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The Raw Score

A weekly recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by your wrestling team of “Candy Man” Jay Shannon, Candy and LeeAnne Moore.

“When you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice”–”Freewill” by Rush

We want to begin with a special Thank You to Bill Apter for his latest Apter Chat. It’s on YouTube. Jay put together a guide for the new wrestling schedule. Bill was kind enough to put together the video to explain the guide.

As Jay mentioned in his guide, this week begins a huge increase in wrestling options. AXSTV moved up Impact from an original launch date of October 29th to October 1st. AEW Dynamite kicks off on Wednesday. Smackdown begins its Fox run, this Friday. We haven’t seen this much wrestling since the 1980s. Add to that, Hell in a Cell is this Sunday. This will be the most amazing week in wrestling, in many…many years. Let’s get the ball rolling.

Been a fun afternoon. METv kicked off showing old episodes of The Flintstones. LeeAnne has never really seen the original episodes and she loved them. Smile. Now she is ready to watch her favorite heroes battle it out.

We have a brand new wrestling fan with us (sort of). Jay’s beloved niece, Sarah, gave birth, last Thursday, to her daughter. Maisyn Josephine Lane was 6 pound, 13 ounces and 19 inches long. Her daddy (Lane) is sitting here watching wrestling with us and she is snoozing in her carrier. Smile. Getting her oriented from week one. LOL.

We are live in Phoenix, AZ. Great town but I prefer Winslow, AZ (nod to my dear friend and running buddy, Sunny Raye).

We got mew music for the WWE intro. We also got a rocking new intro for Raw. We love it. We finally get the new set for the show. So cool.

Dio Maddin, Vic Jospeh and Jerry “The King” Lawler are your brand new announce team!

Rey Mysterio came out to open the show. The new set is so amazing now. Rey was in street clothes. Vic Joseph has that energy that Monday requires. He and Lawler are perfect for each other. Dio hasn’t said a lot, just yet. Dominick was watching his dd from ringside. Love that purple and gold mask. Rey gets his shot at Seth Rollins, later in the night. Rey spoke in Spanglish to the crowd. They loved it. Rey was stopped cold by the arrival of Brock Lesnar.

Brock and Paul Heyman sauntered down to the ring. Little Laney just cried when she heard Brock’s music (She is SO Jay’s niece). Rey was even dwarfed by Heyman. Rey snatched the stick out of Heyman’s hand. F5 to Rey. That was so bogus. He hit a second one. Dominick looked ready to jump the barricade and come to his dad’s aid. Brock stared daggers at Dominick. Brock got out of the ring and came up to Dominick. Dominick took his seat but Brock grabbed the kid. He ran the kid intothe ring post and then slammed him. That is a fine waiting to happen. Dominick was pitched into the ring. German Suplex to Dominick. Rey attacked Lesnar, only to take another F5. Heyman was acting all shocked but loving it at the same time. Brock finally exited the ring after destroying both father and son. Lesnar turned and went back tothe ring. Huge Suplex Throw to Rey and then to Dominick. Heyman shrieked at Lesnar to stop. Rey crawled to his son. Help finally came from the back for the duo. Lesnar was ordered tothe back but he was not quite ready to go. He attacked Finlay and the other official. He threw Rey and Dominick around like rag dolls. We understand drawing heat but this reached the point of absurd. Brock ripped off his shirt and left the ring. Where is The Fiend when you need him?

We went to a series of food commercials. Seeing the Taco Bell one made me think of my friends out in Nevada. Taco Fest was another huge success, especially the battle between Tyson Raines and Odwun the Viking. I wish we could have been there for the two day super festival. Way to go, ladies and gentlemen.

Dio reminds me of Byron Saxton. He is a great addition to the team. Fresh blood is almost always a good thing. The nerves are obvious but I think once he settles in, he is going to be enjoyable to listen to and watch. Welcome onboard.

Dominick was taken out on a stretcher, with a neck brace on. Rey was in tears and kept apologizing to his son. Rey needs to beat the stuffing out of Lesnar, even if it means chairs or other “toys”.

Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss


Nikki Cross and Bayley were banned from ringside. However, Becky Lynch wasn’t. The Raw Women’s champion came out to taunt Sasha with the red and white title belt. Becky joined the announce team.

