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A weekly recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by your writing team of: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon, Candy and LeeAnne Moore

“Good Enough is NEVER Good Enough”–Anonymous (but credit to Brother Russell of New Life Worship Center for bringing it to Jay’s attention)

Hell in a Cell is over and done. Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks seriously stole the show. The Fiend vs Seth Rollins was a train wreck that had a lot of fans very angry. The undercard was solid. We are now on our way to Crown Jewel.

We start this week with good-byes to two actors that were light years apart but both unique in their craft. Diahann Carroll, who was the first African American actress to play in a non-servant, leading role position on television (Julia) , lost her life, last week. She was also a Tony winner and starred in numerous films and television shows.

Comic Rip Taylor, host of the $1.98 Beauty Show, passed as well. Rip was a major Vegas comic in the 70s. He was a regular on the Gong Show and other game shows. He also did several films. He was closely identified with the confetti that he would shoot at audiences.

They will both be missed.

Tonight, we were in the adopted hometown of the late, great Buck Owens (Bakersville, CA). Dio Maddon, Vic Joseph and Jerry “The King” Lawler were our announcers. They are really starting to mesh well.

I want to correct an error I heard on another program, last week. Tessa Blanchard will be going after the X-”title, in a few weeks. The announcer said she would be the first woman to win a “Men’s Title”, if she wins. I hate to remind the person that Chyna did win the Intercontinental title, many years ago. Several of our readers alerted us to that fact. Just saying…

Now on to the action…

We saw the shocking ending to last week’s Universal title match. Rusev was fighting Seth Rollins when Bobby Lashley and Lana showed up. They got all passionate on the stage. We still think that was a tacky storyline. We’d like to see Rusev break Lashley in half.

Roll the opening montage! (Yep, it’s back)

Randy Orton and King Corbin were beating on Rusev as we went live.

Rusev vs Randy Orton


Bobby Lashley came on the Tron to taunt the big Bulgarian. Lashley was wearing Rusev’s bathrobe, in Rusev’s bedroom. Lashley appeared to be naked under the robe. Bobby brought Lana in to join him in bed. So darn wrong. Lana said everything they owned is in HER name now. And all the money was in HER account. Rusev was actually wiping tears from his eyes. Corbin and Orton laughed at the heart-broken Bulgarian. Rusev’s face changed and he exploded on Corbin and then Orton. Corbin was sent into the ring steps. Fallaway Slam sent Orton intot he ring barricade. Rusev drove Corbin’s face into the ring steps, over nad over. Rusev blasted both men with the ring steps. Orton was sent into the ring post. Running Savate Kick to Corbin by Rusev. He then did the same to Orton. The ref just tried to stay out of Rusev’s way. Wise idea. Rusev stormed to the back.

Your Winner: Match Never Started
Raw Score: N/A

This is set to be a night highlighted with the top women in the company. It starts next…

Lacey Evans vs Natalya
Last Woman Standing Match


Nattie forced Evans to tap out at Hell in a Cell. Natalya then clocked Evans with her version of the Woman’s Right. Evans had a trash can with Natalya’s name painted on it. Lacey was talking enough trash to fill that can, three times over. It stopped when Nattie’s music hit.

Natalya ripped into Lacey with punches and a Clothesline. Lacey was thrown out of the ring and into the barricade, a couple times. Nattie then pitched Lacey back in the ring. They went to the floor and Natalya hit a Back Body Drop. Nattie slapped the taste out of Lacey’s mouth. Snap Suplex by the third generation star.

Back in the ring, Natalya nailed a Discus Clothesline. Shatpshooter! Submissions would not count in this one. Lacey inched over to the ropes but Nattie did not have to break. Nattie let go and slammed Lacey’s face intothe canvas.

Lacey came back and decked Natralya. The ref started to count. Nattie got up at 9. Leg Underswing by Natalya. Suplex again by Nattie. Lacey with a Giant Swing to send Nattie into the barricade. The ref started to count, again. Running boot by Lacey. Evans started to bring out a table but changed her mind. Lacey posed for the crowd, thinking Nattie was out. When Lacey noticed Natalya, she therw her into the ring steps. Break time.

