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By Don “The Predictor” Murphy (Twitter: @DonThePredictor)

It seems like every couple of weeks there’s a big show to talk about and I’m going to do my best to preview as many as I can beyond the monthly WWE shows, even if it’s in a more rapid fire format.

This Sunday, before they officially move to AXS TV (which is a great move by the way), Impact Wrestling presents its annual Bound for Glory pay-per-view, emanating from the Odeum Expo Center in Villa Park, Illinois. Despite any creative and network troubles Impact has had, it puts forth a solid wrestling product each week. When they stay in their lane and stick to wrestling, they are fine. It’s when they try to think outside the box that they come off as less than credible. And, being on the Pursuit channel really hasn’t helped them. AXS doesn’t reach many more homes, but it’s a credible network and more importantly, it’s slowly branding themselves as a wrestling network – already broadcasting New Japan Wrestling and Women of Wrestling shows. Putting Impact on Tuesday nights – the one light wrestling night of the week – makes sense. If they stay focused, there will continue to be an audience for the product.

As for Sunday, we’ll do this in quick pick format.

Main Event: Sami Callahan defeats Brian Cage to win the Impact World Championship. Callahan has improved by leaps and bounds since his Solomon Crowe/NXT days and is arguably the hottest act in the company, in addition to one of the top heels in the industry. Partially due to injury and partially due to poor character development, I haven’t bought in to Cage as a credible babyface champion. They’ve tried, by working his wife Melissa Santos, to make him “human” and vulnerable, while attempting to put heat on Callihan. It’s worked to an extent but not to the level where I want to see Callihan “get his.” My concern is that the fans will turn Callihan babyface inadvertently. He would do well, but he’s proven time and time again that his sweet spot is as a heel and I don’t see anyone on the roster that is on that level.

Impact Knockouts Championship: Tenille Dashwood defeats Taya Valkyrie to win the Impact Knockouts Championship. Valkyrie has beaten everyone in the division and Dashwood falls into the category of “trying to do something with a WWE castoff.” She hasn’t gotten over as Impact would have liked so I suspect that they are going to try to use the title to give her a boost. As for Valkyrie, I have no idea what her contract status is, but it wouldn’t shock me to see her end up with her husband, Johnny Impact, in the WWE. Or, she may settle in to a midcard feud with Rosemary. Taya has also improved immensely, so she’s definitely got the potential to be a main event/upper mid card player wherever she goes.

Impact World Tag Team Championship: The North (Ethan Page and Josh Alexander) retain the Impact World Tag Team Championship over Rich Swann/Willie Mack and Rhino/Rob Van Dam. Remember when Ethan Page had no character and couldn’t talk? Those days are long gone and I love how they’ve built this team. This will be a good solid outing with the North retaining, as I don’t see any other team in the division touching them at this stage.

X Division Championship: Tessa Blanchard wins the X Division Championship over current champion Jake Crist, and challengers Daga, Ace Austin and either Sabu or Rohit Raju: It’s clear that Blanchard is their hottest star and rightfully so. By giving her the X Division title, they can say she’s the first Knockout to win a men’s title. And, if that “Option C” stipulation still exists, where the X Division Champion can trade in the title for a shot at the Impact World Championship, I expect her to cash in the title to face new champion, Sami Callihan, marking the final chapter in their feud.

Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match: Participants have not been announced for this, but based on who’s not booked, I’ll take a random shot in the dark and say Dave Crist. He can challenge Tessa for the X Division Championship or team up with Jake to go after the tag team titles. Heck, they could even turn him babyface by having him challenge Callihan for the Impact World Championship.

Singles Match: Moose defeats Ken Shamrock. The company continues to need credible upper mid card heels and talent overall. Unless Shamrock is planning to return full time, which I don’t think he is, I don’t see any scenario where his winning makes sense.

Singles Match: Naomichi Marufuji defeats Michael Elgin. This will be a case with Marufuji will get a win, only to have Elgin get it back on TV. This way both companies win. While I’m not as familiar with Marufuji’s work, Elgin has improved to where this should be a solid match.

Six Man Tag Team Match: The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier, Trey Miguel and Zachary Wentz) defeat Dr. Wagner Jr., Aero Star and Taurus. This will open the show and be your typical spotfest. The Rascalz have devolved to an enhancement team, so they’re due for a win here to keep them credible to where beating them means something.

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