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The Raw Score

A weekly recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by your Monday Night Trio of “Candy Man” Jay Shannon, Candy and LeeAnne Moore.

“Happiness is not an ideal of reason but of imagination”–Immanueal Kant

We want to start, this week, with special birthday wishes to three good friends of Jay. Paul Isadora, Shane and Shannon Ballard all celebrated birthdays, on Monday. The Ballards had a great career inside the squared circle and now are two of the best trainers in the business. Jay’s had the honor of working with all three great men. We wish them all the best.

Clash of Champions is this coming Sunday. My girls were supposed to join me, live, to enjoy the show. Sadly, unseen circumstances have them staying at home, this week. We’ll watch it together, linked by Ma Bell (ok, Metro and Cricket).We will find out who will represent Raw in the King of the RIng finals. Also, Stone Cold will be in the house to moderate the contract signing between Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman.

Welcome to the Mecca…Madison Square Garden…New York City. The House that Bruno Built.

The glass crashed and the Texas Rattlesnake came from the back. Yep, Steve Austin opened the show. Later tonight, he will join “Fluffy” Gabriel Iglesias on h is own show. We all like Austin’s new shirt. My girls love skulls, as do I. Austin called for his special brew. He downed a duo of beer and then snatched up the microphone.

He worked the crowd like the pro he has always been. This was the first time, in 20 years, that Austin has been in MSG. He gave us a history lesson about his legendary match against Bret Hart. He also mentioned hitting Vince McM, ahon with the very first Stunner in that ring. He also talked about the Highway to Hell match with Undertaker. Austin’s very first opponent, years ago, was a masked man who would later become Undertaker. I have that match on DVD and I was there that night.Austin was ready to get the signing started.

He first brought out Braun Strowman (“A big, bad Sum B*tch”). Braun offered his hand to Austin, who was reluctant to shake it. Austin then called out “Seth Freakin’ Rollins”. Austin has gone on record as a huge Rollins fan. Austin did end up shaking hands with both men. Seth tried to stir the pot but it wasn’t working. Seth bragged about how great he is and got some rare boos. Seth signed the contract, right away. Braun Marked out to Austin but then remembered that Stone Cold is still a Rattlesnake. Braun stole Austin’s “Open a can of Whoop *ss” catchphrase. He signed the contract and then…

The O.C. showed up. A.J. poked fun at Austin’s character with a bad impression. Styles warned Austin to stay out of this. The crowd broke out the “What” chants. Styles was really ticked off at the disrespect. Austin told Styles to put some bass in his voice. A.J. told Austin to shut up. Not a good idea. Austin picked up on the crowd and said “You got about 18,000 people calling you an *ssh*le”. Styles called Austin the same thing. He also called Steve an “Old Fart”. The fans started chanting “Soccer Mom” towards Styles. Austin moved the table out of the way. Steve  sent Braun and Seth after the O.C.. Freight Train to Luke. STUNNER TO STYLES! Ok, I now have no hearing in my right ear as my two loves just exploded with cheers for Stone Cold. Austin had a couple more beers and headed to the back. Styles couldn’t believe what just happened.

Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair will fight Sasha Banks and Bayley, later on tonight. Speaking of fantastic ladies, we lost one of my favorite acresses, last week. Carol Lynley, who was one of the stars of The Poseidon Adventure. She was 77.

Cedric Alexander vs A.J. Styles
Non-Title Match


Cedric rushed the ring and attacked as the bell rang.  Huge Hammer Throw by Cedric. Clothesline, on the floor, to the back of Styles’ head. Cedric ran Styles into the barricade. Knife Edge Chop by Cedric. Corner Shoulders by Cedric. He wasted a lot of time. Float Over into a Head Scrissors and Dropkick by Cedric. 2 count.

Running European Uppercut by Cedric. Front Face Lock. Styles escaped a Suplex and then went on the attack. Strikes by Styles to rock the younger man. Backstpring Enziguri by Cedric. Tope Con Hilo by Cedric. That was a nasty landing. He was limping as he got back to his feet.

