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The Raw Score

A weekly recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by your faithful writing team of: “Candy Man” Jay Snannon, Candy Moore and LeeAnne Moore.

“Those who are hardest to love…need it the most”–Socrates

We flashed back to how “The Fiend” attacked Kane, last week. We are live in San Ferancisco, CA, this week.

Seth Rollins came out to “Burn it Down”. He will battle Bray Wyatt at Hell in a Cell. Seth has never felt like he does now. Seth mentioned The Firnd coming to the ring and getting in his face. Seth thought it was a dream, at first, but now he knows it is real. Seth knew how dangerous the Hell in a Cell structure is. Seth wasn’t sure what to do but he would do what he always does…survive and prevail. He talked about recent wins at SummerSlam and Clash of Champions. He was sure he would do the same thing at Hell in a Cell. Seth knew it would not be easy…

Braun Strowman came from the back. They stared each other down, for a moment, and then asked for a microphone. Braun said Seth should say what he had to say to his face. Braun made fun of the new Bray Wyatt persona. Braun wanted Seth to be straight up with him. Braun has problems with Seth losing the tag belts and with Seth not wanting a rematch. Seth said he didn’t want to fight Braun, but he would (since Braun was up in his face). Seth challenged Braun to face him. Braun eagerly accepted.

The Viking Raiders (Ivar and Erik) vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (The O.C.)

Finally, the Vikings get some decent competition. Ok, Hawkins and Ryder were decent but Gallows and Anderson are much better…right now. LeeAnne likes all the face paint. She’s going to be a baby Unicorn for Halloween. Smile.

The O.C. has a new harder-edge theme song. A.J. Styles came out with his “brothers”. Karl started against Erik. Collar and Elbow to the corner. Karl pounded away. German Suplexes by Erik. Ivar took the tag. Knee Strikes by both men. Ivar Crossfaced Karl. Arm Bar by the big Viking. Tag to Erik. Erik slammed Ivar onto Karl. Styles was seriously worrited.

Luke got hte tag and went to the face. Back Drop Suplex to Erik. 1 count, only. Slider Clothesline to Erik. Straight Punch by Erik and tag. Sidewalk Slam to Luke, followed by a Crossbody. Flair Flop by Ivar. Ivar kicked at Styles, which allowed Luke to lay out the bearded beast. The ref ejected Styles. Styles grumbled all the way to the back. Cedric Alexander came out and tore into Styles. Styles took off running and we took off for commercials.

The O.C. were double teaming Ivar, as we rteutned. Luke made himself official and pounded away. Huge Hedbutts by Luke. Ivar fought out of the enemy corner. Senton to Luke. ERik got the hot tag, as did Karl. Controlled Frenzy-like offense by Erik. Tag to Ivar. Corner Splash into Shotgun Knees. Erik threw Ivar into Karl, in the conrer. 2 count.

Tag back to Erik. Luke prevented the double team by the Vikings. Anderson Spinebuster. 1-2-no. Tag back to Luke. Boot o’ Doom. Could be…might be…Denied!

Magic Killer blocked. Tag to Ivar. Cartwheel Clothesline. Superkick by Karl Viking Experience!

Your Winners: The Viking Raiders
Raw Score: 87 out of a possible 100

That was so Old School Butt Whipping. Kudos to both teams, as well as the man running the hsow.

Robert Roode was interviewed, backstage. He was asked about tonight’s Fatal Five Way. Roode mentioned he was the one who pinned Seth so he and Dolph Ziggler could win the tag titles.

We get another Firefly Funhouse, later tonight.

Michael Cole interviewed Becky Lynch. Becky was the one who wanted it to be a Hell in a Cell Match at the next PPV. Cole reminded Becky that Sasha has been in a Hell Match. Becky countered that Banks did NOT win that one. Becky talked about the chair shots from Banks. Becky was ready for anything, in two weeks.

Rusev vs EC3


It was admitted that Rusev is NOT the Baby Daddy. EC3 tore into the big Bulgarian. Kick by EC3. He pounded away on Rusev. Back Elbow by Rusev. Ruseb hit a Black Hole Slam on EC3. Corey Graves mentioned that Lana was nowhere to be seen. Suplex by Rusev. Huge Kick by Rusev. Accolade!