The bell sounded. Sasha threw down Alexa and pounded away. Alexa kicked away on The Boss. Sasha flipped Alexa over the ropes and clocked her off the apron. Sasha got on the announce table to irritate Sasha.

We saw the new Batista commercial for Gears 5 as the girls continued to fight. Alexa almost pinned Sasha. Banks rolled out to the floor. Hard kick by Banks as Alexa was caught in the skirting. Banks tossed Bliss back in and almost pinned her.

A siren went off. Huh? I guess that was the ambulance taking Dominick to “a local medical facility”. Becky taped up her hands. Banks was sent into the corner by a Head Scissors. Bliss with a vicious kick and Clothesline. Double Knees by Bliss. Knee Strike by Banks. 2 count.

Bliss escaped a Scoop Slam. Banks pushed Bliss away and then kicked the knee. 1-2-3-.

Your Winner: Sasha Banks
Raw Score: 75 out of a possible 100

Becky left the announce booth and hit hte ring. Catfight! (Yes, Joey Styles…you are still remembered). Sasha bailed out. Becky said Sasha would not leave the Cell until she was done, Sunday.

We get another Firefly Funhouse, later on.

Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler vs Otis and Tucker (Heavy Machinery)
Raw Tag Team Title Match


I’ve always love making up team names. I’m thinking “The Glorious SHow-Offs”. Maybe not. Candy just gave me such a look. It was break time.

It was so odd to see an AEW commercial during Raw.

The Rock will be at Smackdown, this Friday.

Before the match, we got an interview with Seth Rollins. First, we saw the Firefly Funhouse from last week. The puppets are super fans of Seth Rollins. The Fiend showed up and scared the bejesus out of Rollins. The Fiend took out Braun Strowman (which kinTd of kills his Monster persona). The hot rumor is The Fiend is heading over to Smackdown but that has yet to be confirmed. Seth looked a bit nervous. Seth was ticked off at Brock’s actions, a few minutes ago. Seth said Brock crossed a line that should not be crossed. Seth wasn’t sure how to defend against The Fiend but he was going to retain his title. Seth did a Foley Pop. Seth said Rey couldn’t go tonight but Seth promised a title shot for Rey, later on. Seth threw out an open challenge to face him for the Universal title.

Back to the ring…

LeeAnne just loved Heavy Machinery. She also liked the Bushwackers, which we introduced her to. She asked me if I could introduce her to either Otis nad Tucker or Butch and Luke. Maybe Luke, someday. Otis looked even bigger than before.

Lawler started with his jokes. We’ve missed that. Tucker and Dolph kicked it off. Side Headlock by Dolph. Shoulder Tackle and Dolph went to one knee. Tucker with a wild dive and Dropkick. 2 count. Stall Suplex by Tucker and tag to Otis. Otis took over the Suplex. 1-2-not quite yet.

Dolph punched nad kicked away. Dropkick and tag to Roode. Double Team failed, big time. Tucker did a blind tag. Double Suplex on the champs. Tucker directed traffic for a quick double team. Cut to commercial.

Tucker took out both champs. Tucker was thrown out of the ring. Roode took the tag and threw Tucker into the barricade. Hard kicks by Roode. Roode Boot Choked Tucker and then tagged out. Neckbreaker gave Dolph a two count. Dolph rode Tucker’s back to keep him down.

Side Headlock by Dolph to keep Tucker down on the canvas. Tucker punched free, almost. Tag to Roode. Corner Splash by Dolph. Double R Spinebuster by Roode. Could be…might be…Denied.

Dolph tagged back in. Dolph talked tonsof trash. Slingshot sent Dolph into the corner. Tucker needed a tag. Hot tags on both sides. Otis ran through both men. Roode kicked Otis with no effect. Exploder by Otis. Man, he takes me back to the days of Bruiser and Crusher. Airplane Spin Slam to Dolph. Double Caterpiller.

Boots by Roode. He flew off the ropes but got caught. Zig Zag to Tucker. Otis thrown into the ring post. Superkick and Glorious DDT!

Your Winners: Dolph Ziggler and “Glorious” Robert Roode
Raw Score: 85

Hulk Hogan, Jimmy Hart and Ric Flair walked backstage. Jay had the honor of working with Mr. Hart, a few years back. He has told LeeAnne and me about what a true gentleman Mr. Hart is. Jay’s respect for him is beyond measure.