Styles tried to run away but failed. He snapped Cedric’s arm over the top rope. Arm Drop sent us to commercial.

Rear Chin Lock by Styles but Cedric battled free. Styles stayed focused on Cedric’s injured shoulder. Huge Knife Edge Chops by Cedric. Crescent Kick by Styles. Michinoku Driver by Cedric. 1-2-kick out. Back Elbow by Cedric to the face of the champ.  Step Up Enziguri by Cedric. Gallows and Anderson attacked Cedric. DQ.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Cedric Alexander
Raw Score: 88 out of a possible 100

Erik and Ivar rushed out to destroy the O.C. group. Candy just loves those two monsters. I like them, as well. Cedric helped to clean house. Viking Experience to Karl Anderson!

Sasha and Bayley were backstage. Sasha made fun of Charlotte and Becky. Elsewhere, Charlotte and Becky got ready to fight. They don’t trust each other. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Firefly Funhouse preview. Bray had all his puppets in tow. Ok, LeeAnne will have to take a break, shortly. We don’t let her watch that Funhouse stuff.

Next Wednesday, NXT comes to USA!

I’ve had a lot of good people ask me how my health is going. I am thrilled to announce that I am halfway through testing for my kidney transplant. When I have that surgery, I will likely been on a brief vacation. Smile.  Thanks for all who have asked. It means a lot. I’ll keep you all updated. My girls will be at my side when I have the surgery, but that may be months from now.

The announcers talked about Connor’s Cure and sent it to a video package.

Roman Reigns’ music struck and he walked out in a Connor’s Cure t-shirt. He’s lost a ton of weight. He gave the fans credit for his healing. He now has a new perspective about life. He talked about visting a hospital in New York to visit some special kids. He brought out several of the kids to showcase their stories. This segment had all three of us in tears. LeeAnne said she was so lucky to be healthy and wants to do something to help them. Love that little lady. Roman said to Believe. Touching.

Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch vs Bayley and Sasha Banks
Non-Titles Match


We got flashbacks to last week’s craziness. Bayley turned heel in one of the biggest shockers since Hulk Hogan joined the nWo. I kid you not.

The faces rushed out of the ring and attacked Bayley and Banks. European Uppercut to Bayley and Bexksploder to Banks. Becky tore into Banks but Bayley made the save. Charlotte came in with a chair but didn’t use it…yet. We went to break before the match officially started.

I love this new commercial. NFL now means Not For Laundry. LOL. I actually watched my first Dallas Cowboys football game on Sunday. Up in Heaven, my grandfather smiled.

Becky went after Banks, who hid in the ropes. 3 Wrestlemanias (including the first) have been held in this building. Bayley took the tag and the beating by Becky. Lynch challenged Banks to get in the ring with her. Becky threw Bayley into the barricade, several times, to taunt Banks. They got back in the ring at 9. Near Fall by Becky. Tag to Flair.

Flair slapped away at Bayley and ran her into the corner. Flair twisted Bayley in the ropes. This was a Battle of the Horsewomen. Tag to Banks. Sasha kicked away on Flair. Double Team by the heel duo. They threw Charlotte down hard. 2 count. Flair broke free nad punched and kicked away. Blind Tag by Lynch. Bayley reversed a Whip but couldn’t follow up. Twist of Fate by Bayley in the ropes. Becky landed badly. Banks attacked. Banks took the tag and almost got the pin. Suplex by Sasha. 2 count. Banks choked Becky in the ropes. Tag.

Becky fought both women. Slop Drop to Bayley. Hot Tags on both sides.  Flair Chops by The Queen. Fallaway Slam to Banks. Big Boot to Bayley. Banks sent intothe corner. Rolling Neckbreaker by Flair to get another near fall. Tilt-a-Whirl into an attempt at the BankStatement. Bayley threw Becky into Flair as Charlotte applied the Figure Eight. All four women were down as the fans chanted their support for this great contest. Meteora off the apron to send us to another commercial break.