Your Winner (by Submission): Rusev
Raw Score: 66

Rey Mysterio cut a promo. Candy loved the way cool neon blue mask. Rey will be in the Fatal Five Way, later on. He dedicated tonight’s match to his son, Dominick.

Sasha Banks vs Nikki Cross


Bayley was at Banks’ side for this one. Alexa Bliss escorted Nikki to the ring. Corey called Nikki a “Tazmanian Devil”. A cute one. Smile.

Nikki chased Sasha into the ropes and then yelled at Bayley. Collar and Elbow to the corner. Banks unloaded on Nikki with wild Forearms. Cross exploded out of the corner and hit a Shoulder Tackle and Monkey Flip. Basement Dropkick to The Boss. Banks rolled out of the ring.

Banks teased coming in and out of hte ring. Banks threw Nikki down by the hair. Full Mount Punches by Sasha. Roll Up by Nikki and then a Deep Arm Drag. Nikki cranked on the Arm Bar. Float Over into another Arm Drag. Crucifix Roll Up by Cross (pun somewhat intended). 2 counts. Nikki kept the pressure on the arm. Kneelifts by Sasha. Crossbody by Cross. 2 count, again. Banks went to the floor. Nikki jumped on Banks’ back as they went to the floor. Break time.

Watching a commercial for Olive Garden. Jean, my best friend, and I celebrated one year of close friendship, on Sunday. Out “Friend-a-versary” was actually the week before but we had dinner at church. Love you, so very much…from all three of us.

Banks had Nikki in a Cross Tie. Nikki used her backside to bump free. Nikki with Headbutts to Sasha’s mid-sectin. Double Knees failed Banks. Jumping Knee to Nikki’s face and then hit the Double Knees. 2 count.

Sasha drove her weight into Nikki’s back. Seated Octopus by Sasha. Sasha Boot Washed Nikki, over and over. Nikki got free and threw hard shots. Back Elbow and Kick by Nikki. Sasha crashed into the corner. Running Forearms by Nikki. Corner Splash into the Bulldog by Cross. Ein…Zwei…Nein.

Double Knees by Sasha. 2 count. Nikki’s knee had been snapped into the ropes. Snap Mare and Sasha cranked on the hurt leg. Step Over Toehold by Sasha. Reminds me of Dory Funk, Jr. Nikki kicked out. Sasha was slung into the corner, shoulder first. Sasha fell out of the ring.

Slide Through Dropkick by Nikki. Crossbody, off the apron, by Cross. Bayley checkedon her best friend. Banks was thrown back in the ring. In Ropes Neckbreaker. Modified Sling Blade for a two. Nikki was getting frustrated. Banks avoided the Cross Cut Neckbreaker and laid out Nikki. Dropkick sent Nikki to the floor. Nikki caught Sasha in the ring skirt and went all Finlay on her. Smile.

Back in the ring, Nikki kicked away and tried for a Tornado DDT. It failed. Cross Cut Neckbreaker. Bayley diestracted the ref. Alexa beat on Bayley and threw her into the Bullpen. Nikki went up top and hit the Crossbody. Banks rolled through and applied the BankStatement. Tap Out.

Your Winner (by Submission): Sasha Banks
Raw Score: 84

Banks then attacked Bliss and clamped on the BankStatement.

Seeing these talented women brought to mind another fantastic female talent, in her own field. Cokie Roberts, a true trailblazer in female journalism, lost her battle with cancer, last week. We all want to thank her for being her and for bringing women’s journalism to a whole new level.

The O.C. all bickered about Cedric Alexander and others. Styles will be in the Fatal Five Way, later on, and all three were confident that Styles will win.

Well, we have fantastic news to share. Jay met with his surgeon, Dr. Gupta, today. Gupta has asked for a few more tests but he thinks Jay will be an almost ideal candidate for Kidney Transplant Surgery. We are now beginning the search for a donor. If we can find a live donor, Jay will get his kidney by the first of the year (most likely). If he waits for a deceased donated kidney, he could be on the waiting list for 3-5 years. Please keep your prayers coming for him. Thanks (Candy and LeeAnne). Sadly, me and my daughter are the wrong blood type.