I so want to see Zombieland: Double Tap. I love the original.

Total Divas’ new season kicks off, tomorrow. Just another addiditon to the greatest wrestling week in years.

MIZTv: Guests–Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan (w/Jimmy Hart)

Again, we want to congratulate Miz nad Maryse on the recent birth of their new girl, Madison Jade. Miz was stylin’ and profilin’ in a red suit that made us think of “Father” James Mitchell. The crowd was so into Miz. Miz sent his support to Rey and Dominck. Miz got all serious about people attacking a person’s child. IF anyone hurt one of my “kids” (Casey, Cooper, Kensley, Laney or LeeAnne), I’d be a vicious individual.

Miz brought out his mentor, Ric Flair. It is so great to see Flair come out. He may be a step slower but he is still one of the greatest of all time. My late brother-in-law, Robbie, loved the Nature Boy. Miz and Flair hugged. Flair loved MIz’s duds. Miz then brought out Jimmy Hart and Hulk Hogan. Jimmy looked amazing (considering his age). Flair was grinning like a possum as the duo came to join them in the ring.

Miz hugged Hart as they got ready to kick this one off. Flair kept saying “I’m over it”. MIz wasn’t and wanted to soak it all in. Miz was honored to share the ring with these Legends. Hulk “Woo’d” at Flair. Flair had talked about hating Hogan’s music. Miz was going seriously Fanboy for Hulk and Ric. Hogan broke out his typical “Brother” schtick. LeeAnne is running around going “Brother”. Her mom taught her so well. Grin.

Flair got a little cocky about his wrestling history. Hogan looked ready to fight. This so can’t happen. Hulk drew back on Flair, who stopped short. Flair admitted he was just playing. Hogan said they were not Spring Chickens, anymore. “One More Match” rang out. Hogan was ready to add one more page to their legacy. Flair wanted the paycheck. At Crown Jewel…Team Hogan will battle Team Flair. It will be a 5-on-5 Tag Match. Hogan and Flair will be the coaches. Hogan introduced his team captain…Seth Rollins!

Seth was proud to be the captain. Seth promised to Burn it Down. Flair brought out his captain…Randy Orton! Crown Jewel just might be off the charts. Orton cut a quick promo. He told Seth to crawl out of Hogan’s *ss for a moment to pay attention to him. Orton wanted a Captain’s Match. Seth liked the idea. A ref ran down.

Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton
Non-Title Captain’s Match


They had to get the carpet out of the ring. Too weird to see that happen, live. Before the match, King Corbin made his way down to the ring. Orton had no idea why Corbin was there. Orton with a cheap shot on Seth. Corbin came in and attacked with the s Scepter. Rusev then rushed down and took out the heels.

Your Winner: No Match
Raw Score: N/A

Rusev adn Seth destroyed Orton and Corbin. Seth tossed the scepter out of the ring and headed to the back as Hogan’s music rang out. I guess Rusev is a partof Team Hogan. Corbin must be on Team Flair. Awesome.

Lawler is showing major respect to his new broadcast partners. Lawler has always been the ultimate professional. I think this trio is going to work, really well.

We saw the ambulance take Dominick and Rey to the “Local Medical Facility”. Lawler said Rey had no blame in this one. I’m betting Rey gets involved with the WWE Championship Match on Smackdown. Just a guess…

This was episode 1,375. Rusev was asked about the missing Lana. He refused to answer. Rusev was asked why he came back to WWE. Rusev said he was the only one to step up and help Seth. Rusev wanted the Universal Title Match, later tonight. Wow! I like Dio’s look. Penn Gillette meets Booker T, with a little Kofi thrown in.

We got a rundown of the updated Hell in a Cell card. We then got another promotional video abouthe Authors of Pain. I so wish they would bring back Paul Ellering as their manager. They spoke in their native languages.

Ivar and Erik (The Viking Raiders) vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (The O.C.)


Luke and Ivar started this one. Ivar with vicious punches. Knee Strike by Luke. Tag to Karl but Ivar ran him into the corner. Tag to Erick. Knee Strikes by the inked brute. Tag back to Ivar. Karl was hurting, big time. Running Kick by Ivar for a two. Arm Bar by Ivar. Vic Joseph is a great replacement for Michael Cole.