Cross Tie by Sasha to Flair. Charlotte was thrown intothe corner and took Shotgun Knees to the chest. 2 count. The fans chanted to see Becky get in the ring. Tag to Bayley. Kinfe Edge Chops by Bayley. Solid Punch by Flair. Bayley blocked the tag to Lynch. Front Face Lock by the Smackdown champ. Corner Shoulders by Bayley. Flair popped Bayley and threw her into the ropes. Tag to Lynch.

She went to town on both foes. Missiel Spear off the ropes.  Controlled Frenzy on Bayley. Becksploder to Banks. Baseball Slide to drop Sasha. She also flew off the ropes to blast Banks. She then took the fight to Bayley.  Big Knee by Bayley. Banks hit the Back Stabber. Big Boot by CHarlotte. Flair got her throat hit on the top rope. Bayley checked on Banks. Flair escaped the double team Double MIssile Dropkick by Lynch! Flair tagged in. Lynch with a Leg Drop. Moonsault by Flair. Banks made the save. Lynch pulled Sasha outside nad threw her into the ring steps. Dis-Arm-Her!. Bayley attacked. Bayley to Belly to Lynch. Huge Back Drop Suplex to Flair by Bayley. The ref started the count. Bayley rolled Flair back in the ring and then went up top for the Savage Elbow. Flair got hte knees up and hurt Bayley’s arm. Banks got Flair but got laid out. Natural Selection to pin Bayley!

Your Winners; Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair
Raw Score: 98

That had to be the greatest women’s match on Raw, ever!

We looked back at the openimg segment. Styles was funny but got his butt handed to him.

The O.C. walked backstage. They were interviewed. Styles said they ran the show. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode came up to give the O.C. a hard time. Dolph offered an alliance. Styles accepted but it was obvious that the O.C. were not to be trusted.

Rey Mysterio’s music hit nad the Luchadore came out for a match.

Rey Mysterio vs Gran Metalik


The two men circled each other. Rey worked over the arm. Gran rolled and flipped around to get free. Side Headlock by Gran. Rey fought outand got Monkey Flipped. Gran escaped the Wheelbarrow Bulldog.  Lots of Flippy Flying stuff. Smile. Gran blocked a Universal but ended up in the ropes.  Rey missed the 619. Roll Up for a two.

Kick by Rey. Gran hit hard on the apron. Baseball Slide failed Rey. Kick to the face by Gran. Metalik got back in the ring but didn’t stay long. Step Up Flip Dive by Metalik. Rey was stunned. Springboard Senton by Metalik. 1-2-not yet. This so has Heyman’s fingerprints all over it. Go to the Network and watch some of the ECW Lucha Fights.

Gran with Chops. Rey sent Gran intothe Turnbuckles, face first. Rey went to the apron. Seated Senton and Springboard Crossbody. Boot by Gran. Missile Dropkick by Metalik. Rey was placed up top. They fought on the top turnbuckle. Snap Rana off the ropes for a two plus. Modified Canadian Destroyer/Sunset Bomb. 619. Frog Splash!

Your Winner: Rey Mysterio
Raw Score: 95

Rey should a ton of respect to his opponent, post match. Gran returned it, in spades. That is so cool to see.

Seth and Braun chatted with Cedric Alexander. What’s up with that?

This Wednesday, TCM is showing one of the most famous films of modern cinema. “Lilies of the Field” made history when Sidney Poitier became the first African American man to win a competitve Oscar (Best Actor). It is also just a cute movie. Check it out. Smile.

We got a flashback to the feud between Sami Zayn and Braun Strowman. Sami ended up in a dumpster.

We will have a 10 man tag match, later on. Cedric, Braun, Seth, Ivar and Erik vs Dolph, Roode, Styles, Gallows and Anderson. Wow!

The Street Profits were back. They lost the tag belts to the Undisputed Era’s Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly (the former reDRagon). The SP did their typical run down of the night’s events.