Next week, Brock Lesnar will return to Raw. It is the “Season Premiere”. The Street Profits stepped in in to do their typical push of the various storylines and such. I’m growing to like these guys. They brought up the Baby Daddy storyline. Miz came in to make two announcements. Maryse gave birth to their second child, Madison. Miz said MizTV will return next week, with Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair. Huge congrats to the happy couple.

Kofi Kingston will fight Brock Lesnar on the premiere of Smackdown on Fox, in a couple weeks. Kofi will be defending the WWE Title, that night. Brock is now being called the “Dream Crusher”.

Time for LeeAnne to take her pup, Hermione, out to go potty. The Funhouse is up, after this match.

Lacey Evans vs Ember Moon


Ember should so be a champion, by now. Maybe I’m a bit prejudiced since we are both from Dallas. Grin.

Lacey threw her hanky at Moon. Ember nailed a solid Dropkick for a two. Lacey pulled the multi-colored hair. Flip Over by Moon. Springboard Crossbody by Moon. Lacey kicked Moon away. Lacey threw Moon down to the canvas. Sling Around Dropkick by Evans. Moon landed hard on the rfloor.

Lacey rolled back in the ring. Natalya was watching, on the monitor. Rear Chin Lock by Evans. Evans used the arm to take Moon down. Ember rolled tothe corner. Handtand Bronco Buster by Lacey to pull a two. Crossfaces by Lacey. Shinu Numaki by Evans. Ember turned it into a huge Samoan Drop. Clothesline and kicks by Ember. She had blocked the Women’s Right in the process. Hard punch by Moon. Leg Sweep by Evans. Lacey missed a 619. Moon hit a wild Stunner, off the apron, upside down. 2 count. That was flippin’ awesome!

Moon headed up top but got caught. Woman’s Right. Moon tumbled from the turnbuckles. Sharpshooter! Evans kind of fell over but Moon still tapped out. Nattie was hot, in the back.

Your WInner (by Submsiion): Lacey Evans
Raw Score: 80

Natalya was asked about Evans using the Sharpshooter. Nattie said that Lacey hasn’t learned it and when they fight, next time, Lacey WILL tap out.

Firefly Funhouse:

Bray put up a picture of Kane, complete with drawings. The Rabbit and the Pig were fussing at each other. They were fighting over a Seth action figure. This was just goofy. Bray said not to be too attached to things. Rabbit didn’t want The Fiend to hurt Seth. Bray said “He” wants to protect Seth. Bray did a Solomon kind of thing and broke the figure in half. Bray got all serious and The Fiend’s face came up. “See You in Hell!”. Whatever.

Ok, Scooter. My Cowboys vs Your Saints, this Sunday.

The announcers talked about the new NXT show. It was a great show.

Not fair. AEW, NXT and Masked SInger on the same night.

R-Truth and Carmella ran down to the ring. Several people rushed down. Carmella told them to back off, at least until she could talk. Carmella was tired of constantly running. This has been going on for four months, now. Truth started talking about Pennywise in one of his weird rants. Carmella said she was done. They hugged. Carmella rolled him up! She is the new champion! Truth grinned at his friend and helped her celebrate. They ran away when several women ran down to confront Carmella. Too funny.

Banks and Bayley talked about the upcoming Hell in a Cell Match. Banks said she would beat “The Man”.

King Corbin came out to his new regal theme music. He got new graphics, as well. The cape looks like comething out of a bad 60′s sitcom.

King (Baron) Corbin vs Chad Gable


We got a video package about the new King. We still aren’t his biggest fans but he is getting so much better. Honesty is what we try to put out there.

Speaking of things to put out there, we are sending out our deepest love to Jay’s niece, Sarah. She is scheduled to finally bring her baby daughter, Maisin Jospehine Lane, into the world, later this week. Little Laney is coming into a family with so much love to give.

Shinsuke Nakamura and Sami Zayn talked prior to the Fatal Five Way. Sami was playing cheerleader. Nakamura said something in Japanese that we didn’t quite catch.

Back to the action…

We flashed back to how Chad Gable kicked COrbin’s behind during the coronation ceremony on Smackdown. Chad destroyed the throne, robe and scepter. They had to be replaced. The new robe is Wolf skin.

