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The (AEW Dynamite) Damage Report

Jay Shannon takes an in-depth look at wrestling’s newest program: AEW Dynamite.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve had the honor to cover WWE and TNA/Impact. Now, I present my views and recap of wrestling’s return to the Turner Networks.

“Every battle is won before it is fought”–Sun Tzu

My girls aren’t with me on tonight’s recap. Church night for them. They send their love to their growing number of fans. Smile. Tomight, we draw from the past to head into the future. Let’s light the fuse on this piece of Dynamite…

Countdown to AEW Dynamite

TruTV did a one hour special about All Elite, prior to tonight’s debut. TNT sent us into All Elite with a showing of Suicide Squad (one of my favorite modern filims). It’s going to be a good night. Grin.

The preview show was amazing. We saw tons of video features. It brought back the excitement that I had as a kid. It was hosted by Tony Schiavone. He introduced several of the top stars.

We went to a press conference hosted by Cody Runnels. The Jacksons were also there. Matt, Nick and Cody were the catalyst for the new company. The owner disccussed the outstanding roster that AEW has. Cody talked about growing up as Dusty’s son. He brought up meeting his wife. Distin got a shot in about not being used properly by where he used to be (WWE). The Brothers Runnels want to take on the world. Cody is disappointed that his dad never saw him win a World Title.

Matt and Nick Jackson talked about meeting Cody Runnels for the first time. Cody had only seen one match, prior to meeting the brothers. The Jacksons talked about how the Bullet Club changed their professional lives. Raven even pushed the Young Bucks. Dave M eltzer has played a huge part in helping get AEW off the ground.

Cody admitted that people were certain that AEW would fail, right out of the gate. They were wrong.

After the first break, we looked at “All In”. The tickets for the show were so popular that they crashed the ticket sales site. The Jacksons wanted to do a blog. The show sold out in less than an hour. Cody was so touched that it brought him to tears.

Cody had to learn so much about the business, behind-the-scenes. The main players watched as the ring was set up for the initial show. Cody knew they had built not just a team…but a family. Meltzer knew some network would see All In and take the chance. He didn’t think it would be TNT but he was happy about it.

We saw the announcement by Chris Jericho that he had joined AEW. He was the big name they needed. There was another announcement…a show in Las Vegas. Double or Nothing sold out in…FOUR MINUTES! All the stars were amazed at that one. Off to another break.

I first met the Young Bucks in May, 2010. It was at a convention in San Jose. That same week-end, I also got to meet the wodnerful young lady who would become Bayley. Most importantly, it was the first time that I met my friend, mentor, inspiration…Bill Apter…in person.

Double or Nothing had “Hagman” Adam Page face Chris Jericho for the AEW title. Jericho had to defeat Kenny Omega to get the shot. Jericho has even more ink than he used to have. Jericho and Omega cut several promos going into the huge showdown. We got highlights of that classic contest. It was definitely an “A+” match. Jericho used the “Judas Effect” to take the win.

We then saw highlights of Jericho vs Page. Page got a solid start in Ring of Honor. WWE missed the ball by not bringing him on board when they started the Undisputed Era (My opinion only). After an incredible contest, Jericho took the win and title. Jericho berated the backstage people, after the match. He played the heel and talked crap to the Young Bucks and seveal other stars. Jericho decided to have his own party. He talked trash about the food and drinks. Jericho will have two partners as he faces The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega. Jericho will battle Cody Runnels at the next PPV. Cody has someone else to deal with first…and we will find out who…right after these messages.

Full Gear will be in November. Sammy Guevara will face Cody, tonight. Tony Schiavone interviewed Cody. The show will be coming out of Washington, D.C.. Cody will not overlook Sammy. Sammy is from Texas. I’ve heard his name and his reputation is that he is outstanding in the ring. Sammy thinks Cody is looking past him because of all the hats he has to wear. Sammy wants to make a major statement at the first show. He is 100% focused. Cody knows if he loses to Sammy, it will wreck his title shot in Baltimore against Chris Jericho. Tony asked Cody is he was using his position to get the title shot. Cody knew that a lot of people are saying that but he has proven himself, time and again. Cody knew Jericho had a problem with the idea of working for Cody. Cody is looking forward to the title match more than any in recent memory.

It was time to focus on Kenny Omega. We got a cool promo piece about the multi-national superstar. Jericho was talking trash when Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose) showed up. Moxley attacked Omega. Their match was scrapped due to an injury to Moxley’s arm. Omega made fun of Moxley’s “boo boo on his elbow”. Omega calimed his was more of a professional than Moxley will ever be. Omega said Moxley should apologize to everyone. Omega said Moxley was careless. Omega did not care if Moxley ever showed back up (possible spoiler?).