We went to a video package about the whole Roman Reigns situation. I still think Bray Wyatt may well be behind all this. Rowan’s comment about not being anyone’s puppet seemed like a nod to the Firefly Funhouse. Just saying…

Samoa Joe vs Ricochet vs Baron Corbin
Semi-Finals Match in the King of the Ring Tournament


This match was sponsored by Sonic. I tried the $ 2.99 CarHop Classic Philly. It’s amazing. If Ricochet wins this, he would go from PRINCE Puma to KING Ricochet. I so want him to win this one.

We saw the double pin, last week, tat led to this Triple T hreat Match. Ricochet went after Corbin but Joe laid him out. Boxing by Joe. Flying Head Scirssors by Ricochet. Shoulder Tackle by Corbin to Ricochet. Clubbing Blows by Corbin. Corbin crashed into the corner. Kick and Springboard Clothesline by Ricochet. Dropkick to Joe by Ricochet. Step Up Dropkick by Ricochet to Corbin. Suicide Dive onto Joe. Flip Dive onto Corbin. Dang! Break time.

Everyone was stunned as we returned. Dropkick by Ricochet to Corbin. Corbin blocked a Rana and flipped Ricochet up intothe ring post. That had to hurt. Suicide Dive by Joe to Corbin. Joe threw Ricochet into the ring post. This was a no-DQ match. Corbin and Joe traded Forearms. The former Golden Gloves competitor rocked Joe with boxing moves. Inverted Atomic Drop and Big Boot and Backsplash Senton by Joe. Ricochet made the save. Ricochet used chops and punches on Joe. Joe just decked Ricochet. Hip Attack by Ricochet. Joe with a Snap Powerslam to get a two.

Joe put Ricochet on the top turnbuckle. Ricochet tried to block the Superplex. Corbin turned it into a Tower of Doom attempt. It failed. Step Up Dropkick by Ricochet but Corbin hit a wicked Clothesline. Joe then attacked Corbin. Ricochet nailed a Crescent Kick to Joe. All three men were down and almost out.

Ricochet threw Knife Edge CHops and did the RVD Roll over Corbin’s back. Big Boot by Baron. Ouch! Goozle by Corbin but Ricochet turned it into a Sunet Flip. Powerbomb into Deep Six.  Joe pulled COrbin out of the ring. Kokina Clutch on Corbin. Baron ran Joe into all kinds of barricades and ring parts to try and get free. Joe went down and cinched it in, full on.  Moonsault by Ricochet to the floor.

Ricochet focused on Joe. He forced Joe back in the ring. Ricochet went up top. He missed the 630. Kokina Clutch but Ricochet escaped and hit the Recoul (Code Breaker). Ricochet went up top. 630! Corbin pulled Ricochet out and threw him over the ropes. Corbin made the pin. Ohhhhh…my girls are not happy.

Your WInner: Baron Corbin
Raw Score: 92

I’m betting on Corbin vs Elias for the finals.

Lacey Evans strutted out for the next match.

Lacey Evans vs Natalya


Dang, she looks so good in blue. Nattie marched to the ring with a purpose. Lacey walked around until the two locked up in a Collar and Elbow. Hard Slap by Nattie. Natalya just ripped into Lacey with punches and clubbing shots. Snap Suplex by Natalya. Nattie worked over Evans’ legs. Rolling Indian Death Lock by Natalya but Lacey was very close tothe ropes. The ref had to pulled Nattie back. School Girl failed Evans. Discus Clothesline by Natalya. Lacey choked Nattie in the ring skirt. Slingshot Elbow Drop by Lacey to get a two.

Corner Kicks by Lacey. Handstand Bronco Buster by Lacey. 1-2-nope. Rear Chin Lock by Lacey but Nattie got free. Corey Graves actually called the Statue of Liberty a “Nasty” that should be replaced by a statue of Lacey. Lacey missed her top rope Moonsault but came back with a huge kick. Lacey rammed Nattie’s head into the turnbuckles. Nattie got he boots up and locked in the Sharpshooter! Tap Out!

