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The AEW Dynamite Score

Jay Shannon takes a look at the newest wrestling program.

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation”–Plato

Welcome back to the Wednesday Night Wars. Last week, AEW seriously out performed NXT in the ratings. We got several debuts including Jake Hager (the former Jack Swagger). More surprises were on the way, this week. Let’s get to it…

Roll the opening montage!

The pyros exploded as Jim Ross welcomed us to Boston. Excalibur and Tony Schiavone were at Ross’ side. Tony ran down the massive card. Excalibur and Jim Ross helped him to focus on what we were about to see.

We got a preview of Private Party vs The Young Bucks. Private Party really looks like a replica of the Street Profits but time will tell. Roll the clock…

Matt and Nick Jackson (The Young Bucks) vs Private Party (Marq Quen and Isiah Cassidy)
AEW Tag Team Tournament, Opening Round


Cassidy opened up against Nick. He barely avoided a series of Superkicks. Rope Neckbreaekr and Double Team by the Bucks. Tag by Matt and then by Nick. They worked over Cassidy and made sure Quen was out of the way. Cassicdy shouldered Nick and then hit an Aaai Moonsault to Matt. Quen came out and hit a wild series of Topes. Dang! Ok, I stand corrected…these guys are light years above the Street Profits. 450 brought a near fall over Nick.

Quen crashed in the corner. Tag to Matt. Superkick! Double Superkick! Nick was dealing with a bloody nose. Matt with a Running Powerbomb of Cassidy, on the ramp! Outch!

Nick nailed Quen and then they hit a Sliced Bread Combo. Sharpshooter by Nick. Quen got tothe ropes. Tag to Matt. Cassidy was seriously out of this one. Big Stomp and near fall by Matt. Tag back to Nick.

Double Team Dropkick by the Bucks. Tag back to Matt. Double Heel Trip. Tag to Nick. Morrison/Miz combo of old by the Bucks. Tag back. Quen sent Matt’s leg into Nick. Spear! Quen barely kicked out of Matt’s cover.

The two traded hard punches. Quen with a Dual Pele to the Bucks. Tag to Cassidy. Missile Dropkick. Kip Up! Cassidy’s back was hurting him. Double Rana by Cassidy. Wild Forearms. Matt threw a Forearm into the injured back. Private Party with the Silly String. Triple Shot Northern Lights by Matt. Buckle Bomb/Enziguri combo. Sharpshooter! Cassidy headed to the ropes but Nick hit a Legdrop. Cassidy finally got to the ropes. Reverse Rana. Rana into a Cutter by Private Party. Quen flew off the top with his finisher but Matt kicked out. Indietaker failed. Roll Up by Quen!

Your Winners: Private Party
Dynamite Score: 95 out of a possible 100

Holy Moses! That was one of the biggest upsets in recent history.

The Not-so-Private Party went out into the crowd.

Chris Jericho came out with Santana, Ortiz, Jake Hager and Sammy Guevara. Jericho is closing in on his 30th anniversary as a wrestler (thanks to Excalibur for the info). Jericho said he was the reason that AEW got such huge ratings, last week. “Thank You Jericho” rang out and Chris gave the crowd a hard time. Jericho inreoduced his confidants. Jericho threw a shout out to Eddie Guerrero with “Viva La Raza”. “We the People” echoed off the walls. Jericho said that sucked and it is dead and buried. He made funo f WWE Creative. “A-E-Dub” rang out. Jericho talked about Hager’s MMA record. Call him Hager the Horrible (grin). Jericho christened his group the “Inner Circle”. Jericho promised that they were in charge. Jericho talked trash about Cody. He talked crap about Dustin and Dusty Rhodes. Not cool. Jericho said he would “beat the ever living s**t out of you” to Cody. Well, I guess the censors don’t have their fingers on the bleep button. Glad my little one doesn’t watch. I hate that kind of language on a wrestling show.

Jinny Havoc vs Darby Allen
Number One Contender’s Match

Havoc did a creepy insert video. He likes pain and violence. I got a scouting report on Havoc from my good friend, Joe Guenther. He said this guy is beyond sick. Going to be a great match…

We saw highlights of Allen vs Cody, from earlier. IT was just wicked.

Havoc looks like a cross between Vampiro and Raven. La Magistral by Allen. Havoc spat on Allen. Hip Tosses were blocked on both sides. Corner Rush by Darby. Double boots by Havoc but Darby with a Shotgun Dropkick. Fingers bitten by Havoc. Suplex to the floor by Havoc. That was just nasty.

