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A weekly recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by your writing team of: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon, Candy and LeeAnne Moore

“Believe you can and you are halfway there”-Teddy Roosevelt

Tonight, Chad Gable and Baron Corbin will battle it out to determine the newest Kingof the Ring. In addition, the pieces will begin to fall into place for the pending Hell in a Cell PPV.

We hate when we lose our heroes. Jay lost two of his favorites, over the past few days. Eddie Money and Ric Ocasek (The Cars) both left us. Jay spent several years as a bassist/keyboardist, back in the 80s. He played covers of both men’s tunes. The three of us send our sympathies out to the familes, friends and fans of these two great stars.

Seth Rollins came out, limping. He defeated Braun Strowman, on Sunday, only to be attacked by The Fiend. Seth and Braun did drop the tag straps to Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode.

Seth didn’t need to lay the blame as to who lost their tag belts (he did). Seth wanted to show respect to Braun. He talked about how brutal Braun was towards him. Seth talked about the 4 Stomps and the Pedigree. He thanked Hunter for teaching him that one. Seth was glad he didn’t have to deal with an auto-rematch. Seth then talked about being attacked. The fans began the “Yowie Wowie” chant. We saw stills of the new Bray Wyatt persona. Seth made it official that he will face Bray at Hell in a Cell.

The Firefly Funhouse popped up on the Tron. Bray said Seth would be his future best friend. Bray was glad that Seth was ok. The Rabbit told Seth to run. Bray began to discuss “Seth’s mistakes. “Friends forgive but HE never forgets”. Bray hinted that The Fiend just might show up, later tonight. “See you in Hell, Seth” was the final words of Bray Wyatt. Bizarre.

Braun Strowman walked backstage. He was interviewed as to why was he there. Braun wanted to fight someone…next.

NXT joins the USA Network, this Wednesday. Hour One will be on USA, while Hour Two will be on the Nework.

Ziggler and Roode strolled from the back, wearing their newly-won Raw Tag Team Championsihps. This was a tag team summit, whatever that is. They were joined by the new Smackdown tag champs, The Revival. Those four belts are right up there with ugliest belts in wrestling history.

Roode got on the stick and said no one could believe he and Dolph would join forces. Roode took a shot at Michael Cole, basically calling him a “know-it-all”.

Braun Strowman stomred from the back. All four men looked nervous. Dash and Dawson charged into  Braun. He quickly laid them out. Rodoe bailed out of the ring. Braun almost kicked Dolph’s head off. Freight Trains to all but Roode. Roode was having a major hissy fit.

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross chatted, backstage. They were the only tag team to retain their belts, last night. Alexa said they would show Banks and Bayley how inferior they were to the tag champs.

A.J. Styles’ music hit and the O.C. made an appearance.

Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and A.J. Styles vs Cedric Alexander, Erik and Ivar
Six-Man Tag Team Match


I really wish they would create the Six Man Titles. Lucha House Party, O.C., New Day, Rowan/Harper/Strowman, etc… could be the core of the division.

Styles started against Cedric. They had a huge match, on Sunday. Cedric just ripped into Styles with a fury like we haven’t seen. Jumping Knee by Cedric and a huge Punt. Styles fell intothe enemy corner. Tag to Erik.  Huge Knee Strike. Tag to Karl. Erik caught Karl and Ivar gothte tag. Erik slammed Ivar onto Karl. 2 count. Arm Bar by Ivar. Tag back to Erik. Luke also took a tag.

Huge kick and clubbing blows by Luke. Erik with multiple Knee Strikes. Shotgun Knees failed Erik. Erik was thrown out to the floor. Karl and Styles worked over Erik. We took a break.

Karl had Erik in a Side Headlock as we returned. Karl let go and smacked Cedric. Knee Strike by Erik. Tag to Ivar.  Side Slam and Crossbody to Luke. Senton Drop to Styles. Cartwheel and shot to Karl. Tag to Cedric. Gallows Pole to Ivar. Backspring Enziguri by Cedric. Tag to Styles. Phenominal Forearm.

Your Winners: The O.C.
Raw Score: 88 out of a possible 100

It broke down into complete chaos, post match. Ivar flew off the top with a wicked Flip. Styles got caught on the top turnbuckle. Cedric beat on the U.S. champ. Dang, he went wild. Styles blocked a Rana and hit a Styles Clash, off the ropes.

They discussed the 24/7 champion, R-Truth. We saw a video package of Truth and Carmella at a museum. Glenn Jacobs (aka Kane) came in to talk with Truth and Carmella. He is the mayor of Knoxville, TN. So cool.

