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The AEW Dynamite Score

A weekly recap and review of pro wrestling’s newest World Wide Promotion.

Hosted by your writing team of: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon, Candy and LeeAnne Moore

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles”–Sun Tzu

The Wednesday Night Wars have been going on for close to a month now and AEW has, so far, been the dominant force in these battles.

By the way, if you want to see a completely different side of AEW Champion, Chris Jericho, catch the replay of this week’s “Talking Dead” on AMC. He was on the panel and his insights were really amazing. He knew some of the most minor details of the 10-Seaspm Megahit. Can’t wait to see the day when the panel is Yvette Nicole Brown, Jericho and Phil (C.M. Punk) Brooks.

Private Party vs The Lucha Brothers
Tag Team Tournament, Semi-Finals


Marq Quen and Isiah Cassiday are Private Party. The Lucha Brothers are Pentagon Jr. and (Rey) Fenix.

Marq and Fenlx started this one. Side Headlock by Marq. Universal. Tons of flips and flying moves. Huge Dropkick by Marq. Release German by Fenix. Rey used a Dropkick to take down Isiah. Tag to Pentagon Jr. .

Double Team on the pink and black battler. Double Dropkick by Quen. Tag to Cassidy. Double Team Rana by the Party. Double Team Stomp by the Party lads. Marq with an incredible Flip Dive off the top turnbuckle to the floor. Tornado Enziguri by Cassidy. Silly String DDT by Cassidy to Pentagon Jr. 450 by Quen but Pentagon Jr. still kicked out at two.

Wild kick by Pentagon and then by Fenix. Reverse Double Stomp by Rey Fenix. Dropkick into Quen’s crotch as Marq was trapped in the corner. Dang that was just nasty.

The Luchas worked over the Party with the Poison Rana (thanks Excalibur). Fenix flew out to the floor. Uranage Powerbomb by Prentagon Jr. to Marq. The crowd were screaming at the top of their lungs. Fenix got a cheap shot in on Marq. Tag to Fenix.

Double Whip on Marq. Rana but Marq Cartwheeled into the corner. Tag to Cassidy. Springboard Rana by Cassidy. Pentagon got laid out. Springboard Reverse Rana to Fenix. Tope Suicida and Asai Moonsault onto Pentagon Jr. Cassidy almost pinned Fenix. Quen took the tag. Double Team Stunner on Fenix. Corkscrew Plancha by Cassidy to take out Pentagon Jr. Shooting Star Press by Quen for a oh-so-close near fall.

Crescent Kick by Fenix to Quen. He then attacked Cassidy. Gory Bomb! Sling Blade by Pentagon to Quen. Powerbomb to Cassidy. Quen with a Pele to Pentagon. Gin and Juice Double Team Finisher. Canadian Destroyer by Pentagon Jr. Damn. Knee Trembler by Fenix. Arm Breaker by Pentagon to Quen. Fear Factor (Package Piledriver with a Flying Double Stomp). Fenix flew out of the ring to neutralize Cassidy.

Your Winners: The Lucha Brothers
Dynamite Score: 96 out of a possible 100

Cool promo for a new guy coming to AEW.

We saw how Christopher Daniels was attacked, last week. He will be out 6-8 weeks.

Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky (SCU) vs The Dark Order (Stu Grayson and Evil Uno)
Tag Team Tournament, Semi-Finals Match


Dark Order came out with several minions at their side. We aren’t too familiar with the Dark Order but they are impressive looking.

Grayson and Kaz opened the match. Kaz got laid out and the big masked man came in to continue the punishment. Evil Uno got blasted by Kaz. Tag to Sky. Dropkick brought a two. Grayson tagged back in and worked with his partner for a Double Team. Whip but Sky came back with a Clothesline. Uno with a cheap shot. Double Stomp to Grayson’s back. Bronco Dropkick by Kaz. 2 count.