Darby slapped Havoc. Havoc stomped on the arm. Allen reached the ropes. Irish Whip by Havoc. Jimmy bit and tore at the hand like a George A. Romero zombie on a feeding frenzy. Allen charged the corner twice. On the second run, Havoc had a Flying Sleeper that ended up becoming a Sleeper Suplex. Allen went to the floor and we cut to break. 45 straight minutes. Bathroom Run!

After the break,  Allen threw hard fists. Roaring Elbow by Havoc. Death Valley Driver sent Allen into the corner. 2 count. Tiger Driver into a Crucifix. Stomps by Havoc. Darby bit Havoc’s fingers. Flip Over Stunner. Coffin Drop (Reverse Savage Elbow) by Darby Allen.

Your Winner: Darby Allen
Dynamite Score: 94

Emi Sakura and Bea Priestley vs RHO and Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.


RHO is the current Women’s champion. Her title was not on the line in this one. Emi trained RHO and many other top Japanese female wrestlers.

RHO and Emi started. RHO was thrown across the ring. Priestley was the underhanded choke. Emi with the Surfboard. If you’ve never been in that move, it hurts like all hell. Baker and Priestley tore into each other, on the floor. Thesz by Britt to Bea.

Britt blasted Bea and then threw a Knee Lift. In the ring, the teacher and sturdent went at each other. Emi went to the floor so they could Double Suplex Baker. RHO with a Tope to take out her foes. We cut to commercial but we got hte split screen.

Double Team by RHO and Baker. Bea got involved and got sent intothe ropes. RHO nailed a 619. Near fall. Tag to Baker. Double Stomp, off the turnbuckles, by Bea. Another near fall. Baker fought out of an Abdominal Stretch. Northern Lights Suplex but RHO made the save. Bea with a vicious Crescent Kick to RHO. Bea and Baker slugged it out in the center of the ring. Double Team on Bea that led to a Hangman’s DDT. Sakura made the save. Double Underhook Backbreaker. Sakura did the Freddy Mercury “We Will Rock You” stomp.  Vader Bomb. Cutter by Baker. Kicks and Chops by Sakura. RHO took out Sakura. Swinging Neckbreaker by Baker for a near fall. Knee Strikes by Sakura.  Baker with a brutal Neckbreaker into the Crippler Crossface with a Mandible Claw. Tap Out!

Your Winners (by Submission): RHO and Britt Baker
Dynamite Score: 88

The women kept fighting, after the bell. The ref yelled at all four to cut it out. Baker vs Priestley should be a great feud.

We got a promo for the Best Friends team. The lights suddenly went out. Tully Blanchard came out to second Shawn Spears.

Shawn Spears vs Jon Moxley


Shawn has become the La Parka of AEW with his nickname of Chair-Man. The former Tye Dilinger has an all new look and seriously new attitude. We got a quick break before this top tier match up.

PAC joined the announce team for this match. Jon Moxley then came out. Justin Roberts is the ring announcer. Shawn tore into Jon as PAC complained about his position in the company. PAC didn’t know why Havoc and Allen were ahead of him. Jon with Corner Mount Pounches. Tully tried to distract but failed. Snap Mare and Yakuza Kick by Moxley. Kick to Shawn’s chest, followed by an Elbow Drop. Shawn ducked and hit a series of Knife Edge Chops. Running Forearm by Moxley as PAC continued to complain about being passed over. Tully checked on his man, Spears.

Moxley came out and jumped Spears, from behind.  Spears was thrown into the barriers. Moxley slid in and out to reset thecount. Blanchard grabbed Moxley and nearly got shredded for his interference. Moxley came back and clocked Spears with a Punch as Jon flew off the apron.

Tully shoved Moxleyinto the ring steps. The fans were screaming in anger. Spears came out to get Moxley. Hard Whip sent Jon into the barricade. PAC talked abouthis win/loss record. Mounted Punches by Shawn.  Moxley was bounced off the apron. Huge Knife Edge Chop by Shawn. Death Valley Driver sent Jon into the metal barricade. “A-E-Dub” rang out. Yeah, it does somewhat feel like the old “E-C-Dub”. Time for a commercial break but we got the split screen, again.
on struggled to get to his feet. The ref was counting the former Dean Ambrose. He slid in the ring in plenty of time. Shawn punched and kicked away on Jon. Knee Drops to the back of Moxley’s head and neck. Knife Edge Chop sent Moxley to his knees, multiple times. Moxley came back with Knife Edge Chops of his own. Shawn got a near fall. They went back tothe floor, one more time. Shawn spat some kind of liquid into Jon’s face. That seemed to wake him up. Jon just beat the stuffing out of Spears.