Baron Corbin vs Chad Gable
King of the Ring Tournament Finals


Chad was wearing Regal Purple, this week. We all three really want him to win. Corbin was almost a full foot taller than Chad.

Collar and Elbow. Go Behind and Standing Switch. Baron popped Chad. Knuckle Lock and Chad went for the ankle. Corbin got to the ropes, quickly. Front Face Lock by Chad. Forearm Smash by Baron. Corbin got all cocky. Go Behind but Baron got to the ropes. Clubbing blows to the back of Gable. Chad was sent into the corner and Baron kicked away.

Kneelift by Baron. Chad tipped Baron but Corbin kicked away. Wild Dropkick sent Baron, backwards, over the ropes. Gable was flipped into the Bullpen. Break time.

Gable barely got back in the ring. He was exhausted. 2 count. Elbows to Chad’s neck led to a Keylock by Baron. Chad turned into Baron and rose. Hard punches by Chad. Outside In Clothesline by Corbin. 1-2-not just yet. Corbin was ticked that it wasn’t over.

Corbin pushed Chad into the ropes and clubbed the back of his neck. Chad began to fight back and hit a huge Forearm. Big Boot by Baron. Hammer Throw by Corbin. Chad just collapsed. Forearms by Baron and Chad fell into a Fujiwara Arm Bar, over the ropes. Corbin lifted Chad and slammed him. 2 count.

Keylock by Corbin with a Crossface. Chad punched teh ribs but got clubbed in the back of the head. Chad piqued the ankle and cinched in the Ankle Lock. Baron punched away. He rushed and struck the ring post. The fans were almost 100% behind Chad. Gable went up top to hit a Missile Dropkick. Chad looked like a young Ricky Steamboat as he crawled up to his feet. Rolling  Cannonball Kicks by  Chad. Awesome. Powerslam by Corbin to pull a two plus.

Baron threw Chad into the barricade, numerous times. Corbin broke the count and then went back out to attack. It failed as Baron launched himself into the steel ring steps. The ref started his count but both men beat the count. Chad slammed Baron’s leg intothe ring post, over and over. Dropkick to Baron’s shin. Chad blasted Baron’s jaw, so many times. Deep Six! 2 count, once again.

Outside In Clothesline led to the Roling German by Chad. Could be…might be…Denied. Chad went to the Penthouse but missed the Moonsault. Ankle Lock! Gapevine! Baron shrieked like a banshee but made it to the ropes.

Chad went right back to the ankle. End of Days! 1-2-3! Damn!

Your Winner: Baron Corbin
Raw Score: 96

The Street Profits were hosting the Gender Reveal Party for Mike and Maria. They already have a little girl. Maryse should be giving birth to her and Miz’s new little girl at any time. Our household is waiting for little Maisin (we thought she was coming last Friday).

We were back at the Reveal Party. Mike and Maria came in to reveal HER baby’s gender. It is a boy. Mike was tickled blue.

Maria said Ricochet was the true daddy of the new baby. Mike told Ricochet to meet him in the ring. Oh Snap! The Profits joked one of them could have been the daddy. They made fun of Maria, big time.

Ricochet vs Mike Kanellis
Special Challenge Match


Ricochet said he was not the daddy. Renee was enjoying Ricochet’s backside. Someone call Jon Moxley. LOL. Mike tried to rush Ricochet, a couple times. Mike slapped and punched and kicked Ricochet. Superkick by Ricochet. Sling Blade! Kick to Mike’s face. Springboard Clothesline by Ricochet. Recoil!

Your Winner: Ricochet
Raw Score: 55

Michael Cole broke Kayfabe, a little, when he referred to Ricochet by his given name “Trevor”.

We were back in the Funhouse. Bray was hanging pictures on the wall. He called it his “Wall of Friendship”. Bray wanted to go find some more friends. Uh Oh. Time for the little one to get ready for a break from wrestling for the night.

Mike and Maria were having a fight. Maria admitted she lied about Ricochet being the daddy. Maria was reading him the riot act. Maria said she was going to reveal the true father…RUSEV! He has lost the beard. No Lana.

Rusev vs Mike Kanellis


MIke backed up and tried to chat. Mike admitted he was having a really bad day. Mike didn’t even care if Rusev was the dad. He tried to leave but Rusev blocked his escape. Foot Race. Mike tripped. Clothesline by Rusev. Mike was thrown intothe barricade and ring edge. Mike was sent into the Bullpen.  Rusev tossed Mike into the ring and stomped away, many times.  Superkick by Rusev. Accolade!

Your Winner (by Submission): Rusev
Raw Score: 40

Smackdown will be moving to Friday Night, when it jumps to Fox Sports.

