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The AEW Dynamite Score

Team Shannon is back at full force to bring you all the action of the most exciting new promotion to makE the national scene. “Candy Man” Jay, Miss Candy and little LeeAnne will share their thought on All Elite Wrestlilng.

“The two most powerful warriors are Patience and Time”–Leo Tolstoy

As I mentioned on our Raw Score, I (Jay) made a major error recently. I read the women’s champion name as “RHO” when, in fact, it is spelled “Riho”. While checking on a t-shirt for LeeAnne, I discovered my error. My apologies to Riho and her fans. I meant no disrespect. It will be corrected, going forth.

Now, on to the action…

We want to begin by wishing a vey special birthday to one of the top guys in AEW. Wednesday is Kenny Omega’s birthday. If you haven’t seen him, yet, you certainly will. He is absolutely amazing.

Roll the opening montage!

LeeAnne just loves all the “sky flowers” (fireworks). She got that term from me that I lifted from Land of the Dead.

SCU vs ?
Tag Team Tournament Opening Round

The Lucha Brothers attacked Kazarian and Christopher Daniels. Rey Fenix and Pentaagon Jr. were not even in this match. Piledriver to Daniels by Pentagon. Scorpio Sky ran down to check on his SCU brothers.

Christopher Daniels was placed on the stretcher to be taken to the back. The Young Bucks ran out to check on Daniels. Scorpio Sky was asked to stand back. Scorpio begged to take Daniels’ place.

SCU (Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian) vs The Best Friends (Chuck Taylor and Trent)
Tag Team Tournament Opening Round, Take Two


Kaz opened up on Taylor. Whips by both men. Tag to Trent. Double Team by the Best Friends. Rick Knox was the Zebra in Charge. Scorpio ha to make the save after a Piledriver. Waist Lock German by Trent. Chuck tagged in and bit Scorpio’s toes. Kaz was sent into the ring apron and barricade to weaken his back. Scorpio was in street clothes for this. Trent nailed a Spear on the floor. Kazarian rolled back intothe ring and Trent followed him. Knife Edge Chops by Trent. Kaz fought out of the SUperplex attempt. Chicken Superplex by the Best Friends. Yes, one guy was playing Chicken on his partner’s shoulders and the two nailed the Ultra Superplex. Smile.

Knife Edge to Kaz. Kaz finally got he Hot Tag to Scorpio Sky. Huge Dropkicks by Sky. Double STomp to Check’s back. La Bandera to Trent. Amazing! Check clocked Sky in the sid eof hte head. Flip Dive by Chuck failed as he hit his own partner. Kaz witha wicked Rana over the ropes. Sky with a wild Flip Dive that got a massive pop. My girls just love this wrestling. They missed the first two weeks.

Sky almost got the pin. Trent kicked out. Sky whipped Trent intothe conrer and then blasted him. Tag to Kazarian. Springboard Twisting Legdrop by Kaz. 2 count. Blind tag to Chuck. Wild Double Team by Best Friends. SKy came in and punched away at both Besties. Someone therw SKy’s shoe back in the ring. Sexy Chuckie Knee. BIg Hug! Electric Chair Doomsday Device brought a near fall.

Trent tagged back in. Kaz and Sky worked together to block a Piledriver on the apron. Kaz sent Trent over with a Back Body Drop. Powerbomb/DropKick Combo by SCU to advance.

Your Winners: SCU
Dynamite Score: 94 out of a possible 100

I’m guessing Lucha Brothes vs SCU in the finals. Early prediction.

We went to the back where Santana and Ortiz walked around. I still think they should be called the “5150″. They seemed to be talking but we had to listen to commercials.

Another team walked dow to the ring. They were in purple and white. Couldn’t read the graphic because it w

as so small. We’ll get the names in a moment.

Santana and Ortiz (of the Inner Circle) vs John SIlver and Alex Reynolds


John Silver started this one. Santan took him down. Tag to Ortiz, who continued to punish with vicious stomps. Alex Reynolds was attacked by Santana. Street Sweeper!

Your Winners: Santana and Ortiz
Dynamite Score: 74

Chris Jericho came on the Tron and praised his companions. Jericho said they were street thugs ready to pick your pocket and kick your *ss. Jericho said Santana and Ortiz WANT the Young Bucks. Jericho warned Nick and Matt that they were in for a beating like never before. He threw out a challenge for the next PPV.