Sky came back in but Grayson kicked Sky in the head. Uno sent Sky into the ring steps. Split Screen Commercial. Sky flipped Uno over the ropes. Leg Sweep y Uno and the heels stood proud.

The Inner Circle came out to distract. The action continued hard and heavy. Kaz with a Flying Forearm. Springboard Leg Drop to Grayson. Rolling Neckbreaker by Kaz. 2 count. The Inner Circle went up to one of the Sky boxes. O’Connor Roll and Northern Lights Suplex combo to the Dark Order. Grrayson ran up the corner but got knocked off. Uno knocked him off. Double TEam on Kaz for a near fall. Wild Sit Out Powerbomb Double Team by the Order. Kaz sent the Order into each other. Lung Blower by Kaz to Grauson. Double Dragon Sleepers after Kaz hit a Cutter. Grayson broke it all up. Nice. Sky with a Whirlwind Enziguri. Grayson flipped out onto the floor. Evil Uno with a wicked finisher. 1-2-no!

Tag to Grayson. Sky blocked the Fatality. Kaz with an assisted DDT on the apron to Evil Uno. Dang. Gory Spin into a Knee Strike.

Your Winners: SCU
Dynamite Score: 94

Cody walked backstage.

Joey Janela vs Kenny Omega


Kenny got an incredible pop from the crowd as the Sky Flowers exploded. The Inner Circle were not impressed. Omega is the AAA Mega Champion. This would be a non-title match.

Nice show of respect between the two. Just got a call from one of my best friends, Sunny Raye. She just loves AEW. Joey worked over the arm. Omega flipped Joey over and worked the arm. Kip Up and Arm Drag by both men. Omega clocked Joey. Janela fought back but got laid out by Kenny. Pescado by Kenny. Omega tossed his opponent back intot he ring. Corner Clotheslines and Boot Choke by Omega. Knife Edge Chop by Kenny. Hard Whip by Kenny. Joey dodged a charging Omega. Running Clotheslines by Joey. Knife Edge by Joey. Whip by Omega. Rocket Launcher by Omega. Trip and Low Dropkick by Joey. This kid so reminds me of the Simpson Brothers of the 80s. Joey flew off the turnbuckle to the floor. 2 count when they got back in the ring.

Kenny worked the ribs of Joey. They traded clubbing blows and chops. Break time.

Kenny had Joey up for Bombs Away and a Moonsault. Joey was sent into the corner and planted with a Snap Dragon Suplex. Kenny then hit a second one. The Inner Circle cat called the Canadian, Omega. German by Joey. Joey took a long time to crow about what he just did. Savage Elbow by Joey for a deuce. Joey put Omega up top and popped him. Omega slid under and dropped Joey on the top turnbuckle. Snap Dragon into a Shining Wizard. 2 count. Snap German by Joey but Kenny cracked Joey.          Pump Kick by Joey. Knee byOmega. Fisherman’s Buster by Joey. This is such a great match.

The Wake Up (Mega Running Lariat) gave Joey the nearest near fall yet. Joey went for a Swanton onto Kenny but Omega moved and Janela struck the ring frame. Ouch! Running Knee Strike (V Trigger). One Winged Angel by Kenny Omega!

Your Winner: Kenny Omega
Dynamite Score: 97

Omega checked on his opponent, showing great respect. Omega is one of most respectable men in the business.

Cody got a cool intro. The fans absolutely loved it. Fire and Fireworks exploded in unison. He had an interview scheduled with Tony Schiavone, next.

Tony looks so odd with the full beard. Tony mentioned Cody’s pending match against Chris Jericho. The Inner Circle kept setting off an air horn to prevent Cody from speaking. Cody had a special announcement. Jericho grabbed a house microphone to taunt Cody. Cody took shots at WWE and said he was ready to come up and kick Jericho’s behind. More fuel to the War Fire. Jericho told the Pittsburg fans to shut their mouths. Jericho warned Cody not to do something stupid. He also called Cody a “coward” and a few other names. Jericho told COdy to leave HIS arema.