The first AEW Women’s champion will be crowned, tomorrow. They have a lot of great women, including one of my favorites, Awesome/Amazing Kong aka Kharma. Brandi Runnels discussed the women involved in the title match. Both women are tough as nails. Nyla said she is of mixed race and is a “trans”. She has been fighting since age 9. RHO vs Nyla Rose should be amazing.

Our final segment showed the Young Bucks vs the Lucha Brothers. I’ve seen highlights of that match and the Canadian/Mexican Destroyer off the ladder got a reaction out of me that should have gotten my mouth washed out with soap. LOL. Pentagon Jr. and (Rey) Fenix are the leading choices to join Chris Jericho in the six man match. The tag match stole the show at All Out. At the end ofthe night, we saw the debut of Santana and Ortiz! They took out both teams. Will the f ormer LAX members join Jericho?Santana and Ortiz came in to thank Jericho and congratulate him.

It is OFFICIAL…Santana and Ortiz WILL join Jericho to face The Elite. The card is going to be incredible. Let’s get to it.


We got the killer intro with the TV 14 logo.I will keep it family friendly, as my step-daughter does read what Pap Jay writes.

Our announcers are Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur. So cool. 80 countries were tuning in this one. PAC will face Hangman Page, shortly. Also Nyla Rose will battle RHO. THe six man main event will tear down the house.

We got a promo for Sammy Guevara vs Cody.

Sammy Guevara vs Cody


Cody and Brandi came out together. The crowd was so digging what they were seeing. Cody is “The American Nightmare”. Brandi gets to use the Rhodes surname. The house is seriously sold out. No blacked out sections, as far as I could tell. The crowd popped huge for Cody.

Damn, this has my old blood really flowing. Thank you to AEW for making a jaded old man appreciate wrestling again.

Sammy came out wearing a Panda headdress. He calls himself the “Best Ever”. Ok. Sammy drew major heat from the crowd.

The bell rang and the two locked up. The ropes brought a quick break. The crowd had an ECW feel to it. Universal but Sammy flipped over. This was the first match on TNT in 18 years.

Sammy struck a pose to irritate Cody. Brandi got hte crowd going by slapping the canvas. Go Behind by Cody. Standing Switch. Unversal with a Back Flip and Dropkick and Moonsault Press by Sammy.

Jushin “Thunder” Liger vs Brian Pillman was the very first match on TNT. Sammy slapped Cody. Cody with the Dustin Uppercut of his brother. Snap Powerslam by Cody. Figure Four by Cody. Sammy tried to get to the ropes but Cody pulled him back. Sammy did reach the ropes, on the other side. Break the hold.

Arm Snap by Cody. Cody exploded on Sammy but Guevara came right back with shots of his own. Stall Suplex by Cody that seemed to go on forever. Cody turned it into a Front Drop version and almost got the win.

Cody did Push Ups to mock Sammy. Wild Spin Kick by Sammy. Cutter, by Cody, off the ropes. Excalibur is great as an announcer. He is such a great fit.

Sammy with a Springboard Cutter to pull a two count. Enziguri by Sammy. Big Boot by Cody that sent Sammy to the floor. Brandi read Sammy the riot act. Cody accidentally took out Brandi when Sammy pulled her into the line of fire. That was bogus.

Brandi told Cody to get back to business and he did. Sammy threw Cody into the post and then into the ring. Sammy missed two Moonsaults but hit a Shooting Star from the standing position. Cody escaped a Torture Rack. Trip intothe ropes and Brandi clocked Sammy. Disaster Kick! 2 count. Guevara just barely kicked out of apin attempt. We were halfway through the 20 minute time limit.

Cody put Sammy up on the turnbuckles. Reverse Superplex. Holy Moley! 2 Count only. Sammy escaped the Vertebreaker. Cody with a hard Elbow. Sammy with a Spanish Fly! 1-2-NO! Sammy quickly went back up top for a Shooting Star. Cody got hte knees up and then pinned Sammy!

Your Winner: Cody
Match Rating: 95 out of a possible 100

Tony Schiavone hugged Cody before conducting an interview with the American Nightmare. Sammy was hot that he lost. He cooled down and offered hishand to Cody. Sammy shook it. Chris Jericho rushedin and attacked Cody! Sammy backed off. Whip by Jericho into an Inside Out Clothesline. Jericho got a massive pop. Code Breaker to Cody. Time for a commercial break.

During the break, Jericho bashed Cody in the face with the AEW World title belt. He also assaulted Cody with a steel chair. Jericho then placed two chairs and Powerbombed Cody onto the chairs. That could cause kidney damage and I hae damaged kidneys so I know a little about it. Jericho cut a brief promo, praising himself for being the champion.