Powerbomb by Spears to pull the deuce. Single Leg Crab by Shawn but Jon would not submit. Moxley kicked free. Knee to Jon’s kidneys. He went tothe floor. Suicide Dive by Shawn. He pitched Moxleyin the ring. Jon hit his own Tope Suicida. Shawn was thrown back in the ring. Corner Clothesline and Chops and Punches by Jon. Running Knee to Shawn’s skull as we reached the halfway mark of this 20 minute match. Moxley escaped a Fireman’s Carry. The two chopped and punched away. Running Clothesline by Moxley. Jon ran Tully off the apron. Spears with the Neckbreaker off the shoulders and across the knee. 2 count. Huge Headbutt by Moxley. Paradign Shift (Implant DDT).

Your Winner: Jon Moxley
Dynamite Score: 90

Kenny Omega walked out with some evil looking “Toys”. Jon came out to face The Cleaner. Kenny had a barbed wire bat and broom. Kenny threw the bat to Moxley and urged him to pick it up. “Holy S**T” rang out. PAC ran up behind and bashed Omega with a steel chair. It actually ticked off Moxley. Moxley refused to use the bat on the stunned Omega. Cool.

“The Natural” Dustin Rhodes and “Hangman” Adam Page vs Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara


I agree Page bears a resemblance to Barry Windham. Dustin is seriously starting to show his age with his half-painted face. He looks so darn much like his late daddy.

Jake Hager followed Jericho to the ring. Jericho talked strategy with his companions. Dustin was ready to fight but who would he get? Sammy. Jake stayed at ringside. Dustin wanted to battle Chris,not Sammy. Jericho obliged. Jericho quickly tagged back out but Dustin tore into Chris, anyway. Dusting just beat the bejesus out of Jericho. Jericho was thrown into the barricade and then out into the crowd. Sammy rushed in and got an Uppercut for his troubles. Tag to Page.

Dusting Whipped Page into Sammy. Series of Clothesliens by both Dustin and Adam. Page hit a Pescado over the ropes to Jericho. Page lifted Sammy into a Fallaway Pin. 2 count. Uppercut by Dustin. Rhodes sent Sammy into the corner at warp speed. Dustin, who had tagged in earlier, just beat down the young kid. Tag to Page. Double team on Sammy. Page with a Standing Shooting Star Press. Jericho made the save, just barely. Scoop Slam by Page. Sammy with a Jumping Knee Strike and Flapjack on the top turnbuckle, after Jericho distracted. Break time.

Jericho was choking Page on the ropes. Sammy kicked Page in the head. Skidmark Variation by Jericho. Jake taunted the rowdy crowd. Jericho choked Page on the ropes. I agree with Schiavone when he said watching this was bringing back the love of the sport (paraphrased). Sammy tagged in and locked in a Rear Chin Lock, after knocking Dustin off the apron. Page wtih a Back Drop Suplex. Tag to Jericho. Chris slapped Adam in the face and yanked on his long hair. More slaps to insult the Hangman. AEW is coming to the Dallas area (Garland). I will so try to be there. Page got the knees up when Jericho went for the Lionsault. Tag to Sammy. He stopped Page from reaching his corner. Discus Lariat just about took Sammy out of his boots. Page crawled towards his corner. Dusting gothe Hot Tag. Huge Clothesline by Rhodes. Dustin Uppercut nad Inverted Atomic Drop to both enemies. Twisting Crossbody, from the top, by Dustin. The crowd loved it. Kick by Sammy. Low Bridge sent Guevara out tothe floor. Page flew off the top with a Moonsault. Hager hit a Clothesline on Page. Dustin rolled up Jericho with a modified Canadian Destroyer. Dustin set Jericho up for hte old Golden Globes kick. Snap Powerslam to Sammy. Guevara distracted the ref so Hager could take out Dustin. Judas Effect by Jericho!

Your WInners: The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara)
Dynamite Score: 91

Post-Match beat down on Dustin. It was a 3-on-1 until Page got back in. Jake took Page out, or so it seemed. Page bashed Jake with a chair and fought him to the back. The crowd screamed for Cody. The lights went out, again. Cody was there and laid out Sammy with the CrossRhodes! Cody was ready to go. The 5150 (Santana and Ortiz) rushed hte ring and attacked Jericho. MJF came out with a chair. Whose side was he own? Cody’s! MJF used the chair on most of hte Inner Circle. I like this kid. Jericho took out MJF. Jericho took the steel chair and went to town. The Young Bucks joined the Superkick Party! Stereo Topes to 5150! Jericho grabbed the ring bell but put it back down. He took his AEW title and held it high. The Elite stood tall. Darby Allen came out and hit a Flying Knee to the champ! He attacked Jericho with a skateboard. My little nephew, C.J., said that was cool! I agree. Jericho cussed at Darby and swore that Allen would get his, next week. Jericho also talked trash tothe crowd and those in the ring.

Match of the Night: Darby Allen vs Jimmy Havoc


–Jay Shannon

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