. Murphy’s Law!

Your Winner: Buddy Murphy
Raw Score: 85

We looked back at the NXT Invasion on Smackdown. Several Smackdown stars were taken out, including Bayley, The Miz and Daniel Bryan. It was an incredible night put together when most of Smackdown’s roster were stuck in Saudi Arabia.

Seth Rollins strolled backstage. He had something to say, next.

Rollins came out to a decent pop. He was slightly limping. Bray Wyatt beat Seth at Crown Jewel for the Universal title. Seth said he had to think what was next. Rollins knew that some fans were thrilled that Seth lost to The Fiend. Rollins did not care what he fans thought. Seth was more concerned that hte Unviersal title was now on Smackdown and Lesanr was now the champ on Raw. Seth said it was time for the new kids to get a chance, not these old guys like Lesnar. Seth was seriously doubting himself. What’s next for Seth? Rollins just didn’t really know.

Triple H then interrupted to make his appearance. The NXT logo splashed across the Tron. HHH said History was repeating itself. HHH said Seth’s past just might be his future. HHH mentioned that Seth was the very first NXT champ. HHH then talked about hte birth of the Shield. Every time Seth would come to HHH, Rollins’ star would rise. Seth wondered if this was just to boost HHH’s ego. “Does it matter?”. HHH knew that Seth had no clue what was next. Seth brought up the roster being stuck out of the country. HHH bragged out Adam Cole (Baby) beat Daniel Bryan. NXTX is on fire, acording to HHH. HHH said he did not come alone to Raw. HHH wants to know what Rollins would do next. Trip said NXT had something to prove. HHH was ready to motivate Seth, one more time. Trip said Seth was either withhim or agaisnt them. The Undisputed Era came to the ring. The “N.X.T.” chant rose to a crescendo. HHH wanted to know where Seth stood…with or against.

The O.C. came out to even up the sides. This should be a barn burner. The Era tried to take off but the O.C.. Other guys from NXT attacked. That brought out more Raw guys. The NXT crew made for the border. Seth didn’t get hurt or involved.

Is Seth about to jump ship?

Triple H strolled backstage. Seth told him that Trip did light a fire under his behind. Seth said he was better thand Daaniel Brayn. He demanded a title match against Adam Cole. He got it.

Andrade and Zelina Vega vs Sin Cara and Carolina
Mixed Tag Team Match


The announcers called her Catalina but the graphic read as I typed above. Carolina took down Andrade as we went to break.

The guys were down and the ladies wanted to get in this match. During the break, Vega hit a Tornado DDT on Sin Cara, on the floor. Knife Edge by Andrade. Andrade put Sin Cara up top. Sin Cara blocked his foe. Sin Cara’s mask slipped and he got all kinds of fired up. Sin Cara bached Andrade and sent him flying off the ropes. Both men were down and stunned.

Tags on both sides. Dropkick by Carolina, followed by a second. Vega reversed a Whip. Low Cross Body by Carolina. Vega ripped at the mask. Vega dodged a charge and hit a Enziguri. Wheelbarrow Slam by Carolina. Andrade made the save. Sin Cara sent Andrade over with a La Bandera. Vega tried to attackbut Carolina hit hte Gory Special. Tope Con Hilo by Sin Cara. Boot by Vega. Carolina blocked the Rana and tried for a Buckle Bomb. Vega with a Basement Rana to take the win.

Your WInners: Zelina Vega and Andrade
Raw Score: 85

Vic and Jerry discussed last week’s King’s (Divorce) Court. This Lana/Lashley/Rusev triangle is getting more and more disgustin. Lana is upset because Rusev only wanted her for sex. Lashley told Lana that Rusev cheated on Lana. Rusev snapped and beat the stuffing out of Lashley. He then stuffed his wedding ring into Lashley’s mouth. Low Blow by Lashley. Lashley and Lana then smooched it up. Disgusting. Rusev was heading to the ring to deliver a special challenge…next.