We got a promo video of Cody and Brandi. Cody has so much to deal with. Promoting, being a hubby and challenging for the AEW Championship. Brandi talked about Cody’s passion. “Diamond” Dallas Page talked about how driven Cody is. Cody’s mom even talked about her son. MJF talked about his good buddy. Jim Ross put in his two cents. Jim knew Cody had a lot that might distract him, going into the show. Cody’s mom mentioned the shadow of Dusty. Tony Schiavone praised Cody for his ability to reach this far. DDP imitated Dusty when talking about winning the first World title. We saw Cody working out. We can’t wait til Jay can work out after his surgery. He is so driven to be healthy. History is pending at the next PPV. Brandi said Cody “needs” this. It happens on November 9th.

Dr. Britt Baler D.M.D. vs Riho
AEW Womens’ Title Match


AEW has some of the prettiest women in the business. Riho rivals Asuka as far as most lovely champion. Britt is cute, as well. The fans love Riho. Ring the bell!’

Collar and Elbow to the ropes. Both women showed their skills with Arm Drags and Flips. Baker wanted her finisher, Lockjaw (Crippler Crossface) but Riho got free. Forearm shots by Riho. Riho blocked Baker’s desire to run the champ intothe ring post. The two women fought on the ropes. Diving Crossbody. Baker rolled through and Riho just barely escaped. Dropkick by the champ. Baker blocked a Suplex. Riho floated over a Waist Lock. Roll Up into a Double Stomp. Corner Attack by Riho. Snap Suplex by Riho. The Japanese superstar went up top and flew. She missed. Sling Blade by Baker. Fireman’s Carry but Riho escaped. TKO by Baker. Single Leg Dropkick to give Baker a near fall. As a dentist, shouldn’t her finisher be a Jawbreaker? Just saying…

The two traded pin attempt. Swinging Fisherman’s Neckbreaker by Baker. Huge shot by Bake that almost cost Riho the title. Riho slapped away on the challenger and hit a Northern Lights Suplex. 1-2-no. Single Leg Crab by Riho. Baker shrieked like a banshee. Riho would not allow Baker to get near the ropes. She did finally make it. Double Stomp off the top to get another two count. Jay is having a heck of a time typing this fast. Running Double Knee Strike by Riho for another 2. Baker dodged teh second Knee Strike. Ripcord by Baker. Swinging Neckbreaker into Lockjaw! Jim Ross mentioned Dr. Sam Shepard. Moreon him in a sedond. Riho rolled back and pinned Baker.

Your WInner: Riho
Dynamite Score: 95

Dr. Sam Shepard was the inspiration for the Fugitive television series and movies. After leaving the medical field, Sam became a professional wrestler. He created the Mandible Claw. Baker uses that along with the Crippler Crossface to make the Lockjaw.

After the match, the two women showed incredible respect to eacht other. That is so nice to see.

We want to send out a special Hello to two of our newest friends, Donna and Bruce. She is the manager at Jay’s new apartment and Bruce is her hubby. They were both very kind to Jay and Mom. Can’t wait to meet them (Candy/LeeAnne)

We flashed back to how Christopher Daniels was attacked. Daniels suffered a Stinger but he will be ok. Tony Schiavone, Excalibur and Jim Ross talked about he rest of the night’s card.

Lucha Brothers vs Jurassic Express
Tag Team Tournament, Opening Round


The Jurassic Express are Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt. Luchasaurus is out with an injury.. Lucha Brothers are, of course, Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix.

The bell sounded. Marko asked to start with Pentagon Jr. Marko was so much shorter. He is kind of the Chad Gable of AEW. He dances badly, as well. Marko looks like a 12 year old kid. Pentagon threw his glove at Jumble Boy. Double Team on Pentagon. Fenix got involved. Marko with a Round The World but Pentagon threw Marko into a Flying DDT. Jungle Boy hit a DDT on Pentagon. Marko with a Tope Suicida. Asai Moonsault by Jungle Boy. I so respect Excalibur for his amazing knowledge of move names. It is such a change from some annoucners. Smile.