Jacobs and Truth were still out on tour of the area. They went to the local college football stadium. Glenn brought in a local cop to see Truth. The cop turned into a ref. Truth tried to leave the arena but ran into the uprights. Mayor Jacobs pinned R-Truth. Too funny.

Banks and Bayley got all set to fight the tag champs.

So, Glenn Jacobs is the new 24/7 champ. Doing some quick research to see if anyone else has held gold, in WWE, under multiple names. Maybe Scott Hall and Kevin Nash but I have to look a bit deeper.

Corbin will get his coronation, on Smackdown.

Rey Mysterio vs Cesaro


Cesaro talked trash and said he was going to beat Dominick, eventually.  Rey tore into Cesaro, before the bell. European Uppercut by Cesaro as the bell rang. Snap Suplex to Rey. Elbow Drop and Pin Attempt by Cesaro. 1 count, only. Rey looked stunned. Hammer Throw.

European Uppercut, again. Gut Wrench but Rey turned it into a Head Scissors. Cesaro hit hte ring post. Cesaro used a European Uppercut to block a Tope Suicida. Rey fought out of a Suplex to the floor. Modified 619 to Cesaro’s back. Tope DDT by Rey. Commercials inserted here.

Clothesline by Cesaro for a two. Rear Clutch by Cesaro. Rey worked Cesaro’s ribs. Rey threw a shoudler in and tried for a Springboard. Another European Uppercut stopped that. Springboard Senton by Cesaro. 2 count. Cesaro applied a Rear Chin Lock. Springboard Crossbody but Cesaro rolled through. Crucifix Driver by Rey. (love that move).

Kick by Rey. Standing Switch. Springboard Tornado DDT. Crippler Crossface, after a Big Boot, by Cesaro. Step Up Enziguri by Rey. 619 failed. Cesaro flipped Rey around and hit a version of the Go To Sleep. Rey barely kicked out at 2.

Three Amigos failed Cesaro and the Swiss Superman ended up in the ropes. 619. Destroyer by Rey to take this one.

Your Winner: Rey Mysterio
Raw Score: 83

Curious what name Dominick will take. Dominick? Dominick Mysterio? Dominick Guerrero (remember that storyline just before Eddie passed away?)

Again, we returned to the Funjouse. Bray posted a picture of Seth, which was defamed with red paint. We kept seeing clips of The Fiend over Bray’s face.

I so want to see the new animated Addams Family. Maybe a double feature date with Candy to see that and IT part 2.

The WWE is doing a Draft. It will be the week-end that Candy and I will be together.

We saw the return of the Authors of Pain. They spoke in a language that I was not familiar with I don’t do subtitles. It is unclear which show they are going to compete on.

Bayley and Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross
Non-Title Match


Becky Lynch got a $ 10,000 fine for striking a ref, last night. She did retain her Raw Women’s title.

Bliss and Bayley started this one. Bayley quickly tagged out. Banks and Bayley kept tagging. Alexa tore into Bayley. Bayley ran Bliss into the corner. Bliss kicked Bayley in the face and nailed a modified Destroyer.  Bliss flipped off the aprong to take out Banks and Bayley. She tossed Bayley back in the ring for a twoc ount.

Tag to Nikki. Double Team on Bayley. Dropkick by Cross for a two. Kneelift by Bayley. Nikki was thrown onto the apron.Tag to Banks. Double team on Cross.

Snap Suplex by Sasha. Banks taunted Nikki to try and tag out. Whip by Banks. Kick by Nikki. Hot Tag failed when Bayley pulled Alexa off the apron. Bliss was thrown into the ring steps. Bayley slammed Bliss’ leg into hte ring steps.  Banks stomped away on Nikki. Medics came from the back to check on Alexa as we cut to break.

Royal Rumble will be in Houston, next year (2020). Maybe the three of us will get to go.

Bayley with a Side Headlock. Bliss is now out of this match. Clothesline by Bayley. Tag to Banks. Boot Choke by Banks. Cross was whipped to the corner. Poetry in Motion by the Boss and Hug Connection. Nikki with a Spear off Banks’ back. Nikki was thrown out of hte ring. Tag to Bayley.

Nikki trapped Banks in the ring skirt and pounded away. Bayley was sent intothe barricade. Nikki went up top to hit the Crossbody, from the top. 2 count. Clotheslines by Cross. Corner Splash and Running Bulldog by Nikki. Slider Dropkick to Banks. Bayley got rolle dup for a two. Cross was sent into the enemy corner. Tornado DDT by Nikki. Cross Cut Neckbreaker but Sasha made the save. Tag to Sasha. Inside Cradle . BankStatement! Tap Out!