Chad is from the wrestling superstate of Minnesota. Corbin got on the stick an dsaid this wouldn’t take long. Ifn fact, it would be “short”. A shot at Chad’s height. He called for hte bell, in a moment.

Chad was not amused at the wasting of time by the “King”. Chad threw a wild punch and hard kicks. Go Behind by Chad. Gable tripped Corbin and then clamped on the Go Behing. Chad was thrown out of the ring. Crossface/Keylock by the King. Chad got to his feet an dpunched away. Hammer Throw by Corbin. King clubbed the back of Chad. KIng ran Chad intothe corner. Float Over into a Spinning Arm Drag. Neckbreaker by Chad and Corbin bailed out of the ring. Chad threw a hard punch. Corbin slammed hin into the ring steps. Chad was thrown out into the crowd. Two security guards were taken out. Break.

Chad and Corbin exchanged hard shots. Outside In Clothesline by the King. 2 count. Corbin dropped serious elbows into Chad’s neck/shoulder. Keylock again.

Chad punched the ribs. Hammer Throw by King. 2 count, once again. Corbin has an issue with the ref. King sat Chad on the turnbuckle. Chad rolled down Corbin’s back and hit a Springboard Crossbody. Punches and Uppercuts by Chad. Back Kick by Gable. Big Boot by Corbin for a two. Both men were exhausted, at this point.

Corner Clothesline by Corbin. The King got all cocky and hit another Clothesline. He is now being called the Wolf King. OK. He wasted so much time and paid for it. Rolling Kicks by Chad. Corbin went down like a sack of concrete. Corbin tipped Gable and dropped him. 2 count. Corbin could not believe it.

The ref stood up to the King. Chad kicked away on HIs Highness. Sunset Flip by Gable. Chokeslam by Corbin. 1-2-Kick Out! Chad threw more hard shots. Corbin stopped him and flew off the ropes. He failed and caught himself on the top rope. German Suplex and Moonsault by Chad for a oh-so-near fall. That was impressive. Both men were spent and fought to get to their feet. Goozle by Corbin but Chad escaped. He got past End of Days and cinched in the Ankle Lock. Corbin reached and got his scepter. He smacked Chad with it.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Chad Gable
Raw Score: 88 (a few points dropped because of the ending)

Corbin kept using his scepter as a weapon on Gable. He retrieved his crown and robe and put them on. The crown looks a lot like our rings (yes, I said it).

We got another promo about the Authors of Pain. THank the stars, they have reclaimed their original team name. They talked in foreign languages, complete with subtitles. They went out in the hall and began to attack others. They returned to chat, a little more.

Rey Mysterio vs A.J. Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura vs Robert Roode vs Ricochet

Fatal Five Way Elimination Match to determine the number one contender to the Universal Title


There was a quick interview with Ricochet, before the match. He felt this was his time to soar. He wanted to prove that Superheroes can be real and his time had come. He then headed to the ring. By the way, I believe Ricochet and Rey have fought before (when Ricochet was Prince Puma). I’m not 100% on that one.

Michael Cole hoped to see Styles vs Rollins, next week. Nakamura vs Rollins might steal the show. Sami Zayn came out with Shinsuke.

Roode bailed out and let the other four fight. Rey almost pinned Ricochet. Rey clocked Roode and Ricochet hit a Dropkick. Ricochet hit a Springboard Moonsault. Flip DIve by Ricochet, on the opposite side of the ring. Cut to commercial.

Nakamura got rocked by Ricochet with a Flip Kick. Springboad Dropkick to Styles by Ricochet. A.J. hit a huge Clothesline as Ricochet hit hte floor. Roode tried to overpower Rey. Rey was thrown out and onto Ricochet. Styles picked up Ricochet and threw him back in the ring. Roode pounded on Ricochet. Styles and Roode got into a shoving match. We got a huge “TNA” chant. Styles and Roode took turns pounding on Ricochet. Styles with a Pele to Roode. Roode kicked out at two.Scoop Slam of Ricochet by Styles. Nakamura pulled Styles ontothe apron. Running Knee Strike. These two had huge wars in Japan. Face Plant by Nakamura to Ricochet.