Rusev wanted all this drama to come to an end. Rusev said Lashley could have Lana, if he wanted her…but his *ss belonged to Rusev. He called out Lashley. The All Mighty One came out on crutches. Oh, baloney. Lashley said he was not medically cleared to compete. He supposedly tore his groin. He said it was Lana’s fault. Wicked grin. Rusev looked rady to explode. Lana said they had a replacement for Lashley…Drew McIntyre.

Rusev vs Drew McIntyre


The two circled each other as the bell rang. Glasgow Kiss Headbutt by Drew. Drew bashed and battered the Bulgaian. Clothesline by Rusev into Shoulder Thrusts. Rusev punched away at the Scottish superstar. Kick by Drew off a Whip. Rusev fell intot he corner. Boot Choke by Drew.

Rusev kicked and punched away. Drew knocked down the charging Rusev. Hard Stomp by Drew. Knife Edge by Drew. Fallaway Slam by Rusev. Drew rolled out tothe floor. We took another break.

Arm Bar by Drew. Rusev powered out and punched away at Drew. Knife Edge Chops and punches by the big Bulgaira. Spinebuster by McIntyre for a near fall. Drew talked trash and that set off Rusev. He laid out Drew, several times.  Leg Lariat by Rusev as the fans screamed with glee. Rusev missed his big Kick. Drew punched and kicked away. Rusev came off hte ropes. Both men hit the Crossbody on each other. The Richter Scale just hit a 12.0. Strikes by both men. Back Heel Kick by Drew. Hockey Fight! Drew was knocked out to the floor. Rusev went out and banged Drew into the steel steps. Lashley came down and attacked Rusev. The injury was all bogus. Drew just walked off as Bobby Lashley jeot trying to hurt Rusev. Rusev threw Lashley into the ring post. Rusev grabbed the crutch but Randy Orton came out of nowhere to hit hte RKO.

Your WInner (by Disqualification): Rusev
Raw Score: 82

Ricochet came out to take out everyone, including Lana.

Becky Lynch was set to be interviewed. Charly talked about Becky vs Bayley vs the NXT Women’s champ, Shayna Baszler. It is being called the Dangerous Triangle Match. Becky knew both Bayley and Shayna had issues with Lynch. Shayna came in and asked Charly to let her take over. The NXT champ taunted Becky and brought up Ronda Rousey. She warned that she was NOT Ronda. Shayna said her target was set on Becky. She wouldn’t overlook Bayley but Lynch would be giving up at least one limb to her. Lynch wasn’t sure how she felt about hte upstart NXT champ. Becky said Bayley would almost be an after thought. This match should be awesome.

Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and A.J. Styles came out for a six man match. Styles showed the trophy that belongs to his partners. Styles said they don’t give a damn about NXT. Styles was ready to be sure that the NXT guys never leave Florida.

The O.C. vs Umberto Carrillo and the Street Profits
Six Man Tag Team Match


The Street Profits said the World Cup victory didn’t mean a thing, since the Profits were not even in the match. They kept throwing it into the O.C.’s face that the Profits beat the O.C., two weeks back. Styles threatened to shut Umbrella’s mouth. Carrillo even said it in Spanish. The Profits joked about Umberto’s dimples. The faces headed down to the ring. We took a quick break before this one got rolling.

Styles tore into Carrillo. Umberto rebounded to hit a Flying Headbutt off the ropes. Tag to Angelo Dawkins. Arm Wringer by Dawkins. Double Thrust by Styles. Tag to Anderson. Side Hedlock by Karl but Dawkins into a Universal. Wild Dropkick by the big man. Tag to Montez Ford. Slider Dropkick and Splash Double Team on Karl. 2 count. Arm Bar by Ford. Knee and Uppercut by Karl. Whip but Ford jumped over nad kicked away. Styles distracted and Karl laid Ford out. Gallows nailed a Clothesline, on the floor.