Brandon Cutler vs MJF


MJF talked serious smack to the audience. That got an “*ssH*le”. Maxwell Jacob Friedman is MJF’s full name. MJF is darn good on the stick. Now, how will he do between the ropes. This kid reminds me of Eli Drake.

Collar and Elbow to the corner. Trip by MJF. Kick to Cutler. Flip Over and he smacked MJF. Modified Canadian Destroyer by Cutler. MJF raked the eyes to escape the Fireman’s Carry. Cutler’s arm was snapped over the ropes. Tony called MJF an obscene name that is slang for the male genitals. Yeah, TV 14!

MJF yanked on Cutler’s arm. Brandon held the ropes to avoid a Whip. MJF was thrown out of hte ring. Tope Suicida by Cutler. Brandon stumbled on the ropes. Salt of the Earth (Fujiwara Arm Breaker) by MJF. Tap Out.

Your Winner (by Submission): MJF
Match Rating: 84

Wow! Almost 45 minutes without a complete commercial break. The first one did the insert thing, like Smackdown.

Chris Van Vleet interviewed Kevin SMith and Jason Mewes (Jay and Silent Bob). Smith has dropped a ton of weight. Chris Jericho is in the new Jay and Silent Bob reboot. I miss Comic Book Men. They were interrupted by a couple of arrogant jerk wrestlers. It was Jack Evans and Angelico. Jack is a great trainer. Private Partner came to aid Smith and Mewes. This wa a launch of the tag team tournament for the AEW tag straps. We got a promo piece from SCU. I like these guys.

SCU were interviewed by Tony Schiavone. Which two of SCU will compete in the tourney. Scorpio Sky will sit it out for Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian. Rey Fenix and Pentagon Jr. showed up to counter the SCU. Cero Miedo Ka*rons. Atlas Security and Dean Malenko kept the two teams apart. Cut to commercials.

The new season of Walking Dead starts, this Sunday. My girls won’t be watching it with me. Candy hates zombies and LeeAnne is just too young. It’s OK. LeeAnne has me convinced to watch DC Superhero Girls with her. I love being oneof her best friends. Smile.

14,129 fans were in the house. The Elite warmed up. Elsewhere, Jericho, Santana and Ortiz got ready to fight.

PAC (formerly Neville) vs “Hangman” Adam Page


Page is another graduate of RIng of Honor. If you can find RoH on your local cable/satellite provide, it is worth a watch. You will see tomorrow’s stars, today.

PAC slid in and kicked Page in the face. Earl Hebner was the ref in charge. (He’s still going?) Page and PAC exchanged punches and kicks. Discus Clothesline by Page. Page went back to punching away.

They went to the fllor and Page threw PAC into several sections of the barricade. Page with a Suicide Dive. PAC popped Page but Hangman with the Fallaway Slam and Splash. 1-2-not yet.

PAC blasted Page in the back of the head. Page was snapped on the top rope. PAC went out and got Page. He slammed Page’s face on the ring apron. Springboard Moonsault by PAC to the floor. That Quebrada was incredible. Page was thrown back into the ring. Springboard 450 gave PAC a two count. Spin Kick by PAC. PAC stomped away. Hesitation Dropkick by PAC. PAC sprinted up top for the Black (used to be Red) Arrow. Superkick by Page. Avalanche Fallaway by Page. Slapjack by Page off the Whip. 2 count.

Page was slung into the corner and tossed into the ring post. Page tumbled out to the floor. Picture in picutre commercial. I hate those. PAC went out to get Page.Page was sent back intot he ring. PAC climbed the ropes and nailed a Missile Dropkick. PAC stood over his fallen foe and then mocked the crowd. I’m sure they were booing but we were still in commercial limbo. PAC with a Running Boot to Page, who was lying in the ropes. PAC kept kicking away at the Hangman.

We’re finally out of commercial so we can hear the commentary. PAC yelled at the crowd. Yep, they were booing him. Page hit a wicked Spinebuster. He wanted the Dead-Eye but PAC grabbed the ropes. Pop Up Powerbomb by Page for a two. PAC rolled out to the floor Page with a wild Moonsault off the top turnbuckle. Earl almost got taken out. Low Block Back Kick by PAC. PAC went up top for the Black Arrow. Brutalizer!

Your Winner (by Submission): PAC
Match Rating: 91

The Brutalizer is very much the old Rings of Saturn.

Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. came out for this title match…

Nyla Rose vs RHO
AEW Women’s Title Match


RHO ia pronounced “Ree-Ho”. There was no time limit in this match. The Women’s belt is classy. RHO was trained by Kenny Omega. RHO dodged the charging Nyla. Dropkick by the Japanese Superstar, followed by another one. Rana by RHO sent Nyla into the ropes. Shoulder Tackle by Nyla. Huge Splash by Nyla but RHO bridged up an dout. Double Stomp but Nyla stood up and threw RHO off her.

Rope Choke by Nyla. Snap Mare and Yakuza Kick by Rose. Rear Chin Lock by Nyla. RHO crawled towards the ropes and finally made it to force the break.

Stall Suplex by Rose. RHO escaped by shifting her weight. Rose blocked the Wheelbarrow Arm Drag. Running Back Elbow by Nyla. Running Knee Strikes by RHO. Rose fell from the ring. The ref started to count. RHO went up top and waited. Nyla caught RHO on the fly. Dang. Backbreaker by Rose.

Nyla found a steel chair. The ref took the chair away from Rose. RHO tried to explode but got defused, quickly. Yes, I’m throwing in my puns in full force. Nyla found a whole lot of chairs. She stacked them up, risking disqualification. She placed RHO onto the chairs and went for a Senton. RHO moved and Rose hit the chairs. RHO with the Double Stomp, off the apron. RHO threw Rose back into the ring. Double Stomp to Rose’s spine but it only brought a two count. Modified Crippler Crossface by RHO. Shotgun Knees by RHO. Rose caught RHO with a wild Samoan Drop. 2 count. Rose dropped RHO over the ropes. Rose then climbed up top for a Knee Trembler. RHO collapsed but still managed to kick out at two.

Rear Chin Lock by Nyla. Rose cranked back with full force. Nyla finally let go of the hold. RHO tried for a Back Body Drop but the weight of Rose caused RHO to fall. RHO threw wild Forearms but Rose stopped her cold. Tony is finally getting to speak like he’s always wanted. Big Boot by Rose. RHO rolled up Rose for a two plus. Death Valley Driver by Nyla. Could be…might be…Denied!

Nyla headed up top but got caught. RHO punched away and threw wild Forearms at warp speed. Northern LIghts Superplex! Damn! 2 count. Nyla avoided the Running Knee Strike. Double Knees to the face. 1-2-3~!

Your Winner and First Ever AEW Women’s Champion: RHO
Match Rating: 95

An announcer went to interview RHO in her native Japanes. Rose attacked him with a Double Liger Bomb. Kenny Omega came out to stop Nyla.

Matt and Nick Jackson and Kenny Omega (The Elite) vs Santana, Ortiz and Chris Jericho
Six Man Tag Team Match

I’m thinking Santana and Ortiz need to call themselves the “5150″. Jericho’s leather jacket looks like something out of the Road Warriors’ closet.

Kenny Omega wanted to go first for his team . On the other side, Jericho decided to kick it off. Quick tag out to Santana. Omega went wild on the former LAX member. Jericho rushed in for a Walls of Jericho. Superkick Party! Double Team by the Bucks, on the ropes. Jon Moxley slid in the ring and tore into Omega. Mox kicked Kenny in the ribs and they went out into the crowd. I’m waiting for a “He killed Kenny. You B*stard” comment. Omega used a mop to blast Moxley. The Clenaer was back! They fought into the VIP area. Moxley with the Double Underhook DDT to send Omega into a glass coffee table. Break time.

It was now a three-on-two. Matt Jackson was weakened. Ortiz and Santana double teamed Matt. 2 count, only. Tag to Jericho but his Lionsault failed when Matt got hte knees up. Nick was knocked off the apron to avoid a tag. Matt with Double Boot and twisting Mariposa Cutter (Butterfly Cutter). Northern Lights Three Amigos by Matt Jackson. Thank you, Excalibur, for giving all the great names of these wild move. Matt took out both 5150 members with a single person double team. Quebrada to the floor. Tag to Nick. Code Breaker by Jericho to block the Indietaker. Jericho with his new finisher, the Judas Effect.

Cody ran down and tore into Chris Jericho. Sammy Guevara came in with a Low Blow kick. Dustin Rhodes rushed in and hit Snap Powerslams and a Low Blow. Jake Hager (Jack Swagger) rushed in and attacked Dustin.

Your Winners: Chris Jericho, Santana and Ortiz
Match Rating: 93

“We the People” rang out from the crowd. Jericho’s squad just annihilated everyone that could get their hands on. Gut Wrench Powerbomb to Dustin Rhodes. Dustin landed on the podium. The Elite was decimated. Jericho B*tch Slapped Cody and hit the Judas Effect.

Fade to Black!


–Jay Shannon

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