We got a commercial for AEW. It is my honor to now cover this fantastic show. My girls should be able to join me, this week.

Natalya was thrown into the Bullpen. The count started, yet again. Lacey went after Nattie with a kendo stick. Those darn things hurt…trust me. Lacey ran Natalya intot he ring post. The count started, yet again. Lacey threw Nattie into a chair and used the kendo stick to lock her in. Lacey then kicked over the chair. She could not move. Natalya barely made it free and to her feet (at 9). Monkey Flip, on the floor, by the Queen of Harts. She imagined she had a Louisville Slugger in the hand as she went after Lacey with the kendo stick. Lacey rammed Nattie intot he ring apron and got two kendo sticks.

They rolled out of the ring. Neckbreaker by Lacey. Evans bashed Nattie with the trash can. It was filled with nasty food scraps and such. Moonsault off the barricade by Lacey.

Lacey took Nattie up the ramp for a vicious Suplex. Natalya was thrown into the new set. Lacey then tossed Nattie into the announce table. The announcers scrambled to safety. Lacey threw Nattie up onto the table. Suplex…onto the table! Nattie was seriously hurt. Nattie was thrown into the set, again. Nattie reversed a Suplex. Natalya used a Powerbomb off the stage to send Lacey through a table. The ref began his count. He made it to 10!

Your Winner: Natalya
Raw Score: 90 out of a possible 100

Tyson Fury was in the back with his huge family. The boxing great had a message for Braun Strowman.

SPeaking of messages…

It was in October, 2004 that Jay wrote his first column here. In the last 15 years, he has made many life long friends and had enough experiences to fill a dozen books. LeeAnne and I are trying to talk him into writing them down. Recently, we joined Jay to write these recaps. All 3 of us want to thank all of you who read us, each week. We also want to send our deepest thank you and love to Bill Apter, who gave Jay a chance, all those years ago. Year 16 starts…now.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Jay’s Mom, Dee, is a survivor. Please help, if you can.

Aleister Black cut a great promo. Black needed competition. He said he was Forever Restless. He invited anyone to come and knock on his door to pick a fight.

The Street Profits did their typical schtick. They brought up the Draft. That starts on Smackdown. They wanted to do a Scouting Report. They looked at Apollo Crews, Budddy Murphy and Drake Maverick.

Then they sent it to a video package about hor Tyson Fury got into a little skirmish with Braun Strowman. Security had to hold him back. Braun just grinned at the 6’9″ boxer.

Fury came in to chat with Charlie. Fury was asked why he was trying to start something with Braun. Fury demanded an apology…or Braun would get HIS hands.

The Viking Raiders (Erik and Ivar) vs Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode
Non-Title Match


Dolph and Erik opened up the contest. Dolph has new drawers. Erik tripped Dolph. They went to the ropes. Kick and punch by Dolph into a modified Kokina Clutch. Gut Wrench Slam by Erik. Tag to Ivar. Scoop Slam and then Erik slammed Ivar onto Dolph. Ouch!

Roode checkedon his partner. Tag to Roode. Robert was hesitant to enter the ring. Go Behind by Roode but he couldn’t move Ivar. Ivar just threw Roode off. Chop Block by Roode. Robert then kicked at the hurt knee. Shoulder Tackle by Ivar. Tag to Erik. Assisted Cannonball sent Ivar’s behind into Roode’s face. Everyone hit hte floor. The Vikings then hit the champs.

Roode was tossed back into the ring. Arm Bar by Erik. Dolph really wanted in this one, or so it seemed. Knife Edge by Roode. Hip Flip and Knee Strike by Erik. Roode bailed out to the floor.

Erik with a Belly to Belly on Roode. La Bandera Clothesline to Roode. Dolph begged off as we went to break.

Dolph with the Jumping DDT, on the floor, to Erik. Erik was thrown back in the ring and almost fell to a pin. Dolph tagged back in. Wishbone to Erik’s legs. Rear Chin Lock Ride by Dolph. Erik powered up and inched towards his corner. Rolling Neckberaker by Dolph for a near fall. Tag to Roode. Stomp to Erik, followed by a Suplex. 2 count. Roode went back to a Rear Chin Lock.