Your Winners (by Submission): Sasha Banks and Bayley
Raw Score: 70

Banks went and got a steel chair. Becky Lynch’s music hit and The Man came out with her own chair. Chair Fight! Bayley came in with her own chair. Charlotte Flair came out to aid Becky!. She kicked a chair into Bayley’s face and then bashed her with it. Becky cracked the chair across Banks’ back. I want a Double Chair Match!

I got a great e-mail for one of my long-time friends, Frank Mack. He read, last week, about my upcoming Kidney Transplant. I wanted to publically thank him for his friendship and support. Wednesday, I go for the next round of Pre-Testing. Next Monday, I meet with the surgeon. Then it is just a waiting game. Of course, my dear loves will be at my side when I finally do have the surgery. I have two beautiful souls that I consider “Sisters” (Sunny and Jean). Plus, Candy will be there to hold my hand. Add my actual sisters, B.B. and Jo, and I will have so much love around me that things will go swimmingly. Smile.

Banks was rubbing her neck and she went off on Becky. She challenges Becky to face her in a Hell in a Cell match at the next PPV. Amazing!

We went back to see Mayor Jacobs. R-Truth was on the roof of the limo. Truth rolled up Jacobs and got hsi title back. Goozle by Jacobs. Truth said Jacobs needed to focus on his political position. Jacobs agreed and decided to go enjoy the show. I loved that.

Becky Lynch loved the fight, last night. Becky acknowledged her 10 Grand fine. Becky wants to destroy Banks at Hell in a Cell.

Lacey Evans strolled out, looking darn good.

Lacey Evans vs Dana Brooke


Lacey tore into Dana at the bell.  Dana threw Lacey down by the leg. Dana ran Lacey into the corner and threw wild punches. Handspring Elbow by Dana to get a two. Lacey rolled out to the floor. Dana threw chops and punches.

Leg Sweep by Lacey. She rammed Dana’s face intot he ring apron. Spin Around Dropkick by Lacey to get a two. Body Twist by Lacey. Dana used her knees to get free. Clotheslines by Dana led to a Slam. Lacey got hte knees up on Dana. Woman’s Right! Sharpshooter!

Your Winner (by Submission): Lacey Evans
Raw Score: 74

The announcers pushed the debut of NXT on USA. Velveteen Dream vs Roderick Strong will be the main event on the new show.

Seth Rollins warmed up, in the back.

Seth Rollins vs Robert Roode
Non-Title Match

Hell in a Cell will be in one of my favorite places, Sacramentio, CA. Dolph came out with his tag team partner.

Go Behind by Roode. Seth quickly took back the advantage. Shoulder Tackle by Roode. Hip Toss and Arm Drags by Seth. Knee Strikes by Roode, followed by Knife Edge Chops. Scoop Slam and Flying Knee by Seth. Kitchen Sink by Roode. Corner Shoulder by the tag champ. Roode has grown back his beard. Better look. La Bandera Clothesline by Seth. Dolph distracted Seth and got chased around ringside. Roode tried to Pearl Harbor but failed. Flying Knee Trembler to Roode, off the apron. Robert was thrown back in the ring.

Roode knocked Seth off the apron. Dolph got a cheap shot in. Front Drop Suplex onto the barricade by Roode. Break time, yet again.

Seated Bear Hug by Roode. Seth got loose and hit a Knife Edge Chop. Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker by Roode. Roode pitched Seth tothe outside. Superkick to Dolph, who was trying to get involved. Seth ran Roode intot he barricade. Sling Blade. Roode tossed Seth onto the apron. Falcon Arrow by Seth. Seth headed up top. Roode caught him and cracked him in the face. Seth slid out of the Superplex and nailed a Buckle Bomb. Curb Stomp. Dolph rushed in, pulling the DQ.

Your Winner (by Disqualification); Seth Rollins
Raw Score: 82

A.J. Styles and the O.C. rushed down to the ring to attack Seth. Superkick by Dolph. Magic Killer to Rollins. Styles Clash to the Universal Champion. All 5 stomped away on Seth. This was a brutal mugging. Superkick to Seth.

Kane’s music hit and the Demon Kane returned. He tore through everyone in sight. Chokeslams! He sure changed outfits fast.

Suddenly, the lights went out. Guess who? Yep, the Fiend. Mandible Claw! He took down the Mayor, big time. I hate Bray’s new “music”. It is almost as annoying as Scott Steiner’s old theme. Fiend then slitehred over to stare down Seth Rollins. Creepy end for the night.

The Firefly Funhouse theme got all creepy as we ended for the night.

Frank: Thanks, my dear friend for the kind words.
Jean: Lunch was so great on Sunday
Candy: Feel better my sweet love


–Jay Shannon

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