Ford was banged off the apron and thrown back in the ring. Tag back to Styles. Straight Punches by Styles. Kick by Gallows to Ford. 2 count. Ford tried to work the ribs. Styles got tossed out. High Angle Dropkick by Ford. He hit the same to Anderson, off  the tag. The O.C. kept making quick tags. Uppercut by Luke to get a near fall. More commercials.

Karl had a Side Headlock on Ford, as we returned. Montez tried to get free. Karl knocked Dawkins off the apron. 2 count. Seated Rear Chin Lock by Karl. Whip by Karl sent Ford into Styles. Luke got he tag. Jumping Blockbuster by Ford. Umberto asked for the tag. Hot tags on both sides. Carrillo worked over Styles and naield a wild Dropkick. Snap Mare into a Basement Dropkick. Rolling Back Moonsault to give Umberto a two. Disater Kick by Umberto. Carrillo hit a top rope Moonsault. Karl Anderson made the save. Pounce by Dawkins. Ford with a wild Dropkick on Luke. Flip Dive on the Good Brothers. Forearm by Styles. Carrillo ducked Styles and hit some major moveds. Styles Powerbombed Carrillo and put his feet on the ropes to take this one.

Your Winners: A.J. Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson
Raw Score: 82

Promo piece about Adam Cole.Triple H chatted with his brand’s champion.

Rey Mysterio will battle Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series. Jay will be fully moved into his new place by then. Him and Mom have a great new little house out in the country.

Erik and Ivar (The Viking Raiders) vs East Hampton Polo Boys


The preppy guys just got annihilated. This was brutal. Double Team on Preppy #1. Huge Splash by IVar to end this in less than 2 minutes.

Your WInners: Erik and Ivar
Raw Score: 50

The Vikings will face reDRagon and The Revival at Survivor Series. The Vikings have issues with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. reDRagon and the Vikings had one brutal feud back in Ring of Honor.

Seth Rollins taped up for his title match. It’s up…next!

Seth Rollins vs Adam Cole
NXT Championship Match


Triple H came out with Adam Cole. The fans were mixed in their support on this one. He did the “Adam Cole Bay Bay” response. My pup, Wilma, just jumped when she heard Bay Bay (her nickname).

Collar and Elbow into an Arm Wringer by Seth.The two men exchanged hard blows. Seth with a La Bandera and Plancha. Seth bounced Adam’s face off the apron. Cole fought out of hte Buckle Bomb. Hard Kick by Seth. Adam just avoided the Stompe. Cole was thrown into the barricades. We had time for one more break.

Rear Chin Lock by Adam. Seth with Knife Edge Chops. Big Kick by Cole. 1-2-nope. HHH watched stone faced. The two traded hard fists. Seth took the advantage. Enziguri by Seth but Adam hit one. Seth with a Superkick. 2 count.

Running Forearm by Seth. Adam flipped Seth over the ropes. Seth flew off the ropes but ate a Superkick to the jaw. That sounded like a shotgun blast. Seth blocked hte Panama Sunrise and nailed the Buckle Bomb. Ein—Zwei—Nein.

Tope Suicida by Seth. He hit a second one and then threw Adam back in. Jumping Knee Trembler by Seth. Adam with a Neckbuser over the knee. 2 count.

Adam waited for Seth to get up. Shining Wizard by Cole for another near fall. Cole took down his kneepad. He missed the Last Shot. Double Clotheslines. Cole got caught on the ropes. Superplex into the Falcon Arrow! 1-2-no. Lawler was amazed at Cole.

Seth signed that he wanted the strap. He taunted HHH as he tuned up the band. The rest of he Undisputed Era came out of nowhere to attacked Seth. The Raw Roster and the NXT Crew filled up the ring for one hell of a battle.

Your WInner (by Disqualification): Seth Rollins
Raw Score: 93

This melee got wild. Ricochet with an amazing flipping Plancha to lay out half the NXT Crew. He even laid out a few Raw guys too. The fight kept going. Keith Lee with an incredible Flip Dive to send us to black.

Miss Nancy: Save us seats on Sunday
Jean: Always in my heart
Candy/LeeAnne: Soon


–Jay, Candy and LeeAnne

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