Erik got to his feet but got slammed into her corner. Double Whip to Erik. Dolph flew intothe corner but Erik had moved over. Dolph struck the post. Hot Tag!

Ivar threw both foes around. Huge Splash to Roode. Avalanche Senton to Dolph. Cartwheel Clothesline to Roode. Ivar blocked the Jumping DDT but fell to the Famouser. 1-2-not just yet. Ivar blocked the Superkick and hit a Spin Kick. Tag to Erik. Springboard Hart Attack Variation by the Vikings. Roode made the save. Erik missed Shotgun Knees and Dolph nearly made the pin. Dolph couldn’t believe that Erik kicked out. Tag back to Roode.

Erik fought off both men until he got nailed with a Spinebuster/Zig Zag combo. That was so sweet. Roode was ticked off that Erik was still alive. Roode called for his finisher. Erik countered it na dhit a solid punch. Erik blocked a Zig Zag. Viking Experienc!

Your Winners: Erik and Ivar
Raw Score: 88

Black was back for another promo. He said he was headed to the ring to see who would have the guts to pick a fight with him.

The Singh Brothers were in the ring, acting goofy. They have moved over from 205 Live. They want to be the top draft picks. They challenged Black to fight htem.

The Singh Brothers vs Aleister Black
2-on-1 Handicap Match


Black hit a quick punch on one of the brothers. Crescent Kick and Jumping Knee to the other one. Black turned and kicked the taste out of one with Black Mass. Wild Twisting Submission on the other one. Tap Out!

Your Winner (by Submission): Aleister Black
Raw Score: 50

We got a highlight reel of last week’s Smackdown. Sadly, Dallas lost the final 15 minutes of the live feed. Never got to see the Kofi/Brock match. The rest of the show was outstanding. Michael Cole and Corey Graves are now the annoucners on the Blue Brand. The Rock’s promo (w/Becky Lynch) was awesome.

Braun Strowman was interviewed, backstage. Charlie asked Braun about what happened, on Friday. Braun said he was just having a little fun but if Tyson wanted to get all serious, he just might “Get These Hands”.

We saw how Brock Lesnar won the WWE Title, after destroying Rey Mysterio and Dominick on Monday. Lesnar beat Kofi in mere seconds. Rey then brought out Cain Velasquez. That guy is the one who took the UFC title off Brock. Cain took down Lesnar and beat the stuffing out of him.

Rey Mysterio was interviewed. Rey had his arm in a sling. Loved the pastel mask. Rey was so proud of his son for trying to stand up to Brock Lesnar. Dominick was home, resting. Rey was so upset that he couldn’t help his son. Rey felt that he let his son down. Cain Velasquez is Dominick’s Godfather! Rey talked some serious Spanish about Lesnar. He warned Brock that Cain was coming for him!

Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and A.J. Styles (The O.C.) vs Gran Metalik, Lince Dorado and Kalisto (The Lucha House Party)
Six-Man Tag Match


Ok, when will we get the World/Universal Six Man Tag Titles? There are several possible trios now.

Before the action, we got another promo by the Authors of Pain.

There were several people in the crowd wearing masks. I still have my Aguillar Verde (Jade Eagle) mask. It’s framed. Styles took Kalisto to the corner. Back Heel Trip by Kalisto. Kalisto kicked Styles into the corner. Dropkick by Kalisto. Tag to Anderson. Kalisto flipped Karl over. Tag to Lince. RVD Back Roll and Arm Drag by Lince. Vic is doing great in getting Maddon to talk with him. Tag to Gran. Huge Splash to Karl for a two count. Rear Chin Lock on Karl. Tag to Luke. Uppercut by the biggest man in the match. Karl tagged back in and almost pinned Gran. Karl tried to rip off the match. Karl dodged a Backspring Elbow. Gran took out Karl and Styles. The Luchas worked together to eliminate Gallows. All three fleww off the turnbuckles to the floor, dropping the O.C. like a bad habit. Off to commercials.