Knee Strikes by Nakamura. He put Ricochet up top and hit the Running Knee to the ribs. Ricochet with a Step Up Enziguri. Rey with the Seated Senton to Nakamura. Ricochet blocked a Tornado DDT and almost pinned Rey. Styles rushed in and attacked. Corner Clothesline to Ricochet. Huge Dropkick by Ricochet. Jawbreaker to Roode. Ricochet with a Springboard Flying Clothesline and Recoil. Nakamura nailed his Finisher Knee Strike to send Ricochet to the back.


Nakamura caught Rey on the ropes and hit a hard strike. They set up and hit he Tower of Doom! Love that move. Roode tried to pin Rey and then Shinsuke and Styles. He failed on all three attempts. Styles was thrown out of the ring. Roode attacked Nakamura with vicious Knife Edge Chops. Irish Whip but Nakamura moved out of the way. Nakamura flew off the ropes and hit a brutal Knee Strike. 2 count. Styles came in and attacked Nakamura. Slider Knee by Nakamura for a two. Both men went for finishers but failed. Rey with a Crossbody to Nakamura. Nakamura was nailed with the 619. Styles jumped Rey and hit a Butterfly Suplex on the apron. Styles clocked Roode and then hithte Phenominal Forearm on Nakamura.

Shinsuke Nakamura–Eliminated

Glorious DDT!

A.J. Styles–Eliminated

Rey was down on the floor. Roode went out and got him. Roode wasted way too much time posing. Rey rolled up Roode after blocking the Glorious DDT. Double R Spinebuster. 2 but no more.

Roode was fuming mad. Shoulder and Enziguri by Rey. Roode blocked the Seated Senton. Roode ended up in the ropes. 619! Frog Splash!

Your WInner: Rey Mysterio
Raw Score: 85

Next week: Seth Rollins vs Rey Mysterio for the Universal Title!

Seth was interviewed, backstage. He was asked about facing Rey Mysterio. He thought Rey really earned his shot. Seth felt that match was a Bucket List level of match. Seth wasn’t happy about what he was dealing with, over the next few weeks. Seth was as confident as he could be for the pending trio of big matches.

We got a preview of next week.

Braun Strowman vs Seth Rollins
Non-Title Match


Seth darted around the much bigger opponent. Kicks by the Universal champion to Braun. Strowman caught hte foot and punched Seth down. Shoulder Tackles by Braun. The ref checked on Seth. Seth slipped into a Sleeper but was thrown off, almost immediately. We took a final break.

Bear Hug by Braun as we returned. Dropkick to Braun’s knee. He went for the Pedigree but couldn’t connect. Braum ram around the ring but couldn’t connect with the Freight Train. He did hit a huge Headbutt and a Corner Splash. Boots Up bu Seth. Strowman hit hte corner. Chop Block by Seth. Seth slammed the knee into the ring post, multiple times. Knee Trembler by Seth. Superkick by Rollins but a one count. Sleeper by Seth. Braun got to his feet and Back Ran Seth into the corner. Big Boots by Seth. Blockbuster! 2 count, again.

Seth went to the Penthouse and hailed an amazing Frog Splash. He hit a 2nd one. 1-2-kick out! Dang! Seth Tuned Up the Band. Braun blocked the Stomp and ended up outside. Suicide Dives by Seth. Braun was down. Seth stumbled on the thrid Suicide Dive. Chokeslam by Braun. Freight Train by Braun. He hit it again. Bulldog Bounce, on the floor. Braun tossed Seth back in the ring.

Braun lifted up Seth for another Bulldog Bounce. The Fiend’s entrance “music” hit! Really? Mandible Claw to Braun! Strowman eventually collapsed and screamed. Fiend scooted over and stared at a frightened Seth Rollins. He was in pure terror. Fiend reapplied the Mandible Claw to Braun and cackled like Aunt Maggie Hamilton.

Your Winner: Match Thrown Out
Raw Score: 75

Bray’s eerie laughter took us to the end of the show.

Jenny: Those kids love you. Thank you for being a great teacher
Jean: Loved the past year as besties
Candy: Soon, my love, so very soon


–Jay, Candy and LeeAnne

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