619 by Marko. Jungle almost got a pin. Tag to Marko. Superkick by Pentagon Jr. Superkick to Jungle Boy. Tag to Fenix. Pump Kick by Jungle Boy. Rey blocked the Monkey Flip. Enziguri to Marko and Japanese Arm Drag to Jumgle Boy at the same time. Corkscrew Plancha by Feniz. Marko came off the ropes and got caught. Pump Handle Driver by Pentagon Jr. Uno…Dos…Nada Mas.

Pentagon argued with the ref. Pentagon urged Marko to get up, only to drop him. We cut to the split screen commercial. Hard Kick by Pentagon as the M & M candies did their Halloween commercial. Pentagon with Open Hand Slaps to the chest. That is part of many school’s initiation of new students. If not for my pacemaker, I would have taken The Chops. But I’ve seen 300 plis men put to the knees with the right Slap/Chop. The masked siblings continued to work over Jurassic Express. Gorilla Press on Marko by Pentagon. Superkick by Fenix. Marko dodged Pentagon and hit a Leg Lariat. Jungle Boy begged for a tag. Jungle Boy is also called “Jungle” Jack Perry. Slop Drop on Pentagon Jr. Reverse Shooting Star Press by Jack. 450 Splash (Marko) and Shooting Star Press (Jungle) for a near fall. Pentagon Jr. with a Candaian Destroyer. Giant Swing by Mark’s long hair. Pentagon with the Arm Breaker. Feat Factor Package Piledriver with Fenix spiking it with a Double Stomp.

Your WInners: The Lucha Brothers
Dynamite Score: 92

Full Gear is shaping up to be an amazing PPV

Jon Moxley and PAC vs Hamgman Page and Kenny Omega


PAC was once known as Neville. Moxley used to be Dean Ambrose. Omega is…well…Omega. Hangman Page is also known as Adam Page. PAC hates everyone, including his own partner, Moxley. Moxley did an insert video. Jon didn’t need PAC to fight his battles. He wanted Omega, preiod. Moxley wants Omega at Full Gear, November 9th.

I see Page and I can’t help but think of Brian Pillman. IF Pillman and Barry Windham had a child… The fans absolutely exploded for Kenny! Moxley urged Omega to get in the ring. We were in Philly, so the crowd was super loud. Omega taunted Moxley adn the ref could barely contain this one.

The fans exploded with a “Happy Birthday” chant. The heels turned and Omega and Page attacked. Moxley mounted Omega and unloaded with bombs. Page came in to rock Moxley. PAC took the tag and went after Omega. Flip Over by PAC. Jumping variation of the Famouser. Didn’t quite catch Excalibur’s name for it.  Moxley choked Omega with the boot. Corner Clotheslines and Snap Mare by Moxley. Jon stomped on the hands of his foe. Kenny fought back with huge Knife Edge Chops. Kitchen SInk by Moxley. Snap Suplex by Omega. Tag to Page. He dropped PAC and then went after Jon. Pescado to PAC, Flying Clothesline off the top rope. Jon fought out of Dead Eye! Running Boot by Page. This kid is incredible. PAC distracted and Jon pushed Page off the top. Page is down and hurt. Time for more Split Screen commercials.

Tope Con HIlo by PAC. Omega went around to help his partner. Ax Bomber by Moxley. Jon and PAC pushed Page back in the ring. Hammer Throw by Moxley. Moxley threw Page intothe corner and stomped the mid-section. Tag to PAC. PAC showboated, big time. Running Stomp to Page. Double Suplex to Page. Moxley was now legal. Muta Slider Legdrop by Moxley. PAC and Jon kept tagging frequently to keep Page off his game. Moxley with the Texas Cloverleaf. Kenny made the save. Moxley pitched Page onto the apron. Big Kick  by Page. Moxley dodged most of hte Lariats until the Hangman hit the Discus variation. Tags on both sids.

Omega got kicked by PAC. Kenny with the Bombs Away and Moonsault. 2 count. Snap Dragon SUplex to Moxley and then to PAC. Jon caught a second one. Tope COn Hilo by Kenny. Asai by Page after a Tope by Moxley. The fans were going nuts. Double Team on PAC. Buckle Bomb into a Wild Roaring Elbow. Moxley made the save, again. So far, this is match of the night.