The music went off and Dustin Rhodes came from the back to join his baby borther. Dustin then called out…MJF! Jericho joked about MJF wearing a scarf. The final member of the party turned out to be…”Diamond” Dallas Page! SWEET! Page looked like he could go and Jericho’s face melted like Aunt Maggie Hamilton with Judy Garland threw water on her. The Rhodes contingent went up to confront the Inner Circle. They took off to a locked room. Cody broke the glass and the fight was on! This quickly turned into a Hardcore Street Fight. Security rushed in to try and break this up. Lots of luck with that. Sammy Guevara and MJF tore into each other. Jericho shrieked that he needed Security to do their jobs. The good guys were forced back. The Inner Circle whined and whimpered all through the commercial break.

Ok, big complaint. Quit having entrances during the split screen commercial breaks. Really hard to see who is coming out.

Chuck Taylor and Trent (Best Friends) vs Matt and Nick Jackson (The Young Bucks)


I’ve known Matt and Nick for close to a decade now. They were the PWD tag champs and even rode in our family truck when they worked Reno. They are wonderful young men and are a major credit to the industry.

Orange Cassidy stared down at the Jackson Brothers. He mocked the Superkick. The Jacksons showed him just what a Superkick is. Double Team on Matt to open this one.

Trent clubbed Mattbut Jackson escaped a Suplex. Chuck and Trent both got blasted. Springboard X Factor by Matt to Trent. Tag to Nick. Double Team Backbreaker and Rolling Neckbreaker/Backbreakre. The Bucks cleared the ring and then the siblings shared a hug. Double Baseball Slides failed. The Best Friends divided the Bucks and took the fight to Matt. Doomsday Knee to Matt, on the floor. Matt has had massive problems with his lower back in recent years. Knife Edge to Matt’s chest, over and over. Springboard Apron DDT by Matt. Matt got blasted with a Dropkick. Knee Drop but Matt kicked out at two. Trent blasted Matt and then hit a La Bandera. Break time, again.

Nick went for a 450 but missed. High Angle Germans by Trent to both brothers. Roundhouse Kick but Trent recovered and hit another High Angle German. Tag to Chuck. Belly to Bellys to both Bucks. Matt with Elbow Strikes. Hcuk with a Standing Sliced Bread to Nick. Chuck then planted Matt for a two plus. Double team by the Bucks. Chuck Belly to Belly’d Matt into Nick. Falcon Arrow by Chuck. Could be…might be…Denied. Matt caught Chuck up top and went for a Superplex. Trent came rushing up and hit a German Superplex. The Best Friends hugged. Awww. Orange Cassidy flew off the apron to the floor. Strong Zero! Sweanton by Nick to make the last second save. Low Bridge to send Nick to the floor. Tag to Chuck.

Electric Chair position into the Doomsday Device. Matt landed on his feet. Superkick Party! Flip Dive to take out Orange and Trent. More Bang for the Buck!

Your WInners: The Young Bucks
Dynamite Score: 95

Matt called out Santana and Oriz and accepted the challenge for Full Gear. That may well steal the show!

We got a promo of Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.. She is so darn pretty. My dentist sure as heck doesn’t look like her. Mine is an over-weight guy pushing 60 while Baker is like in her 20s or 30s. Sigh.

Jaime Hayter vs Dr. Britt Baker


The Pittsburg Steelers mascot came out with Britt. Her ring jacket was emblazoned with the Steelers logo, modified.

Jaime with a Bum Rush and wild punches. Baker turned the tables and punched away. Hayter sent Baker into the corner with a Snap Suplex. Jaime pushed Britt off the apron. Hayter didsliked the chants for Dr. Baker. Hayter mocked her opponent. Baker got whipped into the barricade. Sling Blade by Baker, on the floor. Baker threw Hayter in the ring.