Tag to Luke. Gallows escaped a Scoop Slam and then punched away. Headbutt to Ivar’s neck. Back Elbows by Luke but Ivar gave as good as he got. Knee Strikes took Ivar down. Elbow Drop by Gallows for a two. Ivar was not as powerful with his kick out.

Tag back to Karl. Ivar rolled under and got the tag. Combination by Erik on Karl. Luke backed off. Flip over and Knee Strike! Time for a break. Getting dinner started!

Karl clubbed Erik’s neck. Double Team Neckbreaker to Erik. 2 count, only. Rear Chin Lock by Luke, who had taggedin. Erik rocked Luke with a Forearm. Tags on both sides. Side Slam to Karl. Flying Crossbody to Anderson. Setnon planted Karl. Cartwheel and Clothesline by Ivar. Tag to Erik. Springboard Hart Attack by the Vikings. Karl was wiped out. Luke got the tag. Erik with an Exploder to Karl. Gallows Pole by Luke but this one wasn’t done, just yet.

Uppercut to Ivar. Suicide Dive to Karl. Ivar officially tagged in. Uranage to Luke. 305 Live (Frog Splash) by Ivar.

Your WInners: The Viking Raiders
Raw Score: 87

Cesaro came in and defended Brock Lesnar’s actions. Cesaro wanted to beat Rey’s son, Dominick. Ricochet came up and got in Cesaro’s face. Ricochet challenged Cesaro to facehim. Rey was, in fact, one of Ricochet’s mentors (in Lucha Underground).

Ricochet vs Cesaro


Lawler really praised Ricochet to high Heaven. Cesaro really needs Sheamus back as his partner.

Step Up Kick by Ricochet. Quick pin attempt failed. Step Up Enziguri failed and Cesaro with a Shoulder Tackle. Back Elbow by Cesaro. Ricochet launched Cesaro out and hit hte Flip Dive. Ricochet sent Cesaro back in the ring. Cesaro caught Ricochet and hit a Tilt-a-Whril Backbreaker. European Uppercut by Cesaro to pull a one count. Rear Chin Lock by the Swiss Superman.

Ricochet powered out and went tothe ropes. Gorilla Press GTS by Cesaro for a two. Ricochet blocked the Neutralizer. Springboard Canadian Destroyer by Ricochet!

Your Winner: Ricochet
Raw Score: 84

I want to send my love out to my sister, Jo. She got married on Monday aternoon to her long-term boyfriend, Buster. They have been together for several years and decided to make it legal. Smile.

Firefly Funhouse:

Abby the witch was crying. So was the pig. The Buzzard was also upset. The Rabbit is always scared and passed out. It was a Kenny moment. They played Taps for the rabbit. The puppets were scared what would happen to Seth, at Hell in a Cell. Bray said he was scared too. Bray tried to explain how awful the Cell is. Bray said Seth would be trapped in there…with Him. Bray said The Fiend would always protect them. Bray felt The Fiend is indestructable. The Fiend wants to hurt Seth. Bray had an idea. Wyatt was going in search of The Fiend and would ask Fiend to be nice to Seth. It was a joke and Bray giggled. So weird.

A.J. Styles vs Cedric Alexander
United States Title Match


Styles threw his shirt at Cedric and attacked. Float Over and Head Scissors by Cedric. 2 count. Nice Dropkick by Cedric. Jawbreaker by Styles. Dropkick by Alexander. Styles fell out to the floor. Forearm as Cedric rushed to the ropes. Dropkick sent Styles intothe corner. Cutter over the ropes by Styles. Crossbody to the floor. Break time.

Rear Chin Lock by A.J.. Styles nailed a Forearm, over the ropes, during the breaker. Springboard Flatliner by Cedric. Styles was seriously rocked. Knee Strike to Styles’ face. Back Spring Enziguri by Cedric. Modified GTS by Cedric for a two. Cedric couldn’t believe it.

Styles blocked the Lumbar Check. Tilt-a-Whirl Slop Drop by Styles. 1-2-no. Styles wanted the Styles Clash but it was too early. Styles was sent ot the apron. Cedric dodged the Forearm and hit a Michinoku Driver for another near fall. Styles blocked the Backspring and hit a Faceplant Powerbomb. 2 count.