Page and Jon slugged it out. Black Hole Slam by Moxley. Jumping Knee by Omega, PAC with a wild Springboard Cutter. Tope sent PACinto the barricade with the sound of a hsotgun as PAC hit. Moxley and Omega went intot a seires Hockey Fight.  Incredible shots by both men. Inside Out Clothesline by Moxley. Omega landed on Jon as he fell. Jon and Kenny went looking for “toys”. Barbed Wire Bat and Barbed Wire Mop. The ref said to Heck with this. PAC took away the bat and mop. Huge boos.Moxley flipped off PAC and nailed the DDT. He then walked away. “Stone Cold” Version 2?  Page with the Buckshot Lariat. Jumping Knee Strike. Dead Eye by Page!

Your Winners: “Hangman” Adam Page and Kenny Omega
Dynamite Score: 97

We got am update on next week’s show. PAC and Jon Moxley will fight, in Pittsburg.

Chris Jericho vs Darby Allen
Philadelphia Street Fight for the AEW World Title


Darby rode his special skateboard down tothe ring. LeeAnne loved that. She’s recently discovered skateboards. Christmas is coming up shortly. Jericho actually got a pretty decent positive pop. I’m guessing that is Fozzy playing his entrance theme but not sure. Jericho kind of had a Sting meets Alice Cooper face paint thilng foing on. Darby had half his face painted as a skull.

I happen to know a couple of the men who trained Darby and they said he is such a future mega star. Jericho is now known as the “Pain Maker”. Is that a shot at Okada’s “Rain Maker” persona? We’ve got about 15 minutes for this one.

Dropkick by Darby, followed by wild punches.  Jericho was freaked out by this.  La Bandera by Daeby. Allen flipped out and in to the ring. Flip Dive onto Jericho. Darby punched away. Chris was tossed back in the ring. Big Boot by Chris. Back Drop Suplex by Jericho. Knife Edge Chops by the champ. Whip witha  Running Clothesline to Darby’s neck.

Chris lifted Darby but Allen spun all around. Paint Brush and modified Destroyer by Darby. Shoulder Tackle by Jericho. Chris slapped away but Darby fought back. Clubbing blows by Jericho.  Darby was thrown intothe ring post. His knee was messed up as he hit the post. It was time for a final break. No split screen this time.

Jericho had a kendo stick. He taunted the rabid fans in Philly. Darby was seriously down and hurt.  Swing for the Fences by Jericho. Darby was bleeding in several places. Allen punched and boxed the champ. Double Boots by Darby. Back Elbow by Jericho. Crucifix Backslide by Daeby for a two. Allen wore out Jericho with the Kendo Stick. Roll Up by Allen. Twisting Springboard Splash by Darby. He tried for the Fujiwara Arm Bar. Boston Crab by Jericho but they wer ein the ropes. Darby cracked Jericho with the Singapore Cane. Code Breaker by Jericho. 1-2-kick out.

Jericho went looking for a steel chair and found it. He bashed the ribs of the challenger and then his back. Jericho wedged the chair into the corner. Darby puton the breaks. Wild Stunner by Darby for a near fall.

Kicks by Darby. Lion Tamer by Jericho. Darby barely made it o the ropes. Jericho slid out of the ring. Chris couldn’t find any toys tthat he liked so he went back in to pound awy on the youngster. Jericho used duct tape to tie up the wrists. Haven’t seen anything like this since John Cena tied Batista to the post, years ago. Jericho threw Darby across the ring in such an arrogant way. Jericho with close fist shots. Darby dodged Jericno and hit a Moonsault. Amazng! Dropkick and Flip Dive by the bound Darby!  Allen went up top and hit a Missile Dropkick. 2 coutn plus.

Darby kicked away but got laid out. Jericho placed the skateboard into position and Powerbombed him onto it. 2 count! Jericho picked up the steel chair and swung it. Allen dropped the champ. Jake Hager attacked. Jericho slapped on the Walls of Jericho!

Your Winner (by Submission): Chris Jericho
Dynamite Score: 95

The rest of the Inner Circle joined Jericho for the post match party. They broke out the bubbly.

Match of the Night:  ”Hangman” Adam Page and Kenny Omega vs PAC and Jon Moxley


–Jay, Candy and LeeAnne

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