Your Winner (by Submission): Natalya
Raw Score: 75

Natalya threw Lacey’s hankie right back in her face.

Ok, my little love, time to take Hermione (her pup) out for a walk. Ana, it’s “Eyes” time. Smile. Kids are so fun when it comes to wrestling. The Funhouse is up next…

R-Truth came out to meet with some basketball guy. Ennis Cnator pinned Truth and win the 24/7 title. Truth then returned the favor and pinned the big guy to become a 15 time champ.

They ran down the updated Clash of Champions card.

Firefly Funhouse:

The Rabbit started yelling “Stranger Danger”. It was Stone Cold they were talking about. All the puppets wanted him to attack Austin. Bray tried to calm them all down. Bray used a hammer to fix Abby’s clock. Bray said Austin and others provoked The Fiend. “Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet”. I don’t agree and my little lady won’t be that stupid. “The Fiend never forgets…see you in Hell”. Creepy crap.

Seth Rollins, Braun Strowman, Cedric Alexander, Erik and Ivar vs Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, A.J. Styles, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode
10-Man Tag Team Match


The faces seemed to be united in their resolved to take out the attacking forces. The poor ref looked like a child with all the huge people around him.

Cedric wanted to start this one. Seth asked to go against Dolph. Collar and Elbow and Dolph tried to work on the arm. Dolph and Roode are now wanting to be known as the Vultures. Whatever. Dolph kicked away and clamped on a Side Headlock. Hip Toss and Arm Drag by Seth. Tag to Ivar. He quickly tagged out to Erik. Double Team on  Dolph. Styles made the save. It broke down into complete chaos. Rudy the Ref lost all control. Chokeslam by Braun to Styles. Break time.

Cedric was getting racked up by Karl. Tag to Styles. He stomped away. The others worked over Cedric when the ref turned. Spinning Clutch Faceplant by Cedric. Karl snapped the bad arm and draggedhim tothe corner. Tag to Luke. Punches to the ribs by Gallows. Arm Drop by Luke. Cedric was thrown intot he corner. Tag to Roode. Keylock by Roode. His teammates cheered him on. Cedric tried to battle back but a knee took him down. Another snap of the arm. 2 counts. Modified Fujiwara Arm Bar by Roode.

Cedric fought ot his feet but he was so exhausted. Huge Back Elbow by Cedric. BSeth got he hot tag. Sling Lade to Karl. Springboard Knee Trembler intothe Falcon Arrow. Roode made the save. Cedric took out Roode. Superkick by DOlph to Cedric.  Everyone hit finishers. Tag to Braun!

Freight Train to everyone in sight. Bulldog Bounce to Karl but Seth was pushed into Braun. Strowman didn’t realize it wasn’t Seth’s fault. Break? Now?

Dolph was in control. Karl took the tag and stomped on Seth. Uppercut to Seth. Rear Chin Lock by “Machine Gun”. Jawbreaker by Seth but Karl with the Anderson Spinebuser. Arn did that at the AEW show, last week. Seth was set up top. Seth fought back. Tag to Roode.  Boot by Seth into the Blockbuster. Roode has been known to use that move, too. Tag to Dolph. Buckle Bomb! Dolph blocked Seth’s tag. Styles tagged in. Seth tagged in Braun. He ran over Styles, seveal times, and then hit a Big Boot. Gallows was laid out. Styles escaped the Bulldog Bounce.  Erik withthe Blind RTag.  Serious brutality. Pele Kick. Tag to Ivar.  Double Knee Drop to Styles. Cedric made the blid tag. Ivar took out most everyone. Styles clocked Cedric. Cedtic with the Lumbar Check as Styles went for the Phenominal Forearm.

Your WInners: Cedric Alexander, Ivar, Erik, Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman
Raw Score: 90

Stone Cold returned to the ring to party with the boys. No sign of The Fiend as we went to black.

Paul, Shane and Shannon: Happy Birthday
Maisyn: Uncle Jay is ready to spoil you.
Candy: So glad you are feeling better, my sweet love


–Jay, Candy and LeeAnne

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