Styles tried for the Styles Clash. Cedric turned it into a Roll Up. Styles blocked the Lumbar Check and hithte Styles Clash!

Your Winner: A.J. Styles
Raw Score: 92

The Street Profits did their thing. They pushed their title match, Wednesday night, against the Undisputed Era (reDRagon). They went back to talking about Monday NIght Raw. They said The Fiend has that Beetlejuice thing going. Say his name three times and he shows up.

Lacey Evans vs Natalya


The bell rang and Lacey took a Side Headlock. Shouldet Tackle by Evans. Go Behind by Nattie but Lacey got free. Slingshot Atomic Drop by Natalya. Lacey took out Nattie’s ankle. She swung Nattie into the ring steps. Ouch!

Nattie kicked out at two but Lacey just pounded Nattie’s face into the canvas. Shinu Numaki variation by Lacey. Handstand Bronco Buster by Lacey for a near fall. Back tothe Shinu Numaki.

Nattie flipped Lacey over but fell to a Swinging Neckbreaker. Nattie pulled Lacey off the ropes. Hard punches by Nattie. The ref had to pull her off. Discus Clothesline by Nattie. 2 count. Lacey kicked out of the Sharpshooter. Lacey raked Nattie’s eyes. Roll Up with the tights.

Your Winner: Lacey Evans
Raw Score: 55

Women’s Right! Lacey pranced around.

John Cena was on Ellen to promote Fit Ops. I respect that. Cena said he will match dontations, up to a million dollars. Cool.

We flashed back to the opening segment, where Brock Lesnar attacked Rey Mysterio and Dominick.

Paul Heyman would not allow Brock Lesnar to speak. He apologized to Rey’s family. Paul blamed Vince McMahon for all this. Paul said Brock is in “Fight Mode”. Heyman said Brock was going to do evil things to Kofi Kngston, on Friday. Heyman was certain that Lesnar would win the WWE Championship on Smackdown. I doubt it.

Maria Kanellis was interviewed. Maria laughed her off. She swore Rusev was not hte daddy. Sasha rushed in and went off on Becky Lynch. Sasha said she would make Becky beg, cry and then tap out.

A white limo pulled in. Who’s in the stretch limo? Vince? HHH? Stephanie? Shane? A surprise returning former champion?

Rusev vs Seth Rollins
Universal Title Match


Randy Orton and King Corbin watched this match. Rusev offered a handshake and used it to take down Seth. Quick kick by Seth. Rollins missed the Curb Stomp. Seth avoided the Accolade. Fallaway Slam by Rusev. Seth rolled out to the floor. Commercial time.

Rusev had a Bear Hug locked in but Seth tried to punch free. Blockbuser by Seth. Lawler was freaking out with the feeling that The Fiend was in the house. The two men traded punches. Seth took the upper hand. Universal into a Sling Blade by Seth. Seth escaped a Suplex and Low Bridged Rusev tothe floor. Suicide Dives by Seth. Seth threw Rusev in and went up top. Rusev rolled through the Crossbody but Seth rolled back. Huge Kick by Rusev. Black Hole Slam by Rusev for a two.

Lawler kept talking about Rusev’s marriage troubles. Superkick by Seth. Rusev blocked a Suplex but still fell to the Falcon Arrow. Impressive.

Superkick but Rusev avoided the Curb Stomp. Springboard but Rusev hit the Superkick. Bobby Lashley made a surprise return! Rusev looked so confused. Lashley called out…Lana!Seriously? I guess she is Lashley’s new manager. Tjhey got all chummy on stage. Rusev looked ready to cry when they kissed. So wrong! I hate seeing thils kind of crap.

Suddenly, the Fiend’s intro did its thing. Fiend attacked Seth,on the floor. Mandible Claw!

Your Winner: Match Thrown Out
Raw Score: N/A

Fiend just chuckled as Seth collapsed at his feet.

Scooter: Your Saints WERE better than my Cowboys (this time)
Mom: Feel better soon
Jean: Thanks for a fun Sunday afternoon
Candy/LeeAnne: Love my girls

–Jay, Candy and LeeAnne

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