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An angry Booker T commented tonight about social media comments made today by Jordan Myles complaining about the design of a tshirt that some have interpreted as be racially inappropriate. The shirt in a take off of the huge smile he always has on his face and the lettering forms a smile, with the lettering in white with red border on a black shirt. It can be definitely argued that it could be looked as a take off on the blackface controversy that has been in the spotlight recently, but word out of WWE was that Myles had actually approved the design and did not speak out about the shirt until it had already been released and placed on their merchandise site. The shirt was immediately taken down once it was criticized by Myles and others.

In a wild series of tweets reminiscent of a Trump Twitter meltdown, Myles chose to lash out on social media calling out WWE and Vince McMahon and Triple H by name. He also posted an email exchange he had with the person who was overseeing the design of the NXT shirts and in the email did not block the name or the email. At one point he attached ROH as well saying they allowed one African American to be the top guy while guys like Cedric Alexander, TD, Malcom Velli and himself chased a carott on a stick. He asked followers to name another African American who reached great heights there (ROH) other than this Uncle Tom (a photo of Jay Lethal was included with the Tweet. When asked later if he planned to apologize he said “why should I apologize for being honest”.

It was the Jay Lethal comments that seemed to turn many in the WWE lockerroom against him. Word we get is most of the locker toom is furious he went on a Twitter tirade instead of handling the situation more professionally. Booker T recorded comments regarding the controversy and blasted Myles for the way he chose to put his business on social media instead of expressing his concerns in a professional manner. Booker was angry, as were many others bacstage that Myles had called Jay Lethal an Uncle Tom. Booker said he had faced racism at several points in his career and always handled it the right way by expressing his thoughts about the problem and working with management to make sure things got handled.

Here is the video of Booker T commenting on the situation.

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