Karl was in control on Lince. Anderson Spinebuster for a near fall. European Uppercut to the masked man. Lince was set up top. Lince fought back and knocked Karl off the ropes. High Crossbody by Lince. The other Luchadores cheered for Lince to reach his corner. A.J. stopped him, for a second…

Kalisto with a Springboard Rana. Backspring Enziguri and RanaDDT. Karl made the save. Low Bridge on Luke, who had taken out Gran. Pele by Styles. Phenominal Forearm!

Your Winners: The O.C.
Raw Score: 83

After the match, Gallows and Anderson threw Gran Metalik in the ring and nailed the Magic Killer. Luke and Karl also stomped away on Lince. Second Rope Styles Clash to Lince! Remember when actions like that would have the ref reversing the decision? I miss the good ol’ days.

We got highlights of Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks. It was a 98 out of 100 level match. It went 30 full minutes and they pulled out every trick in the book before Becky won by submission. Kudos to both ladies for a fantastic match.

Jay went in, on Monday, for more testing. Echocardiogram and sonograms of his kidney and bladder. Those were some of the final tests before he officilly goes on the Kidney Transplant List. Now, we just have to find him a match. Sadly, we can’t donate to him because our blood types don’t match. He’s an O Positive. Things are looking so good for Jay. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Smile. (Love from LeeAnne)

We got a promo for Susan G Komen. I’m honored to say that they started in the Dallas area (My/Jay’s hometown).

MIZTv: Special Guests Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch


Miz was sharper than a serpent’s tooth in his suit and tie. Miz worked the crowd like the maestro that he is. Miz brought out BeckyLynch, first. Her intro needs some work. The smoke machine thing is too noisy but her music is still so cool. She needs to do work on Walking Dead. She just seems like she’d be a good fit. Becky did a Foley Pop for Bakersfield.

Miz then invited Charlotte Flair to join them. She came out in her amazing blue and silver robe (nod to the Wolfpack from the University of Reno). Miz congratulated both women for their excellent wins, on Sunday. Miz talked about how far Becky has come in the last year or so. The fans chanted for her. Becky admitted that Sasha beat her to Hell and back. Becky then got all cocky when she said Banks got her *ss kicked by “The Man”.

Miz then switched focus to mention that Flair just reached her 10th title reign. Miz mentioned that the Draft might put both women on the same brand. Flair took exception that Miz mentioned that they were dominant Women…not just Dominant. Miz then brought up the Kabuki Warriors. Becky wanted to get revenge for a loss to Asuka, some time back. Becky and Flair took pot shots at each other. Miz backed off. were interrupted by the tag champs, Asuka and Kari Sane. Asuka shrieked in Japanese. Sorry but we aren’t that fluent in Japanese. I did figure out that they were poking fun at Becky and Charlotte as champions. Becky invited the Kabuki Warriors to bring it on. The fight started before they could even get the chairs out of hte ring.

The Kabuki Warriors vs Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair


Sane and Asuka bailed out of the ring. Dual Baseball Slides by the singles champs. Off to commercial world.

Halloween will bring us Crown Jewel. Team Hogan vs Team Flair will Main Event the show.

Back to action. Becky and Asuka ran around. Side Headlock by Asuka. Shoulder Tackle to Lynch. Collar and Elbow to the corner. Paint Brush by Asuka. Lynch exploded on Asuka. Hard slap to the Japanese superstar. Kick Fest by both sides. Hip Attack by Asuka. Asuka went to the floor to continue to punish Becky.

Tag to Sane. Douoble Team on Becky. Incredible moves by the Kabuki Warriors. Sane stood on Becky and stomped her. 2 count. Boot by Sane. She missed a move off the ropes and fell to the Leg Lariat. Hot Tags on both sides. Flair ran over Asuka and unleashed a flurry of Knife Edge Chops. Solid punch led to a Back Drop Suplex. Flair yelled Bonzai and took down Asuka. Natural Selection but Asuka rolled out to safety. Flair went up top and nailed an incredible Moonsault to the floor. Sane stopped the Figure Eight. Flair sent her sailing with an Exploder. Flair flew to the outside but landed badly. Time for another break.