Hayter went for a Suplex but Baker turned it into a Small Package. 2 count. Baker laid out Hayter. The two women exchanged wild Forearm Smashes. Jaime choked Britt on the middle rope. Jaime took way too long to show off and hit a Spin Slam on Baker. Jaime dug her fingers into Britt’s face. Jaime choked Britt, again, on the ropes. Side Headlock by Jaime. Baker worked the ribs. They threw hard Forearms and punches. Baker took the upper hand. Full Ride Sleeper by Jaime. Fallaway Slam by Baker. Back Elbow by Jamie. Sling Blade by Baker for a two. Jaime dropped to a knee to avoid the Fisherman’s Suplex.  Falcon Arrow by Jamie for a two. Shining Wizrd to give Jaime a two. Back BodyD rop by Baker. Eye Gouge by Jaime. Britt caught Jamie with an Avalanche Braingbuster. Ripcord by Jaime. 2 count. Dang, I so appreciate Excalibur as a play by play guy. Superkick and Cutter by Baker. Swinging Neckbreaker to the Doctor a near fall. Superkick by Baker. Lockjaw!

Your Winner (by Submission): Dr. Britt Baker
Dynamite Score: 88

Next week, the Lucha Brothers will face SCU for the inaugural Tag Team Titles.

Jen Decker tried to interview Jaime but it got violent in mere second.

PAC vs Jon Moxley


This is our Main Event of the Night! PAC came out of nowhere to crack Mox with a chair. PAC ripped the jacket off Mox and choked him with it. THe crowd chanted how they felt about PAC (and it was NOT family friendly). PAC ran Moxley into the barricade. The refs checked on Moxley. Jon rushed in and the bell rang. PAC witha Step Up Enziguri. PAC went up for the Black Arrow but Moxley rolled out t o the floor. Flip Dive by PAC. PAC landed on his feet. Jon was so out of it.

PAC rolled Moxley in and went for a pin. He only got a two count. Muta Slider Legdrop by PAC. 2 count. Moxley rushed PAC intothe corner and Stone Cold Mudholed the Brit. Wild kicks and a SIngle Leg Dropkick. 2 count. Corner Boot Choke.

Moxley would not give up. Forearms by PAC. Moxley was launched off the apron and into the barricade. PAC went out and threw Mox back in the ring. 2 count. Rear Chin Lock by PAC. Moxley punched up to get free. Reversed Whip and Jon took a Clothesline. PAC stood on Moxley’s face. Kicks by PAC and Jon kept asking for more of them. Standing Shooting Star Press gave PAC a two. PAC with a Waistlock, on the apron. Jon with a 1%er onto the ring apron. The two threw hard Forearms, back and forth. Moxley took the advantage and then hit a wicked Lariat.  Big Pump Kick by PAC.  Lariat by Moxley. Suplex Drop by Moxley. PAC was in La La Land. Moxley wanted the Regal Knee but had to settle for a Tope Suicida. There was only five minutes left. Back Roll by PAC. Black Hole Slam by Moxley. Shining Wizard by Jon for another two. Texas Cloverleaf by Jon. PAC would not submit. He reached the ropes. Jon seemed a tad confused as he went up the ropes. PAC Dropkicked Jon. Super Falcon Arrow by PAC to get the 2. PAC just couldn’t believe it. PAC dragged Jon into position. He went up top for the Black Arrow. He didn’t get it. Roll Up by Moxley. PAC got flipped tothe floor. Low Bridge and Moxley hit the floor. PAC kicked him. Phoenix Splash off the apron. Black Arrow failed! The time was almost gone. A drew just might start a riot. 2 count for Jon. Paradigm Shift DDT by Moxley. Time simply ran out and the fans were livid.

Your Winner: Time Limit Draw
Dynamite Score: 90 (the Draw dropped the points)

Moxley attacked the ref.

Match of the Night: Joey Jarela vs Kenny Omega


–Jay, Candy and LeeAnne

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