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August 29, 2019 – AEW announced today that it has signed globally renowned wrestler Dustin
Rhodes to a multi-year contract extension.

Dustin, still wrestling at the highest level in 2019, will continue his epic in-ring career, and he’ll
also join the AEW Coaching Staff as a Promo Coach and Match Producer, utilizing his expertise
and vast experience to mentor younger wrestlers.

Dustin, who made his professional wrestling debut in 1988, is the son of the legendary Dusty
Rhodes and brother of AEW’s executive vice president Cody. The brothers clashed in an
emotional, blood-soaked match at DOUBLE OR NOTHING in May with the victorious Cody
asking Dustin to be his partner in a tag team match against The Young Bucks at FIGHT FOR THE
FALLEN in July.

Dustin, who has held many titles across pro wrestling organizations throughout his 31-year
career, is also an actor who has appeared in multiple films, videos and video games.
“Dustin Rhodes has had an incredible wrestling career that has spanned decades. His amazing
journey brought him to AEW, and he’s rejuvenated his career here. In addition to all of the
wisdom he’s shared with us as we’ve launched All Elite Wrestling, he’s come here and worked
so hard for us. His comeback match against his brother Cody at Double or Nothing was one of
the most acclaimed bouts in recent years, and it marked a new chapter for all of us,” said Tony
Khan, President and CEO of AEW. “Dustin and I had agreed weeks ago after Fight For The Fallen
that we both wanted him to stay with All Elite Wrestling. He’s already done so much for us, and
I’m thrilled that it’s official now that Dustin will be on our team going forward, both backstage
and in the ring!”

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