Sane worked over Flair with vicious shots. Flair caught Sane on the Cross body from the ropes. Tag to Lynch. She hit Clotheslines on Sane. Becksploder to Asuka. Lynch came off the top with a Missile Dropkick to Asuka. Sane with a brutal Back Fist. Elbow Drop by Sane. Becky launched Sane and hit a Leg Drop off the ropes. 2 count. Flair with a Big Boot on Asuka. Dis-Arm-Her on Sane. Asuka came in with The Mist. Sane pinned a blinded Becky. Flair went after both Sane and Asuka.

Your Winners: The Kabuki Warriors
Raw Score: 88

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross came out to work over the champs. They just destroyed Sane.

We got a promo piece about Roman Reigns and his fight against leukemia. The love he got from the kids and adults have motivated him to help them back. It was a touching segment.

Apollo Crews was interviewed. Crews was set to battle Ricochet, shortly. Crews had major respect for his old friend, Ricochet. Friendship was out the window for this one. Crews felt it was his showcase.

Ivar and Erik cut a rare promo. Next week, the Viking Raiders get a shot at the Raw tag team titles.

Time for another interview. Tihs time it was with Ricochet. Ricochet was happy that Crews was his opponent tonight. Ricochet said this was an opportunity for both of them. “Superheroes can be real”.

Ricochet vs Apollo Crews


Arm Bar by Crews. Amateur Takedown by Apollo. Ricochet with a Deep Arm Drag. Crews flippedout of a Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors. Back Roll by Ricochet. Shoulder Tackle by Ricochet. Both men missed Moonsaults. Universal into a Dropkick by Crews. 2 count.

Crews clubbed away on Ricochet. Stall Suplex by Crews. Ricochet punched away. Arm Drag and Springboard Clothesline into a Standing Shooting Star by Ricochet. 2 count, again. Ricochet went up top but missed the 450. Enziguri by Crews. Standing Moonsault. 2 count, one more time. Ricochet with the Recoil to take the win.

Your WInner: Ricochet
Raw Score: 91

We got highlights of Seth Rollins vs The Fiend. We hated the fact that the entire match was bathed in a blood red light. It was hard to see and the light hurt our eyes. It ended up in a No Contest, which irritated so many fans. Jay’s e-mail just about exploded from all the feedback. They did love Lynch vs Banks, though.

Tyson Fury walked backstage. He was on his way out for an apology. And for those who might ask, his given name IS Tyson Fury (according to Wikipedia).

Jerry Lawlwer introduce “The Gypsy King”, Tyson Fury. I checked with my old friend, Darren Antola (a top cut man and wrestling promoter) about this guy. Fury is really impressive. Fury did a Foley Pop. Fury demands an apology. Braun Strowman came out to face the boxing champion. Strowman didn’t look like he was about to apologize to anyone. He stepped over the ropes and grabbed a microphone.

“Get these Hands” rang out. Braun said he was only trying to have a little fun until it became obvious that Fury wanted a piece of him. Braun wanted them to let Fury go. Braun said Tyson had no idea what he would be getting himself into. Braun said would eat him alive. Tyson countered that he would knock Braun out. Fury taunted Braun for not winning any major titles. Braun rushed Tyson to the corner after a shove from Fury. Security flooded the ring as “let Them FIght” broke out. Fury broke free and punched away. Braun slid out of hte ring and then tried to get back in the ring. Fury attacked the security squad and urged Braun to get in the ring. Braun answered by eliinating everyone in sight. The locker room emptied to stop this fight. Braun broke free and tore into Fury. This is a great way to end the night. Futy got loose and ran at Braun. Braun faked out the refs and went right back after Fury. Fury challenged Braun to fight him. Crown Jewel? Survivor Series? Next week? Braun finally headed to the back. D’Von Dudley talked to calm Fury down. Braun was asked about Fury. He admitted that Fury was a tough S.O.B. but he will get the hands. Braun refused to apologize to a man who disrespected his industry. Braun ran back down and went after Tyson, again. Cut to black!

Dillon: Congratulates to you, my nephew, and your new bride
Jean: Can’t wait to meet your mom, on Saturday night.
Candy/LeeAnne: You are so loved
Jay: You are loved too


–Jay, Candy and LeeAnne

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